RCC 101: Reinventing Yourself and Making Serious Money with Jessica Miller

I have a real treat for you on the podcast this week. If you’re reaching for big goals but feeling overwhelmed about how to get there and struggling to get your money mindset right, this episode is for you. My guest this week is Jessica Miller. She is a money-making machine who is on a mission to teach everyone she comes across how to do what she’s doing.

Jessica Miller is a mom, a wife, and Success Coach and CEO of Brand New You, a life and business coaching company that works with highly-driven female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to empower them to make money and step into who they are meant to be. She is passionate about helping others lead their best life, own their time, find vehicles to make significant income, and grow in ways they never thought they could.

Tune in this week as Jessica and I discuss what we see standing in the way of women entrepreneurs when it comes to making serious money in their businesses. Jessica is sharing how she dealt with the overwhelm of leaving her corporate career, reinventing herself, starting her own business, and how she helps her clients do the same.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to remove the overwhelm that comes with having high ambition and chasing a big goal.
  • 3 tiny steps that you could be taking towards your next big goal right now.
  • Jessica’s superpower of helping women make money, no matter the circumstances they’re in.
  • The biggest mental obstacle Jessica typically sees that stops women from making money.
  • How Jessica overcame her own mental hurdles that told her she couldn’t make money as an entrepreneur.
  • The importance of the story you tell yourself about how much money and time resources you have.
  • How to upgrade your own money mindset and see what’s possible for you as an entrepreneur.

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Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm Master Certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Coaches, I want to know, what’s your number one goal right now? Maybe you have a financial goal. For instance, you want to book two new clients and earn an extra $5000 this month. Alright, yes. Or maybe, you have a marketing goal. You want to plan your first webinar, set up a landing page, run some Facebook ads to inspire people to sign up and watch. By doing this, your goal is to add 100 new potential clients to your mailing list. Okay, love it.

Alright, so think about your number one goal when it comes to your coaching practice. Whatever it is, whatever you crave most, it’s time to stop stalling, y’all, and go get it. So, by the end of this episode, my goal is that you will feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to act. This is going to be a fiery one. Extra flames, extra hot sauce, here we go.

Get ready, boo-berry because it’s time for your two-minute pep-talk. This is the part of the show where I share some motivation to get your week started off right. And when you have a massive goal and you’re feeling overwhelmed and you just can’t seem to get moving, here are three things I strongly recommend.

Number one, finally get really clear on your goal. What do you want? Why do you want it? When do you want this goal to be accomplished by? What’s the timeline? Start by getting really clear on those foundational things and this can help you clear the brain fog and feel a little less overwhelmed. So, you’ve got to get clear on what, why, and when.

Number two, start where you are. Start with the resources you’ve got. Start small if you need to. Keep it simple and just start. Get things in motion. So, here’s a good question for you, if you’re in this part of your journey. What are the next three tiny steps you could take to get things moving towards your goal?

For instance, if you’re trying to earn an extra 10K through your coaching practice in the next 30 days, your next three tiny steps might look and sound like this. Tiny step number one, get a blank notebook and a pen so you can write down money-making ideas.

Tiny step number two, sit down with your badass notebook, play some inspiring music, brainstorm 10 ways you could make more money. Some of these ideas might be great and some might be awful. Whatever, just write down 10 ideas.

Tiny step number three, schedule a time to meet with your business coach to go through your list of 10 ideas and start to arrow things down to one or two ideas you could try first. Just three tiny steps. No big deal. Get a notebook, brainstorm ideas, make an appointment to discuss your ideas with your coach. That’s it. Start there.

And you can that. You don’t need to have everything figured out right now. Just nail one thing at a time. This is the exact same advice I gave to my son Ryan when he was feeling overwhelmed about launching his business as a realtor.

We had a meeting at the kitchen table and he was spinning. He was like, “I need business cards. I need a mailing list. I need to run Facebook ads. I probably need Google ads too. I need so many things. Where do I start?”

And I encouraged him to just simplify. I was like, “Nope, you don’t need all that stuff today. How about we just focus on getting your business cards, your signs, your website up. Let’s just focus on that. Let’s just nail one thing at a time and then move onto the next.”

And so, to recap everything so far, if you have a goal but you feel overwhelmed, number one, you have to get clear on exactly what your goal is and why it matters to you. Number two, write down the next couple of tiny steps. And then number three, most importantly of all, clean up your thoughts. Eavesdrop on your thoughts. Notice if low-quality thoughts start creeping into your head.

