The Nerve to Admit the Gifts You Were Born With Ft. Abigail Morgan

In this episode of You’ve Got Nerve, I’ve got Abigail Morgan with me. Abigail is an abundance exponentiator and business coach for coaches who are heart-centered, love manifesting, and want to take action steps in their business that will create sustainable growth without the hustle. Her 30-second superpower is her intuitive ability to articulate YOUR 30-second superpower (which you already possess and are probably undervaluing and overlooking) that people will pay thousands of dollars to experience due to its time, energy, and effort saving value. 

We discuss embracing and admitting the intuitive gifts you’re born with and acknowledging and using these abilities that are often suppressed or doubted in our society. 

Abigail shares her experience of admitting that she’s a Celtic seer, a specific intuitive gift rooted in her heritage, including her initial doubts and journey to self-acceptance. Acknowledging her abilities as a Celtic seer has led to significant business growth and deeper connections with clients.

In this episode, we discuss:

In this episode, we dig into:

  • The societal challenges and self-doubt associated with embracing intuitive gifts, especially in women.
  • Transforming from fearing to embracing these gifts (and why this shift is one of the best you can make!)
  • The concept of 'slacker magic' and how it reduces pressure and increases intuitive guidance in business.
  • How to recognize and honor your own unique intuitive gifts.

Give this episode a listen to break free from societal constraints and trust in the unique abilities that define you. 


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Here’s the link to schedule a 20-minute Celtic Seer Clarity Call to get started on articulating your 30-second superpower and designing your super doable and highly valuable offer! 

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Susan Hyatt (00:00):
Is there something you wish you had the nerve to do? Welcome to, you've Got Nerve, the podcast that teaches you how to conquer your fears, upgrade your mindset, and get up the nerve to go after whatever you want. If you wish you had the guts to go all in on your goals, dreams, and desires, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.

Oh, hey, in today's episode, I've got an old and dear friend and colleague, Abigail Morgan with me. So listen, Abigail has always been all about abundance. She's a business coach for coaches who are heart-centered. She does amazing work in the world, helps people uncover their superpowers and more. We have an amazing discussion about the nerve to admit the gifts you were born with. So speaking of gifts, I growing up was often reprimanded for talking too much and being disruptive in class. I mean, big surprise, but looking back, I'm able to realize that my voice once considered a bad thing, is in fact one of my greatest gifts. It's a tool that allows me to make a difference, to be heard and to change the world. So whether you are the disruptive one in class or the quiet one, I think my story is one that many people can relate to the challenge of embracing our intuitive gifts in a society that often encourages us to mute them.

Historically, women's gifts and intuition have been pretty controversial. Female seers and Oracles used to be revered for their wisdom and insight. But as patriarchal systems solidified, these once loved abilities began to be viewed with skepticism and fear, which hunts are a perfect example of this shift. Women who exhibited any form of intuitive ability or deemed powerful at all, or who simply deviated from the societal norms of their time were often labeled as witches. Then they face persecution not for any real crime, but for embodying a power that patriarchal structures could not comprehend or control. So fast forward to the present day and the suppression of women's gifts and their intuition still exists. Of course, in many corporate cultures, there's an unspoken rule that decisions should be based solely on quantifiable information, leaving little if any room for gut feelings or emotional intelligence. The underlying message is clear to succeed.

We've just got to leave our feelings out of it. And when women are disruptive, when we challenge outdated systems, use our voices. Traits traditionally celebrated in men. They are labeled as being aggressive or bitchy. This double standard discourages many women from speaking up suppressing their natural abilities to lead and make impactful decisions. Societal expectations also dictate that women should prioritize family and home responsibilities and that they need to sacrifice for their families. So this societal norm puts enormous pressure on women to handle the emotional and physical load of the household, thereby suppressing their potential for growth and ability to experience pleasure. And societal pressures are just one part of the story. Internally. Many women struggle with doubt about their gifts and their intuition. We have a fear of being labeled as irrational, overly emotional or crazy. I mean, that's a term that's weaponized all the time.

