Me and my entrepreneurial powerhouse besties, Robert Hartwell and Rachel Rodgers have joined forces to create the most epic mastermind experience: THE MOST.  

That’s right, we’re coming together to help you unleash what you have to offer to the world. 

THE MOST is a luxe, weekend mastermind experience for 50 pioneering entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals, authors, or artists who are ready to electrify their life, business, and relationships. 

But, how did THE MOST come to be?

On memorial weekend in North Carolina, the three of us decided we were long overdue for a photoshoot. And this impromptu photoshoot is what led to the birth of THE MOST.

See, the photoshoot was initially going to be a relaxed day with my besties, but boo that’s not how it ended up going. 

One thing led to another and all of sudden a photographer was being flown in and makeup artists were being welcomed to the house. That’s right, I’m talking full glam, a satin suit, and floor length gowns. We were strutting the beach, living it up being the most. Staying on brand to say the least. 

And, this is when the light bulb turned on for the three of us. Yes, we are the most, but we also know y’all are the most. 

And if your glass is feeling half-empty after navigating your life, business, career, or relationships in a worldwide pandemic – it’s time to fill that glass up and become the most. 

The most amazing version of yourself. 

Create the most for your audience. 

Do the most with your mindset. 

Do the most with your empire. 

And, do the most with your voice.  

But, the most can only happen when you have the right company. 

When you surround yourself with people who are excelling and thriving. 

When you come together in community to all work and encourage each other.  

You can’t produce the most sitting for yourself sitting around in your home. 

It’s time to go after the damn thing. 

It’s time to rise up… shake sh*t up… and emerge from this past year like a fabulous, mother effin’ phoenix.

Visit: https://youarethemost.com/ to learn more about THE MOST and why deserve the absolute most. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is THE MOST?
  • How THE MOST came to be. 
  • Why you should experience THE MOST.
  • How you can discover the hidden money in your business or career and create a bold strategy to pour out what's not working. 
  • How you can level your life TF UP with the most amazing mastermind experience.  

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