The Nerve to Invest in Yourself

Ready to dive into an episode that might make your wallet quiver but your soul sizzle?

In this solo episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’m diving into making an investment in the most glamorous, fabulous, and vital asset you have: YOU! 

We’re daring to go beyond the norm and exploring what it truly means to invest in yourself. 

Investing in personal and professional development can be intimidating. But if you’re striving for growth, investments will help you expand your skills, enhance your mindset and joy, and ultimately, give you the upper hand in your professional and personal life.

Investing in yourself has the potential to yield phenomenal returns. I’m living proof of this. Throughout my life, I’ve made a number of investments in myself, all of which have paid off in droves.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The first radical investment I ever made in myself 
  • How I pour love (and dollars) into my health 
  • The art of investing in adornment (Yes, you can shine!) 
  • The precious investment of friendship (Best returns ever!) 
  • The incredible ROI that only YOU can provide yourself with

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