The Nerve to Get on the Boat

In this empowering episode of “You’ve Got Nerve,” I delve into the art of overcoming fears and embracing life’s opportunities. Inspired by the remarkable story of Freya Stark, I explore how to identify your own “boat” and muster the courage to get on it. We discuss the importance of saying “yes” to life, pushing past excuses, and making intentional choices for personal growth and fulfillment. This episode is packed with inspiration, practical advice on financial literacy, and strategies to create a thriving summer. Don’t miss my insights on the “Summer of Yes” program, designed to help you maximize your summer potential and create the optimal conditions for your thriving.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Identify and overcome your fears
  • Practical steps for financial self-care
  • Strategies to create a fulfilling summer
  • Importance of intentional decision-making
  • Tips to stop procrastination and take action
  • Setting a bold example for others
  • Benefits of travel for personal growth
  • Generating additional income streams

Featured on the Show:

Featured on the Show

  • Freya Stark’s Inspirational Journey: Exploring the life of adventurer Freya Stark and how her story can inspire you to take bold steps.
  • Summer of Yes Program: My transformative summer program starting on June 11th to help you thrive and take care of yourself.
  • Financial Literacy and Self-Care: Practical advice on how to manage your finances to support your dreams and goals.
  • Paris Retreat Details: An exclusive retreat in Paris from September 7th to the 15th, including accommodations, meals, excursions, and more.
  • Travel and Awe: Discussing the cognitive and emotional benefits of travel and how it can change your life.
  • Overcoming Excuses: Common excuses that hold people back from pursuing their dreams and how to tackle them.

Be sure to check out the Summer of Yes program at yoursummerofyes.com and join us in Paris for an unforgettable retreat! For more details and to book your spot, visit the show notes links.

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):

Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. Oh, hi. Thank you so much for listening to You've Got Nerve. I'm here right at the top of this podcast to remind you that summer is afoot. And if you have no idea how you are going to take care of yourself this summer, how you're going to create the optimal conditions for your thriving, listen, summer of Yes is the solution. Alright, we start in about a week on June 11th, and I'm out here waving my pompoms that this is the best way to get what you need this summer and not just wish the time away or fritter the time away or wake up on Labor Day and say, what just happened?


All I did was shuttle people around and make sure everyone else had a great summer. Alright, so let's get into it. Freya Stark is one of my favorite icons. I have a little story for you. So if you don't know who Freya Stark is, she was born in 1893 in Paris. And when she was a young kid, she was given the book Arabian Knights. She devoured it and wanted more, and books became her portal into the wild. And I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I was one of those kids that would go into the library. My mom would give me a paper trash bag and tell me to fill it. I was always winning those reader contests. I was all about reading so that I too could go to a thrilling world beyond my own bedroom. So as she grew older, Freya developed an intense desire to travel.


She yearned to explore every corner of the earth, especially the Middle East, except there was one problem. Okay? She had six problems. Number one, she had numerous health issues. Number two, she had no formal education. Number three, her face had been disfigured in a horrific accident. Number four, her parents' marriage was in shambles number five. She was born in 1893. Okay? And of course, let's not forget she was a woman. So women like Freya simply didn't trek into the Arabian wilderness. Now did they? But that's exactly what she did. Over the course of her extraordinary life, Freya trekked across parts of the Middle East that no Westerner had ever visited before. She explored deserts and valleys in Arabia. She served in the British Ministry of Information during World War ii. She wrote over, y'all get this 24 books, 24, chronicling her adventures and received several awards from the Royal Geographical Society.


And she lived to be a hundred years old. So side note, can you say hashtag badass, hashtag boss. I'm so inspired by this woman's story. I can barely stand it. So listen, if you want to get on Amazon and go on an ordering frenzy, I don't blame you. Get all her memoirs, ASAP. Just for a moment though, take yourself right into Freya story. Imagine that you are 34 years old and there's a ship sailing to the faraway city of Beirut, and you've got a ticket to ride. You're standing on the dock staring at the boat. This is it with capital letters. This is your chance to finally visit the East to change your destiny forever like you've always dreamed of doing. Can you imagine what Freya must have been thinking and feeling at that exact moment? Can you imagine all of the anxieties that surely must have been running through her mind, all of the reasons to cancel or postpone this wild, crazy trip, all of the reasons to go home instead of getting on that ship.


