The Nerve to Write a Love Letter to Summer Ft. Debi Lilly

In this exciting episode I delve into the art of overcoming fears and embracing life’s opportunities with the fabulous Debi Lilly. We discuss the importance of saying “yes” to life, learning from every opportunity, and making intentional choices for personal growth and fulfillment. Debi shares her journey of celebrity party planning to self-publishing her latest book, “Summer Style: Food, Flowers, and Fun,” and offers tips on creating connections through hosting events. This episode is packed with inspiration, practical advice, and strategies to create a thriving summer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Identify and overcome your fears
  • Practical steps for financial self-care
  • Strategies to create a fulfilling summer
  • Importance of intentional decision-making
  • Tips to stop procrastination and take action
  • Setting a bold example for others
  • Benefits of travel for personal growth
  • Generating additional income streams

Featured on the Show:

Featured on the Show

  • Debi Lilly's New Book: "Summer Style: Food, Flowers, and Fun" – a love letter to summer with tips on effortless entertaining.
  • Summer of Yes Program: My transformative summer program starting on June 11th to help you thrive and take care of yourself.
  • Debbie's Event Planning Tips: Insights into creating stunning, stress-free events and gatherings.
  • Farm to Front Door Flowers: Debbie’s beautiful flowers available for direct order, delivered right to your home.
  • Paris Retreat Details: An exclusive retreat in Paris from September 7th to the 15th, including accommodations, meals, excursions, and more.
  • Exclusive Giveaway: Win a copy of "Summer Style" and an arrangement of flowers by sharing the episode and tagging us on social media.

Be sure to check out the Summer of Yes program at yoursummerofyes.com and grab the last spot for Paris for an unforgettable retreat!

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. Oh, hello, you nervy listeners. Now listen, you have heard me for years try to plead with you, bribe you give away prizes to get you to say yes to life, to have big yes energy to right now. Be planning your summer of yes. And my guest today, Debbie Lily, embodies all of those things. She has a new book out that we're going to talk about and you're going to hear her in this podcast interview, talk about throughout her life having an attitude of just say yes.

Just think of everything as a learning opportunity. You're also going to hear her talk about what it has taken over the years to seize opportunities, how she pivoted from traditional publishing to self-publishing with her latest book and lots of tips about how to create connection through hosting events for your loved ones. You're not going to want to miss this, but first I want to explain to you why listen to Debbie Lily about this. Well, listen, she's an entertaining, floral and design expert and author. She has 20 years of party planning and stylist tips, tricks and do it yourself designs that helps elevate celebrations for any occasion everywhere coast to coast. Most of these pro tips she shares in her new book get this, it's called Summer Style Food, flowers, and Fun. When I tell you she talked about this new book that literally just dropped as being a love letter to summer, I was hooked.

But more than that, if we want to go back, she has worked with none other than Oprah Winfrey. She spent 10 years working with the Oprah Winfrey show. She was named Oprah's Favorite Pro. She planned Oprah's live on Air birthday party. She designed florals, decor, styling, and gifts for countless shows, including, I know you've seen it, the legendary shows with Oprah's favorite things. Remember the you get a car and you get a car? Remember that giveaway she worked on the episode that was about the world's largest baby shower, million dollar wedding, and that's just a few. She styled parties, florals, food, and sets weekly for Oprah personally, as well as some little known shows like Rachel Ray, Dr. Oz, and many more. She has frequently been featured as an entertainment expert on oprah.com. Martha Stewart. Hello InStyle Brides. She is an entertaining contributor for A-B-C-N-B-C-C-B-S, Fox and many more Now, here we go.

Listen to this, the premier grocery store chain across the US with 2,500 stores in 35 states. Y'all heard of Albertson, Safeway, Debbie's in all of them. She launched an exclusive decor line. Debbie Lilly designed products in 2010 and her collection in Albertson Safeway stores include 500 plus affordable, accessible, trend, forward, entertaining, floral, home and gift products, all located in the convenience of the grocery. Now that's a grocery to gorgeous. She is a remarkable talent and she has worked with clients like Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, of course, Dom Perignon, Moe Hennessy, Bentley, Lamborghini, Harry Winston, Cartier, Bulgari, Bloomingdale's and more what she prides herself on being involved in all aspects of her events from in-House, custom designed invitations and daily florals to chic tabletops and gifting. And not only has she done all that, but she balances her career along with DL Studio Chicago and DL Cottage Nantucket with a young community focused family.

