The Nerve to Reclaim Your Time and Energy Ft. Crystal Ruth

In this episode of “You’ve Got Nerve,” I sit down with Crystal Ruth, a certified life and business coach and the creator of the Vision Page Process. Crystal and I dive deep into her inspiring journey of overcoming significant personal challenges and how she redefined her business approach. She shares the transformative impact of one crucial piece of coaching she received from me, which shifted her mindset and empowered her to reclaim her time and energy. We discuss the importance of self-advocacy, delegating tasks, and setting boundaries, along with the profound effects of embracing creativity in business. Tune in to learn how the “Summer of Yes” can create meaningful changes in your personal and professional life. This conversation is packed with actionable insights and heartfelt stories that will inspire you to conquer your fears and pursue your dreams.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to advocate for yourself
  • Importance of delegating tasks
  • Benefits of group coaching
  • Creating personal and professional boundaries
  • Embracing creativity in business
  • Transformative power of coaching
  • Managing invisible workloads
  • Vision Page Process benefits

Featured on the Show:

Featured on the Show

  • Vision Page Process: Crystal's unique method for daily alignment with personal and professional goals.
  • Crystal Thompson's Coaching: Insights from her journey as a life and business coach.
  • Summer of Yes: My program designed to help women have a fun, impactful summer.
  • Self-Advocacy Tips: Practical advice on asking for help and setting boundaries.
  • Delegating and Outsourcing: Strategies to free up your time and energy.
  • Personal Stories: Crystal's powerful experiences that led to profound changes in her life.
  • Coaching Impact: How one piece of coaching can shift your trajectory.
  • Managing Emotional Workloads: Understanding and addressing invisible burdens.

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Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to You've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires. This show is for you.

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I.M. Certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. Hey. Hey. Summer is here. And you know what that means? That means we're getting up the nerve to do all the things. If you don't regularly listen to my podcast or you're newer to the podcast, something you're going to hear me talk about later is the summer of Yes.

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And the Summer of Yes started because I used to be a real summertime Grinch. I didn't have the nerve to put on a bathing suit. I didn't have the nerve to make plans for myself just because I wanted to. I didn't have the nerve to outsource all of my errands or other things I didn't want to be doing so that I could prioritize what lit me up.

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And so we're going to talk about that. And who better to talk about it with than my friend Crystal Ruth Thompson. Now, Crystal, if you are a regular listener of the podcast, has been on the podcast multiple times. And that's because over the course of her career as her coach, I have had the honor and delight to watch her evolve her coaching business, her coaching practice, and become a woman who has a whole lot of nerve.

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So buckle up for a journey with Crystal. We call her our favorite Canadian. She's a certified life and business coach and the creator of the vision page process. Now, she is a really fun mix of life coaching, finesse with a sprinkle of scientific insight and a dash of outside the box creativity all wrapped up in an obsession with washi tape.

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Crystal is a powerhouse of positivity and she helps women shape their futures one page at a time. So we're going to put in the show notes how you can find out more about vision pages and her boutique coaching business. You can go to Crystal Ruth dot com. But I have the distinct pleasure of sitting down with her and discussing getting up the nerve to join a group program and then having the nerve to take action on the coaching you've received.

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I think you're really going to enjoy listening to this conversation with Crystal Ruth Thompson because you won't believe it. Her biggest insight came when I coached her about some spaghetti sauce. Yes, friends. Let's hear what Crystal and I get into. All right, everybody. I am so excited to welcome back to the podcast, Crystal, Ruth Thompson. Welcome, Crystal. Thanks.

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You know, I'm trying to be the Alec Baldwin of your podcast. He's been on SNL the most number of times. Oh, my God. That other than being my favorite Canadian. Now you're the Alec Baldwin of the podcast. So listen, I think over the years you probably are the person that has popped up this your third visit and my put forth, if we can be the fourth.

00;03;42;10 - 00;04;05;01
Yeah, because you were on Rich Coach Club and you've got nerve. And now here you are again. Here I am. Well, I'm delighted to have you. And y'all can't see her unless we use some video clips because she's got some rockin nineties hair happening that I'm obsessed with. I did it just for you. I believe you. I believe you.

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So, Crystal, the reason why you're invited back is because you're always full of amazing stories that illustrate what's possible for someone when they invest in themselves, when they do the work, and when they believe that something else is possible. And so I obviously have had the beautiful privilege of watching you grow and evolve over the years as a coach and a business owner.

