Treat Yourself Every Day

Repeat after me: you do not need a special occasion to love yourself.

Have you ever owned something completely luxurious- like a designer dress, a jaw-dropping pair of Jimmy Choos, or a diamond encrusted watch, and then…. Only wear it once?

There’s an insidious little thing going around that I call “special-occasion-itis.”

Those who suffer from special-occasion-itis believe that they only “deserve” things on special occasions. They can only slip on that dress for a fancy anniversary dinner. Or, they only deserve flowers on Valentine’s Day. You get the gist. 

Well… no matter the occasion it’s time to… GO ALL OUT.

Oftentimes, we don’t think we deserve the new & shiny, the luxe & expensive, and so we wait around to love ourselves. 

In the full episode, I’m going to be sharing a story about my friend, Gary who’s a luxury watch connoisseur. Gary loves designer watches. And I mean LOVES THEM. He has quite the collection. 

One day, he realized he rarely wore his watches, only on special occasions. He mostly just stared longingly at his collection in the box. 

When he told this to his watch dealer, the guy said: “Man, wear the watch. Love yourself.”

This was exactly what Gary needed to hear. In the moment, he realized he didn’t need to have a special occasion to wear his beloved watches. 

Treating yourself to nice things, adding pleasure to your days, and including luxe experiences into your life doesn’t have to be just for a “special occasion.”

Each day is something new and special.

Love yourself and make pleasure and luxury the new normal.

And when I mean luxury, you don’t have to jet off to Italy or buy 10 thousand dollar watches to love yourself. (But of course do it if you want to!)

There are plenty of daily luxuries that you can work into your life. 

For example, I drink my tea out of a fancy ass teacup because I am worth it. 

I always dress up. Sometimes, I wear designer pink dresses, other times my leather jacket and red lipstick for when I record business videos. I don’t need to wait for a special time, I can look how I want to look ALL THE TIME. 

Enough waiting for a special occasion. 

Today is special. 

So, send yourself the flowers.

Dress up for yourself. 

Take yourself on a date. 

And above all, love yourself everyday no more waiting for a special occasion.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to cure yourself from “special-occasion-itis.”
  • How to go ALL OUT- no matter what the occasion.
  • How to incorporate daily luxuries into your life.

