RCC 46: Why Pleasure Is the Key to a Successful Business and a Fulfilling Life

Y’all know how I feel about diets. They don’t work, they distract you, and they keep you from living your best life now. And they usually require you to rely on willpower to change yourself, which creates a dangerous cycle: diet, fail, feel weak and powerless, and start the whole thing again. Yuck.

A lot of business advice in the marketing bro guru world is pretty similar: patriarchal, hustle-focused, and ultimately useless. What you really need more of in your life and business is pleasure.

I can hear your skepticism from here. “I need to wake up earlier, send more newsletters, grow my Instagram following, and fix my marketing funnel. Then my business will be on track and I can chill out!” Sorry to break it to you, but piling on the tasks isn’t gonna get you where you want to go. But carving out time in each day for pleasure will.

In this episode I’m making a strong case for adding pleasure into your everyday life and the way you run your business. I talk about how I bounced back from a really stressful time in my life (during which I binge ate, overworked, and put on forty pounds) by saying yes to pleasures big and small. We’ll talk about how having more fun and a dash of luxury will help you feel more relaxed, take better care of your body, and allow you to tap into your highest wisdom & creativity. And I’ll back up all these claims with evidence from my life and my work with clients.

Your job is to find three ways you can add more pleasure into your life. These can be as simple as making time for a delicious, solitary cup of coffee in the morning, or as grand as finally booking that vacation to Spain you’ve been dreaming about. Pleasure doesn’t have to cost a thing, but if it does, find a way to make it happen. Treat yourself!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What diets & marketing advice have in common (spoiler: it's not in their favor!).
  • Why pleasure is the key ingredient for building a business you love and living your best life.
  • How I realized that my life was pleasure-deficient after working myself into some seriously unhealthy habits.
  • Symptoms of pleasure-deficiency and a bunch of different ideas for bringing more fun, luxury, and play back into your life.
  • The relationship between more pleasure and better business and why fun is one of my core business values.
  • Why pleasure isn't just tied to sex or spending and can be found in small, savory moments.

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Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Oh hello lovely people. Buckle up. This is a different kind of episode where it's just me. No interview, but I got a lot to say. Alright, here's one thing I've got to get off my mind. Have you ever noticed that all of the marketing bro, patriarchal, guru advice sounds exactly like the diet world?

So the guru says things like look at my Lambo and my mansion, buy my programs, and diets say look at the skinny girls having fun and drinking Mai Tais, buy my pills. The guru says get the secret that funnel experts use to 100X their revenue, and diets say get the must-have plan celebrities swear by to lose weight. The guru says you're one funnel hack away from making millions, and the diet industry says this one bio hack is guaranteed to make you lean, buff, and irresistible.

The marketing bro says you just need to book 50 calls, do a daily Facebook Live, send more emails and..., and diets say you just need to burn 500 calories, have more willpower, eat only protein and... Y'all know how I feel about diets. Cliff notes, they don't work, they distract you from what's important in your life and they keep you from living your best life now.

Same, same, same for most of the marketing advice we see online, and here's my rant. As women, we've all been trained to think we aren't good enough at business. We've been fed the line that there's a prescription and a formula, and if we just have enough willpower to power through this crappy plan, we'll finally succeed. And if the first crappy plan didn't work, there's hundreds more to give our time, money, and attention to.

And I'm just calling BS on this, just like I've called out the BS in the diet world. It's the same patriarchal nonsense. You don't need the newest funnel or secret hack to build your dream coaching business. In fact, this is distracting you from creating a business that you and your bank account love. So what's the alternative?

Listen, I talk about how pleasure saves lives, y'all, and in this episode, I'm going to make a very compelling case that pleasure is what you need to make the money that you want, having more fun is what you need to honor your creativity, to get clear about how to use your gifts and your unique brilliance to make money to show up and market yourself in a way that feels authentic, and to price your services and offers so that you feel valued and your client is getting a great value, and enroll clients without feeling sleazy. So keep listening because I'm about to give you the pep talk to end all pep talks.

