The Nerve to Have a Summer of Yes

We’ve all heard the line, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy,” but let’s be real, for many women, the summer months can leave us feeling more like a squeezed-out beach towel than a laid-back sunbather. 
Ever wondered why? In this solo episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’m sharing my favorite tips for having a Summer of Yes.

If you are exhausted, apathetic, irritable, and feeling a sense of dread for the summer ahead, this episode is for you.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • All the details on my upcoming Summer of Yes challenge
  • My favorite tips to have an incredible summer without burnout
  • Why joy is not a rare commodity


And so much more! 

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.

In today's episode, I'm coming at ya solo with a summer pep talk. So we've all heard the line, summertime and the live-in is easy, but let's be real. For many women, the summer months can leave us feeling more like a squeezed out beach towel than a laid back sunbather. Ever wonder why? Well, let's dive into it. First of all, summer has this sneaky habit of piling on responsibilities, especially for the moms out there. When the school bell rings for the last time, it's like a starter pistol for the summer marathon. The kids are home and suddenly you're already jam packed schedule is bursting at the seams. So let's listen. All of y'all who are listening who have school-aged kids, I totally get it. There are people on my team who are like, oh my God, there's like five actual school days left, and then I've got summer camp after summer camp.

Then there's the so-called vacation bliss, which can feel more like a hot mess if you're not intentional. The planning, the financial strain, the potential work pile up, particularly on women who handle the bulk of the workload, can lead to more stress and burnout. And don't even get me started on the social pressures, the societal expectation to have a bikini body, which by the way, if you have a body, put a bikini on it, it's fine. Or get beach ready or shrink for summer, it's distracting and demeaning. So the stress from work, the stress from parenting, the stress about the state of the world, stress from misogyny towards women, stress from the fucked up diet industry, and we've got ourselves a recipe for burnout. All of that stress can build up to extreme summer heat levels of burnout. So if you are exhausted all the time, not just running on empty, you're pushing the damn car.

If you're apathetic about your goals and dreams, like maybe you used to be excited about things and now you're just, eh, if you're feeling a sense of dread about summer work, your inbox, that invitation you just got, if you're achy, irritable, or just hashtag so over things right now, then it's probably time to hit the pause button and recalibrate. It's time for some much needed self-care and know it's not a luxury, it's a necessity. It's time to get up the nerve to have your own summer of, yes, a summer where you prioritize your needs, your health, and your joy. So this summer I'm inviting you to say yes to joy, yes to pleasure, yes to taking a vacation, yes to decadence and garden parties and beach days and life away from your fucking desk. Joy is the antidote to burnout and it lives within you.

And I'm gonna help you access it because we could all use a little more joy in our lives. It's the pick me up for our weary souls. So what are some ways you can create your summer of Yes, I have ideas. So first, you can join me for something free. I have a free challenge coming up called Too Hot to Handle, and it's May 29th through June 2nd. In this challenge, you'll learn how to channel that summer VK energy and keep it flowing, reclaim your power, create summer moments worth celebrating, and bring some more decadence and abundance into your life. No matter what your current circumstances are. You'll also meet a fabulous group of inspiring women who are also chasing their summer of yes, get all the details and register for this free experience. There's a link in the show notes, but you can also just go to go dot susan hyatt.co/t h t h 23.

That stands for too Hot to handle T H t H 23. I'm also bringing back my fan favorite full program, summer of Yes. Right? So what I just talked about before was complimentary. The too hot to handle mini challenge. It's gonna be fire literally this summer of yes. Think of it like your self-love, SPF F helping you embrace a summer of adventure, joy, and pure delight. So no more postponing joy in summer of Yes, you will become joy. Incredible things happen when you prioritize your desires and needs and experience the world through a fresh perspective. Summer of Yes provides everything you need to have the best damn summer of your life. So some other tips to have an incredible summer without burnout. Listen, vitamin D, number one, get more sun. It's known fact that sunlight boosts our mood. So take your morning coffee outside, go for a midday walk or enjoy a sunset picnic, but soak in that vitamin D and let the sun work it's mood boosting magic.

Number two, I wanna challenge you to get moving. Joy and movement go hand in hand. So whether it's dancing around your living room or going for a run in the park, or even trying out a new sport like paddle boarding mo. Hey, what about pickleball? Y'all pickleball is some serious shit right now. Okay, all y'all pickle ballers, gimme a shout out. But moving your body releases feel-good hormones, and that boosts your mood and your energy levels. And number three, savor the season. Summer brings with it a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables and outdoor grilling opportunities. Listen, my Beagle Mork is so excited about grilling season. He is like a stalker to that grill. Take the time to truly savor your food. Maybe even try cooking something new or hosting a barbecue for your close friends, food friends and sunshine. That's a joy. Triple threat.

Number four, unplug. Yes, we're living in a digital world, but constant connectivity, y'all, it's draining. So set boundaries around your tech use, especially social media. Use the time you gain to do things that fill your joy cup, reading, crafting, gardening, or just laying around in the grass watching clouds. Y'all, when's the last time you did that? Number five, celebrate the small wins. You got through your to-do list. You made it to yoga class. You finally cleaned out the garage. Celebrate it. We often wait for huge accomplishments to celebrate, but joy is in the journey and not just the destination. Quiet wins, small wins. Listen, we have to celebrate everything. Number six, mindful moments. So incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. So it could be a quiet cup of tea in the morning, a 10 minute meditation at lunch, or simply spending a few moments of each day reflecting on what brought you joy. So listen to me. Remember that joy is not a rare commodity. You might not be experiencing it yet on a frequent basis, but it's within you. It's all around us, and it's just waiting to be noticed. So this summer, let's tune into the frequency of joy and turn the volume up. The more joy we infuse into our lives, the more energy we have to face. Challenges make a difference and live life to the fullest. Here's to a joy-filled summer.



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