Make More Miracles

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to growing your business and earning more money?

Would it feel like a “miracle” to have clients pouring in the door, opportunities flowing your way, and your bank account ballooning to six figures or more?

I hear from Coaches every day. They’re completely worn out from trying so damn hard. Overwhelmed by all the tasks and responsibilities in their work and life. (Thanks a lot, invisible workload!)

If you’re one of these Coaches – procrastinating, strapped with fear, where everything feels so heavy and hard – you will love today’s episode of Rich Coach Club. 

We’re talking about how to get clear on what you want to change for 2022, and how to make more miracles in your life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why everyone is capable of making miracles. 
  • How to go from claiming your miracle to creating it.
  • The power of tiny, significant moves. 
  • Why you’ve got to “let them know” if you’re serious about making a change.
  • How to get yourself a miracle-making squad.

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Susan Hyatt: Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach, and if you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm Master Certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt, and I am psyched for you to join me on this journey.
Oh, hey, coaches. It's that time of the year when coaches often feel stuck in a rut, trying to make more money without trading it all for time. And maybe you're just completely worn out from trying so damn hard, not to mention the chaos happening in the world around you. Perhaps you're overwhelmed. You've got too many tasks that you've put on your own plate and responsibilities that everyone expects you to do. Thanks a lot, invisible workload. You're procrastinating, strapped with fear, and everything just feels so heavy and hard. It's very easy to get caught up in these feelings, but booberry, these low quality thoughts that are not serving you. Let's flip your thinking. If you could wave a magic wand and make a miracle happen, what would that be? In today's episode we're talking about how to get clear on what you want to change for 2022 and how to make more miracles in your own life.
The first thing I want you to know is that you're a fricking miracle maker. Okay? You can make miracles. This is not some woo-woo BS. I promise you. I have worked with thousands of clients over the past almost 15 years and watched them make miracle after miracle. I've also created plenty of miracles myself. Whether you want to grow your coaching practice to six or seven figures or become a certified life coach or stop struggling with money or experience more pleasure or stop procrastinating, it's in your power to make that happen. Get clear on what miracle you want to make happen and why this matters to you. Claim that miracle and write it down. Then you've got to go from claiming it to creating it. Miracles don't just poof and happen. I'm in the business of making miracles. And what I know is that we wouldn't have the craving unless we have the full capability to create it.
We've got to take unapologetic action in making our miracles happen. Set things in motion and think about things that might prevent you from doing it. So here are some things to keep in mind. First, you need to take tiny, significant moves toward your miracle. The most common objection I hear is that there's no way to make a miracle happen. But, listen, when it comes to miracles, there is always a way. The trick is to think about the tiny yet significant moves you can make. For example, a friend of mine told me about a woman she knew who had the dream of writing a book. It was a fiction book, a soapy, salacious, romance novel. This woman also had a full-time job working more than 60 hours a week, and three kids. Time was not on her side, nor was energy, but she wanted to make a miracle.
She discovered that the only free pocket of time she had was on her lunch hour. One hour per week, five days a week. During this hour, she would sit at her computer, forking her salad, and got into writing. She discovered that it took her about 20 minutes to even get into a story, leaving really only 40 minutes of actual writing time. And in one year she had completed the manuscript. She pitched it around and got a book deal. Now it could have been so easy for her to give up on her miracle saying, "I don't have the time."But using that one tiny, significant move of writing on her lunch break, she did it. Miracle achieved.
The next thing you want to do is make your miracle real by sharing it with others. Y'all shit gets serious when you let people know what you're doing. You see me do this on social media all the time. I spill the beans pretty consistently on what I'm thinking about doing and it helps me actually do it. So if you're truly all in on making your miracle happen, you have got to tell people. Tell a friend, family member, or peer. Tell a whole group. Do like me and share it in public on social media. When you're serious about making change, you've got to let them know. Right now I want you to think of five people in your life who you can tell about your miracle. But I do want to give you a word of caution. Be mindful of who you let into your miracle. Only tell the people who have earned the right to hear your miracles. Choose your miracle collaborators wisely. Get yourself a squad who supports and uplifts you. If the people around you are a drain to your plan, constantly nay say or putting you down, you've got to upgrade your squad. Don't ever let other people infect your energy.
And finally, I want you to fuel your brain. Search for those outdated beliefs that are holding you back. Scour your mind for low quality thoughts. If you're complaining, go on a complaint detox. Replace the thoughts that aren't helpful to you with thoughts that make you feel unstoppable. And instead of saying, "I can't do that. It's too big for my britches. It'll never or happen for me." Tell yourself, "I can do this. Miracles are available to me. I just have to commit to make them happen."
I've got one last thought. You cannot be passive and expect miracles to happen. You've got to take bold, unapologetic action. No hiding, waiting, or procrastinating. Miracles do not happen when you're playing a passive role in your life. You've got to become the leading lady. Main character energy, y'all. You've got to put yourself out there, fiercely, bravely, again and again and again.
