The nerve to spend 20 years saying YES

What does it feel like to say yes to yourself for TWO DECADES?

In this episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary as an entrepreneur. 

As a listener treat, you’ll get a peek into my highs and lows from 2022, my 19th year of business. 

At the end of each year, I create my highs and lows list. The brightest moments from the last twelve months—and the not-so-bright experiences, too.

I use my Life of Yes Report Card to assess different areas of my life and give myself a grade. (If you want a copy of the report card, you can download a copy below!) 

If you’ve never made a high/low list before, I encourage you to try it. Because life can move so fast. It’s so important to slow down, write things down, celebrate the wins, and make peace with everything that didn’t go exactly as planned.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The time I officiated a wedding on a mountaintop in Alaska
  • Why I overhauled my business to center pleasure 
  • The life-changing magic of difficult conversations
  • Why I gave myself a “C” in joy 
  • The perils of ignoring my “inner Google”

If you love getting a glimpse behind-the-scenes, give this episode a listen!

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