The Nerve to Spread Your Message Ft. Vicky McGrath

In today’s episode, my guest is Vicky McGrath, a channel/psychic, a Certified Life Purpose Medium, a Certified Mediumship Teacher, and the founder of Vicky McGrath Spiritual Arts.

Vicky helps her clients activate their spiritual gifts, discover their life purpose, and start their own spiritual businesses through mediumship classes taught all over the world. 

Vicky wants to get up the nerve to become a paid professional speaker and replace the revenue in her business with speaking all over the world. 

If you’re interested in gracing the stage and spreading your message to millions, but don’t quite have the nerve or know-how to do it yet, this episode is for you!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to nab speaking opportunities when your work isn’t mainstream. 
  • How to get started on the path to becoming a paid professional speaker. 
  • The difference between believing “in” your client vs. believing “for” them. 
  • Figuring out what you most what to be known for. 
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and feeling like a “beginner.”

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm Master Certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. Today, my guest is Vicki McGrath, a channel psychic, a certified life purpose medium, a certified mediumship teacher and the founder of Vicki McGrath's Spiritual Arts. Vicki helps her clients activate their spiritual gifts, discover their life purpose, and start their own spiritual businesses through mediumship classes taught all over the world. Vicki wants to get up the nerve to become a paid professional speaker and replace the revenue in her business with speaking all over the world. If you are interested in gracing the stage and spreading your message to millions, but don't quite have the nerve or know how to do it yet, this episode is for you. All right. Welcome to you God nerve, Vicky.

Vicky McGrath (01:19):
Well, thank you for having me, Susan. It is just great to be here.

Susan Hyatt (01:24):
Well, so I am obsessed, first of all with all things psychic mediumship intuition. Um, and you're, your whole gig is you're not just a, a channeler and a psychic, but you also teach other people how to hone their gifts.

Vicky McGrath (01:43):
I, uh, am a spiritual mentor and I help women discover their own spiritual gifts. And I do this by teaching mediumship. So I teach group classes, and I also have, uh, one-to-one mentorship, and that helps women who are maybe on this spiritual path to create their own spiritual business and become their own spiritual entrepreneurs, which I think is fabulous, empowering women.

Susan Hyatt (02:09):
Well, um, I don't know if you can see behind me here, um, I have this giant

Vicky McGrath (02:18):

Susan Hyatt (02:19):
<laugh> crystal, um, I think it's Solite or sot sodomite, or my daughter will be so upset with me that I don't know. But this was a, this was a holiday gift from my husband. Um, my daughter recently moved from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, and her college job was, she worked at a crystal shop, um, and, and was like their highest salesperson selling crystals. Wow. But we went in there, um, right before she graduated in December, and I went in and said, um, I was recently told that I need to like really hone and fine tune my gifts that I, I sort of explain away as just good intuition. And so, um, this was the crystal, this was, this was the stone that is supposed to like, you know, help you really tune into your psychic abilities. So well that, there you go. A

Vicky McGrath (03:22):
Very large crystal. So <laugh>, I think you won't have any problems, <laugh>.

Susan Hyatt (03:27):
Well, listen, thi if this tells you anything about the Hyatt Riot family, it's like we just like go all in. We're like, go big or go home. We can't possibly have just like a little pocket crystal <laugh>. Uh, my husband has to buy me like the giant sized, uh, thing. So anyway, all that to say, I'm thrilled to have you here. And, um, a little birdie told me, uh, that you're interested in expanding, um, your streams of income, and you would love to speak from the stage.

Vicky McGrath (04:03):
This is, uh, this is true. So I have, uh, before I became a spiritual entrepreneur, a 20 year career in the government sector mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and I did lots of public speaking. I did lots of speaking at conferences, I, lots of presentations to, you know, senior leadership and members of, of government and so on and so forth. But I have not, um, done a lot of speaking on stage. And so one of the things that I'd really love to learn how to do is to become a paid professional speaker. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. However, I guess given my sort of, um, interest or background, you know, sort of in the woowoo field, it's not like I'm going to get corporate gigs or things of that nature where, you know, uh, I'm going to be doing say, personal development or coaching or sales. So for me, what I see for myself is more like the Abraham Hicks type of forum mm-hmm. <affirmative> where people come, uh, to hear me and get my activations so they can become mediums themselves. And so I see myself more in that forum, uh, however, you know, I mean, Abraham Hicks has been channeling since the eighties. So my question really was around how would one get started on that path to becoming a professional speaker in, in sort of, you know, a pretty niche forum.