This self-doubt often stems from a long history of having our opinions, voices, and feelings trivialized from a young age. Many of us are taught to second guess our instincts and to seek validation from external sources before trusting our own judgments. And in spite of all this, there's a growing movement of women reclaiming their intuitive gifts. Women everywhere are finding inspiration and role models who boldly use their gifts, voices, and intuition. To fully embrace our gifts, we have to first acknowledge and challenge the societal norms that hold us back. And then we need to do more than just recognize their existence. We need to make a conscious effort to challenge and redefine those outdated norms. This means questioning longstanding beliefs and practices, standing up against stereotypes and speaking out against injustices. It means making a scene when necessary, unapologetically owning our gifts and using them to their fullest potential for the greater good. We can create a world where women are celebrated for their unique gifts and where the next generation of women grow up confident in their abilities. You can choose to be a creator of that world or a hater of that world right now. So now onto the episode. Welcome to You've got Nerve, Abigail.

Abigail Morgan (05:42):
Hey, so excited to be here.

Susan Hyatt (05:44):
Listen, for those of y'all who don't know, Abigail and I go way, way back. Is it 2008?

Abigail Morgan (05:51):
Yep. It sure is.

Susan Hyatt (05:53):
Oh my gosh. So we've been friends, colleagues since oh eight, and I have had the pleasure of having a front row seat and watching Abigail grow her business without hustling. So I invited Abigail to come on. You've got nerve because there's a couple of things that many of you are scared to do. You're scared to come out with intuitive gifts. You're scared to use your intuitive gifts, and you're also scared if you take your foot off the gas. And if you're not going full throttle all the time, you're going to lose money or not be able to make money. And Abigail is the queen of something. She calls Slacker magic.

Abigail Morgan (06:37):

Susan Hyatt (06:38):
I'm so thrilled to have Abigail here. And so Abigail, I've known you all these years and one of the things I didn't know until recently is what's this gift of yours?

Abigail Morgan (06:56):
So I'm a big fan of everything intuitive and kind of woowoo, as you know. And so I call this intuitive gift of mine being a Celtic seer, which just comes from, I mean, there are Sears in every tradition all over the world, but my particular lineage is Celtic. And so it's just this ability to vision for my clients so I can really see what their superpower is, what their calling is, how to articulate it, what we call a niche in this business world, and how to put it out there in the way that really attracts people into their business. So that's my intuitive gift.

Susan Hyatt (07:33):
And so I mean, I've known since way back that you were intuitive. That wasn't a surprise to me, but I love that you're like, no, no, no, this is a Celtic seer gift. And so of course I went banana cakes. You all know how excited I get when my clients own intuitive gifts. And so Abigail, when you realized your ability, were you vocal about it? Did you go online and tell people, sign up for celtic sea.com? What happened?

Abigail Morgan (08:17):
No, I did not do that. That would've been some serious nerve. No, no. I was, at first I was like, is this a thing? Am I really doing this? Kind of all those? So I actually went and took a little mentoring with another Celtic singer who lives in Wales because I really wanted to understand it. I really wanted to know what I was doing, and I realized this has been something I do naturally, my whole, I've done it my whole life, and I didn't know that this was a thing, if that makes any sense. So I had to understand it. And then it took me quite a while to realize that's what I was doing with clients. And they started reflecting back to me. They're like, oh my gosh, in 30 seconds you just told me what I've been trying to figure out for years about my business. And finally I started saying it out loud. That was only really a few years ago, honestly. And then people were very excited.

Susan Hyatt (09:13):
So what did you first notice you were naturally doing? How does information come to you?

Abigail Morgan (09:22):
Yeah, it's really truly a vision. I get visions, I've had them all my life. So sometimes I'll come in dreams, but a lot of the time I'll just be talking to somebody and I will see a future path or future potentials. I'll sometimes see a couple for people, if you do this, this will happen. And if you do that, that'll happen. It's kind of weird, honestly, it happens in my personal life all the time, which as you can imagine, it's a bit awkward. Try not to tell everyone everything, but it's kind of funny. Yeah. So I see vision.

Susan Hyatt (09:51):
And where do you think, I mean, I have a hunch about this, but you've been doing it since you were a child. So where do you think this comes from, your ability to recognize this is a vision and this is good information?

Abigail Morgan (10:09):
I honestly think it was just something that I was born with. All of us are born with gifts. It just took me a while to understand what it was, but it happened to me a lot. As a kid, I feel like, well, that was something I saw coming, had a vision of or had a dream about in advance.

Susan Hyatt (10:28):
And so what has been, can you do it for yourself?