If you catch yourself thinking something like, “There’s too much to do and I’ll never finish and I’ll never reach my goal,” then you need to switch to a high-quality thought. And a high-quality thought might be, “I don’t need to finish everything today. I just need to pick the next three tiny steps and do those.”

So, to sum this up, you want to get clear on what you want. Clearly define this goal. Choose the next two tiny steps and keep them simple. Clean up your thoughts. Make sure you’re saying high-quality things to yourself. Do those things, and I promise, you’re going to feel way less overwhelmed. Pep-talk complete.

Now, we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shoutouts to you; shoutouts to listeners and clients and all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shoutout to Elena Sonnino. Elena, he gave me a beautiful five-star Apple Podcasts review.

And she entitled it Play Big, “I love the courage to play big episode. It was, as usual, just what I needed to get out of my own way and finetune how I’m showing up in the world. Susan’s energy and her fabulous guests can’t help but inspire you to take the step that you’ve been putting off and decide to go all on.”

I’m so glad you loved that episode, Elena. Thank you so much. Those are my shoutouts for today. If you have something you want to say about this show, send an email to support@susanhyatt.co. You can post a five-star iTunes review, post something on social media and tag me, and you might hear your illustrious name on a future episode. I love giving shoutouts so holla at me. Thanks for the love. I love you right back.

Today’s guest is Jessica Miller. So, Jessica is a Business Money Mindset Coach. She specializes in really helping you grow your business, but getting your mindset right about money is one of her specialties. And she is a fierce go-getter.

Over the course of her career, she’s accomplished so many things. She’s not just a dreamer. She’s a doer. This woman knows what she wants and she’s relentless in her pursuit. And that’s why I invited her to join us on this particular episode. So, let’s dive into this conversation.


Susan: So, welcome to the show, Jessica Miller.

Jessica: Thank you. I’m very happy to be here.

Susan: So, I’m always delighted to talk to you. You’re always so generous with your knowledge and your experience and I’ve had the privilege of watching you create a super-successful coaching practice. And one of the things that’s been fun to watch is that you’ve really owned and come into your own in understanding your superpower around a certain topic. So, what is it?

Jessica: So, my superpower around really making money regardless of the circumstance. That is one of the things I’m so passionate about and I do think is a superpower.

Susan: It makes me so excited because you know I love talking about money and I love making money, and I really love though getting women talking about and making money. And so, what have you noticed in the work that you’ve done with women around money is the biggest mental obstacle that people typically have.

Jessica: Yeah, so that’s a really good question. I think one of the biggest obstacles is we, as women, I think we see that there are people out there making money. So, there’s a certain part of us that believes that it’s possible to make money. I think some part of our brain sometimes might think that those people are specials snowflakes, like they’re special people that make a lot of money. And although they think that it may be possible, they don’t necessarily believe that it’s possible for them.

Susan: I agree. I think people hear inspiring stories – even in Rich Coach Club when I interviewed you inside Rich Coach Club and talked about the money that you made very quickly in 2020, I know that there were people, because they emailed me, who were like, “Yeah, but…” fill in the blank. And one of them is that people look at someone like you and they’re like, “Well she has something that I don’t have.” What do you say to that?

Jessica: I say that it’s totally untrue. I mean, a big part of – so you know my story, I was working in corporate America for a long time before I became an entrepreneur. And the number one thing that kept me stuck in corporate America was this belief that if I left corporate America, like it was because of corporate America that I was making a lot of money, and if I became an entrepreneur, I was going to be shuffling along the streets in my bathrobe dead broke.

It was something that was out there, something that I didn’t have that kept me really stuck there. And when I became an entrepreneur and I started to make money again quickly, I started to realize, this is not something that is bestowed upon special people. It is actually a belief in your ability and belief in your ability to do that.

And when I realized that, I got so excited and passionate to help everybody I know do that same thing. But it really starts with your belief. It starts with that moment where you realize that all the crap that your brain is teeing up to you about what it means to make money, what that looks like, who you need to be, which is somebody, something out there is totally untrue. And we are living that lie, especially as women, I hate to say it, for a long time. And it’s just total BS and we don’t need to live there.