Susan Hyatt (05:44):
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Well, it's interesting that you should, you should bring up your past. In what government sector did you work in? Do you mind saying,

Vicky McGrath (05:54):
I was, so I'm in Canada. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and in, we have municipal, which is the local, um, council. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and then provincial, which is, you know, uh, province. So I've worked at both, uh, local and the provincial level of government in the environmental field.

Susan Hyatt (06:11):
Oh, nice. Okay. And so you did quite a bit of speaking there more, um, workshop style, working with leaders, that sort of thing.

Vicky McGrath (06:20):
Right. And I also presented at conferences. If I was going on behalf of my government, uh, organization, I would present at council, or excuse me, at conferences on a topic that we were presenting on, which was basically trying to, you know, promote the, the work that the government has done.

Susan Hyatt (06:38):
Hmm. And so let me ask you this. Let's pretend that it's really easy for you to, to create your own stage and develop a following that wants to come here, what you have to say about mediumship. Um, what's your greatest hope for the audiences who come to hear you speak?

Vicky McGrath (07:04):
Well, my greatest hope would be that everybody who's in that audience, uh, recognizes and activates their mediumship so that when they walk out of the auditorium, they can connect with their own, uh, past loved ones, their own spirit guides. They can connect with others, people's, uh, other people's. So they could provide readings for other people. They could, uh, you know, create an income stream for themselves based on that activation. Uh, we're all mediums, uh, slash channels, and we all just, uh, you know, need to have someone help to activate that within us, and then we can carry on from there and, and go do whatever we wanna do with it.

Susan Hyatt (07:50):
I love that you keep using the word activate, um, because that paints a really different picture, right. For when you're talking about, right. The promise, um, that Abraham Hicks makes for coming to hear them speak is very different than the promise that you're making for your audiences or your intention. Not necessarily a, a big promise, but your intention is that people in the audience will have their own gifts activated so that then they can go do it. Right. That's really different, um, than what the promise might be for other speakers at other stages. And certainly, you know, you mentioned corporate America, um, which I just wanna back up and say, um, it might be interesting to think while, um, a corporation might not bring you in to, to speak to their top 100 leaders, they very well might hire you privately, right. To activate their own gifts to benefit them in business. But that's, you know, for a separate stream of income. Um, the question is how do I, I think your question was how do I, uh, build an audience so that people wanna come hear me?

Vicky McGrath (09:17):
Exactly. I think that's exactly the question.

Susan Hyatt (09:20):
And the first thing is to understand that intention, which you, um, you use so beautifully. Your, your intention is to activate the audience's own gifts so that they can then go fill in the blank. So you mentioned do their own readings, have their own businesses. Do you imagine that the stage you're gonna build and the audience that's gonna come, are these mostly people who want to be spiritual entrepreneurs as well? Or are the, or is there a separate ideal audience?

Vicky McGrath (09:57):
Well, my clients kind of cross the spectrum. I would say many of them have had experiences of grief associated with the passing of a loved one, and they really want that relief, uh, knowing that their loved one is ha happier, okay. That they're still in their lives, that they could, you know, connect with those loved ones at any time and seek guidance or support. And the same with, uh, spirit guides. If, you know, if someone was interested in connecting with their spirit guide versus, um, a past loved one, you know, they might want to have, uh, the support and guidance knowing, so if they're moving forward with a, a challenging choice or a life decision, that they have that support and guidance. So my, my clients kind of cross the spectrum of being curious and also seeking relief. Uh, but I would say, you know, uh, most of them would probably have at least a spiritual interest or awareness, uh, or have had perhaps experiences themselves already where they've just, like you said, Susan, you know, maybe they've experienced their own intuition and they're thinking, well, what can I do with that?

How, how can I develop that? What more can come from me knowing that I, you know, I have these, uh, intuitive downloads, or I have these psychic visions, or I, I get this, uh, this knowledge that drops in, or, you know, whatever the case may be. So I think, um, my, my clients really kind of come from all over, but I would say the bottom line is that they would have spiritual interests, and I would say that would probably be the case for building an audience. Uh hmm. You know, I think that, uh, if you were to look at the example of Abraham Hicks, you know, everybody knows that Esther Hicks is channeling a multi-dimensional being, or they're not going in there thinking that it's a q and a with Esther <laugh>.

Susan Hyatt (11:56):
So, that's right.