Abigail Morgan (10:34):
Yeah, absolutely.

Susan Hyatt (10:36):
Okay. So what's a vision that you've had recently that you were, do you ever doubt them? Are you like, no, that can't be right?

Abigail Morgan (10:47):
Yes, absolutely. I mean, it's really weird to see something that's potentially out there and it's like, nah, that can't be, oh, all the time. It happens to me all the time. I had a vision about doing some violin playing that I just didn't think would happen in my area. I didn't think it was possible. And then I got called to do this musical theater I'm doing right now, so that was one of 'em. I was like, no, that would never, no, that's not going to, Nope. But I got hired to play solo violin for it.

Susan Hyatt (11:17):
Wow. Congratulations.

Abigail Morgan (11:19):
Thanks. Yeah, super fun.

Susan Hyatt (11:21):
So have you had a vision for your business that hasn't happened yet that you're excited about?

Abigail Morgan (11:29):
Oh, totally. Yeah. Yeah, specifically I have one that I'm doing an event in Ireland. I see it really clearly. So I don't know when that one's going to be, but it's somewhere out there in the future.

Susan Hyatt (11:41):
Wow. Well, you could come with me to Ireland in May. I Can all your dreams come true?

Abigail Morgan (11:48):
Sign me up.

Susan Hyatt (11:51):
Okay. And so do you think, well, let me ask you this. Why do you think that people have such a hard time getting up the nerve to admit these natural gifts that they're born with?

Abigail Morgan (12:08):
Oh, yeah. I think that's a multifaceted answer because first of all, those of us who are super intuitive or what we call quote woo woo sometimes, or spiritual, whatever you want to call that, our culture just doesn't really talk about that much. It's not acknowledged. So you can feel a little weird if you're saying all that stuff out loud. I sure did at first. So there's that just cultural bias against these kinds of gifts. But as coaches, most of us are really intuitive, and it's so natural to who we are that we don't realize that it's something. And that's what I see with all my clients. They're already doing this. They just don't realize they're doing it, and they don't realize they could be telling people, or they're a little scared to tell people one or the other, or a mix, because it seems like, yeah, that's just something that I do. Whereas their clients are like, oh my God, this is so great. This is so helpful. People would pay them thousands for that, and they just don't even realize that on the other side of that fear is huge client awesomeness happening.

Susan Hyatt (13:17):
I know, and I think that, I obviously think about this a lot because part of my job is encouraging, coaching, motivating, inspiring people to get up the nerve to do what they want. And often the biggest barrier is what will everybody think? And and like you're saying, just our culture tends to side eye these gifts. And I think particularly for women, I find it interesting that if a man announces that he has these gifts, let's give him a TV show. And if those of us who identify as women claim these gifts, then we're somehow crazy, or, oh, she's on something, or what is she a cult leader, et cetera. And it's very natural to tap into those intuitive gifts. And so when you got up the nerve to start saying something, what ended up happening as a result?

Abigail Morgan (14:41):
Yeah, this is the best part. Everyone who's listening, you guys, it's so important because I was having all those thoughts, but will people think, oh my gosh, because you're right. As a person that identifies as a female, it's like, oh, no, what if you're too intuitively emotional, whatever, all that stuff. But I put it out there because I've had some feedback from a few clients, and I just wanted to give it a whirl. And what happened was instant business growth overnight. So the last couple of years have been the biggest in my business, and every single person who signs up with me says the same thing. They're like, I really wanted to talk to the Celtic Sea. So I got to say on the other side,

Susan Hyatt (15:29):
The Celtic seer is a whole brand. The Celtic seer needs its own show. Okay, here's my next question about the Celtic Seer. When you are coaching someone, are there times when you're not able to access a vision or you just, it's not happening in the moment that you need it to?

Abigail Morgan (15:58):
Yeah, that's a great question. Weirdly, no, it's pretty darn accurate and pretty darn steady. I can always tap in. It's kind of like having a really great best friend just always there for you. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like that part of me, honestly, that part of me is probably running my life way more than I realized. So it's always there, you know what I mean? In every session, always there.

