The Nerve to Take Your Business Seriously

If you’re struggling to get more clients and money in the door, there’s one thing I want you to get up the nerve to do—take your business seriously. 

I don’t mean spending endless hours glued to your screen or sacrificing your sanity for the next sale. Taking your business seriously means recognizing the value of your work, committing to your goals, and treating your business with the respect it deserves. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding the significance of this commitment can transform your approach to work and life. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shifting from a mindset of limitations to one of possibilities.
  • Being open to trying new things in business. 
  • The power of simplicity when it comes to growing your business.
  • Why focusing on what really matters helps you cut through the noise. 
  • How pleasure can lead to more creativity and success.
  • How your success is repeatable. You can do it again and again.

This episode is packed with actionable insights to inspire you to look at your business through a new lens. 

Whether you're feeling stuck, looking for motivation, or need to revamp your business strategy, I want to help you become more focused and more fulfilled in business and in life.

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.

Oh hey, in today's episode, I'm coming at you solo to talk about having the nerve to believe you can replicate your success over and over again and take your business seriously. So I recently sent out a survey to all y'all asking people what do you need the most help with? And I got to tell you, the overwhelming response was business and making more money. So here we go. I'm going to have all kinds of great podcast episodes and content for you. And I'll tell you a little something, something at the end of this, but I want you to think about something. Have you ever achieved a really exciting goal? Like maybe you had a super successful month, your best month ever, you earn more money than ever before, or you lead a program that goes incredibly well and when it's over you wonder, was that just a fluke?

What if I can't do that again? Do you ever notice yourself having those kinds of thoughts, feeling like somehow whatever success you just experienced was just a fluke, an accident, a one-time thing, not something you can replicate again and again, this kind of doubt is so, so common, especially as you gain traction and start to achieve bigger and bigger goals. So today we're going to talk about this situation and I've got some thoughts and tips for you because the thing I would love for you to understand is this, whatever victory you've achieved, there's more where that came from. You can absolutely do it again and I'm going to be your hype squad about it. Alright, so recently inside my programs, I've had many clients achieve their best month ever. Clients who are making money, clients who are getting visibility they've never gotten before, clients who they're pitching themselves over and over and over again.

They've got on their resting pitch face. All right? And so one client had her highest earning month of all time. Another client had a really ambitious enrollment goal for one of their programs and reach that number. Another is getting published to an online audience of millions. But what's interesting about all of these success examples is what happened next? So right after achieving this exciting victory, whether it was invisibility or impacting more people or revenue, nearly all of them experienced a tidal wave of self-doubt. They felt like, okay, I just did this big amazing thing, had this amazing month, that's great, but what if I can't do it again? Sure, maybe I can earn that kind of money once in a while. Sure, maybe I can get published once every blue moon, but can I do that consistently month after month? Now, a few of my clients felt this nagging worrying voice and felt like, what if my success is just a fluke and I can't do it again?

And one woman even started wondering, maybe I should go back to my old job just to be safe. And another woman was like, I logged into Indeed and started to just look at jobs that were available. Now, mind you, this was a job she hated, an industry she hated, and here she is considering going back and she had just had her best revenue month of all time. So it just goes to show how unreliable our brains can be. You're succeeding more than ever, and your brain's like, you know what? You suck. You should quit your dream and go back to that profession you hated. It's totally illogical, but it happens all the time. And y'all, I can totally relate. I've experienced these kinds of doubts numerous times throughout my career and I still do. When I make major pivots, which I've done, I'm constantly second guessing myself.

And it's something that we refer to as upper limiting, upper limit syndrome. It's when you shatter a glass ceiling, you do something you've never done before, you reach heights you've never reached, and it feels amazing, but it also feels unsettling and sometimes real scary. It's like you've rocketed into the sky and now the stakes are higher and you're vulnerable in a whole new way. It's new terrain, it's unfamiliar. And sometimes our brains will start cooking up all of these doubts and insecurities and it can feel very overwhelming. I often use example of major, it was a moment of major upper limiting, gosh, I want to say it was probably 21 years ago now, back in the good old olden days when I was a residential real estate agent, I was a new agent and y'all, I burst into the marketplace with tons of energy and drive, and pretty soon I became one of the top sellers in my region.

