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This is episode number 145.

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If you’ve been feeling kinda frumpy lately… kinda grumpy, defeated, or overwhelmed… this episode will help you out. I’m going to teach you how to switch your attitude from “UGH, I JUST CAN’T…” to “I’VE GOT THIS!”

Here’s the attitude we’re discussing today:


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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

I am a recovering perfectionist. I used to spend hours fiddling with the photos for my newsletter, sizing and resizing and driving myself insane if things were off by one pixel. I wasted so much time and energy chasing… “perfection.”

For me, perfectionism was a form of procrastination—a way of postponing tasks that felt scary and challenging. As long as I was fiddling with photo sizes, I didn’t have to do the scary, vulnerable stuff—like publish a new piece of writing, or ask a client to hire me, or anything that felt like an motional risk.

Maybe it’s the same for you? Maybe perfectionism is a distraction, a form of procrastination, a way to postpone the stuff you don’t want to do.

When you notice yourself going into a perfectionism spiral, this is another opportunity to stop yourself, take a breath, and change the thoughts inside your head. Just like flicking a light switch. Or changing a TV channel. You can switch to a new channel in your mind.

You can say to yourself:

“This project will never be perfect because ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. But I worked hard, and I know it’s going to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s good enough. It’s done.”

Or, you could say to yourself:

“This is good enough! I am putting it out there. If I really want to, I can always update or tweak it later.”

Or, you could say to yourself:

“Imperfect projects can still be very beautiful and very powerful. Imperfection is sometimes MORE inspiring than something that’s totally robotically perfect.”

Figure out something you can say to yourself to interrupt perfectionistic thoughts—and change the channel.

Don’t allow your inner perfectionist to rule your life. She will keep you paralyzed in place—never sharing anything, never launching anything, shielded and protected, immobilized. Your inner perfectionist *thinks* she’s helping you to become “better”—but she’s actually doing the opposite. She’s keeping you frozen in place, not growing, not improving. So when you hear her voice creep in…

Change the channel.

Attitude adjustment: COMPLETE.

It’s GO time.

Susan Hyatt

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