So you're going to hear us get into all of this. You're going to hear us talk about what it was like raising two beautiful kids who are now one just graduated from college, one still in college while juggling all of this. And she talks very candidly and openly about her experience working with the Oprah Winfrey team, and I am so delighted to be able to spread the word about her new book. You're going to love this interview. And then after the interview is over, I want you to listen to my wrap up because there's a really exciting giveaway. You're going to want to know how you could potentially win. So let's dig in to this love letter to summer episode with Debbie Lilly.

Susan Hyatt (06:03):
Welcome to the podcast Debbie Lilly.

Debi Lilly (06:06):

Susan Hyatt (06:08):
I could not think of a better guest for You've got Nerve during the summer than you because I was just happily scrolling on Facebook, enjoying the kickoff to my summer of Yes. And saw that you have written a brand new book called Summer Style. It's so gorgeous. Oh my gosh. This cover, and you described it as a love letter to summer, which just is so near and dear to my heart. And so Debbie, talk to me about the motivation behind this particular book because you are a published author several times over.

Debi Lilly (06:51):
Well, you're very kind. Last year we were producing all these beautiful events. I'm an event planner, I'm a florist, and every event was so dreamy and we thought, we are doing this for several months. And a lot of people don't think about how easy it can be to entertain or how fun it can be to have people over. And we wanted to sort of debunk the myth that entertaining and having a party or a gathering is hard, expensive, stressful. You don't have time. We wanted to show you how easy it can be and how effortless it can be. And that's really what the book is. I love it because it's very organic. It just was born out of the work we were doing and the beauty we were creating and this gorgeous sort of daily happenings around our Nantucket island. I live in Chicago and also on Nantucket and Nantucket is on Cape Cod right next to Martha's Vineyard, and it's an island that is just full of flowers and nature and gardens and the sea. And so obviously no matter what you're doing, it's just really beautiful. And I thought that it would be fun to show people in a really beautiful book format how to have just a little picnic for two or how to have a little wine and oysters party. It doesn't have to be a big formal dinner party. So many people think, again, they don't have time to entertain, but there's a lot of ways that you can gather with your friends and family and make it really easy and effortless. So that's the book,

Susan Hyatt (08:31):
And you make it so stunningly beautiful. I mean this book is so full of gorgeous photos and the styling that you do, which we will get into your experience with this, but I love that you're talking about how to overcome the mental obstacles that people have about entertaining because what we know is that people crave, people really need other people. And I was just sharing a story online that one of my summer bucket list items that is really quite simple. And you're originally from the Midwest. Debbie, you grew up, did you grow up in Ohio?

Debi Lilly (09:14):
I grew up in Chicago, but my whole family is from the northwest Toledo area corner of Ohio. My mom and dad are high school sweethearts from there. And we have a good mutual friend in common, right? Debbie Phillips?

Susan Hyatt (09:28):
Yes. Oh my gosh. Debbie Phillips who has inspired so many ideas for me with her women on fire community. Yes, Debbie Phillips is a delight. Is she coming to your book signing?

Debi Lilly (09:42):
I wish she was. I was just talking to her this morning. We are getting her here soon. She used to be right next door on Martha's Vineyard and it was so easy to pop around and see each other. But now she's in DC doing her dream job so she's not as close.

Susan Hyatt (10:00):
Right, right, right.

Debi Lilly (10:01):
When she gets a date on the calendar, I am going to text you and we'll all have to gather together to celebrate

Susan Hyatt (10:07):
Wine and oysters. Yes, absolutely. Well, one of my bucket list items, and I brought up the Midwest because there aren't that many of them left, which is a drive-in movie theater. We still have one too. You have one too

Debi Lilly (10:26):
That's right on the beach. Could you even imagine?

Susan Hyatt (10:31):
Maybe I'll do it

Debi Lilly (10:33):
Right next to the beach in a parking lot next to the beach.

Susan Hyatt (10:37):
You are joking right now.

