The Nerve to Be the Star of Your Own Life Ft. Kendrick Shope

Ah, midlife. That magical time when society tells us we should start winding down. 

Not on my watch, boo-berry!

What if I told you that midlife is less about settling and more about setting the stage for your most incredible act yet?

In this episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’ve got Kendrick Shope with me. As the creator of the Authentic Selling Process, Kendrick believes in doing business differently. Her proven sales tools create confidence that selling is helping, so they can get more customers, make more money, and create the freedom to do what they love.

Kendrick has trained with the top Instructional Design teachers in the world to create a speaking environment that not only engages your audience but provides practical skills that allow them to meet and exceed the demands of today’s ever-changing environment.

Through Authentic Selling University, the leading online sales skills training for modern businesses, her students have brought in millions of dollars in additional revenue. They believe in their businesses, feel good about selling, and see their efforts pay off.

Kendrick’s Authentic Selling process has also been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, Reader’s Digest, and HLN.

In the midst of prepping for a launch, Kendrick received some dire medical news: she had just one week to prepare for neurosurgery. 

Her team stepped up and sprung into action, helping shuffle her schedule, giving Kendrick time to focus on her family.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What changed for Kendrick after her surgery
  • Her list to “2.0 her life” and have more fun
  • Why no one accomplishes anything good at hour 14
  • Learning the lesson that it’s never “one and done”

This episode is for every mid-lifer out there wondering if it's too late to start over…or just start, period. Kendrick shows us that it's never too late.

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey. Oh, hey, in today's episode, I've got the amazing Kendrick Chop with me. Now. Kendrick is an old OG client and I've watched her create an amazing business and she does do business differently. Her proven sales tools create confidence that selling is helping so folks can get more customers, make more money, and create the freedom that they want. Now, this selling process has been featured on the Steve Harvey show, N B C Forbes Inc.

Readers Digest and H L N. In the midst of prepping for a huge launch, Kendrick received some dire medical news. She had just one week to prepare for neurosurgery. Her team stepped up and sprung into action. They helped her shuffle her schedule, giving Kendrick time to focus on herself and her family. And in this episode, Kendrick and I discuss what change for Kendrick after her surgery, her list to 2.0 her life and have more fun. Why no one accomplishes anything good. At hour 14, learning the lesson that it's never one and done, Kendrick walked away from this experience ready to hit the reset button in her mid forties and disrupt midlife. Whoever said midlife was for crisis, never met this radiant, redheaded 44 year old who is shaking things up. Kendrick proves that this stage of life is not about orthopedic shoes and early bird specials, although y'all know I love an early bird special. Okay, I'm going to eat before five 30.

Instead, she's stepping into the starring role, sliding on her Louboutins, having a blast and taking acting and singing lessons. Starting fresh at 44 is like playing a video game with cheat coats. You've seen the pitfalls been on the roller coasters, and now you have this incredible blend of give no fucks badass energy, and been there done that wisdom. Every stumble is a new story and every win, it's just another feather in your already fabulous hat. So to every midlifer out there wondering, is it too late to start over and become the star of your own story? Well, it's never too late. Here's Kendrick, welcome to You've Got Nerve Kendrick.

Kendrick Shope (03:09):
Thank you. I'm so happy to be here.

Susan Hyatt (03:11):
Listen, I have had you on former, my previous podcasts. I think you were on Go Time. I think you were on Rich Coach Club, and I was so stunned when I figured out what has been going on with you. I was like, you have to come on. You've got nerve because you've got the most nerve of anybody.

Kendrick Shope (03:36):
Well, that's not true, but I'll accept it. I'll accept it. But that is so not true.

Susan Hyatt (03:43):
It's totally true. So for all of you listening, just so you know, I was like, what's Kendrick been up to? And I just decided to send her a V and I'm like, Hey, I was just thinking about you. What's happening? And would you vox me back?

Kendrick Shope (03:59):
Well, I didn't, didn't vox you back for, I don't know, eight weeks, maybe six weeks. And when I finally vox you back, I mean, I didn't see Vox because I was unplugged and I said, Hey, so sorry. Love to catch up. I've been out for neurosurgery and so I'm just now catching up. So yeah, I think that's what I said,

Susan Hyatt (04:19):
Like neurosurgery, what in the hell? So Kendrick, what in the hell happened?

