The Nerve to Create Your Own Opportunities

Are you this serious about creating your own opportunities

We’re often taught to wait for opportunities to come knocking, but there’s a rebellious, empowering art to creating your own chances in life. 

Choosing yourself is an act of self-empowerment. It’s recognizing that you don’t need to wait for an external stamp of approval to pursue your dreams. 

When you choose yourself, you break free from the idea that success only comes from being selected by other people. It’s a liberating realization that you have the power to steer your life and become the author of your story, not just a character waiting for their part to be written.

In this episode, we discuss:

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The power of an ask
  • The beauty of choosing yourself
  • Creating opportunities out of thin air
  • The ripple effect of making asks

When you start asking for what you want and need, you step into a world where you are the creator of your opportunities, the master of your fate.

Make that ask, choose yourself, and watch as doors you never knew existed begin to open.

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. In today's episode, I'm coming at you solo to talk about having the nerve to create your own opportunities. So not long ago, one of my fabulous Instagram friends sent me a post by Dr. Sheena Howard that stopped me in my tracks. It's the kind of post that makes you pause, reflect, and shout. Oh, hell fucking yes. I'll make sure to link her post in the show notes because it's a must see.

In her post, Sheena shared a pivotal moment in her journey. In 2016, she wrote her first comic book. By 2023, she was writing for Marvel Comics and the key to her success, she chose herself. So the story begins with a dream Many of us can relate to breaking into a highly competitive industry filled with talent and ambition. And Sheena had a clear vision to write comic books for Marvel, but unlike many, she didn't sit back waiting for someone over at Marvel to stumble upon her talent and discover her. She took a bold step that I am completely obsessed with. She went to Fiverr. So if you don't know what Fiverr is, Fiverr Upwork. These are websites where you can go hire freelancers. She goes over to Fiverr and hired a personal investigator to find the contact information of Marvel's editor in chief and their second in command.

Y'all, I screamed. Neither the editor-in-chief nor the second in command responded to her pitches, but her story doesn't end there. A year later, she received an email from an entirely different Marvel editor inviting her to write for Wakanda forever. Number one, what? When she emailed the editor-in-chief a thank you note, they responded This time, sorry, it took longer than expected. We hope. This is the first of many what? Listen, many women come to me with their dreams and goals, but they're stuck because of the initial rejections, minor setbacks and self-doubt. And the common thread in their stories is a moment of hesitation, a pause where doubt creeps in and completely stalls their journey. Overthinking and self-doubt are silent dream killers, and we've all been there asking ourselves, what if they don't like my idea? Who caress? What if I fail? These doubts create a paralyzing fear that stops us from taking the steps needed to achieve our goals.

We start arguing against our own dreams. The what ifs become roadblocks to our success, leading us down a path of inaction and ultimately a lot of regret and pain. It's painful to watch your dreams die because of your own self. The way to move past these blocks is a shift in mindset, replacing your doubts with devotion and determination. So what if instead of asking, what if I fail? We ask, what if I succeed? What if this goes well? This small shift can be transformative. It's about embracing a no matter what attitude and pushing through the fear no matter how long it takes. I've experienced this shift personally, and it's been a game changer in both my personal and professional life. One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is the ability to ask, asking for the opportunity, a sale, a raise, a testimonial or guidance isn't just about just getting what you want.

It's about opening doors to new possibilities. It's about acknowledging our worth and inviting others to recognize it. Too often the support we need is just one ask away, but we hold ourselves back due to the fear. Rejection, appearing too needy. Fuck all that. Think of it this way. Life's not gym class where you're waiting to be picked for the team. Because let me tell you, I was never picked. I was the last to be picked kid. Okay? It's more like a buffet. You got to get up and serve yourself what you want. When you ask for something, you're stepping up to the plate. Literally. You're not just hanging around hoping somebody will notice how amazing you are. Asking for something also means you realize you're worth it. It's like looking in the mirror and saying, Hey, I'm fucking great and I do deserve this. Whether you're asking for more money at work or pitching your awesome idea, it's about acknowledging that you bring something very valuable to the table.

There's something magical about asking the moment you ask, you're inviting people to see you in a whole new light and consider the possibilities that you bring and who knows what sort of exciting paths can open up even better. Asking can turn into a team sport one where no one is picked last. You're reaching out, building connections, maybe even finding your personal cheer squad, your role modeling for others, and that can kickstart a domino effect. You start asking and suddenly you inspire others to do the same. By stepping up, you're showing others it's okay to reach for what they want too. And so yes, asking means putting yourself out there, which can feel awkward, but this kind of vulnerability is actually a superpower. It connects you with others and shows that you're human. Not every ask is going to land you a win, but that's no reason to stop trying.

You don't just give up at the first rejection or even the first 50. You don't give up because someone doesn't reply right away. You keep at it because you know something great is waiting on the other side. Making an ask is all about choosing yourself. It's getting off the sidelines and diving into the game. It's recognizing your worth and not being shy to let the world know. So the next time you're hesitating, wondering whether to make an ask, just go for it. You're not just asking for something, you're opening a door to new adventures, connections, and who knows what else. And most importantly, you're choosing yourself.

Okay, my program big. Yes. Energy is open for enrollment in big Yes energy. You choose to be the main character in your own story rather than waiting in the wings for someone else to hand you the script. Enrolling in Big. Yes, energy means stepping into a world where asking for what you want for what you need for what you deserve becomes second nature. It's a space where you turn every hesitation into a stepping stone towards your goals. You'll be empowered to create opportunities, carve your own path, and get support in making those bold asks in a community that cheers for your successes and nudges you forward. When challenges arise, get all the details in the show notes because you don't want to miss out on big Yes energy. It is a crowd favorite.



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