Debi Lilly (10:39):
No, I swear it was reborn out of covid because obviously as many things were you were trying to gather outdoors, but we really do have one. I'll have to check the schedule since you're coming to visit.

Susan Hyatt (10:54):
Well, I am full of excuses every summer of yes, I want to pile my dogs into my convertible and go to the drive-in, and then my mind will get busy with all of the reasons why not. It's too hot. I don't like the movie they're playing. The dogs are going to bark at everyone. I can just Amazon Prime a movie. And I wrote this piece about how we can't just Amazon Prime and Instacart our lives away, things that are worth it take a little bit of effort. And so I love that you through your work are modeling and also teaching people how just a little bit of effort you can gather people and have an amazing connected time and make it beautiful without spending a ton of money. I love it. Now the reason we should listen to you, Debbie, is because of your vast resume of experience putting on experiences and styling and events for people like Oprah Winfrey. Hello. And that's how I first learned about your work. So when you were just starting out, I would imagine that there were some asks you had to make. There were some opportunities that you had to claim and get up the nerve to put yourself out there. Is there an example from your early days of creating this business of books and flowers and being named stylist and event provocateur of the year by just about every major outlet? Take us back to when you had to decide to believe in yourself.

Debi Lilly (12:49):
I started event planning and flowers and styling when I was literally like this tall. My friends still joke about how as a very youngster, let's say maybe elementary school, junior high, something like that. If you went on vacation, I threw you a bon voyage party. And if you and your family moved into a new house and neighborhood, I threw you a house warming party. I have loved this since I was really small and I had a beautiful, amazing grandmother, Gigi, who made everything so beautiful every holiday, every family gathering. It was so special to be with her. And she made everyone being together so special, setting the table. I was like a little shadow, cutting flowers in her garden and putting them into VAEs, learning all the China patterns and things that came from family history in her China cabinet. And I really dreamed as a very young person of doing this for other people because when my friends would come over to my house and my grandmother and my family was visiting, they would all sort of like ooh and ah and say, I've never seen this how this is so beautiful.

And it made me realize that creating that kind of experience is really, really special. So I think it's amazing. I have to pinch myself that this is literally my job. But since I was small, I love doing this. I went to business school, I learned everything there was about owning a business. And I really started my business when I was in college. I was in a sorority and I was doing everyone's weddings from the sorority house. I was designing flowers in the sorority dining room and just could not wait to launch. And I think that it's funny that your summer of yes theme ties to something I tell everyone who, and that is to say yes. Because there were so many times when I was starting out that I was talking to someone about something that maybe wasn't the perfect fit, but I always was like, yes, I can help with that.

Yes, I can help with that. And it led to so many things. And a great example is the reason I started working with Ms. Winfrey is someone said to me, Hey my, let me think about this. My college friend needs a job. Could she work for you? And I said, yes. And that person was working for the Oprah Show as a brand new production assistant. And that's what led to this amazing opportunity. So I think that a very important tip is to really just get yourself out there, say yes to all the things. I mean obviously not the wrong things, but if it's a nice fit and it could somehow be a fun project for you, I feel like so much of my work is fun. It is a little blurry where it's fun and work because it all ties together. And that is a really good way to just grow your business or be a little uncomfortable and learn.

I love learning new things. I have two kids and they're both in college and actually one just graduated. I have to edit myself. Congratulations. I'm constantly talking to them about, think about this as learning something new. I love learning something new. So many times when people ask me to do something, at first I might be like, Ooh, that's not exactly what I do. But I love learning, learning, learning, learning and even writing this book, this book is my second book, but I self-published and that was a whole new process because I had a publisher the first time around. And I have to say I really loved learning about publishing and putting myself in an area that I had a lot to learn and figure out. And I have a lot to share now if anyone else is interested in self-publishing. So there's just so many ways that you can consistently challenge yourself.

A very specific example, let's see, of where I had to put myself out there. Well, the Oprah Show, as you well know, was a whole sort of world of really incredibly talented women. Not that it was all women, but it was very female-oriented with producers. And a lot of the team that I worked with from Ms. Winfrey on were just the most brilliant women, the most driven women. They all were married with children. I was right out of college. So it was a whole incredible education to me about how you can in some ways have it all have this incredible show and this incredible career, but be an amazing mom and an amazing wife. And what I really loved about with the Oprah Winfrey show team is every day was climbing a mountain for them, a huge show. We obviously did the big beautiful shows, favorite things where she gives everything away million wedding.