Kendrick Shope (04:25):
Yeah, so March 13th, I was in New York, so we decided the first quarter of this year was going to be our makes of memories kind of quarter with Hana. And so we were in New York, that's our place more than we were here in Knoxville. And so this was her spring break, March 13th. This was sort of the culmination of that. And we had flown in the 12th. My mom was with us. I was so excited. I hadn't had no health issues. Got up March 13th, fell to the floor, screaming, crawled, too much information to the bathroom, started vomiting, and I was hurting down my arm and my neck, and I thought, what is going on? I mean, it's like childbirth did not compare to that. And so thank whoever, God, Buddha, Satan, whatever, the universe that my mom was there because I scared Hana to death. And my mom got on the phone with my doctor here. And to make a very long story short, when I got home, I went straight to the hospital and they misdiagnosed me and told me that they thought I had Ms.

Susan Hyatt (05:44):

Kendrick Shope (05:45):
And so this is just such a sidebar piece of information for people. My doctor, my primary care doctor was such an advocate for me. She called the neurosurgeon. There's a world-renowned neurosurgeon in Knoxville and said, I know that her M r I doesn't show that anything's wrong with her neck, but I know it's her neck. I can't tell you how will you please look at it? Because here the neurosurgeon will not see you if the radiologist says there's nothing wrong with her neck. So the neurosurgeon looked and said, yeah, they missed it. She needs to be in here, A S A P. So I was in the neurosurgeon's office the next day and I'm thinking when people have back pain and stuff, they like to do shots or they do physical therapy. I mean, it's a long, long process. And my neurosurgeon, this is why he is one of the best in the world said, or the best in, maybe it's the southeast, whatever, we'll give him the best in the world for now. I don't know. Anyway, he said, look, we can start with shots and I can give you one week to see if the shots help. But he said, if you don't have surgery within the next month, you're going to lose the use of your arm and you'll never get it back and you'll be in here for the same surgery. So I had surgery a week later.

Susan Hyatt (07:06):

Kendrick Shope (07:08):
So within a month? Within a month. And

Susan Hyatt (07:10):
Listen, I just have to pause and give it up to that primary care physician who was like, I don't know how I know, but it's the neck how often.

Kendrick Shope (07:19):
That's what I mean. And I sent her flowers after I saw the neurosurgeon and said, I think you saved my life. I mean, I was passing out from pain. They were having to take me to the hospital because I was passing it. I mean, it was ridiculous. And she said, I know her. I've been treating her forever. I've got a gut feeling it's her neck. And she was right.

Susan Hyatt (07:46):
And so they did this surgery and what was happening in your neck? It was pressing on something.

Kendrick Shope (07:52):
So in the spine, back behind your neck, C seven and C eight had just fully collapsed. So it pushed out and was literally sitting on the nerve. So not pressing on the nerve but sitting, which is why it was all down my arm. I guess all those nerves are connected up there. Whoa. And yeah, the neurosurgeon said, I don't know how they missed it. It's one of the worst I've seen. So here's the thing, if we slow this down for a second, I go in, kiss my kid goodbye, go into the neurosurgeon's office, and I'm expecting him to say, okay, again, we're going to have shots, we're going to have whatever. And he says that about surgery. And I was dumbfounded. I just thought, I can't have neurosurgery. And it was a week at that point. I mean, the smart thing to do is get a second opinion, and we're not talking about having your appendix out.

They're going to be all up in, and this ties back to my primary care doctor. So when I got home, I called my parents and my dad said, you have to have a second opinion. And I said, I thought so too. So I called Stacy, my doctor, and she said, I love you. You don't have time for a second opinion. This is going to go really bad really quickly. You need to trust him. And so I was like, okay, these people are experts. I don't know what else to do. So I didn't get a second opinion. I just went with it.

Susan Hyatt (09:10):
Whoa. And so here you are, entrepreneur, running this company, have a child, what nerve it had to take to say, okay, I'm just going to trust these people and have this surgery. And then what happened in terms of your recovery or rehabilitation? What about that?

