Roll in Emotional Gold

There’s been a lot of conversation lately about how “rough” it is to be in business. 

Revenue’s trickling in at a snail’s pace, payments are late, clients are dropping, and every email feels like a stab of stress. 

But before you deep-dive into despair, here’s a little trick: Change the narrative. Feel rich.

Something I say all the time is: “You gotta feel rich to get rich.” 

It’s not just because it’s catchy (although, admit it, it’s a pretty fun phrase!).

I say it because it’s the pure, unfiltered truth. When you bathe in those ‘feeling rich’ vibes, you light up rooms, Zoom meetings, and every space you enter. 

When I say “feeling rich” I don’t mean dripping in diamonds or cash. (Although, that’s fine too). Feeling rich is about doing something that adds a splash of richness to your soul. It’s emotional richness. 

Emotional richness is contagious, it’s inspiring, and most importantly, it’s the kind of energy clients are attracted to like bees to honey. 

Think about it. You’re considering hiring a coach. Who do you lean towards? That jittery, anxiety-ridden coach, OR that relaxed and cheerful coach whose spirit just overflows with abundance? I’d bet my bottom dollar you’d choose the latter! (And if you wouldn’t, let’s chat!)

Emotional richness acts like a magnet. It draws clients, amplifies your work’s visibility, and helps you rake in the cash. There’s this beautiful dance between feeling fabulously rich inside and the amount that cha-chings into your bank account.

And the coolest part? This isn’t just about the digits on your bank statement. It’s about the way you live your life. 

How do you feel emotionally rich? It could be doing a good deed, showing up for someone you love, or taking exquisite care of yourself. 

Got a surplus of brilliant books gathering dust? Why not sprinkle a little literary love and donate some to schools or libraries? 

Customer throwing a tantrum? Instead of spiraling, how about leaving a kind review for a business you love? 

Have more outfits in your closet than days in the year? How about donating your stylish yet neglected pieces to local charities or shelters? That’s what the affluent YOU would do!

Before you know it, you’ve transformed from distressed business owner to the grandmaster of generosity.

Every time you make the conscious choice to adopt a rich mindset, you lift your spirits and take back control of your success. The universe has a nice way of sensing that energy shift and sending prosperity vibes your way.

Feel rich to get rich. It’s a mantra, a philosophy, a lifestyle. 

Let’s keep those prosperous vibes high!



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xoxo, Susan


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