Vicky McGrath (11:57):
<laugh>. So people know and believe in, uh, in Abraham, they're not, they're not going in, there're skeptical. They're already going in there knowing that Abraham exists to them. Right. They, they know that. So I think that's probably the audience that I would want to, uh, you know, attract as well, would be the people that, that know already that they have gifts and they just want to do more with them, and that I can help them with that.

Susan Hyatt (12:27):
Okay. So I understand a little bit more about your audience, right. We understand your intention, we understand a little bit about this ideal audience that they're, they could be, and there could be specific talks directed towards spiritual entrepreneurs versus people who are grieving and wanna connect with loved ones who have passed, people who are spiritually curious and want to connect with their own, uh, spirit guides. So then my next question for you is, have you already done some things to try to speak from this stage in this world?

Vicky McGrath (13:07):
I have done lots of podcasts, <laugh>,

Susan Hyatt (13:11):
Hey, listen, being a podcast guest is a fantastic way to build a following. I mean, I would say great job there. And so for any of you listening to this who are trying to build an audience, being a podcast guest and getting in front of other people's audiences is a fantastic way to do that. So you've, you've, um, been a podcast guest. Anything else?

Vicky McGrath (13:33):
I have not spoken to a group from this, uh, perspective.

Susan Hyatt (13:40):
Okay. And just play with me here. There's a method to my madness, but why not?

Vicky McGrath (13:49):
I think it's more because I don't know where to begin.

Susan Hyatt (13:54):
Hmm. And if you did know where to begin, what, um, if anything makes you nervous about it?

Vicky McGrath (14:12):
I think just the, um, just the promise or the intention, uh, you know, I would want to be, I would want to be sure that people were getting what they came for. I think that's what would make me nervous, is that if people came and said, well, nothing happened. Uh, and then, you know, that sort of maybe translated into skepticism about what I can offer for people.

Susan Hyatt (14:39):
Hmm. So when you imagine speaking in front of audiences, how large of an audience appeals to you?

Vicky McGrath (14:51):
Well, I'll tell you <laugh> Susan, my guides have shown me speaking in front of the un. They've had me speaking at Covent Garden. They had me speaking at the Sydney Opera House. They have me speaking on cruises, on retreats, uh, in hotels. So they're, you know, visually I have already experienced all of these massive audiences. So if you can imagine, you know, coven garden is multiple layers right. Of, of seating. So, uh, that, that's pretty big, pretty big. Um, idea. <laugh>.

Susan Hyatt (15:26):
I love it. So the, the, the vision that you've already been shown is massive audiences.

Vicky McGrath (15:36):

Susan Hyatt (15:36):
So when you imagine speaking in front of the UN or you're speaking on a cruise or the Sydney Opera House, um, is it possible to guarantee a shift, an aha moment, an activation for each and every person that's in attendance

Vicky McGrath (15:59):
If they are open and, uh, aware at the time of coming into the, into the audience? Yeah, I, you know, I think if, if I, I mean, I could, I could also activate a skeptic, but if a skeptic is really closed down, then they might not. But that's why I say, you know, it's, it's, it's important that you attract the right people into the audience

Susan Hyatt (16:23):
<laugh>. Right, right. Because can you control whether or not someone's open and aware enough?

Vicky McGrath (16:32):
Well, you can prepare people, I guess, for what to expect and what's going to come out of the experience for them. But that doesn't stop someone coming in and being skeptical and, and want, right. Wanting to just see what's going on and perhaps be a troll

Susan Hyatt (16:47):
<laugh>. Right. I mean, it, it's, it's an impossibility, honestly, right. With a, a massive audience to say, you know, each and every one of you is gonna have this amazing awakening or activation. Like, we're, we're just not that powerful. Like, it's up to them. Yes. And, and it's that way with, with anything, you know, when I'm teaching, um, the bear methodology or I'm teaching a business concept, um, I can, I can believe in them, but I can't believe for them. And there's often a, a really great reason why they didn't get what they wanted to get. Right. Like, everyone has their own journey and their own timeline. And sometimes I've had folks email me years later to say like, Hey, you know, when I took that class, or I came to hear you speak at that place, you know, I didn't get it then, and here's not right. And it's a really beautiful reason why not. Like, we're, we're not necessarily privy to, uh, the information of everyone's journey. Like Right. You and I, our greatest intention is like, I want everyone in this audience to be activated, but we can't really control whether or not they are.

