RCC 106: Ambition with No Limit with Rachel Rodgers

What does ambition mean to you? If you’re a coach, it might mean you want to serve as many people as you can. Having a profound impact on everyone you coach. You want to be the best you can be, and you want to earn a lot of money doing it. So, what’s that next level you’re hungry to reach? Well, my guest Rachel Rodgers and I are here to help you work that out.

Rachel Rodgers is a badass entrepreneur who is no stranger to ambition. Rachel runs a seven-figure business based around her belief that we should all be millionaires, no matter who you are or where you come from. And she’s here today to show you what it looks like to have ambition with no limits.

Tune in this week to discover the thoughts and societal structures that hold so many people back from sharing their true ambitions with the world. Rachel is sharing how she deals with the judgment she receives for being “too ambitious” and how you can start embodying ambition with no limits right now.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The thoughts that hold us back from sharing our ambitions with the world.
  • Why you will never be penalized in my community for being “too ambitious.”
  • How Rachel deals with the judgment that unfortunately comes with being an ambitious woman.
  • What it means to have ambition with no limits.
  • Why, as a Black woman, Rachel believes in the importance of sharing her successes with the world.
  • How to decide right now that you are worthy of success, whatever your background.

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What does it mean to be an ambitious woman, or an ambitious person? To me, ambition means you are hungry for more. You are not satisfied with the status quo. You want to be better and do better. And you want to contribute something powerful to society.

And it means you’re never satisfied with just coasting along or being stagnant. You’re not complacent. You’re always reaching for that next level, financially, emotionally. In all ways, you want to keep rising.

As a coach, ambition means you want to serve the biggest possible number of people. You want to have a profound impact on the people you serve. You’re not interested in doing mediocre coaching, taking people’s money but not providing results. You want to help people get major results.

You’re hungry to become the best coach you can possibly be. And for sure, you want to earn a lot of money. So, today’s episode is all about ambition. I want to help you figure out, when it comes to your coaching practice, what are you ambitious for? What’s that next level you’re hungry to reach? What’s blocking you from getting there and how can you begin to clear everything standing in your way?

When you’re in my community, you will never be shamed or criticized for being ambitious. Totally the opposite. In my world, ambition is celebrated. The more ambition, the better. Ambition with no limit.

I believe you can be grateful and ambitious at the same time. You can celebrate your success. You can count your blessings. You can feel super-grateful for everything you’ve got. And at the same time, you can ask, “Alright, what’s next? I want some more.” You can be grateful and want more at the same time. It’s not one or the other, it’s both and. If you’ve got ambition, keep listening. Let’s dive in.

Hey, coaches. Have I got a story for you. A story about ambition and hunger and making dreams come true. So, gosh, I want to say, it was like 23 years ago. Back then, money was super-tight. Scott and I couldn’t afford to take fancy vacations or anything like that.

We were on a shoestring budget, living paycheck to paycheck. Like, I’m talking one string, not eve two strings. So, all those years ago, we lived in Upstate New York and we used to take day trips. And on that day trip with the silver fox, I remember passing this place called the Red Lion Inn.

It’s a hotel. It’s a pretty well known, historic hotel. I desperately wanted to book a room and stay there. I wanted the pretty room with a comfy bed and nice sheets and all the things. But we just didn’t have the money to do it. It just wasn’t feasible at the time.

We had enough money to pay our gas for this road trip. That’s it. We couldn’t stay at the Red Lion on that trip. We didn’t have money to shop in their beautiful gift shop. We had money for lunch and gas. But I never forgot about the Red Lion.

The Red Lion Inn became a symbol for everything I craved but I didn’t have yet; luxury, pleasure, freedom. And so, I sat on their front porch, which was free, in their beautiful rocking chairs. And I watched people come and go and I told myself, “One day, I’m going to stay here.”

So, fast forward all these years later, 23, 24 years later. Last month, I was planning an itinerary for my RV road trip across America; a trip with my videographer Brandon, my assistant Bianca, my hair and makeup artists, the silver fox. We’re planning this trip to shoot new episodes for Go Time TV.

And I realized, oh my gosh, we’re going to drive right past the Red Lion Inn. So, 23 years ago, I couldn’t afford to stay there. And now, a few decades later, I’m rolling up with my luxury RV. I’m now a wife, I’m a mom, I’m a business owner, I’ve got this team of employees, my camera crew. And we’re filming a TV show.

