RCC 72: How to Earn More Money by Loving Your Body

Two of my biggest passions as a coach are helping women earn more money in their businesses and loving the skin that they’re in. Too many women intensely dislike their bodies and are constantly engaging in harmful behaviors to change how they look, when instead, they could be spending that time and energy up-leveling their income and practicing self-care activities that make them feel great.

In today’s episode, I’m highlighting the link between body drama and money drama. You might not have thought there was a connection there, but cultivating a positive relationship with your body can have huge benefits, especially to your bank account, and who doesn’t want that? Instead of draining yourself by obsessing over how you look and essentially throwing cash down the drain, I’m showing you how to shift your focus and gain back your sanity, time, and energy.

Join me this week to learn how to stop hiding from all the opportunities that will accelerate your growth because you feel uncomfortable in your skin. I’ve seen too many female entrepreneurs do this and it pains me, so tune in to discover how to show yourself more love and gentleness, and your business will thank you for it in the process.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How hating the body you’re in hurts you and your business.
  • Why we need to cultivate a loving relationship with our bodies.
  • The connection between body and money issues.
  • What to focus on instead of losing weight or changing your body.
  • The types of harmful behavior women engage in when they hate their bodies.

Featured on the Show:

  • Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon
  • Bare
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Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Hey y’all, Happy New Year and happy 2020. Let’s kick it. So as a coach, I have a lot of different passions and interests. My two biggest passions are helping women earn more money, and helping women stop dieting and learn to love the skin they’re in.

So throughout the years, I’ve realized that these two things are completely connected. When you don’t like your body, when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, it sucks. It drains your energy, it hurts your confidence, it makes it really difficult to grow your business to the level that it could be. And your attitude towards your body absolutely impacts your income.

This is a major issue, especially among female entrepreneurs and it’s one that really needs to be discussed. So ladies, on today’s episode, we’re going to talk about your body and your money. Because if you can cultivate a positive, loving relationship towards your body, I promise you, this will absolutely lead to a better quality of life and more cash if you want it, and who doesn’t, in your bank account too.

We’ve got lots to discuss so let’s get into this. Here we go. We’re starting with a segment that I call your two-minute pep talk. It’s sometimes 10 minutes. It’s not that deep, y’all. Don’t get mad. Be happy. Extra pep. This is the part of the show where I share some motivation and encouragement to get your week started off right. And I try to keep things short, but I’m mouthy.

To run a successful coaching practice or any type of business, you need plenty of energy. You need energy to develop new products and services, energy to conduct sales calls with potential clients, energy to write and teach and create content for your audience, energy to meet with clients and coach them effectively so they want to hire you again.

You need to feel energized, focused, and vibrant so you can bring your A game every day. So here’s the unfortunate truth. Millions of women are not on their A game consistently. Why? Because millions of women really don’t like their bodies. You’ve probably heard me share some of the upsetting statistics on other podcast episodes, on my blog, and on my social media.

The bottom line, over 90% of women intensely dislike their bodies and wish they could be skinnier or look different. But when you dislike your body so intensely, there’s a cost. When you constantly criticize your body, when you’re constantly going on new diets every week, or when you neglect your body and don’t take care of yourself, all of these body harming behaviors are a huge energy drain.

So much precious energy down the drain. You’re literally pouring money down the drain, boo. Many women don’t feel the connection between body issues and money issues, but believe you me, these things are totally connected. Think about this. Do you want to spend 20 hours of your life obsessing about your cellulite, weighing yourself and groaning with dismay, counting calories and carbs and obsessively planning your meals in accordance with whatever diet you’re on?

Or do you want to spend those 20 hours of your life writing, teaching, coaching, creating videos, promoting your services with excitement, enrolling new clients and generating an extra 20K? The choice is yours. I might sound really fiery and heated up about this topic because I am.

It breaks my heart to see women engaging in super harmful behaviors like dieting, behaviors that rob you of your time, energy, and sanity, and that rob you of financial opportunities too. I’ve known so many women who avoid being in photos, avoid videos, avoid speaking gigs, avoid media appearances, avoid all kinds of opportunities that could help their business to grow.

And why? Because they don’t like their bodies. They don’t feel comfortable being seen. And when you don’t feel good about your body, it makes you want to hide and it hinders your earning potential.

Okay now, let’s look at the positive flip side. Just imagine what might happen if you stopped dieting, stop obsessing about your weight, stop moaning about your muffin top or eye wrinkles, stop sending so much energy towards all that crap, and instead, you decide to reclaim all that time and use it for something else. Something positive. Something creative and meaningful.

The possibilities are amazing and I’ll sum this up as succinctly as I can. Hating your body makes you feel tired as fuck. It’s exhausting. And I know because I’ve been there. And when you’re exhausted, depleted, not on your A game, then you are not going to be able to grow your coaching practice to the level it could be, period.