As always, we're starting with a segment that I call your two-minute pep talk, but in today's show, it's longer than two minutes, so let's get going. 13 years ago, during an extremely stressful time in my life, I got into a pattern of binge eating and I gained almost 40 pounds. And I felt so ashamed, but in addition to overeating, I was overworking. These things tend to go hand in hand.

And I desperately wanted to lose the weight and I tried every diet under the sun. Weight Watchers, Atkins, trendy juice cleanses, but nothing worked. Every diet left me feeling like a failure with no willpower. And I also hated myself for caring so much about the weight. It broke my heart. I felt tired, heavy, and uncomfortable in my own skin, and I just wanted to feel different.

So after trying my zillionth diet and getting nowhere, I realized like, this is not working for me and dieting is ruining my life. Overworking is ruining my life. There's got to be another way to be in the world and feel better. And my instincts, of course, were correct. Once I stopped dieting and stopped obsessing about food and work, that's when I finally started to shed excess baggage in more ways than one.

And one of the big lessons I learned is that relying on willpower to lose weight or to make more money, listen, it has a point of diminishing return. It just doesn't work. And listen, women have more willpower in the world than anybody. You've got enough. You don't need more willpower. You need more fun and more pleasure.

Now, I'm going to back this up with client stories, so hang with me. You're probably thinking like, more pleasure, huh? This sounds counterintuitive, but roll with me. I'll explain how it works. I'm going to make the bold claim and back it up. You're not overeating or overworking because you're weak. You're overeating or overworking because you're starving for pleasure.

Millions of women are completely pleasure-starved. They hate their morning routine, they feel bored at work, they feel resentful at home with the kids, they feel guilty for feeling resentful, and they don't even like the clothes that are touching their skin. For many women, food is the only reliable source of pleasure or work in an otherwise pleasure sapped existence.

When food or work feels like the only source of pleasure in your day, then that becomes a fixation and when you're starving for pleasure and food or work is readily available at all times, then of course you're going to binge. Of course you're going to overeat. Of course you're going to overwork. Who wouldn't?

Now, when I say add pleasure to your day, I'm talking about all kinds of pleasure. People always assume I'm just talking about sex, and of course that's a fun topic but that's just one form of pleasure. It's not the only kind. I'm talking about pleasure from music, pleasure from art, pleasure from beautiful things and experiences. Pleasure from quiet, cozy moments in your jammies, pleasure from friends and creative projects, and yes, pleasure from sex and pleasure from food too.

Food should be pleasurable. There are many kinds of pleasure in this world and I want to encourage you to experience all of them. And right now you might be thinking, well Susan, I get plenty of pleasure from food. Too much pleasure actually and that's why I'm overweight. So you're telling me I need more pleasure in my day? That doesn't make sense.

Okay, I'm telling you to add more pleasure into your day, however, I want you to diversify where your pleasure is coming from. So here's what I mean by that. Sometimes we get into a rut. I know I've been there when we're relying on food as the only source of pleasure in our lives, or work, and that's not good. That usually leads to overeating and using food or work like a drug to numb out an escape.

So it's like oh, the kids are being crazy, I'll just go work on my blog, or oh, my husband's driving my crazy, let me get those Doritos. That was totally my situation about 13 years ago and we don't want that. We want pleasure from a wide variety of sources. Food should and work should absolutely be a source of pleasure in your day, just not the only sources of pleasure in your day.

Alright, so let's talk about why it's important to add more pleasure into the day because I know a bunch of y'all overachievers are listening to this and rolling your eyes. But listen, when I work with people on business, this is the secret sauce to them skyrocketing to success. So let's talk about what happens when you focus on diversifying your pleasure, and let's start out with a little story.

So let's roll back 13 years, back to that very different era in my life. And back then, my daily routine had almost no pleasure. No beauty, no fun. I woke up and felt exhausted, I got dressed in some baggy frumpy clothes that I didn't like, usually from Marshalls or Talbots. I made breakfast and usually ate something that didn't feel or taste very good like a stale Pop-tart or a greasy egg sandwich from the fast food drive-through window. And then I'd go to my job, which I really hated.

