The Nerve to Build Wealth in Midlife

Have you ever felt like you’ve completely missed the boat on building real wealth, especially in midlife? You’re not alone in this. Many women lug around this heavy belief, thanks to societal B.S. that tells us if we didn’t hit our financial peak in our younger years, we’re out of luck. 

But let me bust this myth wide open for you – it’s never too late to build real wealth, even in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

In this eye-opening episode, I’m diving deep into why so many women feel it’s too late to build wealth and how societal norms contribute to this mindset. But more importantly, I’m here to show you how you can turn this around, with real-life examples and some hard-hitting facts.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Unpack the misconception that wealth building is only for the young and show you how women can achieve financial success at any age.
  • Explore why women often earn less, accept lower salary offers, and are hesitant to invest compared to men.
  • Discuss how women, when they choose to invest, often outperform men and how investing can be a game changer for women’s financial futures.
  • Share the opportunities in commercial real estate investment for women, including my own journey as an investor.
  • Highlight the importance of breaking into male-dominated investment spaces and how more resources and networks are emerging to support women in commercial real estate.

Whether you're considering starting a business, investing in commercial real estate, or simply want to renegotiate your rates, know this – you have the power, the smarts, and the capability to do it…and do it better. 

Tune in to this episode to learn how to shatter glass ceilings and build a prosperous future. Your journey to financial freedom is just a “play” away!

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. In today's episode, I'm talking about building wealth in midlife. Have you ever felt like you've missed the window to build real wealth? Listen, you're not alone. Many women carry this belief and it's often fed by societal narratives that suggest that if we haven't maxed out our 401k while grinding away at a traditional nine to five, that hey, we've somehow missed our chance. There's this annoying idea, almost like a cultural script, that building wealth is only reserved for the young.

We're led to believe that if we haven't made big financial moves by our thirties, that we're playing playing a losing game. And this can be especially rough for women in midlife who often find themselves evaluating their financial health with a critical eye and unfortunately, a heavy heart. I want you to know that you can make plenty of money in your forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond. I've seen it with myself, with my clients who've started businesses and made smart investments like in commercial real estate. So take it from me when I have Scott Hyatt collect the quarters from the coin operated washers and dryers at the apartment complexes that I own, I joke and call it my boring money, my boring stream of income. But guess what? This boring money pays the mortgage on one of my properties. Boring money can be absolutely fantastic when it comes to building wealth.

So why do we have this belief that it's too late to build wealth? Well, on average in America, women earn significantly less than men. We typically carry more debt, then we live longer and are more likely to face financial struggles than in our retirement or elderly years. And there's a bunch of reasons for this disparity. And one glaring issue is the lower salaries that women are often offered compared to their male counterparts. Women are more likely to accept a low ball offer and less likely to negotiate for a higher salary. And in the business world, oh, the anxiety about pricing products and services is real. In my own industry, the coaching industry, I see women undercharging and underearning all the time, and it's as if we're handing out our expertise like free Halloween candy because we're just too nervous to charge what we're truly worth.

But an even bigger factor is most women do not invest from a young age. We're fed this idea that we're not good at math. We're raised to think we're not savvy enough for the stock market, mutual funds or commercial real estate. And there's this lingering idea that money and long-term financial planning are just not our forte. Many women would love to invest, but feel kind of clueless about where to start. And when I started digging further into statistics about women in investing, I found that women generally shy away from investing their money. And those who do usually invest about 40% less than men do. So there's a lot of nervousness around investing and what a shame because we're missing out on a significant opportunity to boost our financial health. But here's the good news, y'all. Studies have shown that when women do invest, they tend to outperform men.

Once we do it, we're pretty fucking good at it. Now, I can speak to this myself. I'm the owner of many commercial properties. My husband is my partner, but I'm an equal partner. So over the years, I have found properties that I wanted to invest in that turned out to be really cash cows. I have talked us out of some properties that Scott wanted to invest in that weren't great ideas. And I've dodged bad investments. I've found good investments. I've funded many of our investments and commercial real estate investing. It just offers a unique blend of benefits, long-term financial security, the potential for steady returns and the power to have a tangible impact on communities and economies. So for women who often face the challenges of pay and equity and longer lifespans than men, investing in commercial real estate isn't just a smart financial move.

It's a crucial step towards financial empowerment and equality. Unfortunately, when it comes to real estate investing, especially the commercial kind, women have been kind of like unicorns. Pretty rare. Why? Well, for starters, many women haven't been clued into real estate as a smart way to make money. And then there's the fact that the real estate club has been pretty much a boys club. Not to mention there hasn't been a whole lot of guidance or mentorship for women wanting to break into this space. We really, really, really need to shake this up. Getting more women into commercial real estate Investing isn't just about balancing the gender scales. It's about giving women a solid shot at building some serious wealth. Investing in properties can be a game changer, a way for women to secure their futures and leave something impactful behind. So the good news, things are starting to shift.

There are more resources, there's more education, and more networks are popping up about helping women get into the commercial real estate game, including a program of mine called Women Invested. Building wealth at any age, especially during your prime, is totally possible. It's a chance to grab a piece of the pie in a space that's been dominated by men for way too long. And by doing that, we're not just boosting our own bank accounts, we're setting the stage for the next generation of women investors. So whether it's launching that dream business, renegotiating your rates, or making your first commercial real estate investment, remember you've got this and statistically, you're going to do better than the guy next to you at Starbucks. So start small if you have to, but start now. Your future will. Thank you for the bold steps you take today. And so listen, I don't know if y'all have seen the news, but over the next year or so, interest rates are scheduled to drop.

And so now is the time to get educated on commercial real estate so that when the rates drop to a place that you feel comfortable with, you're ready to go. If you want to work with me to build more wealth in 2024, women invested will be back soon. Now. Scott and I ran this program a couple of years ago, and it's a program and an exclusive community for women who want to build wealth through the commercial real estate investing, close the investment gap, smash the patriarchy, and gain more power. So I'll give you more details soon, but if you want more personalized support with your wealth building, you could consider one-on-one coaching with me or VIP days with me. So if you check out the show notes, there's details about all of that there. And if you have any questions about women invested, feel free to drop me a note. I'm happy to answer and I look forward to that quote that says, all the doors they closed on me, I'm coming back to buy the building. Yeah, that's the vibe for 2024.

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