RCC 95: Burnout and the Key to Transformation with Brenda Lomeli

We need to talk about burnout, people. It’s a serious health issue that is now thankfully being recognized worldwide by medical professionals, but it’s something we need to educate ourselves on. It not only affects your mental, emotional, and physical health, but I guarantee it’s taking a toll on your income as well.

I’m sharing a personal story about my burnout experience, and I’ve also got a star in the coaching world and my client, Brenda Lomeli, on the show today to share some deep wisdom around self-defined goals, being grateful for your journey, and doing the work to create emotional courage in your life.

Brenda is a mom and coach who specializes in working with moms who feel burnt out and, as she puts it, want to lose the last 10 pounds. That’s just the beginning though because the transformation that happens in the process is completely life-altering.

Join us today and enjoy my conversation with Brenda Lomeli! I know that you’re going to walk away from this feeling inspired to take even better care of yourself because, booberry, you’ve got important work to do! Brenda and I share the same philosophy on women and weight loss, and you’ll leave this episode asking yourself new questions that will transform you on a different level.

The Summer of Yes is starting today, but don’t worry, I’m leaving the doors open for you to join and get in on the action

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What burnout is and why we need to educate ourselves about it.
  • How burnout impacts your health and income.
  • The warning signs of burnout.
  • How you can avoid burning out or reverse it.
  • My experience of burnout and what I decided to do about it.
  • How Brenda is able to be a new mom and grow her business at the same time.
  • Why Brenda believes that not being able to lose weight through deprivation and punishment is actually a gift.
  • Brenda’s before and after story.
  • Why having self-defined goals is an approach that will make you feel empowered.
  • Why Brenda believes we need to love and be grateful for our journey.

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Okay people, we need to have a talk about burnout. You’ve heard this term before, yeah? Burnout. As in, ugh, I am so burnt out. But here’s the thing; burnout is more than just feeling a little tired. True burnout is a serious condition with major consequences.

Up until fairly recently, burnout wasn’t really taken that seriously by doctors and other people in the medical community. But that really has changed. I learned from a friend of mine actually, Jill Farmer, a previous guest on this show - you should listen to that episode - that the World Health Organization now recognizes burnout as a serious health issue.

So today’s episode is all about burnout because this is a big issue impacting so many people. Maybe you, maybe someone on your business team or someone living under your own roof, or maybe one of your own clients. And we need to educate ourselves about it.

So we’re going to cover what is it, what are the warning signs, how does this impact your health, not to mention your income, and let’s talk about prevention. How can you, as a coach, as a business owner, avoid burning out or reverse the situation once it’s happening?

I’ll also share a personal story about a time in my coaching career when I got majorly burnt out and how I got out of that hole. Plus, I’ve got an amazing guest for you today. Brenda Lomeli is here. This woman is a star in the coaching world.

She specializes in working with moms who feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and as she puts it, want to lose the last 10 pounds. That’s actually a decoy for the deep, deep work that’s happening, but maybe that’s you. Even if you’re not a mom, you’ll learn a ton from our conversation, and I know you’ll walk away from this feeling inspired to take even better care of yourself for sure. Because you’ve got important work to do and we want you burning strong. Not burning out. So here we go.

We’re starting with a segment that I call your two-minute pep talk. A dose of positivity, motivation, and smart ideas to get your week started off right. Okay, let’s get right into this.

What is burnout? So, Psychology Today says burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. Repeated stress from work, stress from parenting, stress from the general state of the world, stress from racism and from micro aggressions you might experience in your daily life, stress from misogyny towards women, stress from the fucked up diet industry.

I mean, good lord. The list goes on and on. All that stress can build up to an extreme level. And when left unmanaged, the result is burnout. Okay, so how do you know if you’re experiencing burnout? What are the signs?

So here’s a few. The most obvious one, exhaustion. Like, no matter how much sleep or rest you try to get, you just feel bone tired. You feel mentally and physically drained. Yup, that was me pretty much from the year 2000 to 2009. No, that’s not really true. I’m exaggerating.

