GO. The ending. The beginning.

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Hey! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

This is the 163 episode of this podcast.

And… this will be the final installment of the GO podcast.

Yup. It’s the very last episode in this format. This show changing.

But if you’re a major fan of this show, please don’t sob into your iPhone. Because the ending of one thing is always the beginning of another. And that’s what we’re going to discuss on today’s episode:

Bittersweet endings.

And beautiful new beginnings.

Here’s a story for you…

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

Many years ago, I joined forces with my friend Brooke and we started something called… the Weight School.

The Weight School was an online program. Our goal was to teach women how to stop overeating… and how to make better food choices… and how to lose weight in a healthy, gradual, and permanent way.

Brooke and I ran the Weight School together for a few years. We had hundreds of clients signing up every session. It was ‘sold out’ almost every time. And this program really worked. We had awesome success stories from our clients rolling in, all the time. We got ‘thank you’ cards and emails from clients who said, “This really changed my relationship with food. Thank you.”

And… we made great money! Back then, the Weight School was an important revenue stream for me. It was a central piece of my coaching business.

And then, one day, Brooke asked if we could talk. Uh oh. When someone says, “We need to talk,” you know, it usually gives you an uneasy feeling.

So we got on the phone, and Brooke explained to me that she loves working with me, and she’s proud of what we’ve built together… BUT… she wants to take her business in a new direction. She wants to stop running the Weight School. She’s ready for a new chapter. She told me, “I have some new projects that I want to devote my attention to. I can’t commit to doing the Weight School any more. I need to free up my time to focus on other things.”

When she told me this, my initial reaction was two-fold.

On the one hand, Brooke is my dear friend and longtime colleague, so I felt like, “Hey, if you want to begin a new chapter in your business, that’s great! I love you and support you no matter what.”

But on the OTHER hand, I felt like, “OH FUCK. The Weight School is one of my favorite projects! If we’re not running this program anymore, what am I going to do? Crap.”

To be honest, I felt pretty conflicted. I felt like, “I can’t possibly run the Weight School all by myself. I need a partner. I need Brooke.”

So, Brooke’s decision to end the Weight School brought up lots of anxiety for me.

But the decision had been made. She was out. And so, I was facing an ending… and also, the possibility of a new beginning.

I took some time to reflect on everything that had happened. I asked myself some deep questions, like:

– Why did I enjoy running the Weight School? Which parts of it did I really love? Which parts, not so much?

– How would I have designed the program differently, if I could go back in time?

– If the Weight School isn’t part of my business anymore, how could I replace that income? What would I really love to create next?

– What is the message that I REALLY want to share with women right now? Is it a message about weight loss? Or is it something else?

After ruminating on these questions, I had an epiphany.

I realized that I didn’t give a fuck about the actual pounds lost or weight loss. Haha!

What I mean is, I really couldn’t care less if my client loses 50 pounds or 5 pounds or if she’s a size 26 or 16 or 2. I don’t care about that stuff.

What I care about is… Does my client feel good? Is she getting good sleep? Is she nourished? Does she have plenty of energy to conquer her goals? Does she feel comfortable in her skin? Does she feel beautiful? Is she hiding and covering herself up, or is she living boldly and bravely? Is she happy? Is she excited about her life? Does she love herself? THOSE are the kinds of “results” that I care about. If my client loses weight, cool, whatever, but that’s not actually my top priority as a coach.

Once I realized this, I also realized… you know what? It’s OK that the Weight School is coming to an end. Even though it was a good program that helped people, the reality is… I’ve outgrown that program. I have evolved as a coach. I have a different message to share now. Brooke feels like it’s time for a new chapter in her business, but you know what? It’s time for a new chapter for me, too.

And so, next, I launched a completely new program for women called… BARE. Rather than focusing primarily on food and weight loss, BARE had a different focus. BARE is about feeling mentally and physically strong, at any size, and loving yourself, and living your bravest life.

BARE is, in my opinion, some of the best work I’ve ever done. BARE has led to so many projects that I never even dreamed of—a podcast, a card deck, a coach certification program, an online membership community filled with women from all around the world, and even a book deal.

BARE was born… all because of an unexpected change. An unexpected ending. And looking back, I am so grateful that Brooke stepped away from our business partnership. Even though it was unexpected and scary when it happened, it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

And so, sweet listener, wherever you are today… I want you to know that if you’re facing an ending in your life, it’s OK to feel ALL the feelings. It’s OK to feel sadness, and grief, and anger, and anxiety about the future. The end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of a season in your life, the end of a business arrangement… all of these endings can be really tough. And I know it might be tough to feel positive and optimistic right now.

What I want to say to you is… try to remember that this ending is also a new beginning.

Whenever something is subtracted from your life, it leaves an empty space, and initially, this can feel awful. But you can take that empty space in your life and fill it with something new, something beautiful. You can rebuild. You can refine. You can upgrade.

Keep reminding yourself, “For me… the best is yet to come.” Because it’s true. Your very best work, your very best program, your most profitable product, your bestselling novel, your deepest love story, your most genius idea, your happiest year, your most awesome vacation, it’s all there for you, it’s all coming up next, it’s all arriving… and this ending is leading you there.

Thank you for listening.

And THIS is officially the END of the GO podcast! But of course, it’s also the beginning of something new. I have a brand new podcast that’s going to replace this one.

It’s called Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club. That’s rightttttt. This podcast teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice — and how to significantly increase your income.

I’ll keep releasing new episodes on Mondays. Rich Coach Club episodes will include the pep talks you are used to loving from me, but I’ll also be teaching business concepts, interviewing the brightest minds in coach entrepreneurship, and sharing ALL THE DEETS on how to make money as a life coach.


Have a beautiful week.

Create something new and beautiful in your life.

It’s GO time.


Susan Hyatt

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