The Nerve to Build a Business on Bravery

Building a business on bravery? That’s where the real fun begins. It’s all about strutting down the entrepreneurial runway with your own signature style, even if that means rocking neon when everyone else is in beige.

Having a brave business is kind of like throwing the ultimate party where you’re both the DJ and the lead dancer. You’re not just spinning someone else’s top 40 – you’re mixing your own beats. Sure, there are moments when the record might scratch (hello, unexpected challenges), but it’s your vibe, your rules.

It’s not just about the money moves. It’s about shaking things up, putting on a show, and making your mark in the most authentic, dance-to-your-own-beat kind of way. 

In this episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’ve got Crystal Thompson, “Susan Hyatt’s greatest Canadian fan,” and an OG client from a time when ZOOM wasn’t even in our vocabulary. 

Crystal is a Certified Life Coach and a proud Bare Certified Coach. After seven years of crafting and leading group coaching programs, she proudly opened the doors to Crystal Ruth Coaching in 2023 – a boutique coaching company committed to transforming women’s lives through personalized 1:1 Coaching.

Crystal’s secret to her clients’ remarkable success lies in her art of curating coaching programs and VIP experiences. Tailored to each individual, her coaching unleashes profound transformations that leave an irreversible impact.

In 2022, in a brave leap of faith, Crystal burnt it all down  – dismantling her thriving group coaching business. She even hit ‘delete’ on her entire subscriber list!

Crystal is eager to launch her new vision to the world, to get up the nerve to build a business on bravery, not on what everyone else tells you to do. 

But she’s worried that her new business model isn’t scalable, that her marketing isn’t clear, and that she has too many offers. 

Today’s episode is more than just a dialogue. It’s a masterclass on sculpting BRAVE businesses. 

Forget all the noise, the marketing trends, or the latest ’10-step success formula.’

In this episode, we discuss:

  • If you really need only “one” signature offer.
  • The distinct difference between a “life coach” and an “internet marketer selling life coaching.”
  • Reaching the point of burning it all down and doing it “your way.” 
  • Making decisions from a place of happiness vs. scalability. 
  • Not shaming yourself for taking the time to develop the business you want. 
  • Recognizing where the patriarchy shows up in your business.

… and so much more!

This episode is for all the brave souls questioning their business templates and marketing approaches. 

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm Master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.

Hey, so in today's episode, I'm really delighted and thrilled to feature Crystal Thompson. So Crystal refers to herself as Susan Hyatt's greatest Canadian fan. But listen, we go way back from a time when Zoom was not even in our vocabulary. She's an OG client from back in the day. She's a proud certified bear coach. She's a certified life coach. She has spent years leading group programs, and in 2022, in a brave leap of faith, she burnt it all down, dismantling her thriving group coaching business, and she even hit delete on her entire subscriber list. So eager to launch her new vision to the world, to get up the nerve, to build a business on bravery and not on what everyone else tells you to do. But she's worried that her new business model isn't scalable and that her marketing isn't clear and that she has too many offers.

So in today's episode, it's more than just a dialogue. It's a masterclass on sculpting brave businesses. So forget all the noise, the marketing trends, or the latest 10 step success formula. In this episode, we discuss if you really need only one signature offer, the distinct difference between a life coach and an internet marketer selling life coaching. And we also discussed reaching the point of burning it all the way down and doing it your way, making decisions from a place of happiness versus scalability. Not shaming yourself for taking the time to develop the business you want, and recognizing where the patriarchy shows up in your business and so much more. This episode is for all the brave souls questioning their business templates and marketing approaches in entrepreneurship. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do pave their own paths. We aren't just here to follow some age old blueprint. We're here to forge new destinies. Much like superheroes, save lives with every bold decision. We're not just building businesses, we're assembling legacies that leave a mark. So put away all that worn out business and marketing manual stuff. The world doesn't just need another business, it needs your unique superpowers. Welcome to the show, crystal Ruth Thompson.

Crystal Ruth (03:13):
Thank you. I'm thrilled to be here. You know that

Susan Hyatt (03:16):
I'm so excited. And listen, I'm looking at you on Zoom. You look fabulous and orange and what am I seeing here? I am witnessing a vintage Blue Yeti.