That’s why the body drama has got to stop. I promise you, the more you love your body, the more you celebrate and appreciate your body, the better you will feel and the more money you will make. Whether you’re naturally a size zero or a 10 or a 20, whether you’re tall or short, muscular or curvy, whatever body god gave you, take care of it, respect it, love it, give it plenty of sleep, water, and food that energizes you.

Instead of focusing on losing weight, shift your focus. Focus on being active and healthy, focus on self-care, focus on feeling strong, focus on taking good care of yourself. Focus on doing things that energize you rather than drain you. That’s the key.

I challenge you today to give your body a loving gift. Choose something. Anything that sounds good, do it. It might be a yoga class, a long shower, a nap, a quiet time out with a book to destress, some fresh air, a break for some tea. Whatever you need today, give it to yourself because you only get one body. It’s your home for your whole life, so don’t fill your home with criticism and hate.

Fill it with love. Stop dieting. Stop talking to your reflection in the mirror like a mean bully. Stop the craziness and give your body some gentleness and love, and you’ll see that love flowing right back into your bank account. You can change your attitude towards your body. You can feel happy and confident and beautiful in your skin.

It’s not about losing weight. It’s about gaining a new perspective and it’s about deciding to think and feel differently. Deciding to love yourself. Loving yourself is the best business decision you’ll ever make and that is your pep talk for the week.

Now we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you. Shout-outs to listeners and clients and all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout-out to KM. KM left me a five-star iTunes review and entitled this one, “Must must must listen.”

“Endless gold nuggets and inspiration to get your day and your life kicked into high gear. So thankful for everything Susan brings and contributes with this podcast. Business plus life plus motivation to the up-level equals all here.” And then she gave me a heart.

Thank you KM. That’s my shout-out for today. And hey, if you have something to say about this show, please send an email support@susanhyatt.co, or post a five-star iTunes review about the show, or post something on social media and tag me, @susanhyatt, and you might hear your name on a future episode. I seriously love giving shout-outs to y’all so holler at me. Thank you for the love. I love you right back.

Hey, one more quickie before we wrap up today’s episode. We’ve been talking about the connection between your body and income, and I’ve been urging you to stop hating and criticizing that body and stop dieting and stop engaging in behaviors that drain your energy like that.

And of course, I know that’s easier said than done. And so you might be thinking, “Susan, yeah, duh, I would love to feel fantastic about my body. I’d love to have tons of confidence. I’d love to have an amazing self-care routine, but it’s just not easy for me.” Fortunately, there’s a lot of support out there.

If you want to change your attitude towards your body or start taking better care of yourself, there’s some great resources and people who can help you out and I want to mention just a couple. Number one, there’s a book called Health at Every Size. Google Health at Every Size to learn about this awesome organization. Their mission is to educate people that it’s totally possible to be happy, confident, active, and healthy at pretty much any size.

For instance, you can be a large curvy woman and be super strong and healthy, swim long distances, run marathons, have excellent cardiovascular health and live a long and fabulous life. Or you can be a slender woman who eats nothing but junk food, leads a sedentary life, smokes, drinks excessively and isn’t healthy at all.

Being skinny does not mean you’re healthy, and being curvy does not mean you’re unhealthy. In fact, health and longevity actually have very little to do with your weight, so check out Health at Every Size to find tons of great info.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention Bare. Yes, the Bare community. Letsgetbare.com. I created the Bare website as a resource for you and your amazing body. You can listen to two seasons of the Bare podcast, which is free. You can join Bare Daily and meet other women who have pledged to stop dieting and stop all the body drama and give their body tons of love every day.

You can also get certified to become a Bare coach if that’s something you want to add to your coaching toolkit. So just go to letsgetbare.com and check out the resources and see what you need to see. And I hope you’ll scope both of these resources out that I’ve mentioned. And if nothing else, I hope you’ll ask yourself the following question today.

In terms of my body, what would feel like love? What kind of meal would feel like a loving gift for your body? What kind of workout would feel like love? What kind of morning routine would feel like love? What kind of evening routine?

And as you move through your day, keep asking, what would feel like love right now? And whatever it is, give that to yourself. Or something close. Love yourself up and your whole life and business will flow so much better.

So thanks for listening to today’s episode. I hope I’ve convinced you that taking care of your body is a really smart business move. Your body, your money, it’s all connected, boo. Do something today to take care of your body. Choose love. The better you feel, the more money you’ll make. And hey, hey, hey, guess what? I filmed an entire documentary about this called the Bare documentary. We’re going to include a link in the show notes.

We have the premier of the Bare documentary happening January 10th and we’re going to air it on Facebook, but you have to opt in to get the link to watch. So we’re going to have a live viewing party, I’m doing a whole pink carpet event here in Evansville, Indiana, and I rented out an entire theater. I’m super excited about it.

We have everyone from a nine-year-old little dancer to a 65-year-old woman and everything in between. We have high school athletes, college athletes, moms, executives, women of all shapes, sizes, colors, coming together to talk about how to love the skin you’re in, and I can’t wait for you to watch. So check it out.

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