When You Feel Like a Badass Life Coach

The world deserves to know when you feel like a badass life coach. It’s important to share your victories publicly. You deserve to shout client testimonial from the rooftops and tell everyone you can about your first $100k launch.

If you’re making an impact on your clients’ lives, if you’re really good at what you do, then you need to let the world know. 

This needs to become a regular practice, something you do all the time, part of your weekly and monthly routine. Let’s #NormalizeBragging

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you should absolutely be bragging about your skills.
  • How to feel comfortable speaking up.
  • What to do when you feel anxious and boastful.
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    Susan Hyatt:
    Welcome to the Rich Coach Club. The podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching process and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey. Hey, coaches. When you were a kid, did people tell you don't brag about yourself or it's rude to be boastful? Maybe you were instructed to keep quiet, pipe down, and not gush about yourself too much. And maybe you've carried those patterns into adulthood, and that might be hurting your coaching practice and your income.

    Susan Hyatt:
    So, on today's show, we're going to talk about why it's good to brag about your coaching skills and how to do this. And I'm going to give you an assignment that you might hate at first, but you will thank me later. If you're a client of mine, then you've probably been participating in Confidence Camp. Confidence Camp is a special challenge that I rolled out in April. And it's all about building more confidence, being more assertive, being bolder, going after things you want, and being really active and not passive. And during Confidence Camp, one of my faculty members, Lachelle Wooten, gave everyone an assignment. She said, "I want you to talk to someone like a colleague, a client, or someone in your professional network, and I want you to say the following words, I'm feeling pretty bad-ass because, or I'm feeling proud of myself because. And then fill in the blank, complete that statement, share one reason why you feel proud, share a victory, an achievement, something you did recently that you want to highlight."

    Susan Hyatt:
    Here's the rule, you have to say this to a client or a colleague or potential client, not to a friend or someone you're already really cozy and comfy with. The point is to challenge yourself. And this might feel really hard to do because especially as women, we are trained to not be too confident, not to be too pleased with ourselves, not to be too successful or shine too brightly. And we're taught that, that's rude or even dangerous to do that. And we develop so many anxieties about it. So, you might think, "I don't want to mention my achievement because what if I make someone else feel bad about themselves?" Well, on the other hand, what if you make someone feel great about themselves? What if you inspire and motivate them? Or what if by you sharing a victory, you give permission for someone else to share a victory too?

    Susan Hyatt:
    Maybe they'll hear your exciting achievement and then go, "Oh, I feel like a bad-ass too and I want to tell you all about it." As a coach, it's so important to share victories publicly. If you're making an impact on your client's lives, if you're really good at what you do, then you need to let them know. You need to post client testimonials on your website. You need to highlight your clients and their victories in your blog, newsletter, podcast, all the places. You need to tell people about the projects you're working on and the things you've achieved and the results that you're helping people to get. This needs to become a regular practice. Something you do all the time, part of your weekly and monthly routine.

    Susan Hyatt:
    I mean, consider this. If you were thinking about hiring a coach and you were considering hiring two people and trying to decide who to hire, which person would you pick? The person with a blank website and no achievements or results or accomplishments of any kind, or the person with excellent client reviews, tons of testimonials, and a list of impressive things like certifications, degrees, books they wrote, podcast appearances, or organizations they've partnered with, and lots of evidence that they're the real deal and can help me get results. I know I would pick the second person for sure. So, it's time to get comfortable with bragging. Let's hashtag normalized bragging. Let's reclaim this word and make it a positive thing, not a negative term. And if you feel really nervous and timid about bragging, then I want you to do the assignment that I mentioned earlier.

    Susan Hyatt:
    The next time someone asks you, how are you today or how are you doing? You can reply and say, "I'm feeling pretty bad-ass because," complete that statement, share a victory, share an exciting project. Say those words to someone, anyone, as long as it's not a close friend that you already know really well. Do this once a day, 10 days in a row, and it'll get easier with time and your confidence will grow. I'll leave you with this thought, when you are bragging, you are not lying or being deceitful, you are simply stating the truth, stating the facts. You're just sharing a fact about who you are and what you've been doing lately, that's it. I remember the earliest days of my career post-college, I worked as a marketing and promotions director for a company that owned six radio stations. And one of our radio stations was a rock station called The River.

    Susan Hyatt:
    And The River pretty consistently was ranked the number one rock station. And I remember this was back when we used fax machines. Remember that slippery fax machine paper? I remember I wrote a press release announcing that The River was number one in the rankings. And I wrote at the top of it ain black Sharpie, "It ain't bragging, if it's true," and sent that out on blast to every media outlet. And it got quite a bit of attention because you know what, like if you can back it up, say it. Say it, you do not need to feel awkward about this because you're simply stating the facts, plain and simple. Pep-talk complete.

    Susan Hyatt:
    All right. So, it's time for some community wins. And this is the part of the show where I pretty routinely brag on everybody. I share wins and victories and beautiful accomplishments from my clients, from members of the Rich Coach Club Facebook group. And today, I want to brag on the university for life coach training, because by the time you're listening to this, we have completed an amazing day long open house inside Rich Coach Club. And so, maybe some of you listening, attended the whole thing or watched some of the workshops, but I'm bragging because several university students, so coaches in training, as well as many members of our faculty offered up their brilliant to put on free workshops all day long to host basically an open house for the university, so that all y'all could see what we got going on over at the university.

    Susan Hyatt:
    So, I'm going to link in the show notes to that replay. I want you to check it out because the topics, I mean, everything from neuroscience to closing consult calls, we've got it covered. And I'm just so proud. It's so amazing to be part of a community of faculty members and students who are committed to helping a rising tide lifting all boats. So, if you're not a member of Rich Coach Club, get your booty in the club. It's time for the review of the week. And I love this five-star review. Thank you, AJV Dub. AJ writes, "Susan is the real thing. I love this podcast. I joined Susan's on the six mastermind in October of 2020, and she's the same in our group as she is in this podcast. She is so incredibly supportive, funny, smart, and full of zest, no matter where she drops her knowledge bombs."

    Susan Hyatt:
    Well, that's got to be one of my favorite reviews. Thank you so much, AJ. And Hey, if you have something to say about this show, leave us a five star review, let us know. We might send you something in the mail. You can also send it to support at susanhyatt.co. One more thing. Okay. One more thing, before the end of today's show. Have you made a win list lately? If not, do it. Think about your coaching practice and make a list of wins from 2021 so far, any wins, big or small. A win just means any accomplishment or achievement or victory. So, did you file the paperwork to get your coaching business set up as an LLC? That's a win.

    Susan Hyatt:
    Did you email five potential clients to invite them to hire you? Even if nobody did yet, that's still a win because you tried. You put in the effort. Or maybe you got the sweetest email from a client who gained a lot from working with you. Big win. You get the idea, write down a list of wins and do this regularly. This will boost your confidence and make you realize, "You know what? I am a bad ass. It's true. Look at all these brave, cool, amazing things that I've done." Make your list, and then read it back to yourself and let the words really soak into your heart. You have so many reasons to feel proud.


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