Susan: It seriously made me tear up listening to you. I’m like, I just had my makeup done for this webinar and I’m like, “Okay, don’t cry off your lashes.” It’s really moving to hear you talk about it in the way that you phrase it. because it is true, I think that those of you listening, if you’ve been successful in some other realm, you are probably telling yourself some form of a lie that you’re successful in that realm because of something that’s not you. Whether it’s your location, who you’re married to, whether or not you have children. And what’s really interesting is, listen, I have worked with entrepreneurs for over 13 years and the ones who make money are the ones who tell themselves nice things about money and making money.

Jessica: Yeah, another thing that comes up, I think, a lot for people is time. Like, time and money seem to be one of those things that hold people back. Like, do I not have enough time, do I not have enough money? And I think plenty of people who are listening to this right now in the circumstance, they may have less time, quote unquote, than ever. And I definitely did.

I have two little children and a husband that works and a fulltime coaching career. And there’s very little, quote unquote expendable time in my day. But I have had more success and I have felt more passionately about helping people now than ever.

Susan: Yeah, it’s interesting how – and we’re recording this in July 2020 in the time of COVID and you along with probably three fourths of my listenership have found themselves homeschooling their children, which is not necessarily a job you maybe thought you would ever have. And everything that goes along with that, you know, having everyone home.

And you’re right, money and time, so wealth in money, wealth in time, wealth in health, all those things are so intertwined in the work that we do. And it’s interesting that people will say, “I don’t have that thing she has,” or, “Okay, maybe I have what she has, but I don’t have the time she has.”

I mean, the way I talk about time is that it’s not the amount of time you have. It’s the energy and attitude you bring to the time that you have. Because you can prove in a court of law that some people have less free time than others, you know.

Jessica: Yes, and I think to that point, I think it’s also the story you tell yourself around the time. When we first started with the pandemic and everything was really crazy, I really had this thought that if I was single and in quarantine, I would have all this time to build my business.

And although, as a coach, I’m like, “That’s a thought,” there was a part of me that was like, “But it’s a true thought, Jess. They have more time.” But that thought was holding me back so much in the beginning because if I tell myself that I don’t have enough time, that’s the result I will create. And regardless of the actual quantity of time, if I tell myself I’ve got what it takes in this time or this is all the time I need, those are the results that I create.

And part of me also extrapolated that to my clients. You know, a lot of my clients who want to make money don’t have all this expendable time. So, guess what, they don’t want to waste the time either. So, they’ve got just as much time as I do, so it just sort of syncs up, but the stories are powerful. They’re so powerful.

Susan: I always explain it to my clients this way. Like, I work a condensed workweek. And it’s not the amount of hours. It really is the output that you can produce in those hours that’s created from your thoughts and your energy and all those things. And it’s like, if you’re going on vacation, which no one is right now hopefully because of COVID, but previously, think back to when you could freely travel, you get so much shit done right before you leave town because there is a drop-dead date.

Like, the plane is leaving, the car is leaving, the boat is leaving. If you have all the time in the world – I could drag my workweek out to six days. But if I condense it to four, it’s like, I can get the same amount done. I don’t tell myself, “I can’t get as much done as her.” I tell myself, “I get more done than most people because I take fun Fridays.”

Jessica: Yeah, I think you wrote the book on efficiently getting things done in a short amount of time.

Susan: Right, and I do realize, like, people have different work styles and all those things. But it’s just like a mind-bender. I used to think I needed five or six full workdays to be successful and it’s not true. It’s not true.

Jessica: And I think I learned that from you too by watching you and working through understanding what you did and understanding how you thought about it. that made me understand that you weren’t this special person that only could do that and I couldn’t. Even if I didn’t think I was a time-bender when I started, I started to realize, that’s just part of my thinking too.

Like, if Susan can do it, and I can watch her and she’s emulating that, same thing with money, then I can do it too. It starts to change your belief in yourself, and that changes your results. And so, it’s awesome to be in the company of people that are leveling up in that way that you want to. And I think being an example of that is so important.

Susan: What do you think – and going back to making money, and one of the sort of toxic blocks people have, there’s like, “Oh, well she has something I don’t have.” What are some other common things you notice your clients tell themselves about making money that you’re able to help them understand is just not true?