We did all like Dr. Oz and all of the fun shows that would be Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart and food styling and things. And I have never seen people work so hard in my entire life and I probably never will. And they were always trying to do something so good. The favorite thing show all of the gifts and celebration would be to teachers so that they give back. It's like every day you were trying to help people and it was just very generative because you're doing good work. I'm working on beautiful work, but yet it's for the good of someone. It was like this really beautifully crazy experience and it was a ton of hard work. And as a mom, I'll tell you, I missed soccer games and I missed football games and I missed piano recitals. And it's not like the world was perfect, but I really loved what I was doing and I really, really felt like I was making a huge difference in the world. And there's nothing better than that.

Susan Hyatt (19:10):
There is nothing better than that. And I identify with so many things that you're saying because I mean, the whole reason I became a life coach is because I was a burnt out real estate agent with little kids. And so I started this company in 2007 so that I could have a life. And what's interesting about that is you're talking about blurring between things that are beautiful and fun, but it's also work is very similar to what I do, the events that I do and the retreats that I do. And sometimes I'm like, I am getting paid to have an amazing time. Not that it's not a lot of work. Put all of the details that you take care of to put on these experiences or those shows. The favorite things show you worked on the car. Everyone got a car.

Debi Lilly (20:00):
Yes, those bows, those big red bows. Oh my

Susan Hyatt (20:03):

Debi Lilly (20:04):
The other thing that's really important to note about this dream team is that they had so much production and work on their plate, the big bows, which there were 350 of if I recall properly. We had two days to do that. Everything was sort of like pressure cooker of incredibly short windows, like doing the impossible every single day is what that team did. It was really, it was so great. Obviously we can talk about it forever. I

Susan Hyatt (20:36):
Know. I mean it's so amazing. But that's just one thing that you did. Your products are in, is it 2,600 Safeway stores?

Debi Lilly (20:46):
It is Safeway, Albertsons. Safeway was bought by Albertsons. And so we are really excited about the collection. It's called W Lilly Design. We're on, I think our 13th year. And what we wanted to do was make really beautiful, gorgeous European inspired flowers available right in the grocery store. And why do you have to go to all these different specialty stores when the number one store that people are going to every day is the grocery store? The most frequent store you go to every week is the grocery store. So the collections right inside in the floral department, there's really beautiful bouquets, flowering plants, VAEs candles, home decor, everything you can think of. We've dabbled in bath and body, we've dabbled in gourmet, and the teams in these stores are just so great. And I love working with them so much. It feels like a great, big, beautiful family.

Susan Hyatt (21:41):
Well, that leads me to my next question, which is something that's newer for you is that these beautiful flowers that I'm looking at, these beautiful flowers that I see on the tablescapes of your amazing events, we at home can order from you wholesale beautiful flowers from Nantucket. Please explain.

Debi Lilly (22:05):
They're not technically from Nantucket, although they're very Nantucket hydrangeas. As an event planner in florist, I have been designing flowers for 20 plus years and we want to share all of our sources with everyone, which is what we have in the book is all the ways you can have beautiful events, of course, yourself and our flowers that we've been ordering come straight from the flower farms right now on our website. The farms are all in South America in Ecuador and Columbia whereby the way they grow the world's most beautiful and the world's most beautiful roses plus lots of other things, anem, ranunculus, all the gorgeous beauties that we love. And we have them on our website, which is just shop dot debbie lilly.com or if you go to our website, it's right there on the shop button and you can order them right to your front door.

We call it farm to front door and our wholesale and there is free shipping. They are cut to order. So if today you ordered beautiful hot pink spray roses, which is what these are, I love spray roses because look at how many stems there are, how many I should say there are on just one stem. So this vase is so pretty and it's just a few stems of hot pink spray roses. And they'll come right to your door. They'll be cut based on when you want them to arrive at your home, and they'll be FedExed right to you. And it's just the best way to order flowers. They are so long lasting, they're so beautiful. And flowers are one of those things that literally truly brings us joy. They release all of the happy hormones and endorphins and they reduce stress. There's just so many great things about them. So to help people have more access to flowers feels really good.