I felt bored and unstimulated and then I'd pick up my kids from school, do carpool, errands, all the mom stuff, which I found to be really tiring and honestly, really boring. I love my kids to death but shuttling them around after school like an unpaid taxi driver was just not my idea of a good time. And back then, if you'd asked me, Susan, what's the best part of your day or what's a moment that brings you a lot of joy and pleasure? I would have looked at you and I would have said, nothing. None of it.

I mean, that might sound really sad and it was. That's how I felt back then. My day was really devoid of true pleasure. Pleasure just was not part of my reality and as a result, I felt like crap and I got tangled up in some really harmful behavior like overeating and overworking mindlessly as a form of entertainment.

Now, when we don't have enough pleasure in our lives, it takes a huge toll on our health. When you're unhappy and stressed out and don't have enough pleasure, it impacts your hormones, your digestion, your immune system, your whole entire body. Science, y'all. You're more likely to get sick and burnt out, your cortisol levels get elevated, which lead to intense food cravings, even when you're not hungry. Your metabolism slows down and it's much easier to gain weight. So many issues that you don't want. And what's the solution? More pleasure.

So I'm going to invite you as you listen more to this to say yes to decadence. Yes to hedonism, yes to beautiful meals, yes to slowing down and savoring food, and no to restriction, deprivation, and rushing through meals or work. So here in the US, when it comes to food and work, we want things fast. We want efficiency, we want grab to go, we eat in the car to save time, we grab coffee to go. We gulp it down while we're marching down the street and texting and Instagramming at the same time.

We have lunch in front of our computers, we eat dinner in front of the TV, and here in the US for most people, it's really rare to actually sit down at a table and have a leisurely conversation and savor the time and the meal, which is pretty sad. And while I was putting together this podcast episode, I was doing some additional research and I found some pretty startling stats about Americans and our relationship with food.

So here are some of the stats. Fast food restaurants in the US serve 50 million customers a day, and on any given day, 34% of children consume fast food. 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. Now y'all, almost 100% of my meals back 13 years ago was in the car. In the mini van, whipping through the drive-through.

So I know that stat well in my life. The New York Times reports that 62% of professionals eat lunch at their desks in front of their computers. You guys, when we eat our meals in front of a screen, the brain doesn't have an opportunity to quickly communicate to the rest of the body that hey, satiation is happening here. Pleasure is happening here.

And here's another interesting thing to know, that generally speaking, if you're eating in front of a TV screen, you're going to consume 10% more food than your amazing body actually requires. So the bottom line here is that we have some pretty sad eating habits. We eat too much, we rush too fast, we eat in a manner that's unfocused and mindless, and we're distracted by screens as we much, and it's not healthy or pleasurable either. It sucks.

And it doesn't have to be like this. We can stop the madness and we don't have to live this way, and you know what, we deserve better. And here's what happens, and I'm going to illustrate this throughout this episode is that when we slow down and actually savor and stop multitasking, that's when we actually achieve what we want. That's when our creativity comes back, that's when we get the energy back that we need to accomplish all the things we think over-efforting is going to give us.

So for example, if you've ever traveled outside of the US, I hope you have, I'm going to talk about that later in this episode, somewhere in Europe, Italy, France, Spain, you'll notice something very interesting. In those places, people treat mealtime like it's a celebration of life, a celebration of love and connection and pleasure. They light candles, they bring out the fancy olive oil and sea salt. They prepare pasta by hand. They pluck tomatoes from the garden.

Dinnertime is a leisurely experience. They're not working through dinner. People sit and talk and laugh and sip a glass of wine slowly, savoring the flavor deeply. They don't drink fast to get a quick buzz. They slow things down. And during a recent trip to Italy, I attended a dinner that stretched on almost four hours. We took long breaks in between courses, people brought out tambourines and played music, and we told stories around the table.

