I dare you.

Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

This is the 107th episode in a series of GO podcasts designed to wake you up on your Monday morning and get you going.

In this episode I’m sharing some of my best tips to help you make the sale and get that client to hire you on the spot.

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

Several months ago, I got a facial from a local esthetician here in town.

I hadn’t been in to see her in a while, and she was excited to show me this new product line and facial technique that she’d recently discovered.

She’s telling me, “OMG, Susan, seriously. These new products are unreal. I’ve been using them. I’m obsessed. Your face will literally glow like the morning sun.”

She looks me right in the eyes, with a huge smile on her face, and she says to me, “I DARE YOU to find a better facial in this town.”

That’s exactly what she said! I DARE YOU.

I was like, “SOLD! Say no more! Let’s do this! Put that stuff on my face, woman!”

And you know what? She was right! I got a fantastic facial and my skin was dewy and smooth like a lil’ baby butt. Amazing.

After that facial, I found myself thinking, “DAMN. That woman is a brilliant salesperson.”

She made it so easy for me to say “YES!” to the expensive new facial products that I hadn’t even been planning to get.

Why? Because I could tell that she really, truly BELIEVED in those products. In fact, she believed in them so much, she literally DARED me to find something better—because she knew, there ain’t nothin’ better than this, and that’s a fact!

The lesson is… it’s really FUN to sell—and it’s really EASY to make a sale—when you really BELIEVE in what you’re selling.

The question is… Do you believe in what you’re selling?

The problem is… Most people don’t.

Let’s say you’re a life coach, or a personal stylist, or a financial planner, or a fitness trainer, or a retreat leader, or you teach classes on meditation, or you lead yoga retreats, or whatever you do.

Obviously, you enjoy what you do. You think it’s pretty cool. But are your clients actually getting results? Are their lives being changed? Are they becoming happier, healthier, stronger, wealthier, braver, more confident, or whatever it is that they want? Are they… really? Do you know for sure?

If you don’t know for sure, then this creates a feeling of anxiety. You’re continually wondering, “Am I really helping people? I hope so. But I’m not sure.” You don’t have total belief in your services. You feel iffy and uncertain. So then, of course, selling becomes really awkward.

There’s a HUGE difference between feeling like:

“This will absolutely improve your life. I know it for sure. I DARE YOU to find anything better.”

Versus feeling like:

“This will probably, maybe, possibly improve your life? I mean, I guess so? I am not sure. There’s probably plenty of things that are better. OK never mind. Bye.”

Guess which approach is going to land the sale? Yeah. Not too difficult to guess.

So, if you’re struggling to believe in yourself, then what? What’s the solution? How can you strengthen your belief?

For me, the answer is always… COLLECT EVIDENCE.

Every day, every week, collect evidence—real, undeniable proof—that what you’re selling actually works. 

For example, when you’re talking to a client on the phone, and she says “Thank you, this really made a difference for me,” DING! That’s a piece of evidence. Take a mental note. Better yet, take an actual note. Write down the exact words that your client said and put those words above your desk to remind yourself that your work… really works.

Collect positive blog comments. Collect positive reviews. Collect lovely postcards and letters from grateful clients. Make a big list of positive changes and results that you’re witnessing in your clients. Make a list of their wins and victories and successes.

And if someone wants to hire you a second time, BOOM! That’s more evidence.

If a client refers another client to you, because they love you and highly recommend you, HELLO! Even more evidence.

If you lead a retreat and your participants say, “When’s the next one? We want to come back!” YUP! That’s more evidence.

Your challenge, this week, is to search for evidence and collect it.

Store it. Make a folder in your inbox, or make an actual box, or start a file. Collect, collect, collect. Then review the evidence to yourself. Read it back to yourself. Soak in it.

This is SOLID PROOF that what you’re providing is inspiring, helpful, and actually transforming people’s lives. It’s not a delusion. It’s real. You’re holding the proof in your hands.

Allow yourself to believe it.

And then… GO SELL IT.


It’s GO time.

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