Seven Amazing Women I Want You to Meet


To date, I’ve certified 28 coaches in my BARE™ process.

That means there’s 28 more body-positivity superheroes out in the word, working with women and girls, spreading confidence and love, transforming bodies and lives. And more BARE coaches are joining this love-army every year.

Once you’re a certified BARE coach, there are lots of things you can do with this credential. You can coach clients 1-on-1 and in groups, and you can teach, speak onstage, design programs for companies and schools, start a podcast, and lots more.

Here’s seven of my newest BARE coaches. Please follow these incredible women on social media, support their work, and join me in congratulating them! 


Amy English is a certified BARE method weight loss coach, trained life coach, certified Reiki practitioner, and blogger. As a recovering emotional eater, and someone who has struggled with weight for most of her life, Amy is passionate about helping women take back their power and end the diet drama for good. Amy believes you can lose weight from a place of love, and she is doing that on her own personal journey. Her signature program, FAT2FIERCE, is a six-month coaching journey designed to help her clients make peace with their bodies, change their relationship with food so they can stop overeating, discover that they have the power within to stop hiding, and lose weight for the last time. You can get more info at http://www.amyenglishcc.com/


I believe our bodies are always telling us the truth and that Divine Wisdom is available to all of us. You don’t need to just go through the motions and wonder if this is all there is to life. You can choose to make your life one that you are excited to wake up to every day.

It is my mission to help women understand their own body’s language and introduce them to or deepen their connection with their Spiritual Team. Life is so much simpler and enjoyable when you have the owner’s manual.

Work with me 1 on 1 or in a group setting. Life’s too short to suck! Read more herewww.maryvernal.com

Elysa Roberts turned her own efforts to free herself from living a life believing her weight was her worth into the core of her coaching (and research).

As a BARE Certified Coach, Elysa loves working with women who are ready to stop postponing their lives until someday later when they are thinner, richer or have more time. Dare to go BARE with Elysa and she promises to coach, guide, inspire and nudge (or push) you to experience the joy, freedom and whole soul-hearted living that comes from dropping diets, doldrums and whatever holds you back from the life you deserve to live.

Besides being a BARE Certified Coach, she’s been a senior university lecturer in occupational therapy (OT) for 20 years. OT is a profession dedicated to the fit between our meaningful activity and wellbeing; therefore, the BARE Process and OT are great allies. Alongside teaching and coaching, Elysa is dedicated to researching and speaking about recovery from eating disorders.

Elysa currently lives in Newcastle, Australia (#AmericaninOz).  Connect with Elysa Roberts and inquire about working with her privately at https://www.elysaroberts.com/

Patti Rantapaa is a Master Certifed Life Coach to highly motivated women that are ready to love every inch of their life.

She works with women who are stressed out, burned out, exhausted by body shame, tired of feeling not good enough and totally over just settling in life. Patti inspires and teaches women to reignite and lean into their curiosity of living with passion, pleasure, and joy. She helps them regain control of creating the life they want rather than living the life of- wish I could have, would have, should have.

She is not only obsessed with but has made it her mission to guide women in the life shifting work of loving themselves unapologetically, infusing their lives with pleasure and asking for what they desire: at home, in business, in relationships, and in the bedroom.

You can learn more about Patti and ways to work with her at www.pattirantapaa.com

Juliet Zamarra is a former Health Care Administration Executive, Real Estate Agent, Public Service Commission Consumer Advocate, and Midwife Assistant. She’s also written, directed and produced a TV pilot. She finally leapt at a long held dream and is now a Martha Beck & Susan Hyatt trained Life Coach. She is a mother of 3, and has been married to the television industry (her husband’s profession) for 20 plus years.

She battled over drinking and sometimes debilitating depression to find her own truth, contentment and happiness, and now helps women via one on one coaching and group programs to reclaim their voice, their power, and stand in their truth. You can find her at www.julietzamarra.com, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She also has a podcast (coming soon!) called Candid Baring Tales where she talks with people who tell their tale of addiction, depression, and various medical issues, and what they did and do to live a healthy life.

Juliet believes in the power of your story, re-writing it as the superhero, and smashing limiting beliefs. She also deeply believes in humor and sleep. But always humor.

Laura Kalister has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and is a certified BARE coach and Exercise Physiologist who specializes in teaching mamas how to find freedom from food and body drama so they can create a truly fulfilling life. Her passion to help others stems from her own 25 year personal journey to stop the diet/binge cycle in her own life and find peace with her body.

Laura’s coaching is different because she understands that what you eat is only a tiny fraction of the problem, which is why diets don’t work long-term. She goes deeper than the food so you become the chief scientist in your own life. Together, Laura will help you peel back the layers to understand the role of food and weight in your life and how to let go of those beliefs that aren’t serving you. We uncover what is really weighing you down. We explore your environment, your relationships, your sources of joy and pleasure and your mind because that, my friend, is where the treasure lies.

Laura’s clients experience freedom from overeating and craving, develop respect and even admiration (gasp!) for their amazing bodies, get inspired to stop hiding from their lives and reach their natural weight without deprivation or restriction. You can learn more about Laura’s coaching programs at www.laurakalister.com

Natalie Miller believes what the world needs now is empowered women who love, trust, and express themselves. Her work blends coaching, yoga, and feminist community to nurture women in body, mind, heart, and soul.

Natalie works with high-achieving feminists who are realizing that true success isn’t at the top of the ladders they’ve been climbing. They’re ready to use their power and dedication to build lives they actually love, make their best contributions, and forge a better way forward for everyone.

Her clients find fulfillment – and change the world – by doing meaningful work, evolving their relationships, and insisting on everyday lives in which they are free to be their whole, beautiful, badass selves.

Natalie works with people through 1:1 coaching, in extraordinary yoga/coaching retreats, and in empowering group programs like Beyond Perfectionism, Nurturing Self-Trust, Think Like a Hero, and Better Boundaries for Nasty Women.

Natalie is a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, a BARE Certified coach, a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner, and a mother of three fiery girls. Connect with her at nataliekmiller.com.

xoxo, Susan


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