And by the end of the four hours, I have to admit I was feeling like, alrighty, that's enough. Can we pick up the pace a bit? Can we get the check? But then it occurred to me, wait, what's the big rush? Why am I in such a hurry to get out of here? This moment is beautiful. Why rush away? And that's a great question to ask yourself this week. What's the big rush?

Also, I want you to ask yourself how can I say yes to pleasure? Yes to slowing down, yes to savoring, yes to making each moment feel special, and how could I make the next meal, for example, feel like a royal experience, like I'm treating myself like a queen?

Look, you don't have to roll out the white table linen cloth and light a dozen candles at every single meal. But if you're going to have a scone for breakfast, instead of gobbling it down in your car while you're checking your freaking emails, try slowing down a little bit.

Take the scone out of the bag, warm it up, put it on a real plate, take five minutes to sit down with yourself and really enjoy it. Just by slowing down the tiniest bit, you can elevate your meals and create a moment of beauty in your day. Try it. Slow down and savor the moment, and you'll love how it feels and your body will say thank you.

So here's a fair question. You might be asking yourself do I need any more pleasure? Am I vitamin P deficient? We're not talking about potassium. We're talking about vitamin P as in pleasure, so let's talk about that. The unfortunate reality is that millions of women are severely pleasure deficient. Nine out of 10 clients who come to me are, so women are starving for pleasure.

They're starving for beauty, they're starving for fun and inspiration and joy, especially as it relates to business and it's an epidemic. So here's some of the symptoms of pleasure deficiency, and you can see if you don't have enough pleasure in your life. You're tired, lethargic, uninspired and stressed out a lot of the time.

You feel like you're constantly giving your time and energy to other people and there's almost nothing left for yourself. You feel intense cravings for sugary and salty snacks because you're literally starving for pleasure, and often it feels like food or work is the only source of pleasure that's consistently available.

You look at your calendar for the upcoming month and you feel a sense of dread or exhaustion, just thinking about everything you've got to do. And when someone asks you, hey, what do you do for fun? Or do you have any exciting summer plans? Your response is I don't know.

Interesting side note, the silver fox took me to this event called Fiesta Night and it was a fundraiser for a local organization and there was a young guy there that works in my husband's office, really nice guy, and it was super fun for me. He asked both those questions, which I thought was amazing because most people aren't asking those kinds of questions at those kinds of events.

And he was like so, do you have any interesting summer plans or have you been having any fun lately? And it was amazing for me compared to 13 years ago to be able to say like yeah, we're getting ready to go on a trip to Rhode Island, we're getting ready to go to Italy. You know, when it almost felt like I had too much to say if that's even possible. It's not.

But most people when I ask them that question, what do you do for fun? Their eyes glaze over. They can't answer it, particularly women in business because we're so busy doing everything for everybody. So I want you to be able to answer those questions and do any of those symptoms I just described sound familiar to you. If so, I'm going to help you shift your mind and your body and your world because we're going to infuse your life with all kinds of pleasure and fix that vitamin P deficiency.

So the secret to business in my opinion isn't just about strategy. Of course, I help people create amazing strategy, but it's about actually having a life and infusing your day with more pleasure from a variety of sources. Not just food or work. And when your life is full of pleasure, that frustrating urge to overeat or overwork disappears.

So how can this be? How can more pleasure or having more fun actually lead to more business? Because I can hear all your gears turning in those beautiful minds. You're like, wait a minute, I need to get up earlier, I need to add more blogging to my repertoire, blah, blah, blah. There's actually a scientific reason for this.

When your life feels stressful and pleasure deprived, your body responds by producing extra quantities of a hormone called cortisol. And with extra cortisol pumping through your body, your blood pressure goes up, your metabolism slows down, your immune system is impaired. You store fat more quickly and lose muscle, and you crave food intensely, especially sugary food.

Basically, everything gets all fucked up. Thanks a lot, cortisol. When you're got elevated cortisol levels, your body cannot function optimally and your digestion, metabolism, creativity, energy, all that is impaired and doing business just becomes more difficult. So the solution really is more pleasure because when you bring more pleasure into your daily routine, you feel less stressed.