Crystal Ruth (03:30):
Yeah, because do you know why it's vintage? And Crystal Thompson will not get rid of it because this Yeti was lovingly and surprisingly delivered to her doorstep by Susan Hyatt. So yeah, here's my vintage Blue Yeti

Susan Hyatt (03:48):
All about that. I remember like back in the day you were, um, lamenting about starting your podcast and like the equipment needed, and I'm like, I'm <laugh>. I'm about to ship this shit to you. And I believe that is the Blue Yeti that I bought when I was traveling and had forgotten to record my podcast. This is how dedicated I used to be. I was traveling, had not batched my podcast and went and bought a podcast wherever I wa or a podcast mic wherever I was, and recorded it in my hotel room. And then I had an extra and I sent it to you.

Crystal Ruth (04:30):
Yeah, I'm gonna just correct that story because you thought you had sent me an extra, but you sent me like a brand new one. Like it had never been used. I don't know who got the extra one, some other delightful follower of yours, but I I

Susan Hyatt (04:49):
Sent you. I probably,

Crystal Ruth (04:51):
I'm not getting rid of it.

Susan Hyatt (04:53):
Oh, I bet it was because you're Canadian. I bet it wa I bet. I was like, fuck this noise. Yeah. And I amazoned it to you, <laugh>.

Crystal Ruth (05:02):
Well, I'll just correct you one more time and then I'll let you run the show. But I'm not a Canadian. I am your greatest Canadian fan. Canadian fan. That's me. That's my official bio today, Susan Hyatt's greatest Canadian fan.

Susan Hyatt (05:16):
You know what, you have said that the entire time I've known you, and I'm gonna let you, I am delighted to allow you to have that special title.

Crystal Ruth (05:27):
I'm taking that.

Susan Hyatt (05:28):
Um, okay. So Crystal Ruth Thompson. Um, despite the fact that we go way back with podcast mics, um, I have had the privilege of watching you build your business. And I believe I also had the privilege of watching you burn down business streams of income that no longer serve you. So, um, whatcha trying to get up the nerve to do here?

Crystal Ruth (05:53):
Yeah, well, I am trying to get up the, to nerve it, I burnt down my group coaching business in 2022. Um, you've shared that you've had some experiences with this. I just, it, it just wasn't in alignment with me. I sent refunds, I did the right thing by the people who were with me still. And I, I just like, I think one cold December night, <laugh> in Canada at my cabin with my husband, I'm like, I'm not doing this anymore. I don't wanna be a Christian weight loss coach. I don't wanna run group programs. I wanna go deep one-on-one with women. And he's like, well, you can't just like go out into the world and be like, I wanna go deep. And so I said, well, I don't know, you know exactly what I'm gonna call myself, but you know, the tides are changing here. And so since basically January 1st, 2023, right after seven years of running a successful group weight loss program for mm-hmm. <affirmative> women of Christian faith, I burned it all down. I even, like, I got rid of my email address, uh, list. I did it all. Like, I literally started from scratch and it has been delightful.

Susan Hyatt (07:12):
Okay. So you, when I am at a loss for words, you absolutely just deleted your list.

Crystal Ruth (07:22):
Yeah. I said, this is what I'm doing. If you would like to, uh, continue following me, I will not be coaching from a Christian perspective any longer. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, not because I don't still love Jesus. I just didn't wanna do that anymore. And I didn't wanna market myself that anymore.

Susan Hyatt (07:40):
Um, listen, I almost spit out my amino energy. She laughed <laugh>. She's like, I still love Jesus.

Crystal Ruth (07:46):

Susan Hyatt (07:46):
Love Jesus a little. I

Crystal Ruth (07:48):
Just don't want it. Yeah. I curse a little. We're working on that and I don't want it to be part of my marketing platform. Like, we could spend another podcast on that. But yeah, like I, I removed myself off Instagram. I <laugh> deleted my business Facebook page and I deleted my email, uh, service provider, whatever it's called with like hundreds and hundreds of women on it mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, and just really started from scratch. And none of that has been a problem. Like, I have attracted amazing clients who are doing amazing work in this world. And here's the problem. I just wanna help women <laugh> achieve like their big, bold dreams.