And yet, despite everything, Freya found the courage to get on the damn boat. And because of that one decision, that one moment of courage, that one moment of hell fucking yes instead of, oh, maybe later, Frey's life and history would never be the same. And women like Freya remind us to ask ourselves, what's my boat and what's stopping me from getting on it? So here's the thing. I'm sure you can think of times in your life where you're on the metaphorical dock and you're looking at the boat and you're dreaming about something, graduate school, entrepreneurship, a new relationship, maybe a new career, a fabulous soul exploding journey across the world, a sabbatical so that you can finish your book or rest. Or maybe you want to lead a workshop for the first time in your life. What's the boat that you want to aboard? What's the ship of your dreams?


And have you been waiting on the dock staring at that boat, coming up with reason after reason not to get on it for months, maybe years, maybe your whole life? Aren't you tired of waiting? I mean, there's going to always be 1 million reasons not to get on that boat, and you could easily come up with a couple million more. Your brain is so good at inventing reasons not to act, not to stretch, not to move, but this is your life, the only one you got. And it's time to stop stalling on the dock. Do it to challenge your courage muscles. Do it to set a bold example for other women and girls. Do it to honor Freya or the shero of your choosing. But do it most of all for yourself, for your happiness, for your life, because it's time. It's been time for a long time.


And even though you might be scared, even though conditions are probably not perfect, and guess what? They never will be. Even though 1000 excuses are gripping you tightly, even though it's uncomfortable, even though nobody gets it, but you, despite everything you just know, it's time to get on that boat. Okay? There's probably like, damn, Susan, why you got to drag me like that? I want to know what your boat is and what are the excuses you have if you find yourself postponing things until later? Because we all fall into this pattern sometimes. I mean, you know how it goes, oh, I'm going to start going to the gym on Monday, or I'm going to wait to announce my new services and pricing when the full moon is in Leo and Mercury and Venus are aligned and there's an eclipse directly above my office and turtle doves land on my window giving me a sign.


Listen, I want to talk about how to bust out of that cycle. And it's one thing to be intentional and thoughtful with your timing, but it's another thing to procrastinate because you feel scared, insecure, passive, or because you've been telling yourself a story about how now isn't the right time. And listen, I just think now is always the right time to work on yourself, your life, your business, your legacy, your future. And now is always the right time for self-love and self-care. And that also can include financial literacy, financial self-care. And now is the right time to finish listening to this episode and get your ass in gear. So summertime here in North America is traditionally a time when people take longer vacations. There's less work, more play, sunshine, beach days, lake days, barbecues, fireworks, making memories. And I'm all about pleasure and relaxation and saying yes to life and the summer of yes.


And if you want to work way less during the summer, I am encouraging you to do it because stats show us that we don't take enough time off. And if you want to take the whole summer off, take a sabbatical, do it. Whatever you want to do, do your thing, say yes and create whatever you want, whatever you crave. And maybe part of your summer plan is that you want to travel, but the excuses come up, I don't have the money. I can't leave home for that long. My pets need me here. My kids need me here. And sure, yeah, make sense. You should just stay home. Never leave your zip code and listen over two thirds of Americans never leave the United States. Why should you be any different? Who do you think you're, I'm joking. Obviously, if you feel the urge to travel like Freya like me, then you've got to honor that craving and make it happen.


Because traveling in my opinion, changes your mindset, changes your perspective, changes your life, it feeds your soul, it opens your mind. There's something about being on a road trip or on a plane or a cruise ship away from your usual everyday responsibilities that activates your brain in a completely different way. My friend Alexandra Franzen, she just published a book called Awestruck, and she and I have discussed wonder and awe for years. And one of the things that I've learned from Alex is that when you put yourself on the path to experience awe and wonder, it absolutely changes your brain. It changes your perspective, it helps you solve problems. When you're in that state of awe, your next moves become clearer. It's been confirmed by multiple research studies that travel literally makes you smarter. And I'm guessing you already sensed this. You know this on some level, but still you're hesitating to get on the boat.


You keep telling yourself not this year, maybe next year when things calm down, even though that's what you say to yourself every damn year, and Oh, I know it's so frustrating. I know I've been there. But no matter what's keeping you from getting on the boat, the plane in the car, whether it's Tahiti or Tokyo or a road trip, one town over, there's always a solution for every obstacle. So let's discuss, shall we? Here's the most popular one. I don't have the money. Okay, that's valid. Fortunately, there's a simple solution I want you to figure out. When I was talking about Freya and asking you, what's your boat? I want you to figure out how much money you need and then let's get to work creating it. So I love running money challenges in my groups and it's always fascinating when I challenge people to manifest or create or discover found money, how much money we can actually find when we put our minds to it.