Jessica: Oh yeah, I think one of the big things is I think people think that there’s this finite amount of money in the universe. And that also making money is this zero-sum game. So, if I make it, somehow, it’s detrimental to somebody else. Like, I make some, you have to make less in order for it to equal out. And so, there’s this part of our brain, especially for givers and women and people who want to help others, that that sort of default mechanism is, like, you’re taking something away from someone else or that you need to get money from your clients. Like, money is something that you create out there in this external space.

And in reality, it’s not. Money is created in your mind. It’s created with the value and the energy you put out into the world. And I think part of that energy magnifies when you believe that your growth and your success allows other people to succeed too.

And for me, the result that comes from that thinking – and not just thinking it, but actually having the result of watching your clients do that, like really knowing that you can create that for other people, everybody up-levels. It’s so good. But it’s such, I think, we’re not taught that. It feels like we’re taking something away from other people. And I think that’s another huge fallacy that we have.

Susan: It’s really interesting. Part of it, I think, with women, is we’re taught not to talk about money just in general. But for women especially, we’re taught we’re not great at math. Like, we’re not good at money. We’re not great at math. Like, don’t worry about it.

You know, depending on your generation listening to this, you were told, like, your husband – it’s this very cis-hetero mindset, but your spouse or partner needs to worry about that, not you. And even if people didn’t say those words, it’s implied in gender bias in school and in just like jobs – I’m sure you experienced it in corporate.

And so, it’s this attitude that we somehow breathe in from birth that money is unsavory. We don’t talk about it. We’re probably not going to be very good at it. and somebody else, like, we clock in and clock out and somebody else pays us for our time, versus, like money is a wonderful thing. Money affords us not just our lifestyles but the impact that we can have on the world. So, what’s been the most fun thing about earning more money for you as an entrepreneur?

Jessica: Oh my gosh, well, I just think money allows you to create so many things. And I think as you grow into the income you’re producing, the creativity around what you can do with that, you take on this sense of limitlessness. It’s hard to explain it. But you can get really creative. You can come into parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed before you had this medium to be able to play within.

Whether it’s in your business or your personal life, I mean, there’s things I’ve done with my family and with my clients and just with even sharing opportunities with other people that have just raised my spirits and raised my vibes in ways I could have never experienced without having access to creating that through the energy of spending money.

And it’s true what you said. Sometimes money gets a really bad rap. And in this world that we live in, it is the exchange. And so, if you embrace that for what it is and you think about all the incredible things that you can create – and think of all the amazing people that you know and imagine if they had all of the money that they wanted, to create all of the amazing things that they wanted to create, like not only would it be incredible for everyone on Earth, but it would just be so much more fun.

Susan: Totally. I was talking to somebody about this earlier. All my sessions and interviews are running together, but someone I was talking to today, we were talking about the fact that it’s not just like fun to say, like, “I made X number of dollars this year, which blew my mind.” It’s what you can do with that money and the impact that you can have and how fun that can be, you know.

It’s fun to me to give a scholarship to a female entrepreneur. It’s fun to me to donate to female political campaigns. It’s fun to me to be able to pay cash for college for my kids, for example. Although, it’s so funny, you were like, “Hey, this is the exchange that we have.” And I know that you said that because there are plenty of people listening who are, like, “Capitalism is bad,” and all those things.

And I like to call myself a conscious capitalist, which my daughter Cora says does not exist. She is 100% a socialist. And I’m always joking with her and I’m like, “Well, this capitalist is paying cash for your college, so…” But however, however I do think that there’s a misunderstanding in general because she has educated me about what socialism actually is, versus communism. Anyway, we could go down that whole rabbit hole.

But currently, right now, the exchange that we have is, like, money. It’s not going to probably change in our lifetime. Although my daughter would argue with me about that. So, then, as women, we need to function within this society in the most healthy way possible. And so, let’s make all the money so we can create all the change that we want.

Jessica: Yeah, I also want to add that there are so many amazing things, like all of the things that you said, we create with our money and that exchange of energy amongst people. And really, when you think about money, it’s a piece of paper and it’s the value that you give to it and the thoughts behind it and the energy behind it.

You could have money that you use for really good things and money you use for really bad things. And the wonderful thing about it is you get to decide what you want to do with that. And even the things that sometimes we can feel it may be shallow or whatever, but there are things that fill us up as individuals and we need to embrace those things.

Like, I remember the first time I went to this beautiful spa and I bought a friend of mine, my best friend, to the spa with me who had never gotten a massage and she had never been to a place like this. And I watched it change her perception of what it even meant to go to someplace like that.