Apathy. You used to feel fired up about your coaching practice, so excited, determined to get out there and change lives, but now you feel numb. Things you used to care about, you struggle to care about anymore. It’s hard to motivate yourself, even when good things happen like a new client enrolls. It’s like, you’re just not feeling it.

Dread. You dread going to work. You dread looking at your inbox. You have a sense of gloom and heaviness hanging around you. Some other signs: you feel irritable, pessimistic, cynical, hopeless, or you’ve got physical issues like headaches.

Or just a general feeling like you can’t cope. Something happens and you’re like, I cannot deal with this, I’m fried, I’ve got nothing left in the tank. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re like, “That is literally me every day of the week.” How does this impact your coaching practice? Your income?

Well, it ain’t good. That’s for sure. Burnt out coaches don’t earn the big money, at least not sustainably. Even mild burnout can really hurt your business, and I’ve got a story about this. So, back in 2017 I was running a number of programs. I think I traveled and did retreats in five different countries in that year. My father-in-law passed away. There were a number of personal things going on as well.

Ryan Hyatt was being Ryan Hyatt and I found myself a little apathetic, irritated about little things that were happening, I was doing all the self-care I typically do, but it didn’t seem like sleep was helping. And I really had to take a good hard look at what I was working on, some of the clients I was working with, some of the boundaries that I needed to create with my family.

And it was a real wakeup call. And once I did that, once I really recognized what was happening with myself, fortunately, I was able to rebound pretty quickly because I didn’t let it go too far. I was onto myself. So, the symptoms I noticed was that I was really exhausted and tired and pretty irritable and not able to make decisions clearly.

And what I decided to do about it was stop - like, I made decisions about the amount of travel I was doing and pulled that back. I set boundaries in certain relationships. And all of a sudden, I started to notice sprouts of life and energy coming back.

So if you’re headed towards burnout or if you’re already in that place, I want to encourage you to think about what’s the plan, how can you start feeling better? So the short answer is, booberry, you got to start taking better care of yourself. Your health must become a priority, non-negotiable.

The longer answer is you should probably get some help with that. I worked with a coach. You need to enroll in one of my programs like Bare Daily or The Summer of Yes because it’s time for you to get serious about self-care and get some consistent habits in place so that you can keep your energy levels high.

And it’s time for you to have some freaking fun. It’s time for you to say yes to joy, yes to pleasure, yes to taking a vacation, even if it’s a staycation, yes to decadence and garden parties and beach days and life away from your desk.

Joy is the antidote to burnout and one thing is certain. Everyone in our world could use a little more joy right now. It’s medicine for our weary spirits and for our heavy hearts. We need it more than ever.

So, I want you to take a little joy break today. Listen to some Lizzo, go make a donation to Black Lives Matter. Take a walk in the sunshine, get on your bike, drink some tea, or maybe you need to take the night off from watching the news and give your spirit a reprieve from all the pain, just for a night.

Replenish yourself so you can wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to change the world. Being a coach, being a CEO, being a leader, an activist, an ally, this stuff takes energy and you cannot be your most effective self if you’re so exhausted that you can’t even think straight. You got to bring those energy levels up and joy is the fastest way I know to do that. You know what you got to do. Joy it up. Pep talk complete.

Now we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you. Shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout-out to Patch Head. At least that’s what they call themselves in Apple Podcasts.

“Love this. I have learned so much about being a business owner from Susan Hyatt. She never fails to impress and leaves you with a newfound excitement, not only for your business but about all of your life. I’m all in for anything Susan Hyatt creates. Listen to every podcast episode. They will change your life.”

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I just love hearing from you guys, even the ranty feedback. I just love hearing what you have to say. So if you’ve got something you want to say about this show, send an email to my team, support@susanhyatt.co. Post a five-star iTunes review, or wherever you listen to podcasts and let me know. Tag me. I love giving shout-outs to people in my community, so let me know what you think. Thanks for the love. I love you right back.

I’m stoked to introduce you to Brenda Lomeli. She’s a mom, she’s a coach, she’s a multi six-figure entrepreneur, well on her way to seven figures. She’s a client of mine and she’s got lots of personal experience and insights on stress, overwhelm, burnout.