Susan Hyatt (16:23):
And is there a different quality to, so usually when I'm coaching clients to start to learn how to listen to their inner voice, a really easy litmus test is if it's true guidance, it's pretty simple, and that your negative inner mean girl will speak in paragraphs and it feels pretty awful. Whereas if it's true guidance, it might sting, but you know where to go with it. It's very grounded feeling. So when you are tapping into the Celtic Sears vision wisdom, is there a difference that you notice in the flavor of it, the quality of it, the energy of it that's different than before? When you were saying, am I really doing this? How do you discern if it's your imagination or the Celtic seer?

Abigail Morgan (17:33):
Yeah, that's a question I get asked a lot, and for people who are developing that, their own skillsets that way. So I think it's a process of first of all, practicing, because the more you practice, the more you get clarity. So I practiced for a long time with people, and I would see, okay, when it feels like this, when it comes like this, it's accurate, right? Because clients are responding with, oh, that is accurate. So over time, it became something I could trust because I had that confidence of developing this skill. Once I knew I had it, it was still scary because it's like, well, how can I trust it all the time? What if I am with somebody? And I think it's that, but it's not totally. So actually getting in there, practicing and using my logical side of the mind too. So double checking with my clients. So now I know in my body the feeling of, yep, we're on target here. And I can really trust that because I've practiced it over time, and it also has a real resonance between me and that client. In the moment. There will be a resonance that we both feel that's quite different from just your average chitchat. It's really that feeling state.

Susan Hyatt (18:51):
I just remembered Abigail, while you were talking, this had to have been 2010. Do you remember our discussion about Mike, the trainer?

Abigail Morgan (19:08):
Yes, I do.

Susan Hyatt (19:13):
Okay. So for those of you listening, Abigail, this might've been right after I did my first half marathon. So I was a new runner, so it might've been earlier than that. It might've been like oh eight or oh nine. I had just done a half. And in true Susan Hyatt form, I thought, well, naturally now I must go do a marathon. And I was going to do a triathlon. Okay, no, it might've been 2010 because I was into road biking. So I was cycling and I was running, but I couldn't swim. And I mean, I knew I can swim, but I was not a good swimmer. And Abigail said something to me, we had this discussion and it was like a vision you had had or something where you brought up Mike, the trainer, who was a guide for me, wasn't it? And you were like, I dunno what he's saying, but he's saying you don't have to suck in your gut, and something else. And it was like keep training was the bottom line. Do you remember what that was about or what you saw?

Abigail Morgan (20:38):
I vaguely remember. I remember the moment very clearly. But the details of what it was all about, it was basically slow your role a little bit, do some strength training.

Susan Hyatt (20:51):
And it was like you had a specific vision of a specific machine that I should be doing, which was kickbacks, like booty kickbacks, which is, listen, I am doing so much of that right now, but at any rate, it was interesting confirmation that fitness would be a big part of my brand in terms of my own personal journey. And then now that I'm not sort of, I'm doing a ton of research about midlife and what it means to be the opposite of a midlife crisis. And so heavy weight lifting and stuff like that is part of my repertoire. But anyway, that was the early days, Abigail, when you were like, listen, listen. So now the Celtic Sea is going to get a hold of it and have a whole runway.

Abigail Morgan (21:48):

Susan Hyatt (21:49):
Okay. Oh my

Abigail Morgan (21:50):
Gosh, that's so funny.

Susan Hyatt (21:52):
So how does this tie into, right, so having the nerve to come out with it and then practice it, get real time resonance with your clients, how does this tie into what you have been preaching forever, which is to stop hustling and harness what you call slacker magic?

Abigail Morgan (22:18):
Yeah, it's slack, slacker magic. I say that term because I meant it to be a little bit funny because all my clients are perfectionists and just like me pressure themselves to no end. And so to slack a little bit is super essential, but it would be really hard to turn a perfectionist into a slacker. So that's why I joke about it slacker magic, because when we do actually take that pressure off, listen to our inner wisdom, use that as our guidance instead of the pressure, this perfectionism, the fear, then we get really good guidance that's more efficient for our businesses. And we don't wear our bodies out. We don't burn ourselves out, we don't get exhausted, and we get magic. That's when manifesting happens. That's when the good stuff flows to us, not all in that fierce state in our bodies. And so I've been preaching that forever, and this is just another way to help my clients tap into that because when they are in their intuitive gift, they're going to have more ease and flow, and they're going to feel a lot more excited about what they're doing. And B, I can just help 'em get there faster because I can see it for them. So it's like a shortcut.