Susan Hyatt (08:32):

Crystal Ruth (08:34):
And you know, I think for a lot of life coaches, this is my eighth year in business, when we start out at the back of our mind, whether we wanna say it out loud or not, it's like, can I actually help people get results? It's not my problem anymore. Like a hundred percent believe in myself as like a world class life coach. My problem boils down to the marketing. I I am somewhat stalled out right now because I'm not sure if I'm thinking I'm a bad marketer, but it's just like I've burnt everything down and I'm rebuilding it. And now it's like a August, like it's time really to have a proper marketing message. <laugh>. Right? <laugh>. That's why I'm like, I gotta get some help here. I'm scared I'm gonna do it wrong. I'm scared that my message isn't gonna be clear. Um, and then three other things, and then I'll pause while I share my problems that I eloquently listed in point form fashion. I went the opposite of what the industry really says to do. Right. It's like, build up one-on-one, then go to group. Well, I built up one-on-one. I went to group, I burnt it down. Now I'm back to one-on-one. 'cause that's actually where my heart wants to be right now. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And, you know, one-on-one isn't, and I'm putting this in air quotes, scalable.

Susan Hyatt (09:54):

Crystal Ruth (09:55):

Susan Hyatt (09:55):
Thank God. So that's

Crystal Ruth (09:56):
Problem number one. Okay. Problem number two. I, I know right now my marketing isn't clear and I'm waiting for like the perfect u f O to center itself in my brain. Right. I haven't even opened an Instagram page again because I'm like, I don't know who I like, I don't know, you know, all the marketing courses I've ever taken have said, you, you can't just tell people that you're gonna help them go after their biggest dreams and create a life they love <laugh>. Right. And then I have several offers that I love. I have a general go get your dreams. I have, I get healthier 'cause I'm really tired of talking about weight loss. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And then thirdly, a strong foundational one-on-one program for life coaches, helping them get out of the gates quicker by not following the same path and problems I had. But anyway, so those are my three problems. This isn't scalable. Your marketing isn't clear and you have a lot of offers, but they're all one, one

Susan Hyatt (11:01):
Offers. Your marketing isn't clear. And what was the last one?

Crystal Ruth (11:06):
Well, I'm trained in this mindset that you should have one signature offer.

Susan Hyatt (11:11):
Okay. Okay.

Crystal Ruth (11:12):
I have three

Susan Hyatt (11:13):
<laugh>. I'm I'm just writing it down and you should have one signature offer. Yeah. Okay. I'm just gonna say that each one of those things in and of itself has a kernel of truth to it. Right? Like, so lots of very smart marketing people, um, will say that, um, you know, if you want to make big money, um, you know, you gotta move away from one-on-one coaching. Right? Okay. There, but there can be multiple things True. At the same time. While that can be true, right? I'll talk about it a little bit more. While it can be true that, um, you know, a one-to-many offer can be scalable and make millions, right? It doesn't discount the, the impact and the high revenue that you can have as a one-on-one coach. Um, should your marketing be clear? Yes. But I think it, it's like we will over complicate it. We'll, we'll make that mean. So many things. So we'll get to that too. And then the one signature offer thing,

Crystal Ruth (12:22):
So you do not have one signature offer. Like, that whole thing makes me wanna puke in my mouth a little bit. But these are the kind of like, you know, on one level it's like, I know I can do whatever I want, but this is what everybody's, this is what in air quotes, everybody says,

Susan Hyatt (12:39):
Well, not everyone, because I, um, I obviously over from the beginning, people will say to me now, oh, you can say that now because you know, you've been at this for almost 17 years now and you can do what you want. I did what I wanted from the beginning. Okay. And the thing is, for good or for bad, like Right. I've made many a mistake doing whatever the I wanted, but at the end of the day, like at the shakeout, when you think about yourself as a life coach, entrepreneur, and here's the thing that I think is different. I have all kinds of entrepreneurs listening, um, but for my life coach entrepreneurs, I think that there is di distinct difference between a life coach. If you're a life coach first who uses the internet to spread your message and make money, that's different than if at your core you're an internet marketer who mm-hmm. <affirmative> is selling life coaching services because an internet marketer will tell you very different things than I'm about to tell you. Right. An internet marketer talks about scaling an internet marketer talks about you need one signature offer. These are all very smart practices to have <laugh>, but

Crystal Ruth (14:01):
They really are. I know that. But it feels very, and like of course we're like, whatever works for you works for you. But it's like all these strategies, and this is for me personally, feel like I've been studying them for eight years and they're all like, served up on a penis shaped platter.