I remember her saying to me, like, “Oh, I always thought that people who were like shallow jerks went to places like this. But I really love you and I value you and you go to places like this.” And I thought, this is what it’s all about.

So, if it’s like fancy makeup or shoes or spas or whatever it is that raises your vibe into that flow that you then can share that with others so that it raises theirs in whatever way and you don’t exactly know what that impact is going to be, but it’s the energetic alignment. It’s how we interface.

And sometimes, it can also take people who are really out of alignment and help bring them into alignment because you’ve shown them that it’s really about them. It’s about them creating it and their experience of it. And what they choose to do, the power is within you to make money and make good things in the world if that’s what you want. And you shouldn’t hold yourself back.

Susan: Amen. And I’m all for – I mean, those of you who listen to this podcast, y’all know I like me some Dynasty vibes and, like, right now, if you click in the show notes, you can watch the video, I’m wearing a crazy Dynasty dress. I’ve got my face all done. I love jewelry and shoes and bags and trips and all that stuff.

I love it because of how I feel, not because I think I need any of it. And I fully embrace it and own it and instead of being a minimalist, I’m a maximalist. Like, I have the t-shirt. I am, like, more, hashtag more. But what I love the most, like, real true wealth comes from that feeling of abundance and having an abundant feeling, like I have the money I need, the time I need, the presence I need, the idea and creativity and being able to flex those things. All those things make me so happy and money is sort of the icing. Money is sort of the tool or exchange, like you said.

Jessica: Yeah, I think it lets you step into the you that’s you too. It’s all that stuff together. And it’s the ability to create all those things because you know you can and you’re not blocking it because it’s money and you’re not blocking it because you have a thought about it. You get to do as much or as little as you want. And I think that’s the beauty of it.

Susan: So, what are your money goals for the rest of 2020? Here we are, like halftime.

Jessica: So, my money goals is to continue to grow my business. I was thinking a lot about this. Like, do I have a number? And I’m not really set on the number yet. I definitely have this feeling like I’m made for something bigger. Like, there’s bigger programs that I’m putting together in my business and there’s more people out there I know I can help.

And so, I think as long as I’m continuing to grow, that’s the goal. I have to stay on that trajectory because I know there’s big things for me to do in this world and there’s people that I haven’t even met yet whose life is going to change my life and the other way around. And so, I’m so blessed and grateful for all of that.

And so, 2020 is going to be a really exciting and monumental year, even with some of the tough things that we’ve all been through in 2020, which, yeah…

Susan: I was saying to a class yesterday, “Can y’all believe that January 2020 was this year?” Like, I look back on life pre-COVID and I’m like, “Whoa, the amount of freedom that we had that we took for granted, I think, is astounding to me. And then through everything, there have been a ton of blessings. And one of those things is definitely a commitment to, just based on how you answered that, I feel it too, just a commitment to expanding, leading, expanding my capacity.

It’s just much more that way. I had to make a decision about where to put my time and energy with my company and I picked the tougher road that’s going to make me grow a lot more.

Jessica: I would expect nothing less, Susan Hyatt.

Susan: That’s more fun. It’s not a decision, like, I don’t ever make the easy money decisions, but money follows growth.

Jessica: Yes, it does. And it follows the tougher, you know – it’s like you grow the most through the harder times, and that’s where all the opportunity is, even though our brain is like, “No, really? Can’t you just tell me the direction just this one time?”

Susan: Right, “Not another fucking thing…” Like, don’t even come at me with the killer hornets. There was a news story about a python in somebody’s toilet. I’m like, listen, 2020, you better stop that shit. So, if somebody listening to this wants to upgrade their money mindset, what’s the piece of homework that you want to assign our listeners that they can’t avoid.

Jessica: Yeah, so this is a little nugget I learned from you, Susan Hyatt, which you would always ask me. So, first I would say, you know, take a pause in your life and think about the thing, if we’re talking about business owners, the things you could do in your business that are going to bring you joy, that you’re really passionate about.

I think one of the blessings and curses of entrepreneurs is that we’re very creative and there’s all the things, we have all these ideas all the time, and so, we can get pulled in all these direction. But when you stop to think about what is the one thing that you could focus on that would bring you the most joy, that you would enjoy doing the most and that you’re passionate about, sometimes we can get really clear on what that is.