00;04;33;15 - 00;05;00;22
And last year, I had the opportunity to work with you in a group coaching setting. And what happened for you? What didn't happen? Well, you know, at the end of the day, I you put out this invitation for a really special group coaching program, and I didn't know why, but I was like, I need I need to do this.

00;05;00;25 - 00;05;25;00
And so I came to that group coaching program just completely open to receiving what I needed. And what I got wasn't what I thought I needed. Mm hmm. What I needed and so if I could just back up before arriving in that mansion to Savannah and tell you a bit about what was going on in my life. Absolutely.

00;05;25;01 - 00;05;50;29
Let's hear it. It's about. Yeah. So I. My brother Scott had been sick for a couple of years and he was debilitated to the point where he could only use one arm and he lived in a nursing home. And while my parents went on a cruise, my brother got pneumonia and was sent to emergency. And we love Canada, but we don't love our emergency system here in Canada.

00;05;50;29 - 00;06;17;15
And he was basically put into a corner and forgotten about. And my sister and I were going back and forth between emergency advocating for Scott, like saying give this man a drink of water, doing everything we could to really look after him and keep him alive because we didn't feel like he was getting the support that he needed or deserved.

00;06;17;16 - 00;06;39;16
And so, as you can well imagine, this was an emotional time. And my sister has three kids at home. I have four kids at home and after he was discharged and went back to his nursing home, I was so angry because I didn't feel like my family at home stepped up to the plate and were like, Hey, Crystal's like really struggling here.

00;06;39;17 - 00;07;03;02
Let's put a frozen pizza and let's do something. So I was running back and forth between the hospital trying to keep my brother alive and at home. I didn't feel like anybody was making concessions for me. And so shortly after he was discharged from the hospital, it was my time to arrive to the mini mastermind. Let's call it in right manner.

00;07;03;04 - 00;07;23;04
Yeah. And so I showed up and I was like, Y'all won't believe what's going on in my life. And I was really feeling sorry for myself. And so when it came my turn for my group coaching, like I was sure that everybody was going to really, you know, cater to me and feel sorry for me for what I had been through.

00;07;23;07 - 00;07;46;21
And you gave me the peace of coaching that changed my life last year. Oh, well, I just want to say, okay, what I say what I do, and then I have I have a disclaimer. No disclaimers. No. You said, How can you make sure this never happens to you again? Hmm. And my response in my mind was not Canadian.

00;07;46;21 - 00;08;13;08
I was like, Screw you, Suzanne. How did you hear my story? Were you listening to me? Right. Nobody made me a meal. And I was like, Oh, wait a minute. And it, like, jolted me out of my, like, toddler poopy pants mode. And I was like, I can't obviously control my brother being in the hospital, but I can take responsibility for the lack of support.

00;08;13;10 - 00;08;35;05
I felt like I had and for what I actually had personally set up at home to be everybody's savior. And let's just say I have three children who are stepchildren and one of my own and my stepchildren, the oldest, are like 18 and 20. So to be clear, we're not talking about two year olds here. Right. Every single one of them can do things.

00;08;35;08 - 00;08;54;25
They can. My own son, four is almost 13. Right. Like and so it really forced me, even though I was mad at you on the inside for a hot second, to be like, Oh my gosh, there are there are so many practical things that I can do to make sure this never happens again and to stop murdering myself.

00;08;54;27 - 00;09;22;09
Yeah. And, and, and I remember when you were talking about it because you were talking about making homemade spaghetti sauce for them. Like you came home and made homemade spaghetti sauce, and I was sort of like bacon. Open some fucking prego. Like what? What? And so all of you listening, I just want to say that I was deeply compassionate about her brother.

00;09;22;11 - 00;09;56;19
But let me tell you something. This invisible workload stuff, we have got to make sure, right, that our husbands, partners, children, community, neighbors, friends understand how they can help us, because they're not going to do it unless we tell them or advocate for ourselves. Right. And I went home. I'm like, what am I doing? And I and I realized, which I'm not too proud to admit, like I'm still trying to impress my stepchildren and their mother who doesn't live with us.

00;09;56;19 - 00;10;24;17
That's my husband's ex-wife. Right. And we've been married for nine years. What am I doing here? And I'm not actually serving anybody and I'm not proving my worth by making spaghetti sauce from scratch. It's impossible. Well, it is. And it's just good to know. Like, it's good to understand, like, oh, I was doing this because I'm still trying to prove myself as a good enough step mom.

