Finish on a Highnote

2021 is not over yet.

Are you gonna finish the year as a stressed-out ball o’ mess with way too many things on your to-do list?

Or will you finish the year strong, on a major high note? 

Whether you’ve got 30 days stretching ahead, 5 days, or 5 hours, you can swing things to a close while feeling empowered and energized. 

Even if things haven’t been going your way lately, you’re not earning the revenue you’d like, clients are not banging down the door to work with you… there’s a choice. 

As I tell the attendees of my Finish Strong event every year, we’ve all got projects to finish, changes to make, and legacies to build. This is not the moment to be laggin’ and draggin’ like a soggy biscuit, y’all!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Three ways to finish any project on a high note.
  • How to wave goodbye to broke-ass beliefs and start thinking RICH. 
  • How to get mentally strong by reframing. 
  • The magic of becoming a strong leader and finding high-quality solutions.

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Susan Hyatt: Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach, and if you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master-certified life coach Susan Hyatt and I am psyched for you to join me on this journey.
Oh, hey, coaches. Whether you've got 30 days stretching ahead, five days, or five hours, how are you going to finish what you've set out to accomplish on a high note? Maybe things haven't been going your way lately, your coaching practice hasn't exactly been a smooth ride. You're not earning the money you want or have the clients you want, but you have a choice. You can decide to feel discouraged and depleted, or you can choose to finish on a high note, where you not only accomplish what you want, but you do it in a way that feels enjoyable and pleasurable for you. We're diving into this very topic in today's Rich Coach Club Podcast. Let's get into it.
How can you finish a project on a high note? Maybe you want to finally finish the online program that you've been putting off creating. Oh, my God. Y'all, I have been procrastinating on a complete overhaul and rerecord of IN DEMAND, so I know what I'm talking about. You want to get it all done, record the lessons, write the sales page, batch all your promotional content, come up with a solid sales strategy, but just finishing this project is not a high note. A high note is finishing your project with excitement. Instead of gasping when you polish off the final words of a sales email and face planting into your laptop and exhaustion, you want to finish your project feeling rejuvenated. You're excited to put this new program into the world. You cannot wait to tell your audience about it. You're obsessed with it in the same way that you're obsessed with your favorite TV show or fun hobby. That's how you finish on a high note. I call it "Peloton energy."
But let's dig in a little further. Here are three ways you can wrap up any project on a high note. We'll begin with number one, saying bye-bye to your broke-ass beliefs. You can choose to worry about how your business won't make any money, or you can choose what I call a "rich-ass mindset." When I left my career in residential real estate to start my coaching practice, there were all sorts of people who warned me that I wouldn't be successful. They just didn't believe that I could make any money as a life coach. Then there were the peers who warned me about the competition and the flooded coaching industry.
I was getting it from all sides, y'all. But I decided that I wouldn't get caught up in those broke-ass thoughts and beliefs. Instead, I would behave as if I was already rich and successful. That meant that I would go all-in with my business, no excuses. I would show up for my business and my clients like I was already a pro. I worked tirelessly to build my client roster, go after opportunities, and put myself out there. I got plenty of rejection and experience, plenty of failures, but having a rich-ass mindset means you have the resilience to get through the rollercoaster of business and deeply commit to your success.
I also surrounded myself with successful people who inspired me. I found mentors and peers with admirable lives. These folks were hardworking, deeply committed, and got results. No broke-ass beliefs or decisionings happening here. I took responsibility. I did not whine or play the game. My failures, my mistakes, and fumbles were no one else's fault. I accepted them, took accountability, and used the lessons I learned to do a better job next time. Blaming others only serves to keep you safe.
For example, I once had a client who came to me and she was building a website and she'd been at it for over a year. She had plenty of reasons. The designer flaked, she didn't like the copy. She changed her mind about her photos, and I told her, "Listen, successful people don't blame others for their business. They take control and they get it done, so how can you take control now and finish on a high note?" She looked at me kind of stunned and then realized that she was the only one standing in her way.
The second way you can finish any project on a high note is by, number two, getting mentally strong. When we finish a project, it's common to hang on to negative thoughts or be self-critical, like, "Ugh, that was so hard. I'll never do that again. If only I'd done X, Y, Z. I'm such an idiot." If you want to finish on a high note, you've got to let that shit go so you can move on feeling uplifted and excited for the next thing, so to do this, I suggest a very simple exercise. First, write down all of your icky feelings and unpleasant memories about the project. Where did you feel discouraged, frustrated, ashamed, or defeated? Then I want you to reframe those memories into a new story. Think of it like a special memoir just for this project, except you're going to take those unpleasant feelings and turn them into silver lining, looking for the lesson of opportunity.