One thing I love about Brenda’s work and one thing we share in common is our philosophy on women and weight loss. Like me, Brenda believes that it’s your life, your body, and your right to do whatever you want to do with your body. You want to dye your hair blue, get a ton of tattoos, gain 10 pounds, lose 10 pounds, whatever you want to do, cool. You do you, boo.

What really matters is why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it, and are you trying to change your body from a place of love or from a place of hatred? So, like me, Brenda invites her clients to ask new questions. For instance, instead of asking, “How can I lose 10 pounds fast?” A new better question would be, “Why do I keep getting burnout? Why do I keep turning towards food when I feel stressed? What’s really going on here?”

And by asking yourself these new questions, you transform on a different level. And then, if you wind up losing weight, it happens naturally without force, it’s like giving your body a way of saying like, thanks for listening to me and giving me what I really needed. Okay, I could go on and on about Brenda, but let’s dive into this conversation right now.

Susan: Welcome to the podcast, Brenda Lomeli.

Brenda: Good morning. Thank you so much, Susan, I’m so excited to be here with you.

Susan: Brenda, you are like a mom of a toddler phenom. Like, you are my hero because not only are you a successful businesswoman, but you figured out how to create an amazing business so that you can work 20 hours a week?

Brenda: Yeah. Ever since I knew that I was pregnant, my brain started getting busy thinking - it was very deliberate for sure to get to this point. So if you can imagine me pregnant, sitting here in my home office, really thinking about, okay, what do I want my business to look like so that I can actually enjoy motherhood and enjoy spending time with my daughter?

And so I mean, this started since before my daughter was born. And that’s one of the things I love about life coaching is everything is so deliberate and creating your life is something that happens on purpose. But absolutely.

Susan: So she just turned one and if you were going to give your pregnant self - because I know I have Rich Coach Club listeners who are either considering starting a family or about to start a family, and one of the common worries is how am I going to do what I do?

Brenda: Yeah, I mean, let me see. If I right now were to think back, I would be like, yes, you can do exactly what your vision is that you have because honestly, since then, I had people tell me - so here was my vision. It was like, okay, I’m going to have the baby and I’m going to scale my business in the same year, and I’m going to change my sales process and I’m going to continue to grow.

And I had people tell me like, “Why don’t you just have the baby and maybe not have goals for your business?” But my vision and my belief being pregnant and I think that other women in my life and they had the best intentions, but they were a little bit like, you don’t know what being a mom is going to be like.

And you know what, they were right, I didn’t have any idea. But I’m so glad that I had the belief that I could continue to create the business that I dreamed of and that I wanted and also create space for being a mom and for having a baby and that was my belief and I really held really strongly to that and I’m glad that I did that.

So, I wouldn’t really change anything. I’m glad that I approached it that way and that I was like, nope, I can do it. Because now I’m on the other side, I will say I’m a lot more tired physically than I thought I would be, especially during that newborn stage. Just the lack of sleep and all of that. But I’m glad I held onto that belief, like, I can have my business and take care of my business, which is also my baby, and then my new baby. I’m so glad I did that.

Susan: That’s so awesome. So, I’m so enjoying watching you do exactly what you wanted to do, which is scale your business, and so let’s talk a little bit about your business. So what’s your passion?

Brenda: My passion is I am so determined to help women around the world to equip them to really stop struggling completely with their weight in every way, shape, or form. Because it’s mental, it’s emotional, it’s physical, and to actually feel empowered about that part of their life and to feel amazing about it.

That was my own journey and it took me a couple decades to figure that out, and so that’s what I help my clients do now is just really put an end to that weight struggle and love that part of their life and love their results and love how they just approach it and live it. So that’s my mission and that’s what I’m really passionate about in my work.

Susan: And so, I am typically not a huge fan of before and after photos as it relates to women’s bodies. However, I am a big fan of before and after stories and I do think that your before and after photo demonstrates what was happening inside of you. You successfully lost 80 pounds and many before and after photos I think are just like, sort of shameful like, this woman wasn’t worthy 80 pounds heavier.

But there’s a light in your eyes now that’s completely different than in your before photo. Do you want to talk a little bit about that? Because I know you feel pretty strongly about before and after photos as well.