And then at the culmination of the year, there was an award for Rookie of the Year, and I got it. And I remember after that awards luncheon, we went back to the real estate office and I was standing in the lobby just kind of staring at my award. And instead of feeling victorious and excited, I started to feel real uneasy. And somebody that I really look up to who's still in real estate, by the way, came up to me and he's noticed sort of this weird look on my face. And he said, Hey, are you okay? And I just said, Hey, I'm, I'm proud of myself for earning this, but what if I can't do it again? What if I've peaked in my first year and maybe it's all downhill from here. What if I can't do this again? And he listened and he kind of chuckled and he said, Susan, of course you can do it again.

That's just something that entrepreneurs do. We tend to doubt ourselves. And there was something about the tone of his voice. He was real calm and kind and sincere, and that really made an impression on me. And I left there thinking, maybe he's right. Maybe I can do it again. And I did. I established a very successful career as a residential real estate agent. And even though I ultimately decided it definitely wasn't my dream career, and even though I decided to leave and go in a totally new direction by starting this life coaching company, even though I was a high earning top selling agent year after year, I did it again and again. And you know what? Success? You can do it again, right? I did it again and again, and I know you can too. So I'm going to share with you exactly what I've told my clients recently, and I hope this helps you out.

Let's say you just achieved something wonderful. Maybe you made $5,000 in one week, or maybe you got 15 clients to enroll in your program, or you got interviewed and featured in the media or on a podcast, whatever happened, whatever the exciting victory was. I want you to think about the series of actions that led up to that event. What were the specific actions that contributed to your success? What were the specific behaviors? What were the thoughts you chose to think? In other words, what specifically did you do that led to that victory? I want you to really think it through and get real specific. Did you make a bunch of phone calls? Probably not. Y'all don't like to call people.

Maybe you personally emailed 20 colleagues to talk about your project and ask for their support. Maybe you sent out 10 emails to your mailing list. Did you post on social media every day, 30 days in a row promoting your work and sharing from the heart? I need to do that. I need to do that. Did you tune into your clients and really figure out what they needed most right now? Did you do something courageous that you ordinarily don't do? Did you ask people to hire you instead of kind of waffling and dancing around the question, what else did you do? Did you take really good care of yourself mentally and physically so that you came into each workday feeling powerful and clear and ready to rock? Did you hire a coach like Susan Hyatt who held you accountable to your goals? What specifically did you do?

What were the ingredients that led to that success? Because whatever you did, whatever it was, you can do that. Again, this is something I spend quite a bit of time figuring out with my clients, what works well for you? What are the power moves that led to those results? And once you figure out what these things are, how you can do those things consistently and in an efficient and systemized way week after week, once you put systems in place, repeatable systems, that's how you make success. Not just possible but inevitable. So to give you an example, back when I was a realtor, I knew that if I got in front of people and handed out my business card, this was 21 years ago, say I connected with 50 people that month, on average, I would say about five of those people would eventually reach out to me to inquire about buying or selling a house.

And so over time, I could clearly see that handing out my card to 50 people is going to equate to five clients. That's how that system worked, and that's a system that I could replicate over and over again. Now today, it's really different, right? I do all kinds of things to see the people. I go to events, I host my own events, I schedule free webinars. And listen, if I have 50 zoom calls with potential clients, on average, about 20 of those are going to end up hiring me after the call 20 to 30 probably. So again, you can see a direct correlation between action and result. So if we work on getting those calls scheduled, that means we'll wind up with 20 to 30 wonderfully new clients. And we've repeated this system so many times that it's no longer that big of a mystery.

It's a tested system that delivers pretty predictable results. So when you look at your entrepreneurial business from this perspective, it really takes a lot of confusion and guesswork out of things. So instead of spinning an anxiety wondering, how am I going to make money? Or what if I can't do this again? You can think about the specific action steps that you need to take. Now, these action steps can change over time, and they certainly have in my business, but the action steps that led to good results in the past will probably lead to good results in the future. So of course, throughout the years, these systems are going to change so many challenges and webinars and doing live events. All of these things are ways to see the people, see the people, see the people and see if it's a good fit. And obviously, the way that I invite people to engage with me has changed over time.

So maybe you used to find clients by doing face-to-face coffee dates, but then there was a pandemic, right? And you couldn't do that. So you had to find a new approach. So sometimes we outgrow old systems and have to build new ones, and we pivot. I think you're getting my point here though. When you succeed, ask yourself, how come, why? What exactly did I do that led to this victory? And don't say luck. I think you create your own luck. So write it down, make a list of whatever you did, and then we can start to do those things again and replicate your actions and replicate your success. So whatever excellence or brilliance or riches poured out of you, you can do it again and again and again. Your genius is not a finite resource that flows out and then dries up. You are infinite.

