Ethical business and the Long Game With Pamela Slim

Have you ever felt so inspired by another entrepreneur that you just had to share their work immediately?

In this episode, I’m bragging away about two entrepreneurs who have inspired me big time.

The first? A kid in my neighborhood. She fearlessly left a colorful, handmade flyer on my doorstep asking for a sale. Y’all know I’m obsessed with women and girls who are smashing the patriarchy and asking for what they want!

As I whipped out my wallet to buy up everything they were offering, I thought about the fearlessness of young entrepreneurs and what we can learn from them, and how we can show up as better parents and role models through the power of asking.

Speaking of inspiring entrepreneurs, I’m interviewing Pam Slim in this episode of Rich Coach Club. Pam is such a fantastic guest that this is her second appearance on the podcast!

Pam is one of my very first Coach mentors. She’s from Mesa, Arizona, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world start, sustain, and scale their businesses for more than two decades. She is an award-winning business coach, speaker, and author of Body of Work, Escape from Cubicle Nation, and her new book The Widest Net.

In 2016, Pamela and her husband Darryl co-founded the K’é Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, Arizona, a grassroots, community-led learning lab for small business economic acceleration.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The magic of being a “slow food” entrepreneur.
  • Why “just making money” isn’t enough to be a successful business owner.
  • The importance of ethical business, equity, and dismantling the white supremacy model.
  • Taking your model from transactions and conversions to transformational change.

Featured on the Show:

Pam Slim | Website |  Order Pam’s new book The Widest Net | K’é Main Street Learning Lab


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