Brenda: Yeah, oh my gosh, I love how you just said that Susan, it gave me goosebumps all over. It’s like, the before and after of the body, the physical body, that’s kind of the obvious part that someone can see on the outside. And in fact, people see me now and they’re like, “There’s no way. You’ve just always been a thin person.”

And I’m like, no, trust me, I haven’t. I weighed almost 200 pounds and I’m not a tall person at all. But that’s the kind of obvious part, but I love how you said it’s the before and after story. Like, when I think about Brenda at her heaviest weight, I mean, I have so much love for her now sitting here, but I know that she really was in a lot of emotional pain and there was a lot of suffering happening, and I know that she didn’t really know how to show up for her full human experience.

She really used food and eating when she was feeling overwhelmed or stressed or lonely or even excited or happy. Actually, I can think back and I know that one of the main problems is I just didn’t know how to be in my life.

And yes, that was a problem for me. And so now, one of the afters, because I think there’s so many layers of the afters, one of the afters is like, I like to call it emotional courage. And if you see me now and you know me now, and the way I feel inside is like, I have so much emotional courage, which I like to describe as the willingness to be with and really experience your full human emotional experience.

Like, I know how to be with my feelings. I know how to be with myself when I am sad or I am stressed or I am afraid, all of those things. And so honestly, that’s just one layer of the after. There’s so much more. Another thing that I will just talk about because I think it’s important, when I think back to my before transformation and before the weight loss, another big thing is like, I honestly didn’t know how to love myself.

I would actually say that I kind of hated myself. And for sure wasn’t kind to myself at all. And I think what ultimately brought me here to where I am now was learning just how to always step in the direction of loving myself more. In fact, I don’t think you know this, Susan, but I only have one tattoo on my body and it’s the tattoo of the word love on my right foot.

And the reason I did that, it actually has a powerful message. I decided, there was a moment where I decided, you know what, I will only do things out of love for myself. And everything I ever do, I want to do it, and even the location of that tattoo is symbolic.

It’s on my foot. We take steps, and so I decided everything I ever do, every step I ever take, I want it to be just in the direction of love and out of love. And so that’s just only part of the after is just more love, the emotional courage to really live my life, to feel my full human experience, and that’s how I teach my clients to lose the weight they want to lose.

And I know you talk so much about this too, Susan. The way that women do try to lose weight is just by being constantly critical and feeling miserable and feeling deprived. And I actually think it’s kind of a gift honestly, in a way that we’re not able to lose the weight that way and that we just get stuck.

Because there’s only one way to actually put an end to that, and that’s by finding yourself and like, choosing to treat yourself with love and kindness and learning how to be present in your life. So that’s a little bit about that.

Susan: Yeah, and I think that the things I talk about with harmful dieting and self-violent behavior, it’s just, growing up, no one is immune to diet culture. And so, it’s just whether a woman needs to lose weight or not, it’s just this thing like, oh, this is just what girls and women do, which is a lie.

And if a woman discovers that she’s obsessive about food and body stuff, if she’s hating on herself, if she’s giving away all of her time, energy, and power in such a negative way, it’s beautiful to know that there are women in the world, like you, who have a loving approach to what you call the last 10.

Brenda: Yeah. And also, to speak on that a little bit more Susan, I am so big on this. Like, my program is called The Last 10, and my podcast and my book, and that’s about really putting an end to that constant trying to lose those last pounds, whether it’s 25 or eight.

So many women get stuck for a lifetime in trying to do that, and I totally get that because that was me for a couple decades. But I’m really big on this one thing like, the last 10 is self-defined. And this is with business. We don’t walk around telling women, “Hey, you should make this much money in your business or this much or this much,” but yet if you do decide you do want to make a certain amount of money, good for you, that’s totally up to you. That’s how I feel about the weight loss stuff.

Whatever results you want to create, that’s totally self-defined and I do think it’s important that someone spends time really getting clear on that being their true choice, as opposed to just like, messages that come from other places. It’s like, what is the result I really want here?