Kendrick Shope (09:37):
So funny thing about running a business, my whole team was in town when this happened from California and Arkansas, and they were staying in my house. I thought that would be fun. And so I didn't know. And so I called 'em all and said, look, y'all probably not a good time to come. And they're like, oh, we're going to come. We're going to come. Okay. So bless their hearts, they came, they drove me back and forth to the doctor, but we were filming for the next launch. I mean, we had planned, you plan launches out gazillions of years in advance or whatever, months in advance. And I just looked at 'em and said, I don't know. I don't know. And so Shelly took a hold of my calendar and started emailing customers and said, I mean, I have one-on-one clients that I've committed to for the year, and my head was literally spinning and I would stand up and turn around in circles trying to work it all out.

How do I get all this done in a week? I had the biggest speaking engagement of my life that was supposed to kept up in April. I had to call and change that. Well cancel it. They changed the whole thing so I could come. But anyway, it was just a series of have tos. It wasn't a series of, I really felt after I called Stacy and she said, this is it. I was like, okay, then this is what we do and I'm going to make this decision and I'm making the best decision with the information I have. And I mean, I was scared to death, not about losing customers or anything like that, but I mean, you go miss my child. I had to tell my child all that stuff, but I had a really good team around me. I was fortunate enough to have a really good team around me. I know that a lot of people aren't there yet, but my customers were great. And so I think that that's a really positive message for anybody who is dealing with chronic illness and trying to figure out how to navigate it is just be honest, be truthful. People understand.

Susan Hyatt (11:45):
Yeah. I mean, I think that if you are engaged in doing business with people of integrity, you say like, Hey, got to have neurosurgery. People are going to work with you and be patient with you now after surgery. Okay, so you've got this great team around you. They spring into action. You have family support. When you came out of surgery, what was the recovery time and what changed for you?

Kendrick Shope (12:23):
Well, so right before surgery, one of my girlfriends, Laura Bell Bundy, who is, she actually was Elle Woods. She originated the role of Elle Woods and legally blonde on Broadway. So I was supposed to go to her house and I had to cancel that. And she called me and she said, Hey, I just want to talk to you for a minute. She said, I know that everybody around you, you've told me about friends and coaches have said, you've got to slow down. You've got to stop. But she said, I just met you this year, and we've just become friends. And I'm going to echo what they said. You need to Kendrick 2.0 your life. There's a line in Beatles Juice, the musical, where these people are upgrading and they start singing like Kendrick 2.0 instead of whatever. It's all the things they're going to change. And I said, I hear you. And she said, no, you don't. So I'm going to say it again. And so we had a conversation about that, and I sat down and wrote out a list of what it means to Kendrick 2.0 in my life, because you've told me as my coach, I mean, every coach I've ever had has just said, this doesn't work.

And this, for anybody who's watching or listening is just constant. I can go, I can go. I can do it. Say yes. Oh, sure, I'll work 14 hours when I don't have to. I mean, nobody is accomplishing anything good at hour 14. I'm sorry.

Susan Hyatt (14:09):

Kendrick Shope (14:10):
Say it again. They're not. They're not. No. Get to ask

Susan Hyatt (14:13):
Out of in front of that screen.

Kendrick Shope (14:15):
And I remember when I started almost 13 years ago, I was standing in my little office in Bentonville, Arkansas, and I was on the phone with you. I think it was back before we even had video. We did phone stuff.

Susan Hyatt (14:29):
Yeah, we were on the phone.

Kendrick Shope (14:30):
Yeah. Yeah. And you said, Kendrick, you got to find a way to have more fun. And I said, Susan, I don't even know what that means. I mean, I had a three-year-old, I didn't, and so this is a great story. So I called all my girlfriends. I was like, my coach tells me I got to have more fun, and I do what my coaches tell me. So we went to, I don't know, some city, and we partied and had a lot of fun, and I don't know if you remember this, but then the next week I was coaching. I said, Susan, I had more fun and I'm exhausted. Do you remember this?

Susan Hyatt (15:04):
Sort of, yeah. You

Kendrick Shope (15:05):
Said, oh, babe, you got to have some restorative fun. I was like, I dunno what that

Susan Hyatt (15:12):
Yes, yes. I'm still saying the same shit to my clients.