You feel happier, more relaxed, your cortisol levels drop back down to an appropriate level, your metabolism speeds up, your body releases oxytocin, which is the love molecule, and that reduces cravings, which makes you feel sensual, calm, and immediately more intimately connected to yourself and to others. So when your daily life, your work life is filled with all kinds of pleasure, music, fragrances, fabrics, conversations and experiences that you genuinely enjoy, that frustrating compulsion to eat or overwork fades away, which means you do more business, y'all.

So here's some simple ways to bring more pleasure into your everyday life. Alright, I'm laughing at this first example because it's actually not pleasurable for me to do this but I do it because I like the result. You could book a pedicure or a massage, but I want to be clear to say that pleasure isn't about spending money necessarily. Like if you have the extra money to book something like a massage or a mani-pedi, great. But most of the most rewarding forms of pleasure are free.

If you've got little kids, steal those kids' crayons and start coloring. Call or text a friend who always makes you laugh. I have a bunch of friends in a squad text and they make me laugh every single day with their nonsense. Watch every episode of Downton Abbey or Outlander or you could just watch the best of Outlander sex scenes on YouTube. Girl, you're welcome.

Throw yourself a birthday party. A whole full day of your favorite clothes, music, and experiences. Even if it's not your actual birthday. Create a cozy inspiration corner in your home with your favorite chair, a nice table, a couple of items that inspire you like books or fresh flowers. Maybe a journal.

Listen, I turn my whole office into that. I have roses on my desk, I have candles lit while I record this podcast. I am wrapped up in a little cashmere blanket. Make your space your own. Use the nice china or the fancy perfume instead of saving it for some day later. Make pleasurable switches and upgrades like switch from Fox news to an inspiring podcast, or switch from paper towels to beautiful linen napkins.

I want to encourage you to start making pleasure a priority in your life because it's not frivolous. It's not selfish. It's important. For all those scientific reasons that I just said, your health is on the line. But the bottom line is once you've got more pleasure in your life and you feel better, and every system in your body functions better, it's like a power vitamin that your body needs to function optimally and it just causes you to have the focus you've been craving, the creativity you've needed for your business, and you can hear your higher wisdom guiding you instead of some ridiculous formula that's not going to work because it's like a diet.

So I want to tell you about one of my clients who attended by Italy retreat probably three or four years ago. And she was running a big company, a big online company. Her friend talked her into coming to my Italy retreat and pampering herself because she really was not, at that time, in the habit of doing much for herself.

She had really small babies, sole provider for her household, and she sat down with me in this beautiful room in this Italian villa that I rent couple times a year, and she said to me, I'm making a lot of money but I'm killing myself with the amount of hours I'm working and I'm also giving all that money away. Like her expenses were high, she was paying the people who worked for her these exorbitantly high salaries.

And she herself was bringing home less money than some of the people that were working for her, and I was like girl, what is up with this? And the more we talked during this coaching session, the more it became really apparent to me was that she needed more pleasure. She needed more fun. That she had all the intelligence, she had all the business strategy, but what she didn't have was pleasure, fun, and life strategy.

So we had that one session and I remember saying to her like, you're operating down here, killing yourself, and you need to get up on this level. Look around this room, look at these beautiful experiences we're having, look at the caliber of women who are here, who are showing up for themselves. These are the kind of people to hang around with. These are the kinds of things to talk about. These are the kinds of attitudes to have instead of this boot-strapper, give it all away, I'm not enoughness that was going on.

And you know what, she went and she bought herself - she had kind of hemmed and hawed all week long about this beautiful hat that she saw in one of the local stores and she didn't think that she should spend that money on herself. And we all at the retreat were cheering her on to get the hat, get the hat. And she did. She went and bought the hat but the hat became this symbol of pleasure for her. This symbol of up-leveling. This symbol of putting herself first instead of knocking herself out for her staff and her kids and her husband and her extended family who she was also taking care of.