00;10;24;17 - 00;10;49;27
I'm still trying to, you know, win those kids over, so to speak. I know they love you, but right. Like, oh, and I'm wondering I mean, you can tell us, but in your mind, if you were the successful coach business owner and cute as hell and also making these homemade meals like, then no one could be mad or find fault.

00;10;49;29 - 00;11;14;19
Right? Exactly. Exactly. I would truly be Wonder Woman. Yeah. Yeah. We got to get you. What? It gets you to be badass and that people are yelling at the staff. My embarrassing my sister in the hospital. But. But it really wasn't getting me anywhere. And so I'm like, this is what you needed. Krystal Thompson Like, go home and make this happen.

00;11;14;19 - 00;11;45;24
And the amazing thing is like, my husband was like, You didn't ask for help. I didn't know. Nobody knows. And I was like, Yeah, I'm dying here. He's like, okay, well, what can we do? And we and we put a plan into action where everybody would do more. I would pay people to help me. And three weeks later, my brother passed away and I had come home already starting to put these pieces into place.

00;11;45;26 - 00;12;16;17
And so because you gave me that coaching and I was willing to get past the like, what the hell, Susan, and implement it, I had the capacity to put on like a killer funeral, but to my brother's memory, justice. And not just that, like continue on in my business and make decisions to, to create wealth for myself that I actually wasn't able to make when I was making spaghetti sauce from scratch.

00;12;16;19 - 00;12;47;07
Right. There's your options. Yeah. Homemade spaghetti shots or sanity and money. Right here is and we've talked about this before, but like I do want to share in Q4, I made more income than I ever have in my business, despite my brother passing away, despite Blaire, my husband, having, you know, back surgery and being taken out for six weeks, you know, all these things happened and my dream stayed alive.

00;12;47;10 - 00;13;19;28
And because I got the nerve to listen to my voice, right, to be like, I actually can't do this. All I actually do need some help. And this actually isn't serving anybody, right? That's the power of one piece of really good coaching. It's it's so true. And like, I'm picking on spaghetti sauce, but those of you listening could fill in the blank with any kind of over efforting that you're doing in any arena.

00;13;19;28 - 00;13;43;07
It might be volunteering at your kid's school. It might be, you know, having the best lawn on the street. I mean, fill in the blank. Anything that isn't bringing you joy to do it that you're doing because it's coming from a place of proving yourself, proving your worthiness, then it needs to be looked into and. Right. We can't do it all.

00;13;43;09 - 00;14;06;01
We actually cannot. And so you get to decide. And I do love that question. I ask myself that question all the time. Crystal If something's happening that I really don't like, then it's like, okay, how can I make sure that this does not happen again? And then it puts it back on us to say, okay, I get to advocate for what I want.

00;14;06;01 - 00;14;36;04
I get to have boundaries and new and different ways. I get to pick my power back up. And will people still sometimes behave in ways that we don't like? Sure. But it's more like, Oh, wow, I'm so depleted here and I need help, and so I'll make sure it doesn't happen again by letting them know and lining up help and, you know, making things easier for myself 100%.

00;14;36;06 - 00;15;03;06
And I know you have a lot of coaches in your audience, so if we just flip the script a little bit and like you had to be willing to listen compassionately, but also show up and ask me the tough questions. Yeah. Yeah. And that's not always easy as the coach, but like, look at the result. Well, I know, but.

00;15;03;07 - 00;15;25;28
Well, because I know. And thank you for saying that. I really know what you're capable of. And I also, you know, meeting people where they are. I knew you also knew you could take it, right? Not like you in my mind. Just for a little second. Last long, I promise. How could you? I thought we were Thelma and Louise.

00;15;25;29 - 00;15;54;11
I know. I'm trying to be Alec Baldwin over here lot, but, you know, I think that invisible workload discussions, I think many of you listening are saying to yourselves, well, not not my house, not my family. I don't my husband does X, Y, Z, or my partner does X, Y, Z. If you identify as a woman, I can find it.

00;15;54;11 - 00;16;23;05
I can find ways where you're caring around an invisible part time job, managing people's emotions and moods, doing things for the community. Because you're the woman in the room and I just want everybody to look at it because whatever your you're upset about, there's a solution that. Yes, there is a solution and it does not include a backpack full of homemade spaghetti sauce and pizza.

00;16;23;08 - 00;16;44;07
I say this and you all know I'm in my muscle mommy slash chef era. I stop laughing that not soon after that I decided to start cooking, which is new for me. And I made homemade spaghetti sauce. And I'm like, Oh, this is what Krystal was talking about. It's like, but like, there was no one was expecting that out of me.

