Fly Your Freak Flag High

At my last Finish Strong event, I gave everyone a printable freak flag. Why?

Because letting your freak flag fly (very) high and showing up as your most authentic self is one of the best ways to smash the patriarchy.

When you’re brave enough to fly your freak flag, you’ll magnetize your ideal customers and repel the people you don’t want to serve (bye-bye, nightmare clients!) Some people won’t really “get” what you’re about, but later might convert into your biggest fans.

The bottom line is: it’s a power move to fly your freak flag. The alternative? Censoring your words and actions.

Helllllz no.

If I censor myself and try to please everybody by presenting a whitewashed version of my life and my business, then I’m defeating the entire purpose of being a coach. My mission is to inspire others to show up as their most authentic selves, to make a scene, and create what they crave. 

To do that, I have to give zero f*cks about my haters, naysayers, or anyone else who doesn’t support me.

And you shouldn’t give a f*ck about anyone who tries to shut you down, either.

In this episode of Rich Coach Club, we’re talking personal expression – showing up as your most authentic self and not giving a f*ck what other people think.

I don’t care if you cuss, or wear bright-patterned clothing, or own a cauldron and cast spells. You do you – and know that I’m cheering you on.

In this episode, I’m dishing about bravery, letting your freak flag fly, and finally not caring what other people think about you.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why showing up as your true self is one of the best ways to shatter glass ceilings and smash the patriarchy.
  • What to do when people say you’re “freaky.”
  • 5 ways to let your freak flag fly.
  • Why setting boundaries is a brave act of self-care.

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Susan Hyatt:
Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice, and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and if you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I am psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Susan Hyatt:
Hey coaches. Today, we're talking about personal expression, showing up as your most authentic self and not giving a fuck what other people think. I don't care if you cuss or wear bright pattern clothing or own a caldron and cast spells. You do you and know that I'm cheering you on. It's easy for me to say be brave, let your freak flag fly. Who cares what people think. But getting you to really believe that, that's a whole nother challenge. And luckily I'm up for it. So let's get into today's episode.

Susan Hyatt:
Before I lay down a pep talk, there's something you've got to know. Showing up as your true self is one of the best ways to shatter glass ceilings and smash the patriarchy. When you show up in this way, people will become threatened. They're scared of your power, and terrified that your shining light will dim theirs. On more than one occasion in my life, people have expressed their concerns that I'd become too freaky. What they were really saying is that they wanted to shut me down, quiet me, or put me in my place. Clearly they didn't know me very well. But in the spirit of patriarchy smashing, I'm challenging you today to live full out, no holding back, waving your freak flag so high and proud that people are shaking in their boots. And when naysayers come, and they will come, it's time to be bold, honest and brave. Does it take practice? Sure. And you can start practicing tiny acts of bravery today, flexing your boldness like a muscle until it feels like second nature to let your freak flag fly. Here are a few ideas.

Susan Hyatt:
Number one. Boldly ask for something you want. Ask for the sale. Ask for the raise. Ask for the testimonial. Ask for extra help. Asking is just the ultimate act of courage, particularly for women. People resist asking for what they want because they fear rejection. Hearing no, that's just a temporary sting of disappointment. It's just a feeling. And you can survive that, I promise. Also, a rejection doesn't mean a no is forever. My friend Melissa is a screenwriter, and on average she'll get 100 rejections for each of her scripts. That's 100 times she asks someone if they're interested, and hears a no.

Susan Hyatt:
However, these rejections have led to other opportunities. Maybe it was a no to her project, but they had another project they're interested in having her write, or they were able to connect her to a colleague that was interested in producing her project. And this is happening with me right now. I have someone helping me pitch publications. I have a couple of different story ideas that I'm floating out there. And I had an editor reached back out and say, "Eh, we've done this idea before, but how about this?" So hearing a no is all right. It often leads to another open door. The moral of the story is just ask.

Susan Hyatt:
Number two. Call something out that you do not like, but back it up with action. So I recently discovered that the publishing industry is over 70% white and heterosexual. Bookshelves everywhere are completely whitewashed. And that's not okay with me. It's important to share statistics like this with this community because it's equally important to take action to correct it.

Susan Hyatt:
I'm currently decolonizing my own bookshelf and adding books from diverse authors. I'm also making an effort to move away from Amazon and purchase books from minority-owned bookstores. And I'm also recommending, and we actually have done this over at the University for Life Coach training from its inception, I'm sharing these are the authors we're learning from. We ship packages to our students of the kinds of books we want to encourage them to be reading that are written by very diverse authors.

Susan Hyatt:
Number three. Wear something that's collecting dust in your closet. Okay, Scott Hyatt is not going to even believe I'm saying this. And he also will proudly support it. I'll say it again, wear something that's collecting dust in your closet. Pick a garment that you've been afraid to slip on for fear that someone will judge you. I'm not talking about a pair of ill-fitting jeans. It's the vibrant blazer, the sexy cocktail dress and sky high heels, the leather jacket. Whatever freak flag wardrobe means to you, put that on. If you want to be that woman who walks into a room and heads turn, all you got to do is let your freak flag fly. And if people have something to say, let them go gawk and talk. Parade around town like you're strutting down the red carpet.