Susan Hyatt (23:58):
Oh, I can't wait. I was on your website to order this beautiful book, which by the way, going back to your traditional publishing versus self-publishing story, I did it in reverse. But there are so many entrepreneurs that I talked to that are really struggling with that decision because honestly, going with a traditional publisher, it might be the biggest plus for that would be distribution, but you have distribution. And I also, when I ordered this book from your website, how many pages is it? 322?

Debi Lilly (24:41):

Susan Hyatt (24:42):
3 22 full color photos, correct?

Debi Lilly (24:46):

Susan Hyatt (24:47):
Okay. So when I ordered that, I knew it had to be self-published because I can tell you right now a traditional publisher that would have been, they would have poo-pooed all of these beautiful ideas because of the expense of publishing something like that. And you did it. I want to do a coffee table book and you're inspiring me because this is the level of elegance and quality and beauty that I think people want to have in their home.

Debi Lilly (25:18):
Yes. I will tell you a few things. Number one, I had a publisher for my first book and the book in the end looked nothing like I wanted the book to look. And that can happen with a publisher. I'm not being negative, but I knew that with my second book, which by the way is 10 ish years later, maybe 12 to be exact. Now there's new options. 12 years ago, it was really, you needed a publisher today, you can do it on your own. I thought, let's try it. Let's learn something new. So for anyone who wants to publish a book, especially a coffee table book like this, I did so much of it as I've already said, but I hired an amazing designer who's incredible. He's thanked in the book, but I will happily give you his information. And then I had an amazing printer who I will also share because not only is the book stunning, he's in Hong Kong, he did a friend's book and she loved her book and I loved her book.

So we went with this printer, Peter, and he personally stacked every single book in all the boxes on all the pallets, perfectly like opposite like this, thousands of books. I just can't say enough about the detail and the levels of assistance that this printing company goes to make your book beautiful and you don't, lot of great stories. There's a lot of, oh my gosh, this was kind of a disaster. I have nothing but great things to say. And by the way, there's a big Nantucket book festival and we had to have these books by the book festival and there's a lot of shipping drama right now. And Peter in Hong Kong had him here early. And Dan, he is the best. I will happily share with anyone these resources.

Susan Hyatt (27:08):
Well, absolutely. We want these resources. And I'm sort of wondering if he's the same Peter. There's another entrepreneur who ordered decks. I used to print something called a bare deck, and it was a body positivity deck and shipping and all of those things were, and that was a self-produced product. And someone who used a printer named Peter, I'm like, could it be the same Peter? The universe is trying to tell me that Peter's the man, but it was maybe like five years ago. But listen, you had to get up the nerve to take on a project like that because I know what that takes and it's stunning. I can't wait. I got a shipping notification. I can't wait to get it in my hands, but I'm going to see it on Tuesday when I come to you to Nantucket to your book signing. I am so over the moon to see it in person and experience it. I have a question for you. I have two more questions for you, Debbie. One is, what's your favorite kind of event to attend as a participant and not an organizer?

Debi Lilly (28:29):
I am so biased toward anything around the sunset. I don't know about you, but I like live and breathe for the sky and the sun and all the pretty colors. And this book is very SUNY because that's one of the reasons Nantucket is my happy place. It's like your whole life revolves around the sunset. And Tuesday is really going to be my favorite kind of party as a guest because it's a whole sunset party here on the island, and I'm really happy you're going to be there. How fortuitous is that?

Susan Hyatt (29:03):
I mean, I can't, well, in the spirit of yes, and in the spirit of summer of yes, there are things that pop up that my body compass was like, yes. I mean, lemme rearrange the world because guess where I'm going to be Nantucket at that sunset party. And then the other question I have for you that I love to ask many of my guests is, and I think I may know part of your answer, but what is something that makes you feel abundant, rich, wealthy, that doesn't cost any money?

