Having the Nerve to Celebrate Your Body As Is Ft. Autumn Ruhl

Do you ever feel like you’re hiding? Not showing up fully because you don’t have the confidence in your body? 

My guest today is Autumn Ruhl. She is trying to get up the nerve to be more comfortable with her body as it is, not as she wishes it was or wants it to be. She wants to celebrate her friend’s legacy by living right now – adorning her body and appreciating it in its current state. 

Autumn is an author, life coach, and Head Coach of the Book to Business Academy. Her book, “How Do You Like Your Eggs; How to Embrace Your Decision Making Power” is set to be released on Kindle in September of 2022. When she’s not involved in writing or coaching, she enjoys sharing photos she’s taken under the hashtag #decidetoseethebeauty. You can find out more about Autumn at www.autumnlynne.com

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it means to celebrate your body as it is today.
  • How to release the resistance to aging and your changing body. 
  • Why clothing is a representation of showing up.
  • Figuring out what “feeling state” you want to embody. 
  • How to get rid of draining & distracting thoughts. 
  • What does it mean to “turn your own head” - being happy and confident in what you see?


If you’ve struggled with body confidence, this episode is for you! We are so entrenched in diet culture, y’all… and for what? Let’s end this nonsense and regain our confidence and power!

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