Vicky McGrath (18:12):
That's absolutely true.

Susan Hyatt (18:13):
Right. So my next question is if let's say 80% of the audience, if they're open and aware, is gonna have some sort of, um, good result, if you wanna call it that. Um, is there anything else other than the worry that people won't get what they came for? Is there anything else about becoming a speaker to massive audiences that freaks you out?

Vicky McGrath (18:47):
No. Awesome. Not at all.

Susan Hyatt (18:50):
Awesome. <laugh>. Okay. So then if, in terms of becoming a paid speaker, um, who speaks to massive audiences, you mentioned Abraham, are there any other, and it doesn't have to be in the spiritual realm, but are there any other paid public speakers that speak to massive audiences that you greatly admire?

Vicky McGrath (19:17):
Uh, well, I think, you know, the obvious kind of personal development, uh, people come to mind, right? In Canada, we have Bob Proctor and the US you have Tony Robbins. You know, those are pretty massive audiences that those individuals would've been speaking to. Uh, those are the ones that come to mind already, uh, in, you know, from my experience anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of others. Uh, you know, maybe Mel Robbins, I don't know what the extent of her, uh, Renee, uh, Renee Brown. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, you know, she's another one that's kind of really gone, uh, to very big audiences as well. So I, they're definitely are examples of others, uh, in the realm.

Susan Hyatt (19:59):
Yeah. Yeah. Those are some great examples. And so when you think about, let's say like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, um, Mel, Mel Robbins, um, I was just watching one of her Instagram reels. She's so funny. Um, but when you think of them as like a collection, what are the qualities about those folks that you admire that you think helped propel them to, um, creating a massive audience?

Vicky McGrath (20:37):
I think they all just took risk and, um, put themselves in a position to be heard by, you know, larger and larger groups. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So, you know, it's that sort of, uh, inch by inch, but they, they didn't, uh, they didn't stop at a sort of a small audience. They continued to move forward and make progress. Right. Progressively larger, I would say.

Susan Hyatt (21:10):
Yeah. Um, so when we're talking about you, Vicky, you, the next big thing, right? Um, what do you most wanna be known for by your audience, right? Because each of the, it's interesting the list you gave, because I see them all as the common, the commonality between them is what you said. Like, they're people who took risks that inch by inch created this audience didn't stop. Um, but they're all really different. And, um, they're all known for very different things. So what is it that you want? Which by the way, proves that there's room for all of us. You know, I, I often use music as an example with this, that, you know, sometimes aspiring speakers will say, oh, well, you know, Brene Brown's already said it all, or, or Mel Robbins, or Fill in the blank. And, um, you know, when you think about who your favorite, um, musical artists are, you know, we live in a world where, you know, Barbara Streisand exists alongside Cardi B, you know, and they, they couldn't be more different. Um, but they have massive raving fans. You know, there's a whole menu of, of opportunity and options. So when you think about yourself as a speaker who massive audiences blocked to, because they know something's gonna be activated for them, um, what is it that, that you would hope when people are like saying, Hey, I've got two tickets, you know, to go see Vicky, where, like, where's your dream place to present?

Vicky McGrath (23:09):
Oh, brother. So many <laugh> anywhere Tropical <laugh>.

Susan Hyatt (23:14):
Oh, we're gonna have a tropical location. Okay.

Vicky McGrath (23:18):
Yeah. I mean, you know, Tahiti, Maria Bora, Bora BVIs, Hawaii, they're, they're all beauty Maldives, <laugh>, I'll take them all.

Susan Hyatt (23:27):
Maldives. Yes. I have two tickets to go see Vicky and Maldives. What do you hope the internet lights up saying? Like, oh, I saw her in Bora Bora, and like, what do you wanna be known for?

Vicky McGrath (23:42):
I would say, I would like to be known as, you know, someone who just lights the way for other women, uh, who want to, uh, you know, light the way for others. I, I think it's just like that sort of, you know, mutual, uh, way showing really is, is what I want, is what I want to be known for. It's not for, you know, I can activate anyone and I can activate their gifts and they can go on to do what they like with it. But the, the, the, you know, the baseline of those activations is that people's light comes on and shines out as a beacon for others. And that's just kind of that ripple effect across the planet, right? As we all grow in our light and help the planet, and then everyone else grows in their light and helps the planet. So I think that's what, you know, ultimately what I would like to be known for. And I think that's probably a pretty big ticket. <laugh>,

Susan Hyatt (24:46):
Hey, I, and, and it's a big ticket. And how are you perfectly, um, available for that?