Kendrick Shope (15:16):
Yes, yes. So that's a long answer to your question. And I really haven't answered your question, but a lot of people around me, Jenny, she, she's my best friend. She called and she said, I can't watch you do this to yourself anymore. I think that you killing yourself for everyone else is literally causing your body to break down. And the doctor said, there's no reason for this to have happened. Because I was like, how do I keep this from happening? He said, you're healthy, you're doing all the things. It's just a fluke. And so in that moment, it was like, oh yeah, my body is screaming to stop. So I made a list of all the things I wanted to change. That was the first step. And that's hard. I mean, I'm 46, so I've been doing, this is the way I accomplished everything in life.

Push, push, push, go, go, go. I have this underlying belief that I'm not as smart as everyone else, so I have to work harder. And I came back from, so I came back from surgery too early, came back at six weeks, wasn't supposed to, and I had a 13 hour day, and I didn't need to, I mean, again, my 45 minute client sessions would go three hours because I was like, oh, sure, I can do that. And Oh, sure, I can do that. And oh, sure, I can help with that. And I fell on my floor right over here, and I just sobbed and thought, if you cannot be a better example for people. And then I said, no, no, no, no, no. This is not about other people. I literally was coaching myself. This is about, you have to do this for you, and if you can't do this for you, then we've got a problem. And so I think it was during the pandemic, I worked with you and I created this mantra for my life that I never really lived, but it was, I want to be the star of my own life. And so from that moment in the floor, I said, I don't know the specifics of what she's using me looks like, but it starts with every day saying, how can I be the star of my own life? And so that's really what we're trying to do.

Susan Hyatt (17:32):
Wow. I'm grateful for Jenny. She who a real friend to say, you're doing this to yourself. Okay, your body is telling you and your other friend, what's her name?

Kendrick Shope (17:48):
Laura, be Bundy.

Susan Hyatt (17:50):
Okay. Bundy. Ms. Bundy, yes. She gets props too, having people around you that'll be real with you and say, Hey, hey, hey, these 13 hour days. So if you're now the star of your own life, it's really getting up the nerve to listen to the body, getting up the nerve to take yourself seriously and your health seriously. What are some things that you're doing now that are different?

Kendrick Shope (18:21):
This is perfect timing. The thing that I was supposed to speak at in LA got moved. And so I just got back yesterday from that, and I spoke, and we did have some long days. I did team training as well, but then I went to Aya Spawn Resort after that before I came

Susan Hyatt (18:42):

Kendrick Shope (18:43):
Nice. One of the top five, I think according to Forbes, one of the top five spas in the world, or maybe in the States. I don't know. It's amazing, right? It looks like Hawaii in California. It's even got the mountain that wraps around that looks like diamond head. I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing.

Susan Hyatt (18:58):

Kendrick Shope (19:00):
And that's the first time I've ever done anything like that. Not go to a spa, but I have never taken an extra day. I am always rushing home to my child. And my child is perfectly fine with her dad. She loves her dad. They're perfectly fine. But I am always thinking, I've got to get home. She misses me. She misses me. And she did. She cried and said, come home. And it was hard. And I kind of wanted to throw up, if I'm being honest, when she was on the other end saying, I miss you. You've been gone all week. And they took me to see Taylor Swift, which was amazing, and my kid was furious, but I just said, babe, you'll understand this one day, but I have to go and I miss you, and I love you, but I got to go. And so I got the massage and the whole package,

Susan Hyatt (19:50):
Wait just a minute. Are you trying to tell me that this past week you went to Nia and Taylor Swift

Kendrick Shope (20:00):
And Alicia Keys?

Susan Hyatt (20:01):
Okay. I'm officially saying, okay. You understand now what I meant by fun?

Kendrick Shope (20:08):
I do. I do. Right? What?

Susan Hyatt (20:11):
I have to wait a whole year to go see Taylor Swift. Oh my God.

Kendrick Shope (20:15):
We're coming to the Indianapolis show. Is that where you're going?

Susan Hyatt (20:18):
No, I'm actually going in Vienna.

Kendrick Shope (20:22):
Oh, well, there's that. Yes.

Susan Hyatt (20:26):
It's a long story. We were supposed to go in Nashville, but my child decided she better show up and walk at her own college graduation instead of Taylor Swift.

Kendrick Shope (20:34):
Swift. I remember that. I remember. I mean, I remember seeing the pictures. I was at Nashville, so that's the one I took Ana to. That's

Susan Hyatt (20:40):
The one. It rained.