So, I would say, you know, take a minute and think about where could I have my biggest impact? Like, what would be the most fun? What would I be most passionate about? And then for me, I think one of the biggest things that allowed me to gain the most success in my business and with my clients was I got really clear, what were the results that I was going to help them get? And then I focused in on making my offers around those things.

So, for the longest time, I just did one-on-one coaching for years and I got really good at coaching and I got really good at helping people get those results. And my husband would always be, like, “Who’s more excited about their results, Jess, you or them?” I’m like, probably me, you know. He’s like, “For sure you.”

But I was able to really help them get those results and then I would add things on. So, I started adding on groups. But I think when we can focus in, we can expand, like, all the creativity around that expands. We help people understand why it’s valuable. We can help keep the vision for them. And we can really go in and share it from a very centered place, knowing that whatever amount of money that we’re getting in return for giving this service, it will never outweigh what they’re getting.

Like, everything they’re becoming, all they’re going to create is always going to be bigger. And I think when you can get your mind into that place, there’s this compulsion to tell everybody about what you’re doing. Like, you just want to bring everybody into that fold. And I think that focus and that clarity on what you’re offering and what is that one thing that you’re going to go out there and talk to people about, really that’s the gamechanger. I think we fracture our energy, and then we’re all over the place.

Susan: Okay, so I ask everybody this. I want to know what’s something either free or next to free that helps you feel rich. People always laugh at me. And this was pre-COVID, this toilet paper. I literally have a six-month supply in my basement, of toilet paper.

I don’t understand why that was a thing during COVID, honestly, but I was all set. But it’s like having an abundance of toilet paper and Nespresso pods and vanilla scented candles make me feel rich.

Jessica: That’s a good one. I would say the thing that makes me feel rich, I have this plug-in heating pad that has a timer. And literally, when you put this thing on before you get into your bed, you feel like you are at the spa. It is the best $30…

Susan: A $30 heating pad you turn on before you get into bed. I love it.

Jessica: Yeah, you can bring it with you, plug it in whenever you want wherever you are. But there is something about the warmth, and it feels so luxurious.

Susan: Yes, I love this answer. Okay, so I do have all the link love in the show notes, but where can people hang out with you, find you?

Jessica: Yeah, so I have a website. It’s jessicamillerbny.com. And then I also have a Facebook group called Brand New You where I invite anyone who would like to be part of that, wants to learn about mindset, money, and just be with an awesome group of people. That’s a Facebook group and you can find me by just putting Brand New You Jessica Miller in the search.

Susan: Brand New You. Well, I love it. Thank you so much for your time, as always. This has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what you go get next.

Jessica: Thank you, it was a pleasure being here.


Susan: Oh hey, one more thing. If you’re ever having a low-energy, low-quality thought, low-motivation kind of day and you’re just struggling to get your ass in gear, I have a few quick things to recommend. So, go to YouTube and search for kids who give the best motivational speeches, and watch a few of those. You will laugh. You will sob. You will get your butt in motion, trust and believe.

Also, go to YouTube and search for top five athletes who overcame injuries to win a medal. And search best comebacks ever. Both of those videos are posted on the official Olympics channel. Watch clips of athletes making major comebacks and doing things that seem impossible. I dare you not to cry.

And lastly, if you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated, sometimes this is a signal that you’re tired and burnt out. Have you eaten lately? Have you moved your body? When’s the last time you felt sunlight on your skin? Step away from your desk for an hour, a day, a weekend. Unplug to recharge. You’ll return to your desk with 10 times more motivation than before.

This works for me every time. And it’s one of the reasons why I’ve started giving my employees a four-day workweek with three days off, no work on Fridays, most of the time. Because more pleasure leads to more energy and more motivation and more productivity once you’re back at your desk.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope this episode has inspired you to stop stalling and go get whatever you most want. It’s incredible what happens once you get unfrozen and start taking action. Doors open for you, Miracles come into your life. It all starts when you find the courage to make that first move.

And please remember, you don’t need to have it all figured out right now. You don’t need a 10-year business plan. You don’t need a complicated marketing strategy with 15 different components. You probably don’t need a $50,000 business loan.

Start simple. Start where you are. Figure out your next three tiny steps. Nail one thing at a time. Just get yourself in motion. Go get it. Have an amazing week and I’ll see you next time.

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