Susan Hyatt (23:37):
I love a shortcut, and I also love, I am somebody who really embraces, I don't know that I was ever a perfectionist, but overachiever for sure. And I definitely have learned how to embrace B plus work that done or shipped out the door is better than continuing to tweak and sit on something and slacker magic every time I've had Abigail come in and talk about slacker magic, my people love it. Y'all love it and you love it because everyone is too hard on themselves. So what does it take to have the nerve to decide that you're going to lean into intuitive gifts and allow magic to flow as opposed to pressured, logical, mind only pressured workload, et cetera?

Abigail Morgan (24:49):
Yeah, I mean, again, we're up against a bit of a cultural paradigm that get it done toxic, what we probably call toxic masculine energy, where it's, it's not that healthy masculine where your action steps are taking you somewhere. It's the like, just do work hard, work hard, work hard, pressure yourself to do better all the time, be better. So it's a little bit of taking that leap of faith to say, I'm willing to try it a different way, and I'm willing to see what happens if I shift my mode of working when I work with clients who are high earners, who are high achievers, who are working hard in their businesses, but their bodies are collapsing. They're like, whoa, I'm running out of gas here, running myself right into the ground. And our body and our spirit is a part of our business, as you well know, of course.

So if we're actually willing to try that little leap of faith and shift how we're working and go with the internal guidance rather than the logic, self pressure, got to get it done mindset, then that's when big magic happens. You can get stuff done. You know what I mean? Totally. We could pressure ourselves and get stuff done. Absolutely. But the really big magic for business happens when we do it the other way, because that's when all the flow can come to us, the ideas, the inspiration, the creativity. We're not creative when we're in a fear mode, when we're in a pressure mode. We don't have access to our neocortex. Can't even think that way. So this is when you get the big ideas, the big dreams come in, and then you start manifesting it.

Susan Hyatt (26:35):
I love the way that you describe it and explain it. I was just on Zoom with couple of my friends yesterday, and we were doing, I do every year a class. It's basically an end of the year report card, and then it helps you inform how you're going to go into 2024. And so we'll link to those documents and the replay in the show notes for the class that I taught, but my friends like to do it with me. And so we spent almost four hours on Zoom yesterday going through it and talking through it with each other and coaching each other on, well, okay, if your energy was down, how do we inform that? And one of my friends was saying basically that the ideas weren't coming and that things felt hard. And I was talking about what you're saying. I don't know if you've noticed lately, Abigail, if you've peaked at my social media lately, but all of a sudden I'm cooking and I know y'all listening are laughing.

Listen, here's what I have to say. Okay? My disclaimer is that I spent so many years cooking all those meals for those children that as soon as I didn't have to, I was like, I'm done. All that pressure to get meals done and lunchboxes packed. I did that shit for decades. And so then I went and swapped and hired a personal chef, and I done that for years. And for whatever reason, I had the inspiration because no one cared, right? First of all, Scott is tiptoeing around. He's like, I don't even want to say the wrong thing because I'm loving this. He's like, what do you need? How can I help? He doesn't want to say the wrong thing because he doesn't want to jinx what's happening, but I just was like, there's no time. I don't have to have it ready by a certain time.

No one's expecting me to do it. And that activity has been great for me to get my brain off of just business or whatever. I'm worried about stuff. And the ideas come when your brain is creatively working on something else. And I was telling my friend that like, listen, you got to run. You've got to paint. You've got to do something that allows you to stop trying to white knuckle whatever this thing is. And for whatever reason right now, for me, it's cooking. I'm in my chef era, Abigail, I'm in my pot. Somebody said, you're in your pot pie era. All you're doing is whipping up various renditions of a pot pie. I'm like, well, I am a Taurus. So we like color.

Abigail Morgan (29:43):
That's awesome. And that's so true. I always say it. You're creating eureka moments when you do that because our mind, in order to get those creative ideas and that flow to come in and all your genius, this is where your genius hits. We all know if you go take a shower, then you get the ideas, right? So it's like that we're setting up all those moments where the eureka moments can actually happen rather than, like you said, white knuckling it at your desk trying to think of the idea or whatever. In the moment, it almost never works that way. You can start the question, you can sit at your desk and say, Hey, I really want to get this idea for whatever. But then you got to get up and go do something totally different and something that feels great for your spirit, right? That's the key.

