The Nerve to Transition Your Business into Courses & Group Programs Ft. Alisha White

Working one-on-one with clients is always rewarding, but structuring your entire business this way can limit your potential to scale. 

Transitioning your business into group programs and courses presents its own set of challenges, and if you are at this stage of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll love this episode of You’ve Got Nerve. 

In this episode, Alisha White joins me. Alisha is the owner of Fearlessly Feminine, and a photographer, entrepreneur, mover, and shaker. She specializes in creating intimate boudoir images and focuses on inspiring a culture of self-love, for all of the women she encounters. Fearlessly Feminine is an international, natural light boudoir photography studio based in Evansville, Indiana with a regular presence in Durham, North Carolina.

Since the start of her career, Alisha’s love for photography has taken her to Italy, France, Greece, and all over the US. She regularly takes clients on destination retreats in Europe and is obsessed with encouraging women to dream big.

I’ve known Alisha for a long time, and she lives just a mile away from me. Alisha is a new mom and doing her best to take care of herself while running a business and taking care of a new baby.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • In this episode, Alisha and I discuss:
  • Helping women accept their bodies at any age or stage through the power of boudoir photography. 
  • Transitioning your business from 1:1 into group experiences. 
  • Laser-focusing on how you spend your time, build your platform, and market your business. 
  • How to show up for your business without over-efforting. 
  • The power of being “choosy.”  

If you want to transition your business and get more intentional with your time, this episode is for you!

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