And let me tell you something. When we took her from a lack of pleasure to the attitude and the expectation of pleasure, everything just up-leveled and exploded in her business. She completely changed her business model, she for sure takes home what she deserves from the business, and her whole life has just blossomed in a way that's so beautiful.

But that doesn't happen if you keep putting yourself on the back burner and putting business ahead of everything. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it's important to hear these stories so you can understand like oh, the more fun I have the more money I make isn't just a cute mantra. It's a way of life for so many of us now.

But what's pleasurable like I was joking about mani-pedis, what's pleasurable for women is different. What's pleasurable to me might not be pleasurable to you and vice versa. It may look very different for each and every woman. And so for me, true pleasure means waking up early before the rest of my family, although I have to tell you I got up early to record this podcast and Ryan Hyatt was up making eggs at 4:30 in the morning.

I was like, why are you up? But I like to have a quiet cup of coffee, watch the sunrise. Such a pleasurable moment in my day. It gets my day started off to a great note. My BFF Francis, for her, pleasure means taking time to work on a new jewelry product in her studio, hammering metals into a new design. For my friend Robert, pleasure means having tea in bed with a fancy teapot and reading some inspiring passages to start the day.

For my friend Melissa, pleasure means taking her dog Lily for a hike, and then at the end of the day maybe binge-watching a couple of episodes of her favorite TV show. For my husband Scott, a huge source of pleasure is tinkering with his vintage car in the garage. So what are some powerful sources of pleasure for you?

Try to think of at least three different ways that you can infuse pleasure in your life this week and all summer long. And remember, there are millions of different ways to give yourself more vitamin P. Consider lots and lots of different options. Pleasure from music, from fragrances like a bottle of coconut oil suntan lotion. Pleasure from a beach trip, pleasure from a lake day, pleasure from a picnic or a hike. Pleasure from social experiences like a yoga class with a friend. Brunch or a fun cocktail party.

Pleasure from books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, pleasure from trying something new like taking a painting class for the first time. Pleasure from simple moments like taking five extra minutes to put on some eyeliner or style your hair while you're wearing a silky kimono robe. Pleasure from doing nothing. Just lying flat on your back in bed or on the grass or just breathing and feeling the sun on your skin.

Pleasure from a phone-free, tech-free evening. Get unplugged, y'all. Pleasure from renting a convertible for the day and driving the top down while listening to J-Lo. Or maybe all of those things. So this week, I'm challenging you to bring more pleasure into your life. You will be truly amazed at what a difference it makes for your mental health, physical health, and your energy levels. Say yes to pleasure and just watch what happens for you.

Okay, wow we're moving into the part of the show where I give a shout-out to you. Shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today I want to give a shout-out to Stacy. So Stacy left me a five-star review called shaking it up and she says, "Susan Hyatt, your episode on money and the pay gap, oh my people. This is so good and important."

And then she goes on to say, "You may not know how aligned we are on this money topic, Susan, and for sure we're going to meet in person some day." Alright Stacy, I want to see you at my Finish Strong event in October. It's going to be in San Diego. She says, "I love this topic so much that it's my mission to take a holistic approach like top level healthcare systems into the financial world."

Yes queen. "Let's all start talking the same language. It starts with education and getting over our own emotional crap about the numbers. It's up to you, people." Alright, well thank you Stacy. I love it. I love all the emojis and exclamation points.

And hey, if you have something nice to say about this show, leave us a five-star iTunes review or send us an email to support@susanhyatt.co, or post something on social media and tag me and you might hear your name on a future episode. I love giving shout-outs to people in my community, so holler at me. Thank you for the love. I love you right back.

So back to this question, what do you do for fun? There's a reason why fun Fridays exist for me because early in my business, I was doing too much. And I decided that fun was one of my business and life core values. So when I look at everything I have on my plate, I know that the reason that I'm able - people ask me all the time. How are you able to do everything that you do? Just watching you online and all the places you're going and all the things you're doing makes me tired. I don't know how you're doing that.