Because even just in that moment, really getting clear like, oh, this is what I want, whether it’s business or weight or relationship or motherhood, since we’re talking about motherhood, not just adopting the belief like, oh, every woman has to be a mom. It’s like, taking a moment with yourself and looking inward and making the decision, this is what I want, and everything we want is self-defined.

How much money you want to make, what kind of results or what kind of choices you want to make around your food or treat your body, all of that is self-defined. And so I think when you have that approach, it’s always going to feel empowered. It’s up to me. Only I get to decide all of it.

Susan: It’s so true and it’s so interesting that the expectation for women isn’t that you should earn a certain amount of money. It’s that you should look a certain way. And so every woman has to define for herself, every woman gets to decide what she does with her body.

This is why it’s like, I’m anti-diet, but I’m also pro-choice for every woman, what she wants to do with her body. So you’ll never hear me shame someone for plastic surgery, you will never hear me tell someone they shouldn’t have a goal for their body because that is self-defined, like you said.

And we can’t know for another woman for sure what the motivation is behind that choice. In my opinion, if you’re a feminist, if you’re pro-choice, then be pro-choice. So anyway.

Brenda: Absolutely. No, I totally agree. It’s such a powerful thing to really just know for yourself. No one gets to decide. Only me, for all of it.

Susan: So that being said, let’s talk a little bit about in the work that you do and feeling as passionate as you do about a woman understanding her choice, doing it from a place of love and acceptance, what gets you excited about helping women heal this obsession or the decades they might spend focused on this illusive last 10?

Brenda: You know what gets me excited Susan, I mean, I can give you my own example, but also I see it in my clients all the time. For me, oh my gosh, it blows my mind to think back and know that for literally two decades, it was like I was on this hamster wheel of trying to solve this one thing over and over and over.

And it was like, oh my gosh, if I were to think back to what percentage of my brain was occupied on what I was eating or not eating or how much I weighed or wanted to weigh, I seriously think that was like, 70% of my brain probably. That’s just a guess.

But now, I’m telling you, as soon as I was like, okay, I’m done with that, I feel great about that part of my life moving on, I was able to write a book, I have a podcast that I’ve been doing for three years. I was able to like, move on to other things instead of staying stuck on a hamster wheel, and other big huge dreams that some of them I knew about.

Like, I would hear the whisper, except I was so obsessed with this other thing, but some of them I didn’t even know until it’s like, this fog left my brain and then I could see all these amazing big dreams. And I started to pursue them and now of course, I left this job that I had for a long time that I didn’t really love.

Actually, I did not like it at all. And I started my own coaching practice, and now I’m like, so fueled and on fire about so many things. As a Latina entrepreneur like, I am so on fire about really being a CEO of my business that makes tons of money and like, really trailblazing for other women, other moms out there, other Latinas out there.

There’s so much fun stuff going on. So I see this with my clients too. I’ve had so many clients that hire me initially for the weight loss, and then I see them take those same mindset and emotional self-care tools and that next level confidence that they now have in themselves, like, oh my gosh, I’m not stuck with that same thing, and I see them pursuing their wildest dreams that have nothing to do with any of the old stuff they were stuck in.

And so that really excited me. It’s like, what are all the things that I would - you know, all that brain energy and all my energy, all the things that you could do if you weren’t stuck with the same thing over and over and over. It’s like chewing on the same piece of gum for 20 years.

Susan: Oh my god, I love that analogy.

Brenda: Your jaw hurts, there’s no taste. It’s like, why am I chewing on this same piece of gum? It’s really not great at all.

Susan: Well, and what you said is like, the core of so much of what I teach with Bare, which is that if we could take the emotional bandwidth, the mental capacity, the power that women have and redirect it from dieting and that stale piece of gum to what they actually want to accomplish in the world, their dreams, their goals, my god, we would have already solved climate change, our political arena, the education system. We are the most untapped resource because we’re so distracted by this nonsense.

Brenda: Yeah. I mean, again, just gave me full body goosebumps. But you know what, I honestly bow down. I take a bow to that journey that taught me so much. It’s a part of my life that I do love and thank so much because it’s my journey. It’s part of what brought me here and made me who I am.

