RCC 49: Ask for Everything!

I just wrapped up one of my Ask for Everything challenges, and I’m feeling floored and inspired by the results this group has generated. I do this challenge a couple of times a year, and I’m always blown away by what people can get and achieve when they’re willing to ask for what they want.

Many of us are afraid to ask for what we want or need for fear of being seen as needy, greedy, high-maintenance… you know what I mean. But most of the time, asking clearly and directly for what you want is actually a kinder, quicker, and more empowering approach. And even if you get rejected, you’re more than capable of handling those emotions.

This episode is full of motivation for asking for whatever you want, whether that’s a promotion, a contract with your dream client, some help around the house, or even another snack on the plane. Ask for Everything can apply to any desire in life, big or small. Let this episode be a challenge to you to ask for what you want – you’ll be surprised by what you’ll receive!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why I love the Ask for Everything challenge - and why I love the results even more!
  • Why it's so powerful to ask clearly and directly for what you want.
  • How learning to ask for what you want can benefit your family, friends, and clients - not just yourself.
  • Why getting a friend to join you in asking for what you want can be such a useful accountability tool.

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Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

What do you need to do to get the life, the business, and the income that you want? What do you need to do? Three letters. Ask. Just ask. It sounds so simple, it's almost unbelievably simple, and yet there it is. This is the magic sauce. Just ask.

I recently led a free challenge for my online community called Ask for Everything. Five days in a row, I urged women to ask, ask, ask for whatever they most want. Y'all, it was unreal what happened next. This challenge reminded me once again about the power of asking and by the end of today's episode, my goal is that you'll feel fired up to grab your phone or computer or write an email or speak up and ask for exactly what you want.

I ask that you listen to this entire episode because it's packed with motivation that could change your whole week or even your year. Here we go.

As always, we're starting with a segment that I call your two-minute pep talk, and this is the part of the show where I share some motivation and encouragement to get your week started off right, and I try to keep things to two minutes or less. And like I mentioned a moment ago, I recently led a free challenge for my online community called Ask for Everything.

And I typically do this challenge once or twice a year. If you missed it, well, just make sure you hang with me on social media or get onto my email newsletter or both so you can get notified when the challenge is up and running again. And you can sign up, it's free, it's amazing.

So how it works is for five days in a row, I encourage women to ask for whatever they want. Big things, small things. Ask your dream client to consider hiring you. Ask for a chance to write a column for your local newspaper. Ask your kids to help with chores around the house. Ask for extra guac on those tacos. Ask for a promotion or a raise. Ask for your landlord to fix that leaky roof.

Whatever you want, be direct, be clear, and ask for it. And throughout this challenge, I give my participants lots of inspiration and email templates to help them find the right words. All kinds of good stuff like that. And every time I run the Ask for Everything challenge, I am floored by how powerful it is to simply ask.

So here's one of my stories from this year's challenge. Now, there are plenty of stories of women getting clients, making money. One coach in particular scored a $42,000 deal with a brand-new client, but this one I love because what we're doing as women and what we're modeling trickles down for our children.

And so one of the participants in the Ask for Everything challenge was talking with her husband and her 11-year-old son about what we were doing on a day-to-day basis like each day there was a different challenge to ask for business or to ask for a testimonial, and the 11-year-old was paying attention and they went out to eat at a family restaurant that had an arcade. And so with each kid's meal, I think it was something like four tokens this kid received with his meal.

And he put his four tokens in a game and it ate the tokens and he didn't get to play the game. And so because he had been paying attention to the Ask for Everything challenge, he talked about it with his mom and he decided to go ask - explained what happened and ask if he could have replacement tokens, which he was a little bit nervous to do. But he did it anyway and he didn't just get four tokens. He got a whole handful of tokens to use.

And she said the difference in this 11-year-old now, she's like, he's asking literally for everything. I want more gravy to dip my French fries in. She's like, we've really activated something within him with more confidence to ask for what he really wants. And so obviously I'm obsessed with a story like that because I love hearing how what you're doing and what you're learning in these programs is helping not just you but your community and your family at large.

