Ready to write your Future Glory Email? (Best goal-setting exercise… ever!)

We’ve got about 14 days left in 2014, which means… it’s time for a delicious end-of-the-year game.
This game?
It’s called The Future Glory Email.
It’s the most un-sucky way to map out your 2015 goals & intentions… ever!
Here’s how it works:
Step 1. You’re going to hit REPLY to this email. Yes, this one. No one will see your response but me.
Step 2. You’re going to write me an email about everything you’ve experienced and accomplished over the past 12 months. But here’s the twist: it’s not December 18, 2014. It’s December 18, 2015.
That’s right. You are going to send me an amazing recap of your year — but it is one year in the future.
Step 3. Dream wild, big and bombtastic. Lean past the edge of what currently feels “possible.” Tell me about your relationships, your work, your body. Tell me what you’ve created. Tell me what you’ve let go. Give me all the highlights. Then: hit send!
(And… a surprise will swing back to you by Dec 31. Just wait.)
Here’s an opening line to get you going…
Dear Susan,
OMG. Today is December 18, 2015, and you will NOT believe the year that I’ve had.
Let me give you the highlights (it’s going to blow your mind…)
I can’t wait to read your Future Glory Email. So. Hard.
And guess what MY Future Glory Email (from December 18, 2015) is going to say?
“I spent a week in Ireland with nine awesome women and it was uhhhhmaaaazing!!!!!”

Oh yes. It’s happening.
My Life Is Delicious Retreat in Ireland (August 15-22, 2015) is already 50% sold out — and I’ve got room for 4 more chicas at the manor. Yes, darling. MANOR.
If you’re craving a life-expanding adventure in a place you’ve never been to, before… complete with small-group life coaching, quiet time for writing, resting and re-booting… plus guided excursions through the Irish countryside… sensational food prepared by Princess Di’s personal chef (for serious!)… and basically, 7 days of freaking Heaven… reserve your spot now with a deposit of $699.
If you missed the initial stealth announcement…
Here are ALL the details:
Life Is Delicious Retreat.
Killarney, Kerry County, Ireland.
Saturday, August 15 – Saturday, August 22, 2015.
8 women and me.
A life coaching seminar, swirled together with unforgettable field trips and adventures.
(Because it’s one thing to “talk” about taking risks and creating a bold, brilliant new life… and it’s another thing to actually do it!)


The Coolclogher House. http://coolclogherhouse.com/
The Coolclogher House is a luxurious manor on the outskirts of Killarney. (Think: Downton Abbey, the Irish edition.)
It’s located in the world-famous “Ring of Kerry” — a region with some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ireland, including lakes, mountains and a 22,000-acre national park. (Check out this photo gallery of the manor and surrounding landscape. It literally takes my breath away…)
The daily flow:
Morning: A workshop on the topic of the day (clarifying your purpose, owning your personal style, setting goals, saying “no,” dealing with fear and resistance, clearing distractions… for starters.)
Afternoon: A guided field trip (like a tour of Ross Castle… a cheese & cider tasting… or a hike through the national park…), plus independent time for walking, writing, reflecting, and exploring the manor grounds.
Evening: Dinner, lively conversation and laughter with all of the ladies… into the night!
Your retreat payment includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day. (Our chef used to cook for Princess Diana! Prepare to be fed and pampered like royalty.
  • A gorgeous room. Private or shared suite. Your choice.
  • All of the field trips and excursions.
  • Life coaching, galore. My #1 goal is to make sure that you leave Ireland feeling clear-headed, energized and ready to put some new goals and “life policies” into practice. The core purpose of this retreat is transformation, not tourism. 😉

$5997 for private suite. [I have 5 spots available for this option]
$5297 for shared suite. [I have 4 spots available for this option]

Head over here to make your deposit
(Please read my refund policy down below, before you do. Thank you.)
Once I receive your deposit, I’ll be in touch with a couple of prep questions for you… and a “welcome” surprise.
Let’s make 2015 a year to remember… and a year to be proud of!
PS. Last but not least…
My refund policy:
… is very simple.
All of your retreat payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.
Why? Because I know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh, no, I don’t reeeeally need to go” or “Ugh, life is just so busy! Oops! Changed my mind!”
I’m putting my foot down and saying, “Nope. None of that.”
When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out.
Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no.
Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just because you decided not to show up, or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice.
This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.
Respect your time. Respect mine. Say “yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.
Refund policy = complete.
Word to your momma.


xoxo, Susan


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