Susan Hyatt (14:21):
<laugh>, I love the, listen

Crystal Ruth (14:24):
This, I brought it up again. This

Susan Hyatt (14:25):
Is a favorite quote so far. Correct. A mendo. Alright. And so we want, we want bajillionaire practices. So if we want big badge energy, um, then what do we wanna do here? So my biggest question for you is like, it sounds like you, you have gotten up the nerve to go back to one-on-one coaching because you love that.

Crystal Ruth (14:54):
Yes. Yes. And I think that for me personally, I don't see a lot of really, um, personalized coaching, coaching programs happening. And that is what I am doing and that's what I dream of doing more and more and more.

Susan Hyatt (15:13):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this is something you, you alluded to it at the beginning, but this is something that I went through in 2022 myself, is that I, I started to realize that I was, I was doing great work and loved my clients as you did, but I reached a point where I was like, what am I even doing here? Like, I really want to be with my people mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, and so as a life coach primarily, um, I had to get back to that too and be like, what really matters here and what kind of high touch experience do I wanna have with folks? And does it fly in the face of things that I had spent years and lots of money building up to scale? It sure does. Yes. Um, but guess what? Don't give a fuck because I'm so much happier. I'm so much happier. Yes. So when you think about you working with people one-on-one and it not being scalable, here's the thing. It doesn't mean you won't ever have something that is scalable that comes from you following your feel good and coaching people one-on-one. Right. So you

Crystal Ruth (16:28):
May Yeah, I'm still open to that. Yeah. Right. Like one day probably,

Susan Hyatt (16:32):
But, but like, but it sounds like you're, you're ready to, uh, release the pressure of the thought must be scalable because guess what, when you think about how do I wanna feel on a day-to-day basis operating my business, what is it I actually want to be doing? And can I make a great living to support the lifestyle that I wanna live doing it? You can do all of that with one-on-one coaching.

Crystal Ruth (17:04):
A hundred percent. I a hundred percent. I a hundred percent believe that. I a hundred percent see it. I guess before it was just so much easier for me to have a clear marketing message. Right? Like, I'll help you lose weight without dieting with a Christian approach.

Susan Hyatt (17:21):
Right. Right. That is very clear.

Crystal Ruth (17:23):
Now, you know, I'm, I'm gonna help you live the life of your dreams. Right. <laugh> Well, and achieve what you want.

Susan Hyatt (17:32):
Come on and Right. And it is, it is. Absolutely. I think you can have, and this is what I've always done, and, and it this may spark some, this will be your homework for me, um, is to think about the way that I have always taught coaches to deal with that issue. Um, because right, like, if, if you're like, Hey, let's all live our best lives, um, there, right? Like, there are people who will be like, yeah, please help me do that, but it, you're more successful if you have this overall brand, which I think you do. Um, so you're you this overall brand message, which is, you know, let's hit it. Let's get it, let's live our best lives, whatever we come up with, right? But then underneath that umbrella, you can have, even with one-on-one coaching packages, specific topics that you roll out at different times. So it could be like, right now we're gonna go after what you want in relationships or your job or, you know, learning to love your body or whatever it is. Um, I think that you can, under a general umbrella, have very specific offers that are named for one-on-one coaching.

Crystal Ruth (18:53):
Yes. <laugh>, like that's what I have written down. General offer, get healthier, offer strong foundations for se I mean, I'm not gonna call them that because clearly I have more creativity in my, in me than that. Of course. Can I share my general umbrella?

Susan Hyatt (19:08):
Yes. Let's hear it with

Crystal Ruth (19:09):
You and, and jam on that. So what I wanna do is call myself the more you coach, because in thinking about this night and day for seven months, it's August 7th, 2023 as we record this, right? Like, come on, it's taken a little too long. Wait minute. Wait

Susan Hyatt (19:27):
Just a minute. You have to stop shaming yourself for taking time to develop this.

Crystal Ruth (19:35):
Yes. Thank you. I do listen because I'm like, crystal Thompson, come on. Like kick it, kick it up a notch. But I, I have been building a, a slower burn.

Susan Hyatt (19:48):
You're not truly, you know, what you've been doing. You've been doing courageous things that most business owners do not have the bravery to do. Okay. What you've

Crystal Ruth (19:57):
Been doing, I received that

Susan Hyatt (19:59):
Good because thank you. Like, I want you to talk to yourself very kindly. Like, look at you, look at what you did. And now with all of this Canadian enthusiasm you have Yes. You know, you can introduce to the world something that's built on bravery.