00;16;44;07 - 00;17;08;19
So it was a completely different situation. But I had to laugh. I'm like, We've swapped, she's got Prego and I've got homemade spaghetti sauce. For the first time in my life. I love the new I love the new era. And I just am so grateful for that, for that coaching like and I apply it often and I can't believe I forgot.

00;17;08;19 - 00;17;45;26
One of my favorite coaching tools is 100% responsibility and it's stating like, This is my life, right? This is my passion in life. And I forgot tools. Well, us life coaches can find ourselves in all the situations, can't we? Where we're like, Whoa, wait a minute, What? What was that tool again? But I think that had you not been able to accept the coaching and find the root cause, the root reason why you were even knocking yourself out like that, right.

00;17;45;26 - 00;18;19;19
And just being honest and vulnerable with yourself and facing the truth. It's not that right. Like, oh, God, I'm tap dancing here to get all this. I want to see that visual. Yeah, well, and I think so after that day, you made those changes. You had your highest revenue quarter ever. What's been going on for you in 2024?

00;18;19;22 - 00;18;55;10
Thanks for asking. Well, after my brother passed and I was taking responsibility for my life, I came up with a process that I didn't see coming is called the Vision page process, and it's a real I'm having trouble describing it too, to be honest, but it's like a daily process that I used to help me get in the energy of my vision for myself, my life, my business before I just sit down at my desk and start getting to work.

00;18;55;13 - 00;19;24;02
It helps me get in the flow. And again, like that's what came out of that coaching because I got this amazing coaching and I also got the amazing seeds of some new ideas for myself for what was possible in my coaching. And I followed, you know, Leah Campbell, manager. I followed the golden thread to the vision pages, like it led to something new that I created.

00;19;24;02 - 00;19;54;02
And so it led to that. And I've been talking and working with women a lot in 2024 about this vision page process that I've that I've developed, and I am working exclusively with coaches these days. I didn't see that coming. Oh yeah, Coaches, listen. It's fun coaching coaches because all of the all listening that are coaches, y'all are fun clients to have.

00;19;54;04 - 00;20;27;25
Yeah. Yeah. And I've made like a really fun partnership with another coach, which I didn't see coming. And so it just if we go back to that moment in the mansion in Savannah, like once I opened myself up to how can I never, how can I make sure this never happens again? And then made that happen. It opened me up again creatively because I am a creative person, but it was like being squashed by spaghetti sauce.

00;20;27;27 - 00;20;47;01
Like, am I being clear in this? Like you're being totally cleared? Come through because I gave up the spaghetti sauce and I gave up the you know, I could give you all kinds of hilarious examples. I just kind of gave it up because you know what? My ex-husband, my husband's ex-wife, she don't know. She's not living with us.

00;20;47;01 - 00;21;16;25
She doesn't even care. Why am I trying to prove myself to her? She doesn't care, right? He doesn't know. This is what it is. It it's like our capacity gets eaten up. Our energy leaks happen when we won't address. There's so many things that eat up our capacity. And so, like you're saying, like, I plugged up that Energy League, I claimed some of my capacity back and lo and behold, I was available to hear my own brilliant creative ideas and guidance.

00;21;17;01 - 00;21;46;23
And then I had even more capacity to implement those ideas and create new revenue streams for myself. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing. And that's the power of one piece of coaching that you're willing to not just sit there and take in, stop doing that, take it in and do something with it. That's the way of coaching. Take it in, do something to work well.

00;21;46;23 - 00;22;11;26
And I think that for any of you listening, I would recommend that you sit down and write down all of the things that you have done lately, even this week, that have drained you, irritated you, things you wish someone else would just take off your plate magically, and then look at that list and say, Who else can do this?

00;22;11;29 - 00;22;40;05
Does it need to be done like the homemade spaghetti sauce? Is there an easier substitute? And if I got rid of this stuff, what might be possible for my life, my business, my relationships, my health? I mean, we're sacrificing our mental and physical health for things like homemade spaghetti sauce. We'll end on that point. Like, I don't think I worked more in my business, but I cleared space energetically.

00;22;40;07 - 00;23;06;25
Yes. Yeah. Like, who knew I could pay my nieces to pick my son up from school? Did you know that's possible? Oh, my God, yes. I used to have a. Her name is Emily Rosenquist, and she grew up down the street. Yeah. And when she was like 14, she started babysitting. When she was 16, she became a mom taxi.

