The nerve to start “belonging” Ft. Kristina Knapp and Erica Carter

Feeling at ease, like you “belong,” in certain spaces is something that many entrepreneurs find challenging, especially when leveling up their business, their income, and their offers. 

But it is possible to overcome imposter syndrome, take control of your story, find your footing, and deeply know that you BELONG. 

In today’s episode, business partners Kristina Knapp and Erica Carter join me. 

Kristina is the Owner & CEO of Elixir Media Co., and a force of nature who went from flipping failing Michael Kors stores, to owning a multiple six-figure marketing company in 6 years.

Erica is the Lead Marketing Strategist for Elixir Media Co. She went from transforming multimillion-dollar corporate accounts to burning down the status quo using life coaching methods to help women entrepreneurs stand in their power as CEO.

Together they identify what makes their client’s businesses unique, and use that as the strategy to help clients STAND OUT in their industries. Teaching businesses how to navigate social media with authenticity, ease, and FUN, all while growing audiences that are ready to buy.

Kristina and Erica want to get up the nerve to take things to the next level in their business by leading luxe, international content-creation retreats for their business!

In this episode, we discuss:

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How crashing a meeting led to the coolest opportunity. 
  • Getting up the courage to leave a corporate job to pursue your dream. 
  • Creating “next level” experiences for your clients. 
  • Dealing with your inner critic that says, “what if it’s not good enough?”
  • Claiming your “belonging.”   

If you want to level up your business offers but struggle with feeling like you “belong,” this episode is for you!

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