So for example, sell that sofa that you hate, the one that's totally not your style, doesn't match anything in the house. Hustle and line up a few extra clients this month. Now I use the word hustle. I don't really mean hustle, I hate hustle, but put some elbow grease behind it. I've had clients do this one every single challenge, rent out a spare room in your home through Airbnb or that basement. I've had clients who live in places that are popular, rent their house out for the summer and they go travel. If you're a total badass in the kitchen, throw a dinner party in your home through Feastly and charge admission for tickets. I actually am planning, I have a retreat that I just announced less than 24 hours ago and it's half sold. I'll link to it in the comments. I haven't been back to Paris with Retreaters since 2017.


So I'm doing a Paris retreat. I have rented this villa like 30 minutes on the outskirts of Paris. It is a 19th century chateau with nine bedrooms and nine baths, best of both worlds. We can go into the city and do all that stuff. And then we have this luxury location to go see Monet's Gardens in Versailles and it's fabulous. But I was on a website like feastly that had eat with a local kind of offers. And there are all kinds of people who are local people offering up their talents and skills in the kitchen for people traveling through the area. So it's a thing you could build like me, a destination retreat into your business model so that traveling to teach and coach an amazing locations becomes part of your job. That's what I did. There are so many ways to generate extra income.


So don't you dare think of yourself as a helpless victim of tough economic times. Let's take some initiative and create a new revenue stream because there's always a way to make some things happen. Okay? Here's another popular excuse I hear. I can't leave home for that long because everything will fall apart in your absence, right? I can assure you that's not going to happen. And even if it does, let those people problem solve, okay? You can go to Hawaii for two weeks and your company will continue to function. Your spouse or partner will manage to feed and clothe him or herself. Your friends will not forget about you. Your blog will not mysteriously crash and disappear. You're not going to miss anything intensely important that someone posted on Facebook. You're not going to miss anything intensely important that somebody just happened to post on TikTok. It's going to be okay. So do some common sense planning before you take off for your vacay to make sure that the basics are handled. Somebody's going to feed your dog and cats your rent's paid, your clients know you're out of town, et cetera. And then relax. Millions of people have traveled before you and somehow miraculously their lives and careers have remained intact. You're going to be just fine.


Here's another one. My kids need me here. So if you're a parent, your kids love you, they want you around. No question about that unless they're teenagers. But if you're continually postponing your dreams and not pursuing the life you really want, that's not a great thing for those kids to see. All right? So instead, show them that you're a woman who takes her fun as seriously as she takes everything else. Be a role model through your words and actions. Show those kids when you're a grownup, you're going to have many on your plate. But that doesn't mean you need to lead a small life. You can have a big life. And if you want to sunbathe on the island of Capri or go see elephants in Thailand or sail across the Atlantic Ocean or get your picture taken in front of the Eiffel Tower with Susan Hyatt, you can figure out how to make that happen.


Anything and everything is possible. I want these kids to remember that. So lead by example and prove it. That's a powerful message to deliver to those kids. Your kids need you home some of the time, yes. But your kids also need to see you happy. They need you to be their hero. They're looking to you for cues about how to operate in the world, what's possible and what's not. So set. A courageous example. I got to tell you, A proud mom moment happened last year when Cora Hyatt, well, it's been over a year now. She moved to Brooklyn, New York, and she is having the best time. Let me just tell you. She has a great job. She has a great friend circle. She is living out her sex in the city life. I can just tell you that. But something that I was really proud of was how with her first salaried professional job, she has created boundaries around her free time that I didn't learn how to do until I was much older.


And so she is sending pictures of her having a picnic in the park with her friends, and she's taken up tennis and she just squeezes every ounce of joy out of her free time. That includes travel. She saw me booking those plane tickets. She saw me setting up those hotel rooms. She saw me as I dragged her to get passports. So I want to encourage you to make this the year that you stop enviously scrolling through other people's social media photos and looking at their pictures of picnics and dinner parties and trips and retreats and adventures, and make this the year that you create your own adventure. And instead of saying, no, not now, maybe later, make this the year that you say yes.


So this summer, I have a variety of ways that you could work with me and say yes. So this summer, starting in one week, I have the summer of, yes, it is $500. It is a summer of live classes with me and the opportunity to do the damn thing. So go to your summer of yes.com and check it out. In September, I'm taking 11 women to Paris. I want to invite you to check that out if it's still available at the time this podcast launches. When you click on it, it will work. And we will link to that info about Paris Below. The dates are September 7th through the 15th. It includes everything everything's handled for you, accommodations, private bed and bath meals, excursions, transport to and from the airport. All you have to do is show up so you can check out all the details and get it booked. And lastly, whether I'm your partner in having a fray stark adventure or not, I want to encourage you to think about how can I create a summer of yes and honor myself this summer season? I wish that for you. Thanks for listening.


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