Vicky McGrath (24:57):
I am open to the suggestions of my guides <laugh>. They're, they're telling me to, to do this. They're, they're showing me where I should be doing this. Uh, so I'm, you know, following the sparkly breadcrumbs that they leave for me.

Susan Hyatt (25:12):
<laugh>, I love that glitter breadcrumbs, <laugh> listen. And it, and it's important. It's an important point to make because not everyone's spirit guides are, you know, committed to that kind of vision or, or like, you know, not everyone wants to do what you want to do, right? That's what's so wonderful about it. Like, everyone's goals are different. And if, if your spiritual squad is like, Hey, you win <laugh>, okay, this is where we're going. So get ready. Um, now I will say, um, if you haven't already, have you, do you have a speaker's reel? Do you have any of the practical things you need to pitch yourself to be on stages?

Vicky McGrath (25:57):
No, because I haven't done anything in this realm. I don't have that. I have a, a speaker's, uh, one sheet. Okay. I have a, you know, kind of like a media profile or whatever you would call it. Like, I <laugh> whether I have anything to say or not, I still pitch hotels and say, Hey, <laugh>, I'd love to come and speak to your guests, or, you know, so you have to send them something. But I don't actually have, uh, you know, what I think would be really important would be that video footage of, of me speaking to, uh, at least a small group.

Susan Hyatt (26:35):
Yeah. I mean, some of the practical things to do, and this is for anyone listening who, who wants to become a paid speaker,

It's important. Um, there are certain things that if you want to just like being on a podcast, if you want to get on someone else's stage, um, the, there's a list of things to have. You know, your speaker's, one sheet is one of 'em. So congratulations for already creating that, um, uh, creating your own small event, um, at first and getting some video of you speaking so that you can create a speaker's reel is another thing. Um, and, and having a well thought out, like, these are the topics that can present on this is why I think your audience would be riveted or love, you know, hearing this and just getting the experience of speaking in front of people so that you have video, so you have testimonials so that you can continue, like you were saying about Mel and Tony and Brene and Tom Proctor.

You can inch by inch get in front of bigger and bigger audiences to the point that then you're like headlining your own large thing. Um, something that has been really beneficial for me, and I've written and podcasted about it for years, is create your own stage until, um, they come calling to pay you to be on theirs. Um, and there are also, just practically speaking, there are plenty of large events where they're looking for breakout speakers. They're looking for, um, you know, people who are adjacent to what they're doing to sort of round out the experience. Um, so when I talk about it that way, are there any ideas that come to mind of who you might pitch?

Vicky McGrath (28:34):
Well, I think, uh, those are all fabulous ideas, and I think it would be, you know, really easy to, uh, just pitch some of the conferences that feature, you know, spiritual development or, uh, psychic awareness. So I'm, I'm, there's, there's so many spiritual events out there, and of course I subscribe to many of them myself, but until you just mentioned it, that wouldn't have occurred to me to pitch them <laugh>. So that's a great idea.

Susan Hyatt (29:02):
Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, because, you know, um, there are so many opportunities to, and I'm pitched all the time for different things that I do, and a lot of the time it's a no, but somebody might hit me at like, just the right day, just the right time when I'm like, gosh, I really need like, something to kind of fill this space, you know? And so it's like, you, you'll probably get a bazillion nos. Um, and all it takes is a handful of yeses, and this is for anybody listening until you become known, a known speaker. Um, it's really, uh, having those collaterals so that you can say, Hey, here's what I sound like. Here's what I look like. Here are the topics, here's what people say. And then it's like, okay, you know, you'll, you'll get someone who will absolutely see the value in what you do and provide, and see how it can round out perhaps what's already being represented on their stage.

Um, and say, all right, let's, let's bring Vicky in and, and, um, you know, give her a, a a 45 minute time slot or whatever it might be. And then when you have those collaterals, you can start pitching your own stuff, um, and, and promoting your own events. And so, from the very beginning of this company, 16 years ago, I started just assembling small groups and getting practice. You have practice speaking, um, but getting practice, speaking about these topics and getting video so that you can promote yourself that way. Um, and so I would say what, there are probably three things I would love to encourage you to do, but I have a question. Do you currently have an email list of folks who are in your audience? Do

Vicky McGrath (31:09):
Have a small list started?

