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Hello, hello! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

This podcast is all about goals, dreams, courage, confidence, taking action, and building a life that you love.

This is episode number 116.

As always, I’m here to wake you up on your Monday morning and get you going.

In this episode we’re talking about what to do when working and hustling turns from “Yay!” to… “I’m so exhausted, I need to sleep for a hundred years. Go away, everyone.”

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Warning! Today’s episode contains a little bit of adult language so… ahem. If you’ve got kids in the car, or sitting on the couch next to you, skip this episode and listen to it when you’re in private. M’kay? You have been warned. Do not send me angry emails later! LOL.

So, I was emailing back and forth with a girlfriend the other day.

She’s an entrepreneur like me, and she’s had an insanely busy year. Her calendar is nuts. Her to-do list is crammed to the max. The deadlines never stop. She loves her work, but she’s dying for space to breathe.

She told me, “Susan, the other day, this was literally my schedule: 8:15am, blowjob. 8:30am, prep for client phone call. 8:45am, phone call. 9:15am…”

You get the idea. And yes, you heard that correctly. She literally scheduled a blowjob into her day. She wanted to make her man happy, right before launching into her workday and making her clients happy.

OK, so part of me is like, Scheduling a blowjob is awesome! Get it, girl! Yaaaas!

But also, I understand why she’s feeling so stressed and pressured. Her schedule doesn’t leave any time to exhale. It’s just one thing after another. Relentless.

I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs over the years, and I’ve seen this pattern so many times, with so many people.

When you’re passionate about your work, it can be difficult to leave space on your calendar. You want to keep going! You want to keep working! Keep hustling! Growing! Building! Yay!

Except, sooner or later, “Yay!” turns into… “I’m so exhausted, I need to sleep for a hundred years. Go away, everyone.”

How can we break out of this burnout-pattern?

How can we hustle in a healthy, sustainable way?

Well, these are the principles that I follow—and this is my advice for you, too.

#1. Schedule self-care onto your calendar, just like you schedule everything else. 

If “client phone call” goes onto your calendar, then “pedicure” should go on there, too. If “record webinar” goes onto your calendar, then “nap time” should go on there, too. And so on.

Show up for your self-care appointment just like you’re showing up for a client.

Show up like someone’s paying you $500 an hour to be there.

Do not flake on yourself.

2. Instead of doing 1,000 different things to find clients and get sales, focus on the 2-3 things that actually lead to results.

For example, if you do speaking gigs a couple times a year—and you always end up getting 3 more lucrative client bookings after every gig—boom! You know that’s working.

So, do speaking gigs. Do a bunch of those. Ditch everything else. Maybe you don’t need to mess with Instagram, LinkedIn, running a podcast, or doing a zillion free webinars. Focus on your speaking gigs and rock those.

Streamline your business so that you’re focusing on 2-3 things that generate money. Like my friend Rachel Rodgers says, you need to focus on money-generating activities and NOTHING else. Seriously.

#3. Trust that the more fun you have, the more money you’ll make.

I know this may seem hard to believe, but it’s so true. When you’re making time to relax, to get inspired, to take care of your body and spirit, to travel, to savor your life, you will absolutely dial up your income.

When you’re having fun and enjoying your life, clients will be magnetized to you. You’ll be more productive. You’ll get your best ideas. You’ll do your best work. More fun equals more money. I promise.

Yes, it’s great to be passionate. It’s great to be ambitious. Lord knows, I love ambitious women. And I’m one of them.

But we can’t hustle ourselves into the hospital, into a heart attack, or into an early grave. And we can’t hustle so hard that we forget to have a life. That is not acceptable.

As you’re making your 2018 business plans, I urge you to focus on sustainability and self-care, first and foremost.

Please remember that you are your business. You are your brand. You are the queen of your empire. If you’re so stressed and tired you can barely function, then nothing’s going to work. That’s for damn sure.

Take care of you, first. Not last. First. 

This can be a difficult switch to make, especially for women, because we are not accustomed to putting ourselves first. But this switch is urgent and non-negotiable. And it will change your life and your business.

I’m urging you: flip the switch. Put your mental and physical wellbeing first, first, first.

Not last.

It’s GO time.

P.S. If you wanna learn how to boost your mood, energy, and confidence and feel like a Queen, check out this free class I’m offering on November 1. You can sign up to join us right here.

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