Read this before you quit your job, leave your marriage or make a hasty move. (I’m begging you.)

“Every choice I’ve ever made was all about playing it safe,” she confessed.
I could practically feel the teardrops splashing on her face.
After months of deep excavation, my client was coming to a bitter realization — that her career, her marriage, the clothes she wore, even the car she drove … none of it made her feel energized, inspired or alive.
Every element of her life had been carefully selected … out of fear.
Everything was about creating as much ‘security’ as possible.
And now, at mid-life, she was incredibly secure.
And miserable.
“So, what should I do?” she asked me, choking back sobs. “Quit my job? Leave my husband? Start over?”
“Not … necessarily,” I said. “Don’t make any hasty moves.”
That may seem like a surprising piece of advice, coming from me, Susan Hyatt —
a woman who fiercely believes that everyone has a right to live a DELICIOUS life.
But here’s the thing:
When you’re seriously unhappy, the tendency is to either change nothing — or change everything.
When actually, the most effective thing to do … is to change one thing.
See how that feels. Check in. Re-evaluate. And then change one more thing … if you want to. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover … that maybe, you don’t need to.
Instead of ending your marriage because you’ve lost that spark … change one thing. Bring back that weekly date night. Wine. Music. Dancing. The works. Start there.
Instead of quitting your job because it all feels so meaningless … change one thing. Start mentoring teenage girls once a week. Create nourishing experiences outside of the office. Start there.
Instead of signing up for a nutso 30-day juice-only detox because you’re feeling sluggish and heavy … change one thing. Switch to a green smoothie in the morning, just a couple days a week. Start there.
Despite what you’ve heard, desperate times DON’T always call for desperate measures.
Just simple, gentle steps.
One thing.
One more.
Then another.


xoxo, Susan


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