The Nerve to Teach ANTI DIET Nutrition Ft. Amy Porto

Have you ever stalled on going for an opportunity because of your weight?
How about deleting photos that weren’t “flattering?”
Or postponing headshots for work until you lose ten pounds?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear an entertaining conversation with Dr. Amy Porto about her personal experience and professional experience disrupting diet culture in the nutrition space.

Dr. Amy Porto is an anti-diet registered dietitian, nutrition professor, and certified intuitive eating counselor. As an expert in her field with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Porto speaks the truth about nutrition. Her purpose is to disrupt mainstream diet culture with real science, a dash of humor, and a little bit of common sense. And while she holds a BS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Nutrition Science, she believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to decode food labels at the grocery store. Breaking down complex information about food and nutrition into digestible bite-sized pieces of information is her passion — plus, she loves a good pun. Amy’s ultimate goal is to help you trust your body, restore your relationship with food, and nourish yourself from a place of self-care not self-control.  

You can connect with Amy here:

Website -https://amyporto.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dr.amyporto/

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How diet culture keeps women trapped and stuck in the background
  • How getting visible helped Dr. Porto make more money
  • Why food rules keep you confused and hungry
  • How much protein and water do your REALLY NEED?

Featured on the Show:


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