The Nerve to Sell Everything and Start Over Ft. Jules De Jesús Fritz

Have you ever thoughts about selling everything and starting over? 

In today’s episode, Jules De Jesús Fritz joins me. Jules is a beauty therapist and spiritual wellness visionary dedicated to bringing self-love, compassion, and emotional mentoring to her community. Feeling a call to impact clients on a deeper level, Jules and her family surrendered her high-profile makeup career and the life they built to take a leap of faith. 

After traveling the country for 2 years in a vintage Airstream, Jules learned to hold space by becoming a prayer chaplain and completed both Wellness Counseling and Women’s Entrepreneurship programs with Cornell University. 

Today, Jules runs a multi-generational household on a 25-acre tranquil farm in Hopeful, GA. She is a devoted wife and mother of 3 boys, including twins, and a dementia caregiver. In honor of her mom, Jules partners with the Alzheimer’s Association as a speaker. Jules also co-founded Miracle Lab, an online holistic wellness community where you can become the person you dream of being by aligning your mind, beauty, and spirit. 

Jules and I discuss her incredible journey, selling her business and her belongings, packing up her family, and venturing out on a two-year road trip across the United States. On this trip, Jules got some surprising news that charted the years to come. Her story could truly be a movie! She got my feet sweating!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • When what you’re currently doing isn’t “it anymore,” and getting up the nerve to make a change.
  • Allowing yourself the opportunity to explore what’s tugging at your heart. 
  • Why you don’t need to have everything “figured out” before pursuing something you crave. 
  • Turning your own journey into a vehicle for healing. 

Tune in and get ready to be wowed and moved by Jules’ story!

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