00;23;06;27 - 00;23;28;23
And then she became a personal assistant for a long time until she decided she was going to grow up and get married and move away. But to her, she. How dare she? But it was a good ten, 11, 12 years, really? Yeah. I hired for Taxi. I called that Who wants to be for taxi today? I'll pay you last we thought.

00;23;28;23 - 00;23;47;11
Taxi for the most beautiful child in the world. I'll pay you and I'll pay you well. And it just freed up the freed up so much. It freed up so much for me And it you know I can do it all and I'm not even willing to do it anymore. I'm willing to do it all anymore. I need that energetic space that is beautiful.

00;23;47;17 - 00;24;22;05
And yes, any of you listening. So if you So sometimes moms enjoy school pickup. So if you enjoy school pick up and you and you enjoy that time, yeah power to you. But most moms would love that time back and it's okay to want that time and it's okay to have somebody all your kiddo while you do something for you or something for your business or have some rest time, whatever it might be.

00;24;22;12 - 00;24;57;09
So my best friend Frances, who I think you've met and know Francis, her youngest, got his license like a year ago. And and she is somebody who she spent a couple of hours a day in the car because their school, his school was so far 45 minutes away. Yeah. Yeah. So she reclaimed that time and I kept I kept encouraging her and telling her like, your life is going to change when somebody else picks these kids up or they get their licenses.

00;24;57;09 - 00;25;35;28
And it's the the freedom, the freedom of offloading that is incredible. It's been amazing. Not going to lie. Yeah. She was happy to see his cousins. Right. Like what makes me think my son wants to spend 100% of his car time with me? It's great. It's great. My God. So what would you say, Krystal? Ruth Thompson For people listening, what would you encourage them to do with that one piece of coaching advice that you received?

00;25;36;00 - 00;26;04;05
How can you make sure this never happens again? I mean, ask it and get get creative and take responsibility for the pieces that you're not willing to ask for help with. And I know that sometimes, you know, people aren't able at certain times to invest and help, but there are always creative solutions for the help and and bartering.

00;26;04;08 - 00;26;30;00
Yeah, borrowing right. Martha Beck and and my like people didn't even know I needed help, right? Because you made it look so easy. Yeah. And delicious. But you know what? No more. And so, like, admit it. Like, I'm having trouble keeping all these plates in the air, and. And it might not look like the plates are dropping, but inside I'm falling apart, and I'm about to tell Suzanne my head off.

00;26;30;00 - 00;27;02;17
So clearly, something needs that can't happen in my universe. That cannot happen. And thank God there was a good result from that. I'm like, Wow, I didn't know you were you. You masked it well that you were mad in your head. Well, I'm Canadian. We're not really allowed to have outbursts, you know. No wonder you whip out your why she me so sorry.

00;27;02;17 - 00;27;26;23
What did you say about what she did? What are you whipped out? You're watching. You're like, dammit, I'm going to get my wife tape out and I'm going to make myself feel better by ripping and sticking beauty on a page. Oh, well, Crystal, can you let the people know how to best follow you? Engage with you? Yeah. Put it in the show notes.

00;27;26;23 - 00;27;58;18
Of course. Thank you. I am on Instagram as Crystal Ruth coaching and Facebook as Krystal Rose Thompson and you can find me at Crystal Roots dot com. Okay, I hope you enjoyed that interview as much as I enjoyed having Krystal back on the show. And so just to recap, Crystal got up the nerve after being burned by some other programs to join a VIP experience with me, get coached.

00;27;58;20 - 00;28;29;25
And there was one specific piece of coaching that changed the trajectory of her life and business. That's how it works. Sometimes we think we're buying a ticket into a program for a specific reason and we get that and that's great. But usually there's something else that happens that you just can't predict or see coming that changes everything. And so with that being said, I hope that you'll consider changing everything for yourself through pleasure and fun.

00;28;29;25 - 00;28;58;15
This summer. I'm inviting you to join me for Summer of Yes. Now, for those of you, I know what you're thinking. You're like, Well, I can just decide to have a good summer. Well, yes, you absolutely can. But imagine what might happen if you get seven weeks of coaching with me. You have the accountability of the other women in the group, and I make it fun and bite sized and impactful for you.

00;28;58;17 - 00;29;26;03
There is a reason why there are people who have signed up every single year for Summer of. Yes. So I'm inviting you to go to your summer of Yes dot com. Check it out. It's $500. There are payment plans available. And if you're free, there's also a weekend retreat at the lake included. So do not delay. Get your booty in summer of.

00;29;26;03 - 00;29;38;27
Yes, I cannot wait to see you at the lake.



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