And then there's another story that I'm obsessed with and I don't have a total recap on this yet, but there's a woman in my group who fronted $13,000 for an old boyfriend to move and she had let this debt go unpaid and she mustered up the courage to say hey, reimburse me that 13K.

And my client that I was traveling with from Rhode Island from her Slay Day to our mastermind retreat with the group in North Carolina, she was joking when we got off the plane and she said I asked for the almonds and the Cheez-Its. But it's just a quick little anecdote to say when you become someone who asks for what you want, there are so many opportunities through the day to just ask, and it's incredible how sometimes the only thing standing in between you and what you want is your willingness to ask. That's it. Just ask.

You never know what might happen when you ask. You might get exactly what you want or something even better. But you won't know until you ask. Ask. The worst that happens is they say no. The worst that happens is that you feel a brief, temporary sting of disappointment. It's just a temporary emotion. Just a fleeting feeling. Not a smack in the face. Just a feeling.

Disappointment, rejection, whatever. And you can survive a temporary feeling. You absolutely can. In fact, as a trained coach you have plenty of emotional tools in your arsenal to help you survive a difficult feeling. You can handle this. It's easy to ruminate obsessively on the negative possibilities, wondering what's the worst that can happen? But also, what's the best that could happen? Stay focused on that, the best, the win, the reward that's yours if you just ask.

So now we're moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you. Shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today I want to give a shout-out to Lara. So Lara left me a five-star iTunes review and she titles it “My Dose of Badassery.”

"Y'all, if you're not regularly listening to Susan, you're missing out. After every episode, I'm inspired to take action in life and or my business. Susan has inspired me to find and use my voice to change my life and world and being a mom of four girls, I need all the girl power boosts I can get. Thank you, Susan, for always showing up for us all."

Now listen Lara, that means a lot to me. I love hearing what's happening, how this work is impacting you and your family. Give smooches and hugs to those four girls. Thank you. And hey, if you have something to say about this show, just send an email to my team at support@susanhyatt.co or leave a five-star iTunes review or a review wherever you listen to this podcast. Post something on social media and you might hear your name on a future episode. I love giving shout-outs to folks in my community, so holler at me. Thank you for the love. I love you right back.

So whoever is listening to this, I got a question for you. When it comes to your coaching practice, your business, your career, what's something that you really want? Do you want more clients, more customers? Do you want an opportunity to speak and get paid to do it? Do you want to write an advice column for a newspaper? Do you want a beautiful office where you can meet with clients face to face? Do you want an intern or an assistant? What do you want?

So whatever it is, I challenge you to ask for it. If this feels absolutely terrifying and paralyzing for you, then I recommend the buddy system. So get a friend to ask with you. There's something really powerful about having a friend right by your side clicking send on that email at the exact moment.

This is something I notice when I lead group coaching programs and business mastermind groups. The power of the collective. Working with someone else or with a group infuses you with greater power. So if you're frightened to ask alone, then don't ask alone. Get a friend to ask too and then celebrate afterwards with a fancy coffee or music or a dance party in your kitchen. Blast your favorite music and shake your ask.

Boo, you got this. Thank you for listening to today's episode. Whatever you want most, ask for it. If you ask, you might get it, and if you don't ask, you never will. We often love to overcomplicate things in our minds, but really, it's just that simple. Just ask.

Alright, thank you so much listening to Susan Hyatt's Rich Coach Club. If you enjoyed today's show, please head over to susanhyatt.co/rich where you'll find a free worksheet with audio called Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Get More Clients. You can download the worksheet and the audio, print it out, there's a fun checklist for you to check off. Just three things to do. Check, check, checkidy-check.

This worksheet makes finding clients feel so much simpler and not so scary. So head to susanhyatt.co/rich to get that worksheet. Over there, you're also going to find a free Facebook you can join especially for coaches. Bring your coaching practice and your income to the next level at susanhyatt.co. See you next week.


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