And I really think all of those skills that I talked about, I use that emotional courage muscle, I now use it in my business. I think that there’s some huge similarities and overlap. I see it with myself as an entrepreneur. Any revenue goal or business goal, it’s basically just a series of overcoming limiting beliefs.

It’s like, you overcome one and then there’s another and then there’s another. I see the same with when I’m working with clients and looking back at my own journey. And it’s like that emotional courage and that muscle, I now just bring it into this part of my life. And then just use that to continue to create my life on purpose.

And so I think for all of your listeners, moms, entrepreneurs, whether they’re maybe struggling with some weight stuff themselves or any other area, I think we really need to look at our journeys with so much love and gratitude because that’s where all the value is for ourselves. That’s where there’s so much to learn.

And you just take those things, and if you’re willing to spend time to unpack them, that’s how you have the breakthroughs. And then you can just keep foraging ahead. So it’s all good stuff.

Susan: Totally. I love thinking about the coaching tool that wherever you are today and whatever journey you’ve had, retelling the story so that it’s like, well of course I went through that because it set me up beautifully for this. And I think about how much my mindset shifted around - I remember when I was in real estate.

And I talk about that a lot, that I was good at it, but it didn’t set my soul on fire. And I really loved helping my clients get what they want, finding the house of their dreams or selling their house so they could move on. I liked that part of it, but all the minutia I didn’t like and the other agent drama I didn’t like, but I could probably go back into it with my mindset tools now and none of that affect me.

However, I used to be like, thank god I’m not in real estate anymore, but you know what, quickly after I started this business, I started to retell that story and realize, well of course I went into real estate because it taught me how to unapologetically market myself. What better industry to go into for sales and marketing than real estate?

You could do that with anything, which is what Brenda just illustrated. Like, how beautiful that 20-year or 20-plus-year journey with food and her body that led her to this amazing understanding of emotional courage and the business that she’s been able to create helping other people develop mindset tools so that they can move on from that struggle.

Brenda: Yeah. And it’s going to make me a millionaire.

Susan: Totally it is. Absolutely it is. I mean, I look at like, I should have a bronze statue of a wheel of Brie in my office because it’s like, what I learned from binging on Brie after school…

Brenda: Oh my gosh, I love that.

Susan: You know, it was very painful at the time, but it led me to some really deep discovery and a power that I never knew existed.

Brenda: It’s amazing.

Susan: It is amazing. And so let’s talk about, of course you’re a millionaire brewing. So, you have a multiple six-figure company. What do you see as moving forward and scaling your business, even beyond where it is right now? What do you think is required of you right now to do that?

Brenda: That’s such a perfect question for me right now. You know, I was talking about how I think any next level goal essentially is the journey of uncovering that next limiting belief. It’s like an onion. You uncover that next limiting belief and then you break through that and that requires courage.

At least that’s how it has felt for me all along the way. As long as I have set new and bigger goals, it’s always that whole process. I think for me right now, it’s like, really and honestly, even speaking to you right now Susan and being on this podcast, that’s part of it for me.

I am seeing that some limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know were there, and that’s the beauty I think of setting bigger goals for yourself. It’s like, you might have limiting beliefs in your brain that you literally have no clue until you set this big juicy goal.

And so for me, as a woman of color, as a first-generation Mexican American, legit Susan, until now, until this multiple, multiple, multiple six-figure part of my business, I had no idea that I still had some fear of speaking and fully speaking as myself on a bigger stage. Like, bigger stage, more eyeballs on me, more ears listening to my voice to a bigger audience and that I have a little bit of insecurities around that.

Just as a woman that’s a minority, I have been spending some time on that and just thinking back and it’s like what you were saying about the Brie, having a little statue. And I had this moment because I’ve been doing some of that work this year where I was like, of course that makes sense because you know what, when I was in grade school, middle school, I legit was bullied and beat up for speaking English with an accent and all those kinds of things.

So, it’s like, oh, it totally makes sense. But I honestly have not even thought of that or even remembered that until now. Woman, almost in my 40s, I’m setting these big goals for myself and I’m like, oh my gosh, I have that little lingering belief there that I maybe shouldn’t speak up and use my voice.