Crystal Ruth (20:19):
I'm, thank you. I just turned that around this, like, on one on one hand I've been like, this is actually a pretty bold ass move, but I've been shaming myself for not having a solider. I so used to be a grammar teacher, a more solid foundation like marketing message.

Susan Hyatt (20:42):
You know what I, I mean listen, <laugh>, I get it because of the recovery process that many of us are in, um, you know, recovering from the patriarchy and lots of things in the business world that cause us to doubt ourselves. But you know, you, you are and have been able, even in this transition phase, you have been able to attract really great clients mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Crystal Ruth (21:17):
Right? Yeah. With no marketing,

Susan Hyatt (21:19):
<laugh> with no marketing, very

Crystal Ruth (21:20):
Little. Not even on Instagram. Right? Zero.

Susan Hyatt (21:23):
Right. And so now it's like, okay, well how exciting. And here's the other thing I wanna say is that just allow yourself to experiment with all of it, all of this marketing. I mean, marketing is just connecting you with your people, right? And you're already doing that. So it's like you, you can just experiment with this and figure out, like, I think we put, all of us put so much pressure on ourselves to just nail it and get it right and have everything tied up in a pretty little bow. And there's so much business happening while things are messy. Yeah.

Crystal Ruth (22:04):
Messy. Yeah. Yeah. A hundred, a hundred percent. Um, that

Susan Hyatt (22:11):
You were gonna tell me something before I interrupted you. Like what were your ideas? <laugh>. Okay. I'm gonna share

Crystal Ruth (22:16):
That with you, but I do just wanna reiterate that for the audience because I see so much preciousness, like I have to, and I'm even experiencing a bit of this myself, right? Like I have to come out with the perfect message, um, before I can relaunch. But at the end of the day, we both know it takes about 10 seconds to change a tagline on a website. Mm-hmm.

Susan Hyatt (22:39):
<affirmative>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah.

Crystal Ruth (22:40):
So, but what I was going to say is like I have in, in my reflections and my recovery and my burning and rebuilding, I have found that the solution to almost every problem that I've had in my life, the short list would be, you know, losing 30 pounds, getting divorced and remarried, building a business boils down to two simple words. And that's more me.

Susan Hyatt (23:05):
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Crystal Ruth (23:06):
Yes. When I could figure out how to do things in a more me fashion mm-hmm. <affirmative>, the road got shorter and less bumpy. And so that's how I wanna position myself. Like, the more you coach, the more you understand you, your values driving you what you love, what you're just trying to squeeze yourself into. Because you know, the patriarchy said so the more you understand that the quicker and more fulfilling the path will be.

Susan Hyatt (23:38):
Brilliant. Can I challenge you to just run with that and see what the response is? So Yes. So it's like, so it's like, you know, more fill in the blank. Like your different packages can have different themes, you know, based on like, you know,

Crystal Ruth (23:56):
More health,

Susan Hyatt (23:57):
More health, more sex, more money, more, you know. Um, because I really think that there's enough there for you to like clear your throat and if something else from that expansion comes to mind, great. But we're not gonna wait for it. We're just gonna get going and like, talk to people. 'cause like you just talking about it right now on this podcast, I'm like, Absa, fucking lly.

Crystal Ruth (24:25):
Go sell that. Thank you. Also receiving that. But you are a brilliant star and this is the power of just allowing, you know, yourself to show up and a brilliant life coach holding a mirror up for you. But like, there's the name of my packages, which I've been like toiling over, right? Over more health.

Susan Hyatt (24:43):

Crystal Ruth (24:45):
More business.

Susan Hyatt (24:47):
Yeah. I mean, you've done all the work, right? I'm just like saying, oh yeah, you've got that. So let's just do this. And then, um, I I, I know lots of successful people disagree with me, but I don't think you can claim your signature offer until you can have, first of all, I think you can have more than one mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But you, you have to, you have to do this more, more me, more help, more money, more whatever, fill in the blank for a while, um, in with your one-on-one clients and coach your face off around it. And then it'll become so obvious to you should you have a flagship offer that you want to scale that will happen as a result of that.

Crystal Ruth (25:41):
Yes. And so this goes back to the committing to not shaming myself, because I think that for the past seven months, this is actually what I have been doing. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but I just got the language for it. I think one week ago. The more you language. Yeah.