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Susan Hyatt:
Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and if you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm Master Certified Life Coach, Susan Hyatt, and I am psyched for you to join me on this journey.
Hey, coaches. Have you ever owned something completely luxurious? Maybe like a designer dress or a fancy watch or a jaw dropping pair of Jimmy Choo's or a really fabulous purse, and then only wear it once? There's an insidious little thing going around that I call special occasion-itis. And those who suffer from special occasion-itis believe that they only deserve things on special occasions. They can only slip on that dress for a fancy anniversary dinner or they only deserve flowers on Valentine's Day or you save the special wine for guests. You get the gist. And on today's episode, I have a fun story about one of my friends as well as a little pep talk on going all out, full tilt, as one of my client's likes to say I do, no matter what the occasion.
My friend, Gary, and I love him so. He's this rugged looking guy with a big beard and long hair and up until a year ago, his wardrobe consisted mostly of an Apple Watch and gym clothes. He's a former tennis pro turned dog behaviorist and his career just never required getting dressed up, but Gary loves his designer watches. I mean, loves them and he has quite the collection and he even owns a special watch box. Yeah, a watch box, that he opens every evening to study his timepieces. And one day, he realized he rarely wore any of these beloved watches, only on special occasions and he mostly just stared longingly at his collection in the box. And when he told his watch dealer, the guy said, "Man, wear the watch. Love yourself." And Gary realized in that moment that he didn't need to have a special occasion to wear his beautiful watches.
He also realized that this special occasion-itis was seeping into other areas, like shoes collecting dust in the closet and even a really expensive camera he didn't want to use because it was so new and shiny. Often, we don't think we deserve the new and shiny, the lux and expensive, and so we wait around to love ourselves. And if you know me, I am not about that life. One of my favorite things to do in my business is lead amazing events and retreats in places like Italy. I go way over the top with gourmet meals, champagne toasts on a yacht, glam photo shoots. You know, the works. And inevitably at the end of the retreat, at least one attendee will say to me that this was a once in a lifetime experience.
Now while I'm overjoyed that they had an incredible time and they loved what I did curating the event and the experience, I always ask them why does it only have to be once, so once in a lifetime? Why can't we love ourselves and make pleasure and luxury our new normal? And the answer is we can and you don't have to jet off to Italy or buy $10,000.00 watches to love yourself, but do it if you want to. There are plenty of simple daily luxuries that you can work into your life.
So for example, if you've ever been on Zoom or Skype with me, you know I drink my tea out of a fancy ass teacup because I'm worth it. In fact, when I'm finished recording this, it's teatime. It is teatime every day, like 11:30 AM-ish in my world. Why would I wait for a special occasion? I also send myself fresh flowers every week because I'm not waiting for a freaking holiday or anniversary or Scott Hyatt to do it for me. I send my own damn flowers because I'm worth it. Now do I love it when Scott Hyatt sends me flowers? Of course, of course, of course. Do I have beautiful flowers sometimes that I can clip out of my own garden? Absolutely. That's my favorite, but I also, I have some beautiful pink roses sitting on my desk, right now, as I record this that freaking delight me because I'm worth it.
I get dolled up and I do the most for my business videos. Sometimes I wear bright pink designer dresses, other times a leather jacket and bright red lipstick. I don't need to wait for a special time. I can look how I want to look all the time. And side note, right now as I record this, I didn't shower today. I'm still wearing my Lululemon's that I went running in this morning. I gardened a little. I'm dirty and sweaty and I love it. You can look how you want, any time. But repeat after me, you do not need a special occasion to love yourself. Every fucking day is a special occasion.
Also, I realized this again. I'm recording this on July 5th. So in the United States, we just had the 4th of July weekend, which is a holiday in the United States of America, and I could do a whole separate broadcast about the problems with that holiday, but I celebrated Juneteenth as well. Anyway, Scott and I did our usual. We went on a beautiful hike. We went out to brunch with friends right after. We came home. We enjoyed one another. We grilled steaks and pork chops and had a beautiful dinner out on the patio. And I really thought like, "Wow. We pretty much do this every weekend and this is what a lot of people only do on a holiday weekend," and it really made me appreciate the life that I've created whether I'm at home just enjoying some down home fun or if I'm traveling the world. How can you have the best special occasion all the time for yourself? Pep talk complete.
All right. It's time for some community wins and this is the part of the show where I brag about people and I love doing it. And I'm going to brag about one of my new ON THE SIX Members, Susie Giddy. First of all, what an amazing name. And second of all, we did a public relations for entrepreneurs challenge inside the ON THE SIX group and part of their homework was to create a list of five publications or podcasts or shows where they wanted to be featured and go pitch them. And within 24 hours, Susie had created her pitch. She had pitched herself and she had been accepted by an online magazine to publish her work. And so congratulations, Susie. You're doing the damn thing. It's so amazing.
And hey, if you would like to belong to a group where people lift you higher, where people celebrate your success, check out my ON THE SIX program. We're enrolling now. We're going to put a link in the show notes. We would love to help you create the business that you really want.
All right, boo-berries. If you enjoyed this podcast and you liked this episode, please subscribe so you get notified when new episodes of Rich Coach Club are available. And my heart would completely burst open if you left a review on Apple Podcasts for me, or wherever you're listening. Let us know about it and we'll send you a special treat in the mail.
So this week I want to give a shout out to Jen Jones. So Jen gave me a five str review and she entitled this review, "Appointment Listening for Any Coach. I've been listening to this podcast since last August and I'm so glad I discovered it. Susan provides pep talks and interviews that manage to be fun, inspiring and value packed, all at once. The job of a coach is to always be growing and this podcast helps coaches do that, not just in wealth, but in spirit and practice." Oh my gosh, Jen. That makes me so happy because when I do talk about and teach about wealth, your bank account, money, is just one part of wealth. There's time wealth and freedom wealth and peace wealth and all those things. So thank you for that compliment. I so appreciate it. And listen, Mork and Mindy are sending tons of doggie kisses and puppy dog wags your way.
One more thing before you go, every single day can be special and amazing, if you decide to live that way. It's not about having an unlimited bank account or a private jet or a passport book full of stamps, although I love all that shit. It's just your attitude. So crank up that self-love and let's get your attitude right boo-berry.
Thank you for listening to this episode of the Rich Coach Club Podcast. I hope this episode has inspired you to love yourself. Thanks again for listening and I'll see you next time.



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