Kendrick Shope (20:42):
I'll send you pictures. So I starved my own life. This was right before I came back to work. So I'm still in this star energy, right? I'm showing my scar. I'm like, I'm proud of it. And I wore a ball gown, a straight up ball gown, and it monsoon.

Susan Hyatt (21:02):
It did.

Kendrick Shope (21:03):
But we are so lucky. We were getting ready to get out of the car and got the notice that they're not letting anybody in. So we turned around and went back to the hotel. So I'm on jeans in a ball cap. I have this gorgeous ballgown. I was like, it's my coming out. I'm the star of my own life, and it's in jeans and whatever. It was fun. Well,

Susan Hyatt (21:21):
Listen, you just got rewarded. You got to see her see in la. I know. But that show looked, I mean, they all looked epic, but that's amazing. Yeah,

Kendrick Shope (21:31):
Susan, I remember, gosh, you told me at one point. I know. It's amazing. The little things that people, for example, the things that you've said to me that in the moment, a coach may think this is what I would do. I don't know if it resonates. I don't know. I mean, whatever you told me to watch, I had a terrible launch. And I got on Zoom with you and said, I feel like a fake, I feel like a fraud because I teach people how to launch, and I've had my first bad launch ever. And you said, okay, first of all, if this is your first bad launch, just stop. Kind of get over yourself. But number two, you told me to watch the, whatever it's called, miss Americana or whatever, the Taylor Swift

Susan Hyatt (22:21):
Document. Taylor Swift documentary. I forgot. Yes.

Kendrick Shope (22:24):
Yeah. So Halle and I watched it. I mean, we appreciated Taylor Swift, but neither one of us, big Taylor Swift fans, oh my Lord. I fell in love with her. My kid fell in love with her. And then seeing what she's done now, I feel like she's like Taylor 5.0. She's a marketing genius. It's been amazing to watch.

Susan Hyatt (22:43):
My God. I mean, I know I'm tearing up thinking about it from where she was when that documentary was filmed, which the LA shows, they were filming the next documentary. I don't know if you know that.

Kendrick Shope (22:55):
I did. I was there the night the camera was there. I actually got to pseudo meet her mom. So it was pretty cool. Her mom would not remember, but I can claim that I shook her hand and all the things.

Susan Hyatt (23:10):
Amazing. Well, and look at what she's done. I mean, she and Barbie and Beyonce are carrying the economy.

Kendrick Shope (23:19):
They are. They are. And Beyonce's one too. Beyonce and Barbie. Oh my gosh. So when I saw Barbie, and I'm sure almost every person who identifies as female had this moment, but the speech, the speech, the quote, I have never felt so seen. And this is after I'm Kendrick 2.0, and I said, Aliana, I'm ready for Kendrick 3.0. I don't know what that looks like. And she was like, oh my God, mom, there's so much going on with you right now. And I was like, I know that's really who I am. Nice to meet you, babe.

Susan Hyatt (23:55):
Well, what does Kendrick 3.0 look like?

Kendrick Shope (23:59):
I don't know. But I'm trying to do the same process, make a list. Kendrick 3.0 has somebody to cook for her, because I am DoorDash. I'm not a cook. Every time I try, it's a disaster. My husband says he's going to God loving. He doesn't. And so we've got to feed our bodies better than this green smoothie that comes from DoorDash.

Susan Hyatt (24:20):
Hey, listen. I mean, everybody knows, right? I have done my time cooking. I understand the plight of DoorDash and all that nonsense. A personal chef who drops off food a couple of times a week is going to change your life.

Kendrick Shope (24:38):
And I do realize how lucky I am to say that I do. Correct. Correct. I do. And not everyone can do that. Hey,

Susan Hyatt (24:44):
Listen, all y'all listening that are still cooking your own food, I absolutely spent decades doing it. Okay, me too. I get it. Kendrick gets it right as soon as you can. If you don't like to cook, as soon as you can afford to have somebody else make this food, that's got to be a goal. It's got to go on your vision board. It's got to go on your Kendrick 3.0 plan. Because when I tell you how nice it is to get up from this desk and go eat my food that somebody else made, it is a luxury. Yes. And yes.