Susan Hyatt:
I don't know if y'all like watching documentaries, but I recently watched the most amazing Netflix documentary. It might've been Hulu. And it was on Iris Apfel. And Iris just turned a hundred. And if you don't know who Iris is, she's a fashion icon. She signed a modeling contract at 97. But prior to that, she really made her mark on the world. She went into business with her husband, like I don't know, 67 years ago, and worked in interior design, and has basically furnished and decorated several White House administrations. Some of the most prestigious homes in the world, Iris has adorned.

Susan Hyatt:
And she wasn't strutting around in anything provocative in the sexy sense. She was layering accessories. She would have 20 bracelets on and three necklaces at a time. And she just didn't like anything simple or boring. And so she's a great example of let them gawk and talk, because her personal style was so unusual and so different that it made her a millionaire.

Susan Hyatt:
Number four. Be the contrarian. So if you have a different opinion from a family member, friend, colleague, or anyone in your life, I know it can be challenging. But don't let fear keep you from speaking up. Conflict is not inherently bad. It's okay to have different viewpoints. And this can be particularly tough for those with people-pleasing tendencies, because trust me I've been there. But the only way to move past it is to start speaking your mind.

Susan Hyatt:
Number five. Set a boundary even if it's scary. Now, if you're managing all of the workload at home while your spouse is out playing golf, that's not okay. Set a new boundary and share the workload or hire outside help. Better yet, let your spouse handle the hiring. One more thing off your plate. Or maybe you're the go-to shoulder to cry on for all your friends. You're exhausted and spent and really need a break, or someone to listen to you for once. It's okay to set a boundary and stop letting people pile all of their shit onto you. If your shoulder is too wet with other people's tears, it's time to hand them a box of tissues and focus on yourself.

Susan Hyatt:
And remember, a great way to handle this if you're someone who likes to go to your friends, who doesn't, for help and support, something that I've learned to do is to ask people like, "Do you have the bandwidth to listen to this right now?" And then that gives them the opportunity to say, "Actually, I'm really struggling myself today. Can we talk about this tomorrow?"

Susan Hyatt:
So setting boundaries is a brave act of self-care. Practice flying this freak flag, your freak flag. I promise the more you stand in your power, the more meaningful change you'll create, and the happier that you'll be.

Susan Hyatt:
It's time for community wins. This is the part of this show where I share wins, victories, y'all's beautiful accomplishments. And it comes from y'all, the members of the go-time Facebook group, members of the Mastermind. Today, I have a beautiful accomplishment from Kimberly Luck. So Kimberly is a former On the 6 Mastermind participant, and she attended Finish Strong, and just reported back to us that her new energy healing offer that she announced on camera during Finish Strong has generated almost three times the cash she invested in Finish Strong in just two days. It's go time.

Susan Hyatt:
That's so exciting. And even if you're already doing amazing in your business, which I'm sure most of y'all are, when you get in the company of other women doing amazing things, it's like a gold mine of amazingness for you. Whether it's virtual or in-person, being with like-minded people is going to skyrocket your business. So we're proud of you, Kimberly. And for any of you who are interested, we are enrolling for On the 6 and the Mastermind. I'm going to drop details for you so that you can make those kinds of statements too. We had somebody just have a $75,000 date. I mean, amazing.

Susan Hyatt:
All right. If you liked this episode, please subscribe so you get notified when new episodes of Rich Coach Club are available. And I would be forever indebted if you were to be so kind as to leave us a review on Apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you're listening. And this week, I have a very special five-star review to brag about from Steph. And Steph says, "One of the best podcasts, hands down. Susan knows how to help you rock it out in your business. She is not playing around. This is no frilly little podcast. She knows her stuff and she teaches it to you. Plus, Beyonce." Listen, Steph, I love that review. Thank you so much. Mork and Mindy are sending tons of doggy kisses your way.

Susan Hyatt:
All right, one more thing before you go. When I was young, my teachers, y'all have heard me say it, would tell me that I talk too much. I talk too much, I had no respect for authority, no self-control. And it's funny that the criticism from authority figures became my entire platform years later. Talking too much has helped me make millions of dollars, create jobs and opportunities, and inspire others to ditch toxic diet culture, hustle culture, and smash the patriarchy. The things authority figures criticize us about are often the very things that make us special. To the teachers who told me to pipe down as a child, thank you. You fueled me to fly my freak flag high and bright.

Susan Hyatt:
Thanks for listening to this episode of the Rich Coach Club Podcast. I hope this episode has inspired you to let your freak flag fly. Thanks again for listening and I'll see you next week.



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