The Nerve to Give Yourself Pink Carpet Treatment

In today’s solo episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’m sharing an empowering concept that I’ve embodied over the last decade, one that I believe could bring about significant changes in our lives – the Pink Carpet Treatment.

The Pink Carpet Treatment is an attitude, mindset, and lifestyle choice that encourages the celebration of YOU and your worth. 

It’s about being generous, both to the world and to yourself, recognizing your value, and treating yourself with the grace and kindness you deserve.

Just imagine this: A vibrant pink carpet unrolling before your eyes. 

It’s soft, plush, and inviting, a unique symbol of a distinct mindset that signals celebration, acceptance, and self-worth. 

This carpet is a metaphor for how we should treat ourselves and others, with the understanding that everyone has inherent value that should be cherished and celebrated.

The Pink Carpet Attitude is about celebrating YOU because you are worth it.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why the Pink Carpet Treatment is the attitude adjustment you need
  • How to upgrade your environment
  • The #1 way I keep my energy high
  • How to give the Pink Carpet Treatment to your goals
  • Treating your entire life like a pink carpet

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