There's more where that came from, and of course you can do it again. But the problem is that many of us don't always treat our businesses with the seriousness that they require. We find ourselves scrolling through social media, perfecting a blog post for hours on end, or complaining about not having any clients and how nothing works, all the while not asking for the sale or asking for the opportunity. So taking your business seriously means some boring things like setting and sticking to business hours. It means actively asking for clients and opportunities and not just waiting for them to come to you. It's great when they do, but it means putting yourself out there every day, seeking help when you need it, having a support system, taking good care of yourself, and establishing some pretty clear boundaries. So if you want some actionable steps to help you shift gears and start taking your business more seriously, y'all know I've got you. Alright, so I'm going to give you a little bit of tough love and I'm going to say we all need to stop making excuses.

Okay? Hear me out. Being an entrepreneur is not always a walk in the park, and it's easy to get caught up in negative thoughts when things get tough, but every successful entrepreneur you admire has been right where you are facing hard challenges and feeling pretty overwhelmed. The difference they had to stop making excuses. They had to. So the first step to turning things around with your money and your business is let's just drop the excuses and acknowledge that yes, right now business might be hard, but so what? You can do hard things. All right? I'm going to ask you to be open to trying new things because what worked great last year might not even make a dent today. Business shifts at lightning speed and our clients and customers are evolving just as quickly. So you've got to be open to trying new things, whether it's pivoting your offers, tweaking your marketing, or overhauling your business altogether.

Just staying flexible is the name of the game, and you might have to simplify your approach. So instead of getting caught up in complicated marketing funnels or the latest social media trend trend, let's get back to some basics. Focus on creating a strong offer that excites you. Communicate clearly what your client will receive. And a simple email, a phone call or a face-to-face conversation can be way more effective than the most complicated marketing strategy. Okay, next, I want to encourage you to eliminate distractions. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails, delete apps you don't need. Limit your social scrolling. And by clearing these distractions, you can focus more on what truly matters for your business. Here's an example from this morning. I am recording this on March 5th. On March 5th, meta went down Facebook and Instagram locked out of it. You know what? I batched about four podcast episodes during that time.

So listen, we are doom scrolling to our detriment. I'm going to encourage you to put some boundaries on that for yourself. And I'm taking note as well. And obviously one of my tips is going to be to schedule pleasure because incorporating pleasure into your routine means creating a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that supports your business goals. So whether it's a walk, a nap, or a coffee date with yourself, make sure to schedule these pleasure dates pretty regularly because they can significantly reduce stress and enhance creativity and contributing to your business's success. Taking your business seriously is not about stripping away the joy or creativity that comes with entrepreneurship. It's about giving your business the structure attention. And I'm going to say it, respect it deserves, put some respect on it. And when you do this, you're setting the stage for financial success and creating a more fulfilling and sustainable business. So you got to have the nerve to believe that you can replicate success, and you got to have the nerve to take your business seriously. You have the nerve to make intentional choices every day and move your business forward, and you have the power to shape the direction and success of your business. So I'm going to encourage you to make today the turning point to treat your business with the seriousness that it deserves.

Okay? So if you are interested in more clients and more cash, it is not even on the website yet, but I am doing another round of beyond, but it's called Beyond the Business Edition, and we're going to link to the application and consult call. You can schedule a consult call, let us know if you're interested. It's already enrolling because I'm just having conversations with people. We start May 8th, so get your booty in here. I also have spots available for my Ireland retreat, which is happening June 1st through the eighth, 2024. You want to create your own luck. Join me for jaw dropping excursions, OMG worthy moments and the space to reconnect to yourself and your priorities in the emerald aisle. One part life coaching, one part adventure. This whirlwind trip will be a week you'll never forget. I also have a couple of spots that have opened up for one-on-one coaching.

So if you want to go all in and pursue your goals, like you mean it, let's go. We're going to link to that application. And I also have VIP days available. I just did two, one in DC and one in California. And it's just an accelerated growth day for people who want to deep dive and get a lot done in one day with me. So whether it's your legacy project or a business plan, we're going to spend the whole day mapping it out. So those are all the ways to work with me now, and I hope to see your application come through.



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