Debi Lilly (29:43):
That's such a great question. I feel like that could have a hundred answers. I'm going to say just being with my family. We joke about a cuddle puddle like everyone pile in the bed, the dog too. That is my favorite thing in the world. And I sometimes think about when we're taking our last breath, what do you want to be happening? And I really sort of picture just all being this big puddle together on a sofa, on a bed, whatever it is. But I am very close with my two kids and our pup and the husband and just all being smashed up really tight together in a big squeeze is my favorite feeling on earth. And it's interesting because your kids grow up and they don't want that kind of cuddle and squishing together anymore. And I find that that is making me crave it more and more and more and think about it obviously more and more and more.

Susan Hyatt (30:44):
Yeah, I'm with you on the empty nester phase of life. My kids are 25 and 23 and they are just being like, okay, please give your mother a hug goodbye. It's really different than when they would pile in the bed and cuddle.

Debi Lilly (31:01):
Yes, I miss those days so much. I have friends with little ones and I'm like, can I come over and read them a bedtime story for you? I just miss that delicious. Those were my most delicious moments was putting 'em to bed, reading the books, falling asleep together. Remember how great that feeling was accidentally curl up together and fall asleep. So anyway, it's interesting launching the kids and still thinking about the little lovely, delicious moments that you had. But mine luckily are still pretty into squishing and hugging and kissing and being summer, we're all piled in this house together. They're

Susan Hyatt (31:42):
Home from school. Okay. Yes.

Debi Lilly (31:45):
And they're working here for the summer and they're helping me with everything. They've always helped me with everything like little sidekicks. So just all of them being together is really where I get my love and energy from. How about you? What would you

Susan Hyatt (31:58):
Say? That's amazing? Well, I'm laughing because I was giggling to myself because my guests always have these beautiful answers and mine is like an overabundance of coffee pots and toilet paper is always my, I'm like, oh, I have all the coffee I need. But honestly, if I'm being serious, I would say I'm the same in terms of being all together because one is in Chicago, one is in Brooklyn, and when we are all together just sitting with them and listening to their 20 something stories, my daughter is in Brooklyn and very much living her sex in the city life. And sometimes I'm hearing things that as a mother, she said to me, mom, you don't want to hear this story. And I go, no, I really do. And then she finished telling me the story and the look on my face, she goes, see, I told you you didn't look. And I'm just like, they're grownups living their lives. And that to me, I feel so abundant that wow, it worked all of my life. Coachy ideas about launching them in a certain way. They are smart, interesting, community minded, world minded, young adults, and it feels rich.

Debi Lilly (33:36):
That's amazing. Nothing better. High five virtual, high five.

Susan Hyatt (33:39):
Thank you. Thank you. Now, they are still Hyatt Riot members, so they're not perfect people, but none of us are.

Debi Lilly (33:50):
That's awesome.

Susan Hyatt (33:51):
None of us are. Well, I so appreciate your time and I'm going to tell people next how they can win a free copy of Summer style as this beautiful 322 page book, as well as some beautiful flowers from your direct order website. And I so appreciate your generosity and I can't wait to see this book become a bestseller as a self-published book.

Debi Lilly (34:24):
Here's hoping.

Susan Hyatt (34:25):
Here's hoping.

Susan Hyatt (34:30):
Okay, I don't know about y'all, but I am already experiencing summer fun vibes, just listening to her talk about how we can experience connection through events with our loved ones. Now, this beautiful book that we talked about, that's 322 color pages and her beautiful Florals, oh my God, they are gorgeous. And you can absolutely check it out on her website. If you go to a perfect event.com, you can check out everything she has to offer the book. And then there's also a link to these flowers. I am so excited to give away one of her copies of her book and also an arrangement from her website. We're going to ship flowers right to your door on us. And here's what I would love for you to do. I would love for you to share this episode and tag me at Susan Hyatt and tag Debbie Lily and everyone who participates.

I'm going to draw a winner and we will send you this beautiful book and an arrangement of these stunning flowers. So let's get some summer of yes vibes going and get in on this. Okay, now I will be sharing on social media. I am, as I mentioned in the episode, traveling to Nantucket to a beautiful book signing to celebrate. Debbie and I will be sharing my trip. I will be sharing all of the details, so please follow along. And I want to just remind everybody that I have one spot left to Paris that's happening September 7th through the 15th. We're going to link to the info in the show notes. You can also email in to support@susanhyatt.co. Or you could DM me on social media. One spot left to Paris because listen, tomorrow is not promised.



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