Susan Hyatt (31:11):
Yes. Okay. Um, so this list we need to grow, right? Um, this is, this is your real estate, this is what you own. Um, and I would be very, I wanna challenge you to be very vocal with the email subscribers that you have and the social media audience that you do already have, that you are a public speaker who speaks on these things and you wanna get on, let's set a goal. How many stages do you wanna get on over the next 12 months?

Vicky McGrath (31:47):

Susan Hyatt (31:48):
10 stages? You are looking to get on 10 stages to activate the audience. And you can come up with your, you know, you could do a talk on grief, you could do a talk on, um, starting your own spiritual business. You know, you could come up with like two or three keynotes. Um, and I'm gonna challenge you to bring people along for this ride because I don't, in my own experience, I don't, um, necessarily promote myself that often as a speaker. People have like, sort of come to me. Um, but it, it's interesting that if, if I were to say like, Hey, you know, this, this is what I wanna speak on, and, and these are the topics that I have people really wanna help, you know, they wanna see you, particularly people who have experience with your gifts and what you have to offer. Um, so when you check in with your spirit guides, other than, um, growing your list, bringing people along for this ride, like, Hey, Vicky needs to get to the un. Um, what else do you know you need to be doing?

Vicky McGrath (33:10):
Well, I have a fabulous free angel guide if any of your listeners would like to grab my freebie, that'll help them learn more about their own angel guidance. And I know that I am also planning on creating a YouTube channel, which I think will maybe be a good, uh, first step for me to help, not only kind of get myself out there, but increase my, uh, maybe my confidence on video. Cause I think video is, is different than speaking in front of people. So <laugh>, it'll be a good way to help people maybe see my personality and, and see who, uh, you know, who I am and what I'm about. And also, you know, give me the option of, of talking about those different things that you mentioned, right? Having those different levels of, of speaking, uh, engagements. So, you know, definitely taking steps to get out there, pitching people, uh, creating my, uh, my, you know, speaking, um, CV or however you wanna call it, so that I can share that and, and, uh, continue to move forward.

Susan Hyatt (34:21):
I think those are, those are awesome. I mean, I agree with you on a YouTube channel. I just had somebody the other day, I used to have a YouTube show, um, and um, called Go Time tv and I haven't, I haven't had an episode and like, I don't even know, maybe a couple years. And there was somebody recently who was like, I really like your tea, your, uh, YouTube show <laugh>. When I was like, you know, there are people who are still watching it even though I'm not actively doing it. And they, they, when you create that kind of content, it is helpful, um, for your audience. But I would, I would challenge you to bring your people along for the ride and get your materials together for pitching. And then I would challenge you, um, to find a hundred places to pitch.

Vicky McGrath (35:09):

Susan Hyatt (35:09):
That's a good one. And if you do that, I know we will eventually see you. I can't wait. I hope I get to have you back on the show and be like, so how was the un How was that for you, Vicky <laugh>? I hope

Vicky McGrath (35:21):
So too. I hope so too. <laugh>, then you can say, look what I did

Susan Hyatt (35:26):
<laugh>. I would never take credit, but I would say I activated her during the You Gotner podcast. Um, anyway, I just wanna thank you because there probably so many women listening who are trying to get up the nerve to do something similar and just sharing your gifts and talents and just really being willing to go for it is something to be applauded. So I am cheering wildly for you, and I cannot wait to see this unfold.

Vicky McGrath (35:55):
Well, thank you and thank you for sharing your gifts and talents as well. I really appreciate being on your show.

Susan Hyatt (36:01):
Aw, thank you Vicky. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Vicky McGrath (36:04):
You too. Thank you. Bye.

Susan Hyatt (36:12):
If you want more confidence, more joy, more adventure, and more opportunities, there are a few ways we can work together. So number one, you can get on the wait list for life of, yes. So we've currently closed enrollment, but we'll be opening enrollment backup in a couple of months. So if you wanna get on on that, go to go dot susan hyatt.co/life of Yes. We also have Ireland coming up May 20th through the 27th of this year. 2023. You can stay at a luxurious manner on the outskirts of Klar. So think Downton Abbey, the Irish edition take in the jaw dropping scenery in Epic adventures that Klar and the 125 miles of coastline on the Wild Atlantic way have to offer. You can check out Susan hyatt.co and go to the retreats page and check that out. We also have Morocco in 2023. Again, join me in October, 2023 for a lavish retreat in Marrakesh, Morocco, one of the most vibrant, mythical and surreal places in the Hulk world.

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