Susan Hyatt (26:00):
Yeah. That's how it works. I know, but, but like the internet gurus want us to spit this stuff out with no field work. And you know, I just think if you don't know it, like stop trying to force it right. And Right. Like one week ago it finally bubbled up for you and now, okay, let's go, let's go do that. Um, but it sounds like Crystal, it's like you really giving yourself permission, as you were saying to me previously, to be disobedient.

Crystal Ruth (26:39):

Susan Hyatt (26:40):
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, like, well,

Crystal Ruth (26:43):
Yeah, like, we're not

Susan Hyatt (26:43):
Gonna follow these rules,

Crystal Ruth (26:44):
Right? Like, and I had I, you know, woman brought up in a literal Christian household, right? Like another whole podcast episode, but like, you follow the rules, you don't put more feathers in your cap mm-hmm. <affirmative> Evan trying to follow somebody else's rules until December, 2022. I'm like, I'm writing my own and I have been,

Susan Hyatt (27:08):

Crystal Ruth (27:09):
And now, now I have the language for it and I have my three offers, and this is all, and I don't even like the word scalable these days, but it is all scalable

Susan Hyatt (27:23):
Actually. Of course, you could scale any one of those should you decide to. Right. Like, um, you know, I it may be, that's the other thing is like, it could be the delivery of more, you more help more whatever. As you sell those packages to one-on-one clients, you may suddenly be like, oh, I feel like this is the other thing. I feel like I would be interested enough in this to then devote the next two to three years of my business to really scaling this one facet of it and deliver it in this way.

Crystal Ruth (28:09):

Susan Hyatt (28:10):
And, and I think the whole scalable conversation is that most, uh, life coach entrepreneurs are still in a building phase or a discovery phase or, you know, they're, they're not in a position to try to scale shit. So then <laugh>, they, they get so upset and shame themselves and quit because they weren't able to scale something right out of the gate. So anyway, I could go on and on about that forever.

Crystal Ruth (28:48):
Yeah. Yeah. No, it's, it's a powerful thing really to, I mean, at the end of the day, building a business, you gotta know a couple things and then, you know, add some sparkles and some pink and you know, some flowers to it so you don't feel like a stranger in a foreign land.

Susan Hyatt (29:07):
Yeah. And I think, you know, um, I think understanding, like you're talking about, like understanding who you are, what kind of lifestyle you wanna have, what kind of business relationships you wanna have. Um, and, and I came to the realization that like, I don't know, I don't wanna scale this thing and I don't wanna have this many employees and I don't want, um, I'm much more interested in being a creative and a coach than I am being a C E O Oh

Crystal Ruth (29:41):
A hundred, a hundred percent. Like

Susan Hyatt (29:44):
I want, and that's really different. Yeah.

Crystal Ruth (29:46):
Yeah. Luxurious deepness.

Susan Hyatt (29:50):
Ooh, I like that. Yeah. It's like, I, I, um, I think we're on the same page and very similar in that way, and you've gotta try different things to figure it out mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, and to realize like, wow. Um, there, and what's exciting about it though is, and I'll be talking about this more in the coming future, but like, you don't have to give up, um, revenue goals or you don't have to give up big vision because you decide like, oh yeah, I don't wanna, I don't wanna be a c e O. Um, there are ways to structure your business where you can bring people in on a subcontracted basis to do certain projects. Like I just decided I wanna do an app. Um, oh. And I haven't up until now, but I think for like big Yes. Energy and some of the stuff I'm doing, it would be really cool to have an app for it. And so it's like I'll bring someone in to do that, um, as a subcontractor. Right. And not have to have them on my team full-time to do, to pull off. Yes.

Crystal Ruth (30:56):
I've seen those pivots for you. And that's, yeah, I love, and I've loved watching that. Yeah.

Susan Hyatt (31:02):
You know, I think it's like everyone has to go through, I think it's important as you did in December in a cabin to be like, I don't wanna do this anymore. Okay, well then how do you want your life to be, you know this already. Yeah. Okay, great. And to support this dream that you have for deep luxuriousness with your clients on a one-on-one basis, fine. You fucking got it right here. You just have to stay committed to having the nerve to ignore the noise that you're somehow doing it wrong because you're not jumping on whatever the, the latest advice is.

