Run your business… like it’s 1998.

Earlier this year, I was preparing to announce a new coaching service.

Initially, I was planning to do a marketing campaign with lots of different components— Facebook ads to reach potential clients, a landing page leading to a free webinar, a fast-action incentive at the end of the webinar, then a series of follow-up emails, yada yada.

I’ve done those types of campaigns before—and usually, they work really well.

And yet…

My intuition kept saying to me, “Keep it simpler. Think: classic. Think: back to basics. Try kickin’ it old school.”

So, I changed the plan.

Instead of rolling out a marketing campaign with all kinds of bells and whistles, I wrote a simple email outlining exactly what I was offering. I kept it short and sweet.

Then I recorded a quick video on my iPhone. No hair and makeup. No professional lighting. Just me, on my phone, speaking from the heart and expressing my excitement.

I sent out the email and video.

Within 48 hours, I had deposits from 10 fantastic clients—and my program was full.

Moral of the story:

If you want more sign ups, more clients, more sales…

Go simpler. Try kickin’ it old school.

Start with the least complicated marketing approach—not the most complicated.

Start with a strong offer that you’re genuinely excited about. Start with a bullet-point list of exactly what your client will receive. Start with a smile, eye contact, and a handshake. Start with a simple email, or with a phone call, a lunch date, a friendly conversation over coffee. Think: 1998, not 2018.

In a world that’s constantly clamoring for the newest, shiniest, and most innovative approach—try swimming in the opposite direction. Try kickin’ it old school.

You might be astonished by the reaction you get.

xoxo, Susan


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