Susan Hyatt (30:32):
Yeah. It feels really great right now. And it's also an example for those of you listening who if you say you hate something, like I've said for years, I hate cooking. Allow yourself to be surprised. Like I hate running or I every, I said I hate it. Now I'm fucking doing with guts. Stout, hilarious. Humans are hilarious. So true. So one of the things that you mentioned, and I know we're running out of time, but I do want to get this in. You were talking about how the Celtic seer helps people identify what their superpower is and that everyone has one.

Abigail Morgan (31:17):
Yes. Yeah. So I think the question we're always asking ourselves when we're trying to do marketing, we're trying to figure out our niche, we're trying to articulate, do content, messaging, all that stuff in your business, what do I say? How do I put myself out there? Well, your superpower and your calling is that spiritual sweet spot where you are meant to be doing this work. And then being able to just articulate that out in the world is what is going to attract clients to you. And sometimes we say things like brand or whatever for that, but to me, the core of it, the real inner work of that is your superpower. And it seems probably really easy to you. It probably seems natural. It probably seems like no big deal. And that's what happens with all my clients when I do this work, is I'm seeing something for them. They kind of already know in their heart, they kind of know this, or they've even been sort of aware to the point where they're afraid to put it out there. But it's like, well, would people value this? Would they, whatever? Because it's your own thing. You can't see it clearly. You can't see the value, but we all have a superpower. We all have something that we're doing that other people would pay thousands for that they really need help with.

Susan Hyatt (32:30):
Yeah, absolutely. And sometimes I think a fun way, well, first of, I love that the Celtic seer can just fucking tell us number one, but without the Celtic seer, one of the ways I like to help people think about what their superpower might be is would you get in trouble for or get shamed for as a kid?

Abigail Morgan (32:56):

Susan Hyatt (32:56):
That's often a clue to what your superpower is because the energy around whatever that greatness is often gets us shut down by family of origin or culture at large. So every single one of my Catholic school report cards, every single one on the back, written in very careful cursive says that Susan is too talkative. Susan has no self-control, and Susan is disrespectful to authority. I love, this i's a delightful fucking child. Let me just say this right now, but secondly, that's what I get paid to do.

Abigail Morgan (33:39):
Right? Exactly. That's so awesome.

Susan Hyatt (33:43):
I know. I'm like my third grade teacher, Mrs. Shaw was like, I'm very concerned for Susan's future.

Abigail Morgan (33:53):
Good. She could only see you now. Oh my God,

Susan Hyatt (33:55):
Be concerned. I know she was probably a delightful woman, but they didn't know. Catholic school didn't quite know what to do with me, but Oh, that's

Abigail Morgan (34:05):

Susan Hyatt (34:06):
So Abigail, if people want to learn more about you, of course we're going to put all the links in the show notes, but how do you welcome people to engage with you right now?

Abigail Morgan (34:17):
Oh yeah. I've got a couple options that we'll throw in there. So one, I've made a little nine minute because we're all busy. Nine minute training. If you want to learn how to do magical business growth with everything that is relaxing and ease and flow and slacker magic, and then if someone just wants to do a clarity session with the Celtic seer, then they can do that too. So either of those ways is perfect.

Susan Hyatt (34:39):
A clarity session with the Celtic seer. Oh my God, I need one of those.

Abigail Morgan (34:45):

Susan Hyatt (34:46):
I'll be like, what You see? What's your vision, Abigail? Tell me.

Abigail Morgan (34:50):
That's right. That's right. You're going to be cooking so many things.

Susan Hyatt (34:56):
It's hot up in this kitchen. I fucking love you. So thank you so much for your time today, and I know that this episode is going to set the internet webs a blaze. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Abigail.

Abigail Morgan (35:15):
Yeah, thank you. It's been amazing.

Susan Hyatt (35:20):
My program. Big. Yes. Energy is open for enrollment in big, yes energy. We sharpen your intuition and unlock more yes moments in your life. Learn to effortlessly recognize and seize opportunities that resonate most with you. Before long, you'll find that asking for what you crave becomes an intuitive, almost reflexive act. Join big Yes energy today and start living a life where your intuition leads to more joyous moments, more fulfillment and a life filled with pure. Yes. Get all the details and enroll in big yes energy today.

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