Kendrick Shope (25:21):
Yeah. Well, and I've cooked for decades, and we have choked down. I don't know what it's, I mean, seriously, Hana's like, can dad just make me a peanut butter sandwich? I love you. I'm like, I'll make you a peanut butter sandwich. She was like, no, it's okay, mom. I mean, I'm not joking. It's serious is, but I also, and it got cut out, but Kendrick three oh or Kendrick 2.0 rather, I got to film and be in an episode of, and just like that, the Sex and the City reboot.

Susan Hyatt (25:51):
Okay. Okay. Alright. Now we're stacking it up here. We got Taylor Swift, we got Tyra. Now we've got, and just like that, what you were in an episode.

Kendrick Shope (26:02):
Well, I was an extra in an episode and got cut. You can actually see me in the very top corner, but nobody would know it's me. You can see my hair. Halle handle's like, there you are, mom. And so you have to pause it, but I'm in it. But yeah, I got to be on set all day. It was amazing.

Susan Hyatt (26:21):
Which episode?

Kendrick Shope (26:22):
Episode three. I'll send you the timestamps. Nobody will ever see it, but I'll send you the listen.

Susan Hyatt (26:28):
I'm going to watch and pause. Okay. I can see your hair.

Kendrick Shope (26:32):
It's in the top corner. I mean, it is hard, hard, hard to see. But the cool thing about that is the guy, so it's in a hair salon, so that's why probably, but the guy doing the woman's hair in there, you'll know

Susan Hyatt (26:57):
For that episode. They get in a fight. They get in an argument.

Kendrick Shope (27:00):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's what I was going to say. He had been doing my hair all day over and over and over. I don't know if he was an extra or not, but over and over. And then they pulled him and said, no, no, no, you're going to be here. So he got this amazing part that he didn't know he was going to get. It was so cool.

Susan Hyatt (27:14):

Kendrick Shope (27:15):
Yeah. And so I saw Carrie and I saw the woman that gets in a fight. I can't remember that. And I saw, oh my gosh, I'm going blank. But it was fine to be on a set all day and watch it. I ate it up and I got a SAG credit for it. I have an IMDB now. I mean, it's like, oh my God.

Susan Hyatt (27:35):
Okay, this really is a new day, right? This is Kendrick 2.0. So now you're taking it serious, being the star in your own life.

Kendrick Shope (27:45):
I am. And last year I took an acting class. I mean, I love to perform. I always have. And I got real, this was very pre Kindred 2.0, got real discouraged. And I did a lot of negative talking. You're too old for this. This is ridiculous. You can't anything. I mean, just ridiculous. And then I beat myself up saying, I'm being a terrible this. This is what I do. I'm being a terrible example for my daughter if I can't even follow my own dream. And then there's all that mom guilt. That's gross. The worst thing in the world. And so really, I've been, that was last year, and I've been wrestling with that since then. I mean, you know how you do. It comes up. And so when I was in la, I met with one of my girlfriends who is a working actress, and she said, I'm going to tell you this one time.

I don't know what the future holds, but if for the Ana graduates in three years, if for the next three years you took acting class and we're serious about it. And even a singing class, she said, you got to be serious about it. You could audition. And I was like, okay. Done. I mean, whatever. It'll, it'll be a ride either way, whether I audition or not. But I used to hate the quote. It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. The journey sucks. It's hard. I don't want, Hey, they're dirty. I don't want the lessons anymore. I'm good. I have learned. And what I'm realizing slowly is it's not about the lessons and the hard fought wisdom that you get. I mean, that comes, but it's all the stuff you've been trying to teach me for 12 years. It's about saying yes with no expectation.

It's about saying yes to the moment and not, I'm terrible at this. How will I ever audition? And I'm still learning. So I fall back into bad habits and I catch myself. And I, I think I thought when I went through Life coaching school, which was now 14 years ago, so when I went through Martha Beck's school, which is where I had the privilege of meeting you, I think I thought that it was one and done. I was supposed to realize that I had a body. And you do, you learn your body compass and you learn that you are not your thoughts. But I think I thought it was supposed to stick. And I know that I've heard people say, I have to self-coach all the time, but I guess I didn't believe that. So I thought I was supposed to be this transformed human. And the whole time I thought I, I was failing. Well, I don't do it right. I didn't transform. I mean, I'm aware of it, but I still feel like shit, so I didn't do it right.