For example, if you felt like your team didn't show up in the way you wanted them to, this provides a silver lining. Now, you're even clearer on what kind of support you need, and you can lead your team to provide that support, or replace certain members with people who are just a much better fit. This mental reframing allows you to wrap a project feeling empowered and will transform how you feel about your work and your life.
The third and final way to finish any project on a high note is by becoming a strong leader. You've got to behave like a CEO, even if you're working solo right now. What does that mean? It means showing up consistently and putting yourself out there in a big way. It's following up, keeping promises, and it's behaving like a role model to inspire others, your employees, your clients, your followers, and the world at large, and more importantly, it means showing up as a leader, even when things aren't going your way.
When you're trying to finish a project, all sorts of challenges come up, websites can crash, people on your team can make errors, sales can dwindle. In those moments, you've got to decide, "Am I going to whine, complain, and let these challenges get me down? Or am I going to navigate through these frustrations and find high-quality solutions?" If you want to finish on a high note, I'm sure you know it's the latter. It's in your power to create what you crave to get more of what you want and to achieve all of this feeling like you're on top of the world. Follow these tips that I just shared with you to finish anything and feel totally unstoppable. I'm going to take my own medicine, y'all.
All right, it's time for Community Wins. This is the part where I love to brag about y'all. Whether you're a member of the Go Time Facebook group, or in one of my masterminds, or a one-on-one client, I love to share inspiring stories about y'all to inspire the rest of us. Today, I want to brag about Shelly Vogel. Shelly is a member of the Go Time Facebook group. You may or may not know that I was running a free mini-challenge called Festive as Fuck This inside the Go Time group. By the way, I also produced a movie, y'all, called Festive as Fuck. It's 30 minutes. It's well worth your time. You will laugh. You will get inspo. I think you'll probably sit your whole family down to watch it because it's all about tackling the invisible workload.
Anyway, Shelly was a major participant in the mini-challenge. One of the assignments during the mini-challenge was to have a staff meeting with everyone in your household, and even if you live alone, people were having staff meetings with themselves about what there was to do and what they were offloading, delegating to other people, or deciding not to do it all.
Shelly shared, she said, "Y'all, since the meeting, my family has done a full 180. Out of the blue, I've been thanked for picking up laundry stuff from Target, told me they were proud. I showed up for the Festive as Fuck This Challenge and really did the work. My son, who filmed the video for me, said, 'Okay, what do we need to do this time? How can I help?' Today, I asked for good juju and am getting it full out. My oldest son is working at a COVID testing site and called real quick to say, 'You've got this, Mom. I'm feeling it for you today.' Don't get me wrong, I've got a loving family. My three guys are my world. It's just like they forget that I exist so much of the time and I rarely feel supported or cheered on, so this is huge for me. Naturally, I want to win, but I will be over-the-moon excited for whoever wins this trip. Getting this kind of support from my family is worth a million trips to Italy, so thank you, Susan, and the whole Go Time family. This is Festive as Fuck to me. #MissionAccomplished. #TheStaffMeetingWorked."
Listen, this delights me because we do not have to sit around and our families to continue to allow us to carry the emotional and invisible workload, so well done, Shelly, and hey, I would love to brag about you, so get inside the Go Time group and tell me something good.
One more thing before you go: If you're having trouble focusing, think about three projects that you want to finish in the next 30 days. This can be anything, a business project, decluttering your closet, hiring a stylist and building a new wardrobe, starting a garden. Okay, maybe not in winter, but it depends on where you live, or begin training for a 5K. Whatever kinds of projects feel exciting for you, make them a high priority and finish them on a high note. It's never too late to finish things while feeling empowered. You are in the driver's seat of your own life. Press that pedal and accelerate, boo-berry. Your best life is ahead.
Thank you for listening to this episode of the Rich Coach Club Podcast. I want to direct your attention to the show notes because we have a link to the movie, Festive as Fuck. You need to watch this. I'm serious. I smash ornaments, I set a stocking on fire, there's a marching band. It's every bit of ridiculousness that you would expect from me, so I am begging you to go watch it. I promise, it will help you have the most magical holiday season and new year. Also, we are currently enrolling for the University for Life Coach Training, so if you want to become a coach, get your booty in there. If you're already a coach and you want to sharpen your saw, get the diversity, equity, and inclusion training you need, check us out. It's universityforlifecoachtraining.com. Link's in the show notes.


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