Ready to go off the deep end? (It’s all going down in 2 days.)

Not long ago, a woman declared that I’d really “gone off the deep end.”
She didn’t mean it as a compliment.
But I took it as one.
See, I believe that when people begin to feel threatened by you — so threatened that they feel a need to shut you down and put you “back in your place” — that’s a very good sign.
It means you’re finally living full out.
Totally expressed. Completely authentic. No holding back.
You’re waving your freak flag so boldly and shining so brightly … it’s startling.

Maybe you’ve already gone off the deep end, like me. (Water’s great, right?)

Or maybe you’re trying to build up the courage to make the leap.
Either way, we could all use a little more practice, swimming in those deep waters.
That’s why this Friday, I’m hosting a FREE online event called Off The Deep End.
It’s going to be a day of bravery, honesty and freak-flaggery for people who are done with the shallow end of life.
It starts at 9 am CT with a live story-hour — followed by challenges and dares to do on your own, out in your town (75 minutes total).
Then, we’ll wrap up with another story-hour at 5 pm CT.
You can join in for part of the day … or the whole dang thing!
Oh, and there will be prizes for acts of exceptional freak-flaggery. (I’ll be watching on Facebook, looking for inspiring photos and “I did it!” stories. 🙂
To take the plunge, dial into the following hotline on Friday, August 8th at 9 AM CT…
Call-in #: (559) 726-1300
Access Code: 412985
… and get ready to play.
See you in the deep end!


xoxo, Susan


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