The Nerve to Opt Out of Diet Culture

In today’s solo episode, we’re talking about having the nerve to opt-out of diet culture, especially during the holiday season. 

Just when we thought things were “progressing,” a recent style article featured the headline “Heroin Chic.”

This is violent, irresponsible, and outrageous. Drug addiction is not an aesthetic. 

Diet culture has not diminished…at all. It’s still got women scrambling to attain reckless and unattainable standards. 

The only way for us to win is to push back and opt-out of this bullshit. Expand our lives instead of shrinking our asses. 

Diet culture shows up everywhere…, especially at our holiday gatherings.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Creating boundaries during holiday gatherings
  • Asserting the rules of your space 
  • Encouraging people to keep their eyes on their own plates
  • Setting resolutions that expand you

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