You are the BOSS.

This is episode number 136 and in this bonus episode we’re REVVING UP. RISING UP.

And getting into FULL SLAYAGE MODE! Because you are THE BOSS!

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

You are the BOSS.

People out there need inspiration… they need encouragement… they need solutions… and who is here to bring it?

Who is here to deliver the goods?

Who is stepping up to give the people what they need?

Oh that’s YOU.

Because you are the BOSS.

You wake up thinking, “Oh, I don’t have what it takes to run a successful business…” but that’s a bunch of bullshit.

You wake up thinking, “Oh, the world doesn’t need what I’m offering…” but that is some double-bullshit.

You wake up thinking, “Oh, my business will never be profitable…” but that is some triple-bullshit because you’re about to get LIT UP and GET TO WORK and MAKE THAT MONEY.

Hair: done. Nails: on point. Lips: poppin’. Coffee: percolating. Laptop: fully charged.

Power UP. Rev UP. Rise UP.

You are here to SLAY THIS DAY. No half-slaying. FULL SLAYAGE.

And if there’s a decision that needs to be made, you’re the one to make it because who’s the boss? YOU ARE.

And if there’s a hater who comes dribbling your way, full of nonsense, who’s going to listen to that person and their negativity? Not YOU because YOU are working on that BOSS LEVEL.

You are the BOSS.

Get on those Internet streets. Get on that stage. Get into that meeting. Get on that phone. Get on that podcast. Get off that Netflix-couch and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT. Show the world what’s in your heart… What you’re here to give and share. No hiding. No holding back. No apologizing. No bullshit.

Why? Because you are the motherfucking BOSS.

BOSS UP. This day is yours.







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Susan Hyatt

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