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Today’s episode is dedicated to all of my hardworking entrepreneurs out there. Yeeeeahh. I see you.

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Whether you run a hair salon, or a life coaching practice, or you’re a freelance copywriter—whatever type of business you’re running, this one’s for you.

Here’s my question for you:

Are you feeling… invisible?

Does it feel like nobody knows that you exist?

Maybe you’ve got a smattering of customers, but not as many as you’d like?

Maybe when you send out your email newsletter, you get like… one appreciative response, or maybe none at all?

Maybe you see other people online—people who’ve got thousands of fans, and sold-out programs—and you think to yourself, “I am so invisible compared to her. I am never going to catch up.”

I’ve worked with so many clients over the years who struggle with this feeling of invisibility. And I’ve totally been there, myself.

Ten years ago, when I decided to quit my job in real estate and open my life coaching practice, that was a pretty tough transition.

In the real estate world, I wasn’t “world famous,” but I was pretty well-known in my community. I’d even won an award for being the “rookie of the year.” I was making good money. People knew me and respected me. My clients really liked me. But then I decided to walk away from all of that and reinvent my entire career.

As a new life coach, I was breaking into a completely new industry where nobody knew my name. I didn’t have any fans. I didn’t have any clients. I didn’t have anything. I was starting from square one. And for a little while, I felt pretty invisible.

I remember feeling frustrated because when I introduced myself to people and said, “I used to sell real estate, but now I work as a life coach,” a lot of people would say, “What the heck is life coaching?” or “What do YOU know about life?” Some people assumed I’d be crawling back to my previous job in no time. They couldn’t see how I could possibly make any money as a coach. Even my own husband was skeptical.

Long story short… if you’re feeling invisible, or if you’re feeling frustrated because it seems like nobody takes your work seriously, or nobody cares about what you’re doing, or nobody wants to hire you … I’ve been there. I know how discouraging that can feel.

But you DON’T have to feel invisible forever. There are specific things you can do to build awareness about your business, and get those client bookings and sales rolling in. And there are specific things you can do to boost your spirits and keep yourself feeling optimistic and motivated.

Let’s talk about some practical steps you can take.

If you’re feeling invisible right now, here are some things you can do EVERY DAY:

#1. Keep reminding yourself WHY you’re doing this.

You started your business for a reason. Probably, for several reasons. Maybe you want to double your income. Maybe you want to create products that change people’s lives. Maybe you want to work from home in your PJs and never commute to an office again. Maybe you want tons of personal freedom so you can set your own hours, or get paid to travel around the world. Whatever you want, stay FOCUSED on that vision. Keep those goals in the center of your mind, every day.

When I put down the dinner bowl for my dog Juliet, she stares at that dog food bowl with laser-like intensity. She NEVER takes her eyes off that bowl. She is FOCUSED. You’ve got to treat your goals with the same intensity that Juliet treats her dish her dog food. FOCUS. Don’t let that goal out of your sight.

If you have a tendency to “forget” your goals, I recommend creating some type of visual reminder for yourself that you’ll see every day.

Write your goals in huge letters on a piece of poster board, and put that on your fridge. Or make a vision board. Or put a sticky note above your desk. Or get a custom piece of jewelry with a word or phrase that represents your goals—like FREEDOM or BOSS or 100K. Do something so that you’re seeing your most important goals every single day. These types of visual reminders can really help.

#2. Talk to people about your business EVERY DAY.

If you’re feeling invisible, then you’ve got to make yourself more visible. You’ve got to spread the word about what you’re doing, and get your name out there.

This isn’t going to happen magically. It’s YOUR responsibility to make it happen. Yup. This is part of what you’ve signed up for as an entrepreneur.

There are a million and one ways that you can build awareness about your business. Sure, you can buy advertising in local magazines. You can do Facebook ads. You can run webinars or start a podcast to build an online fan base. You can do all kinds of things. But the SIMPLEST way to start building awareness about your business is…

Just talk to people.

This is simple to do, and it’s free, and it’s more effective than you might think.

Chat with people as you go about your everyday life.

Send an email to your aunt and let her know about your new business.

Text your best friend and let her know that your website is finally up and running.

Tell your barista that you just opened a new business, or that you just opened registration for a new program.

Tell your gynecologist. Tell your yoga teacher. Tell your babysitter. Tell your book club. Tell your Facebook friends. Tell EVERYBODY.

Email. Text. Call. Chat in person while you’re standing in line at the grocery store. If you talk to 1, 2, or 3 people every day, over time, that really ads up.

After a month or two, that could be 60, 120, maybe even 180 people who know about your business… who didn’t know anything about your work before! Who knows where those conversations might lead? Some of those people might want to hire you, or they might pass your name along to somebody who needs you.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Uggh, I hate talking to people. I don’t want to talk to people about my business…” well, I am going to say something pretty blunt to you:

If you are not willing to talk to 1 or 2 people, every day, then you probably shouldn’t try to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Because being an entrepreneur means that you’re willing to talk enthusiastically about your ideas and your projects in person, on the phone, and online, at every possible opportunity. Or at LEAST a couple times a day, at the bare minimum.

If that sounds like torture to you… if you’re unwilling to do any of that… not even for a couple minutes a day, that’s fine! Not everybody needs to be self-employed. Choose another career path and you’ll be much happier.

Here’s my last piece of advice for you…

#3. Remember that EVERYONE has felt what you’re feeling. 

If you’re feeling invisible, take comfort in the fact that EVERY successful entrepreneur has felt what you’re feeling, and honestly, many still feel that way.

Like I mentioned earlier in this podcast, I started my coaching business with a big dream and zero clients. I started from square one, just like everybody does. I felt invisible at times. That’s where everyone begins.

Even superstars like Beyoncé all have to start somewhere. Beyoncé started her singing career when she was just a teenager, doing pageants and talent competitions. Numerous times, she lost. She didn’t get the trophy or the prize money. She felt incredibly discouraged. But she didn’t give up. She stayed focused on her goals and she kept marching forward. That’s what we all have to do.

Everyone starts with basically nothing. Zero clients. Zero subscribers. Zero reputation. The journey of entrepreneurship is all about taking “nothing” and turning it into “something.” If you want to run your own business, that’s the journey you’re signing up for.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Beyoncé’s song, “Freedom”…

I break chains all by myself 

Won’t let my freedom rot in hell 

Hey! I’ma keep running 

‘Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves

Keep running. Keep reaching out to people. Keep talking about your business. Keep taking action to spread the word about the exciting work you’re doing. Keep running towards your dream. Keep running, every day. I know you want to be a winner, and as Beyoncé reminds us… winners don’t quit on themselves.

Run towards the freedom you want.

You got this.

It’s GO time.

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