Can we be friends?

Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

This is the 97th episode in a series of GO mp3s to wake you up on your Monday morning and get you going.

In this episode we’re talking about how to make friends in the online business world, specifically with those people you look up to and admire.

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

So, I run a lot of programs where I teach business and marketing skills—like my CLEAR COACHES program, and my new program, BOSS UNIVERSITY.

I’m constantly encouraging my clients to market themselves more courageously. I tell them, “Be bold! If there’s an opportunity you want, go get it! If there’s someone you want to meet, just reach out and introduce yourself! You’ve nothing to lose! Go for it!”

But often, my clients feel really anxious about this kinda stuff.

They say to me,

“Uh, Susan, that’s easier said than done!”

Often, people ask me,

“If there’s someone I want to connect with—like a potential client, or a potential business collaborator—what should I say, exactly? What should I do? Send an email? Send a private message on Facebook? Send a bouquet of flowers? I don’t know how to make a good first impression.”

Here’s the thing.

If you want to become friends with someone—or form some other type of relationship, like a client relationship, or a business partnership—there’s no 5-step system that you follow and… poof! Now you’re best friends! It doesn’t work like that. There’s no checklist or magic potion.

However, if you’re struggling to make friends and expand your network, I do have some advice for you. This advice comes from my colleague Ellen Fondiler, a fellow coach. It’s advice that was passed down to Ellen from Ellen’s mom.

Here’s the advice:

“To make a friend, be a friend.”

Really, it can be that simple. Just BE a friend.

So, what this means is… if there’s someone you want to connect with, instead of emailing them to ask for a special favor, or emailing them to beg them to meet you for lunch, or emailing to see if you can pick their brain over coffee, see if there’s something else you could do instead. How could you “be a friend” to this person, today?

Here are some ideas…

You could email someone and say:

“Hey! Guess what? I nominated you for an award!”


“Hey! Guess what? I just created a new online class and YOU are featured in Lesson #3, because you inspire me so much!

Or, you could email someone and say…

“I mentioned you on my podcast this week!”

“My kids and I are obsessed with you. We watch your videos together all the time!”

“I told my colleague all about you, and she’s dying to book you as a speaker at her conference, if you’re interested…”

Or you could say…

“Just FYI: I emailed my local public radio station and I told them about your new project. It’s amazing! I hope they contact you for an interview {fingers crossed}…”

“Just FYI: I just bought your new e-book and it’s amazing. I’ve gotten $1,000 worth of great ideas from the first 10 pages alone. Great job!”

“Just FYI: I saw on Facebook that you’re looking for a new assistant, and I actually know someone who might be perfect for you…”

Those are just a few ways that you can “be a friend.”

You can send a compliment. You can write a positive review or testimonial. You can give a hot tip. You can help someone line up a gig. You can nominate someone for an award. You can make a helpful introduction. You can make someone’s day brighter.

If you reach out in this way, you will make a terrific first impression. They’ll probably reply to your email and say “Wow, thank you!” and you can continue the conversation from there, and see where things lead.

Bottom line: when it comes to making friends, finding clients, and finding amazing business collaborators… this stuff doesn’t have to be super complicated. It’s really just about paying attention, listening, noticing, and sprinkling friend fairy dust around.

Remember, just like Ellen’s mom says:

“To make a friend, be a friend.”

Who could you “be a friend” to, today? Pick someone. Come up with a beautiful plan— some way to brighten their day—without asking for anything in return.

Do it. See what happens.

It’s GO time.

Susan Hyatt

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