And so of course, I’m like, okay, I’m glad I see that. Now I can address it and not believe that and keep moving forward. I think that’s one of the things that’s so powerful about coaching. Sometimes when people feel like something is challenging, it feels challenging, and they’re maybe a little stuck, it can feel a little scary to look in your head and look in your brain and be like, what’s going on?

For me, honestly, moving forward now, it’s just like, speaking. Speaking to the biggest audiences, getting on the stages, really just speaking and showing up fully as myself and sharing what I have to share and not having any apology about any part of me whatsoever. So that’s what it is.

Susan: It’s so beautiful. And I love that when you look at the earning power of women and you look at the pay gap and you look at often what’s quoted is the pay gap between white women and white men. But when you really look at the lowest paid woman, it’s the Latina woman.

Brenda: It’s the rock bottom demographic. And so I’m not blind to that, I’m not blind to seeing there aren’t tons of Latinas making millions, but you know what, I see it. Okay, and now it’s about recognizing some of those limiting beliefs in myself and then just, again, flexing that emotional courage like alright, let’s do it.

You know what I told my friend the other day? Kara Loewentheil, you know her too. She’s one of my best friends and I told her, you know what, this is my new thought. I am a freaking trailblazer, and you know what trailblazers do? We blaze trails, so let’s do this. I mean, that’s…

Susan: Let’s do it.

Brenda: Yeah, that’s the value of looking in the face, what is keeping you stuck, you see it and you’re like, alright, let’s do this.

Susan: Well, and I love that one of your values moving forward is to be a role model for younger Latina women so that they can see. I talk a lot about if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. And so there aren’t a lot of role models in the space that are Latina and you saying like, hey, look, I look like you and I’m killing it and I’m going to bring you with me.

Brenda: Totally. It’s such an inspiration for me. Susan, sometimes I sit in my home office and I’m like, so inspired by these things, these are the things that drive me at this point moving forward for bigger revenue goals. It literally being tears to my eyes. I can get choked up thinking about it, talking about it, and for your listeners, that’s how connected you want to be to your reason why something is worth it, why something is worth figuring that thing out.

I mean, you really have to believe in your why and feel it in your gut, to the point where it makes you choke up a little bit. Because when you feel that strongly about why something is worth it, no challenge that comes up will trump that. It will just be like a little speed bump.

Susan: Now I have goosebumps. So where can our listeners - of course we’re going to have all the deets in the show notes, but where do you hang out most? How can they get some more Brenda?

Brenda: Yeah, some more Brenda, I think the best place is my podcast, which is The Last 10 Pounds podcast. You can find me there on iTunes or wherever your favorite podcast listening app. Also, you can go to brendalomeli.com of course. By the way, can I just say this one thing? When I found out my daughter’s gender, the very first gift I ever bought her was her name domain.

Susan: Yes. I love that.

Brenda: I was like, when your mom is an entrepreneur, this is your first gift. Yeah, so she doesn’t have anything on hers yet, but you can go to brendalomeli.com. And then also I do love to hang out on Instagram, so those are the main spots.

Susan: Awesome. Well Brenda, I want to thank you for your time today. It’s been awesome.

Brenda: Oh my gosh, it’s always a pleasure to spend time with you Susan. It’s a delight and an honor, so thank you for having me.

Oh hey, one more quick thing. I don’t know if you are deciding whether or not you’re having a summer of yes or a summer of no, but I’m going to put some links in the show notes. We have some replays from a garden party I did. I want you to watch this replay and soak in some joy and grab summer by the sunshine.

There’s also information about how you can sign up for Summer of Yes. If you’re listening to this, The Summer of Yes is starting today. And there’s still time. I’m going to prop the garden party door open for you and you can still get in on this action.

So when you watch the replay, you’re going to beam virtually into my backyard and we’re going to have some tea and have a chat about you, your spirit, your energy levels, and the kind of summer you want to have. And then, if you want, join us for the extended version all summer long. RSVP, see you in my backyard.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope this episode has inspired you to understand what burnout is and take it seriously, take some steps right now to prevent burnout or reverse, infuse more joy into your life, always, forever, and especially now. Have a beautiful week and I’ll see you next Monday.

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