Okay. It's time for a community win. So this is the part of the podcast I devote this segment always to bragging about y'all. So members of the Go Time group, people in my masterminds, one-on-one clients, and today I want to give a shout out to Alexis Berman. So Alexis is a member of our free Facebook group, Go Time with Susan Hyatt. Get yourself in there if you're not in there already. And last week we did a whole bunch of stuff, but we did a mini challenge called Festive As Fuck This. And it was all about how to create the holiday that you want and ditch as much of the invisible workload and emotional burden that women carry during the holiday season. If you still want to get in on that, listen, we're going to put a link in the show notes. We created a really organized landing page that has a video from each day of the mini challenge, as well as the challenge that we issued. And on top of that, we included a link to view my holiday movie called Festive As Fuck. Listen, you're going to want to watch this. It's hilarious and uplifting and serious at the same time.
Okay. So Alexis participated it the five day mini challenge and, listen, people didn't know until day five that the grand prize winner was going to win, and did win, a trip to Italy with me. So this summer I'm going to Italy, or, sorry, summer of 2022, I'm going to Lake Como. I think we have a spot left, and Positano. And I decided I was going to give away a trip to Italy as a grand prize. And we gave people over the weekend to do a couple of things to be entered to win. And Alexis did all those things and won the trip.
Now here's why I'm bragging about Alexis. Not only did she show up fully for that mini challenge without even knowing what the grand prize was going to be, after she won she shared with the group some words of encouragement. And I just wanted to read this to you because I think it's super inspirational and uplifting. She said, "Hey, I just wanted to share some words of encouragement as someone who hasn't had things turn out as I had hoped or won things I wished I had. Last year I felt sick and we didn't really know what was going on. In March of this year I had a grapefruit sized tumor removed from my liver. I was in the hospital for a week and recovering from being cut in half and half again. It took three months for me to start moving my core. I'm still just getting back to walking regularly. I didn't do anything in my business and felt pretty lost about it.
"Three weeks ago, I got out a 100% clean bill of health, perfect labs, no new tumors. I told my husband 2021 took enough of my life and 2022 is my year, period. If this year hasn't been kind to you, don't give up. Find your people, get support, and believe in yourself. There are some pretty awesome people here in this group, and I'll be rooting for you and wishing you a happy fulfilling prosperous year. Thank you again Susan Hyatt and Team Hyatt. This means so much to me, more than you could imagine."
Now, listen, I almost cried just reading that because we didn't know that that had been Alexis' 2021, and we often don't know what others are dealing with. I sent out a pep talk using my community text service and talked about like, hey, if this isn't a merry and bright season for you, I get it. I have gone through so many things privately over the past year and having people like Alexis say, 'Hey, I was down, but I wasn't out and neither are you,' is something I want to brag about. These are the kinds of women that I welcome into my world." So thank you, Alexis. And thank you listeners. That Go Time group is a gold mine on every level.
One more thing before you go. Are you working hard, but feel worried that your miracle is just never going to come? I always tell my clients, "Stay in the miracle and don't leave for the miracle happens." If you feel discouraged, by life, by society, by the world, please keep going. Take breaks when you need, but don't quit. Miracles are still happening every day for people all around you, the people who refuse to give up. Trust that your hard work will pay off. If you're sending out ships all day more than one of these ships will come back. Don't let those poor ships pull back to an empty ass dock. Be there for your miracle. It might be sailing back to you sooner than you think.
All right, I want to thank you for listening to Rich Coach Club. And I want to alert you to something. So the format of this podcast in 2022 is about to change big time, and I cannot wait for you to experience it. So I don't know how many of y'all listen to other podcasts or true crime podcasts, but I gained some inspiration when I was hiking in Maine. I asked my friend, [Melissa Kissera 00:12:49], who is also my script writer. I said, "Hey, what's the name of that true crime murdery podcast series you're obsessed with?" And I said, "I think I need something new to listen to." And she turned me on to a podcast called Something Was Wrong. And there are several seasons to this podcast. And I listened to season one and had an idea.
So the format of this podcast is that the podcast host is telling you a story about something that was wrong. The first season is about this creepy guy that this woman almost married and it's sort of documentary style. And there are, I think, 12 episodes in one season, telling a story in a way that is so compelling, like I couldn't wait to listen to the next episode. And I decided that I'm going to turn this podcast into that kind of riveting, storytelling, documentary style podcast, where I am following the lives of real people who have made incredible changes in their lives.
We're going to cover everything from people who've gone from rags to riches. People who've overcome addiction. People who have succeeded with mental health issues. People who've overcome homelessness. People who have survived and thrived beyond divorce. Basically this podcast is about to become addictive. So I can't wait for 2022. I can't wait to unveil and reveal our first season. And I hope you'll stick around. We have a couple more episodes just this year, following this format, but 2022, get ready.
Okay. And PS, PS, PS. We are currently enrolling for the University for Life Coach Training. We start classes in a month. So if you are a life coach and you want to get DEI training, we've got you. If you're not a life coach and want to become a life coach, we've got you. Check out the details at universityforlifecoachtraining.com and also in the show notes.


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