Susan Hyatt (30:45):
You're still a human. You still, right. I think this is such a great example of having the nerve to be human and to be like, oh, wow, I'm putting myself in this new situation of acting classes, so oh, my shit's going to come back up right on time. And then, right. It's not one and done. But you learn the skills because right, you're onto yourself. You're like, oh, look at me. You're conscious that you're counting yourself out. You're telling yourself, oh, I'm too old. I'm too this, I'm too that. And like, wow, what a gift to realize at 44, right?

Kendrick Shope (31:29):

Susan Hyatt (31:30):
46, I'm going to, but I'll

Kendrick Shope (31:32):

Susan Hyatt (31:33):
44 4. Listen, I just turned 50. Had you heard,

Kendrick Shope (31:38):
I'm telling everybody I saw, listen, I'm

Susan Hyatt (31:42):
Claiming my Crohn's status.

Kendrick Shope (31:44):
If that's what 50 looks like, sign me up. I'll skip the next four.

Susan Hyatt (31:48):
Well, listen. I'm like, I don't know if you heard too. I just declared, this is my muscle mommy era. I'm into heavy weightlifting now. I'm about to get a weightlifting belt.

Kendrick Shope (31:59):
I have not heard that. So, okay, I'm excited to see, wait

Susan Hyatt (32:03):
For these reels. I

Kendrick Shope (32:05):
Cannot wait,

Susan Hyatt (32:06):
But Right. You get to be like, oh, I'm going to take acting and singing classes. I'm about to really disrupt midlife.

Kendrick Shope (32:15):
Yes. That is a great way to say it. Yes. And I think that for when you have a child or more than one child, and I'm sure that people who don't have children, this may be applicable to as well, my experience is having a child. But you got to keep that kid alive. First of all, it's the most you never knew love like that before. And then you're like, oh God, I've got to be with it all the time. Him, her, them, and you got to keep them alive. And I need to start letting go. I mean, she's 14, and neither one of us wants to start letting go. But I realize that I've held on so tight that a lot of women, I lost myself. And the only thing I had was work, which is why I worked so hard. Because if I didn't have that, I mean, my personality was gone. My mom and dad have said, oh my gosh, my 18 year old daughter's back. Where have you been? It's amazing.

Susan Hyatt (33:22):
Oh my God. Well, I have to tell you, it's not just the banks. It's not just

Kendrick Shope (33:28):
The LA haircuts.

Susan Hyatt (33:29):
It's not just the LA haircut. Okay? There's a vibe happening here, and I see it. So Kendrick, where can these lovely people witness you living Kendrick 2.0 out loud?

Kendrick Shope (33:47):
Well, like everyone, I'm everywhere because why not? So kendrick chop.com, at Kendrick Chop on Instagram. And what I would say to everyone is, if you catch me slipping, please tag me, dmm me and say, whoa, whoa. Where's that woman who was the star of her own life? Because it takes a village. And I've made a lot of references to my village here, Jenny, she, Laura Bell, and you. And that wasn't intentional. You didn't know I was going to, you didn't know. I mean, you maybe knew that you had touched my life a lot, but I mean, I don't know how many examples I gave here, but a lot of one sentence that you said that stuck with me, that hit me at the right time. And so follow me@kendrickshow.com and call me out because I'll slip. And if I can do anything for you in the south, we got to repay those favors. I'm happy to just dmm me and let me know

Susan Hyatt (34:46):
I fucking love you. And listen, we'll put all these details in the show notes, but I appreciate you sharing your personal story because I mean, everything that you said from getting surgery, listening, going back on that stage, and now acting and singing lessons, I'm going to be following up on this.

Kendrick Shope (35:10):
You do it. I'm excited. I'm not scared anymore. And I'll be scared when I go to singing lessons, but I'm not scared. I'm not, it feels like shackles off.

Susan Hyatt (35:24):
Okay, y'all feeling that itch to shake things up? This year's finished Strong event is all about tossing out the playbook and disrupting this shit, you, me, an incredible group of powerful women and our shared mission to disrupt the norms and grab the rest of 2023 by the horns circle, October 6th through the eighth with your brightest marker, Savannah, Georgia is the stage for our revolution where we claim every single thing we crave. Go grab your ticket@finishstrongevent.com and get ready to disrupt and delight.

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