Crystal Ruth (31:43):
Like that is. So a hundred percent. And if I could just, um, offer just one more quick story. Sure. I remember several years ago being coached by you in a group format. I don't remember where we were, it doesn't matter. And I said like, I'm just working all the time, working all the time. And you said to me, have you set regular business hours? You know, which was one of the first things I learned from you. And I was like, well, no, not really. And and you said to me, you know, this is all like a patriarchy issue. And I was like, this was probably five years ago. I was like, huh, that don't relate to me. And ever since then I was like, well, maybe, maybe it does. And just in thinking about the business I wanna create and what I wanna offer for women, it's like we all need to get over some level of patriarchy where we have this notion that somebody outside of us knows how to do it better. Yeah. And they're gonna tell us how, and we're gonna follow a, B, C and arrive in a promised land. But even if we arrive in the, like quotes promised land, it often doesn't feel very good.

Susan Hyatt (32:57):

Crystal Ruth (32:57):
So anyway,

Susan Hyatt (32:59):
It doesn't, because you got there, um, you, you, you got there following the rules that like the setup is, was never designed for us. No. So it's like, oh, okay. I i I am nailing the rules set by the patriarchy. Well, this feels like shit. Yeah.

Crystal Ruth (33:19):
Yeah. And so that's what happened to me in December. And you know, you just, here's what I wanna say. You just never know when a piece of coaching that you offer someone, like you offered me, probably never thought about it. I'm sure you barely remember it because it was like a panel you were coaching 50 minutes at a time.

Susan Hyatt (33:37):
I sort of remember vaguely. Right.

Crystal Ruth (33:39):
I sort remember. But that one thing that you said to me, I was like, no, this doesn't apply to me. And then I was like, oh, wait a minute. I gotta go do some studying. I gotta understand what this is. And now I'm like, oh my gosh.

Susan Hyatt (33:52):
Yeah. I mean, I do think and, and like redefining, um, business hours and what works for us and that it doesn't have to be, you know, a slog. And, and in fact, I would say if it is a slog, it's not the right business model for you. Right. And you gotta change some shit. Yeah.

Crystal Ruth (34:14):
Yeah. Which is, and that's what, that's what my last business started feeling like. And I was like, this isn't what I, this isn't why I left everything behind to become a life coach.

Susan Hyatt (34:23):
Right. To be like scarfing down a, a protein bar with your 30 seconds in between sessions. Right. I mean, I've been there. Yeah. And so forget it. Yeah. We're you and I we're gonna free the coaches <laugh>. That's

Crystal Ruth (34:38):
It. We'll burn the penis shaped platters together.

Susan Hyatt (34:43):
I fucking love it. Um, so, um, it sounds like your homework was, uh, is done like to work on these, um, programs, naming your programs, and, um, tell the people how they can learn more about you. Of course you're in the show notes, but like, how can people hang out with you?

Crystal Ruth (35:05):
They can hang out with me on my website@crystalruth.com and probably by the time this airs, I will have started again posting ma way on Instagram, which you can find me at Crystal Ruth coaching on Instagram.

Susan Hyatt (35:23):
Okay. You're gonna have, I do have

Crystal Ruth (35:24):
A handle, but there's just nothing there.

Susan Hyatt (35:26):
Are you gonna have that done by Wednesday? 'cause this is airing this week. Crystal Ruth Thompson. This is

Crystal Ruth (35:32):
Airing this week. <laugh>. You better believe I will. You better believe I will. I'm like, oh, well go get your Instagram lit because here we come. The fire just got brighter and tanker and sparkler. Let's go.

Susan Hyatt (35:49):
It's that time of year again. Time to make one of the most empowering investments in yourself by getting your ticket to my annual event. Finish Strong. So listen, finish Strong is not one of your run of the mill events. Somebody on my summer of Yes class earlier today said that the Yes Bash they just attended felt like stepping into Barbie land. Listen, finish Strong is all that and more. It's an invitation to take the reins and end the year on your terms, celebrating your wins and setting the stage for future triumphs. Mark your calendars for October 6th through the eighth in Savannah, Georgia. This is your chance to hone in on your ambitions and draft a tailor-made roadmap to see them through by the curtain close of 2023, a crystal clear vision, a strategy that feels aligned, a network of go-getters, all propelling each other forward. Get it all. Plus the flavor of Barbie land <laugh> at Finish Strong. Sign up and create ripples of success as you finish strong.

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