Read this if you’ve ever been on a DIET. (Even if you’re not, anymore.)

If you’ve ever been on a diet — or if you’re dieting right now, like millions of women — I’m willing to bet that you’ve had thoughts just like these:
“Once I lose _____ pounds, then I’ll feel proud of myself.”
“Once I lose _____ pounds, then I’ll start dating again.”
“Once I lose _____ pounds, then I’ll feel OK about going to my high school reunion.”
“Once I lose _____ pounds, then I’ll treat myself to that amazing spa day.”
“Once I lose _____ pounds, then I’ll get a professional photo shoot done and finally launch that website for my business.”
And on and on it goes.
Oh, I know.
Because I’ve had those exact same thoughts, too.
Years ago, back when I was struggling to drop thirty pounds, I had those kinds of thoughts every single day.
And those thoughts?
They never helped me lose weight.
All they did was postpone happiness … until “later.”
And while those kinds of thoughts might seem like a good way to “motivate” yourself, the reality is …
Postponing happiness is a pretty awful way to move through your life.
And, ironically, a really effective way to keep extra weight on your body.
Funny how that works.
Flash forward to today.
I’ve reached my natural, ideal weight safely and dieting will NEVER be part of my reality, again. (Thank god).
But …
Every now and then, I catch myself slipping right back into that old “dieting mentality.”
Except now, instead of my weight, it’s my business … my income … my kids.
“Once I find _____ sponsors for my webTV show and raise _____ dollars, then I’ll feel really proud about my career.”
“Once I sell out my _____ program, then I’ll deserve to take a whole weekend off & do something nice for myself.”
“Once my son aces _____ tests in a row and proves that online high school is going to work out, then I’ll feel like a good mom.”
It’s that damn “Once _____, then I’ll be happy” thought-loop, all over again.
Just wrapped in different packaging.
And it sucks.
And I’m over it.
And we can ALL choose to THINK something better.


So here’s the new script. Repeat after me:
“I will feel proud of myself & savor my life BEFORE _____ happens.
I will feel proud of myself & savor my life WHEN _____ happens.
I will feel proud of myself & savor my life AFTER _____ happens.
Because postponing happiness doesn’t get me anywhere.
And loving myself NOW gets me everywhere.”

xoxo, Susan


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