And I have to tell you, number one, my business has grown over the last 12 and a half years and I have people to help me. But even that being said, I'm running this company. How do I do it? Fun Fridays keep me sane and keep my focused on my mantra. Because I believe the more fun we're having, the more good we're doing, the more love we're spreading, and the more money we're making for real.

So I was chatting with my Summer of Yes crew this week and I was so inspired by the fun they've created in big and small ways, like spontaneous golf cart rides with their kids and booking tickets to travel across the ocean and dancing in a hot bikini with a band, and getting a sassy new haircut. And if you're me, being brought to tears by fireflies out my back door.

I'm not kidding you guys, I stand at dusk and look out a window or a door and I just marvel at fireflies. They make me cry. My clients and myself, we're saying yes to ourselves, our lives, and having fun, and the most interesting, effective, successful, and attractive people are the funs who know what lights them up and can answer a really, really important question, which is what do you do for fun?

So me lately, it's riding my Peloton spin bike, always Beyoncé, Italy, making a scene, convertible rides, my family the Hyatt riot, lifting weights, just those to name a few. And if you're not doing what you consider to be fun, take this pleasure challenge this week very seriously. I have a friend for example who lives in Savannah, Georgia. That's my original hometown and the best city in the south. The world voted and it's true.

And my friend loves Savannah and refuses to travel. He says he's got everything he could possibly desire within the city limits of Savannah, so why go anywhere else? And I think people can make this argument about a lot of things, even in their own town, like why would I go to the farmer's market, why would I start doing bike rides, blah, blah, blah. Why? Why travel? Why add something new?

And I believe strongly in travel. If you follow me at all, you know it's a big part of my fun and a big part of my business model. And so if you're considering adding some pleasure into your life and you can afford to invest in traveling, I think it's important because you need to see that people are kind and good everywhere, and you need to taste good grown in foreign soil and seasoned with spices that you've never tasted.

You need to see that the way people live in your city isn't the only way to live, and you need to hear songs of worship to rituals you never knew existed because you need to walk through villages where people appear to have nothing, except then you realize that they possess a level of spiritual and emotional wealth that most people in your home country only dream about.

Because you need to taste pasta prepared by an Italian matriarch who goes by mama and who hugs you fiercely before you leave at the end of the night. And because particularly, if you're a white privileged American, you could probably use a few lessons in gratitude and humility. Try meeting a European teenager who speaks three languages fluently like it's no big deal. I'll tell you, it's humbling.

Talk to a Thai woman who earns 10 baht per month. That's $285, but who shares her home, her food, and her spirit more generously than any American you've encountered. Hold yourself up to the mirror that travel provides and ask yourself, do I like the type of person I've become? How could I grow? How could I seize the innumerable privileges and opportunities that I've been given?

You need to wander through unfamiliar places without a rigid agenda and allow yourself to be blissfully lost. Oh, and that's not all. Above and beyond all the reasons I just mentioned, travel has one more benefit. It's a fast track to discovering the greatest work and projects of your life. The work you're really here to do.

Lin Manuel-Miranda got the idea to write Hamilton while vacationing in Mexico. And he said, "It's no accident that the best idea I've ever had in my life, perhaps maybe the best one I'll ever have in my life came to me on a vacation," he told a reporter. "The moment my brain got a moment's rest, Hamilton walked into it."

Who knows what will walk into your brain because you decide to get on that plane? Why travel, you ask? Because your spirit is hungry, because your next big idea is waiting, because you'll always remember because you'll never be the same. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. I hope I have convinced you. I brought you to the core of pleasure.

The verdict? You need more fun and pleasure in your business model. You need more fun and pleasure in your life. So I would love to hear. Tag me on social media what you're doing for pleasure and for fun. And hey, if you're looking for a business mentor who has more than just the latest strategy to offer, look no further than your girl Susan Hyatt.

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This worksheet makes finding clients feel so much simpler and not so scary. So head to susanhyatt.co/rich to get that worksheet. Over there, you're also going to find a free Facebook you can join especially for coaches. Bring your coaching practice and your income to the next level at susanhyatt.co. See you next week.


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