Started from the bottom, and now we’re here and still climbing. Who would have thought, right? It was really emotional to realize that not only can I afford to stay at the Red Lion Inn, if I wanted to, but my life has evolved in ways I never imagined.

When you have an ambitious vision, when you make your action plan and you pledge to keep showing up and keep putting in the work and give it time, it leads to huge things. So, I want to ask, what’s your Red Lion? What’s that thing you really want but feel like you can’t have right now, that thing that feels out of reach?

Maybe your Red Lion is buying your first home, or investing in your education or hiring your first employee. Maybe it’s rebranding your coaching practice and paying for a gorgeous new website. Or maybe it’s something that has nothing to do with business or money.

I want you to know three things. Number one, whatever it is, you can have it. Number two, it might take you three weeks or three years, or 23 years, but you can get there. And number three, it might actually be closer than you think. Success is all about doing simple things daily and consistently. Keep working the simple moves over and over.

Keep training, keep contacting potential clients, keep selling your services, keep coaching, keep doing the work. Keep climbing and, one day, you’ll wake up and realize, damn, I can’t believe how far I’ve travelled. Look at me then, look at me now.

Let yourself be ambitious. Let yourself reach for more. Put in the work and you can have it, the Red Lion Inn and way beyond. Pep-talk complete.

Alright, so today’s guest – I’m doing something new. Today’s guest is Rachel Rodgers. She’s been on the podcast before. I actually interviewed her on this epic RV road trip for Go Time TV. So, this interview is part of a Go Time TV episode, which we will link to in the show notes.

We have ana amazing conversation about ambition with no limits. She’s the perfect example of this, so let’s dive in.


Susan: Let’s start with one of my favorite questions, which is, what’s something that’s free or almost free that makes you feel rich?

Rachel: Free or almost free that makes me feel rich? Time in the morning, not hustling. I don’t set an alarm. I get up when I want most days. I try not to have appointments first thing in the morning. And then I sit and I have a long luxurious breakfast with my family. That makes me feel rich.

Susan: So, you’re not throwing Cheerios at people and…

Rachel: “Eat your granola bar in the car, we’ve got to go.”

Susan: That was me when I was a realtor, for shizzle.

Rachel: All that hustle. Even when regular school is in session, we put them on the bus. We’re like, “Oh, the bus is coming. Off you go.”

Susan: Time wealth for sure makes me feel rich.

Rachel: Time wealth, yes, exactly.

Susan: I was going to answer for you and say, “Me, but I’m not free.”

Rachel: No, you’re an expensive bitch. Nothing free about Susan Hyatt.

Susan: So, this episode is all about ambition. And what does the word ambition mean to you?

Rachel: Can I curse?

Susan: Can she curse? What show you think you on?

Rachel: Because what comes to mind is the phrase, “Fuck you pay me.”

Susan: I should have worn those berets. I have those berets and I gave you a set.

Rachel: Yes, but that’s what comes to mind. Pay me for my time. Pay me for my talent. Pay me for my intellectual property. Pay me.

Susan: Exactly, so I wanted you for this particular interview because I think that it’s perfectly acceptable in our culture for men to be as ambitious as they want and they don’t get any shit about it. It’s expected. It’s like, “Oh, he’s so ambitious.” But if a woman is ambitious, then women are judged for ambition, like, “She’s so greedy. Who does she think she is?” all that stuff.

Rachel: Exactly, she’s a shopaholic, she’s a gold digger. She must not spend any time with her children.

Susan: Exactly, she’s judged. Either her character is judged in general, her parenting skills are judged Have you ever been judged for your ambition?

Rachel: All the time. And that’s why I use the phrase, “Fuck you,” liberally.

Susan: Right, I was going to say, what do you do when you experience judgment as a woman for being ambitious?

Rachel: Well, you know what, what I like to do more often than not is be loud about it and acknowledge it and talk about it publicly. Because I think it’s important for people to know that women are allowed to be ambitious and, you know, I tell people all the time – I’ve said this to journalists that I’ve had interviews with and stuff that they’re like, “Well how much is enough? You have a seven-figure business, why do you need to get to eight figures? You’re just growing for growing’s sake.”

I’m like, no, no, no, I’m a Black woman. I will never be done. I will always be making more. Because I need to take care of myself and then my family and then my greater community. So, I will never be done making money until I’m dead. That’s when I’ll be done. And I’ll use those resources…

Susan: And you still won’t be done because your legacy will still be making money.

Rachel: Thank you, that’s exactly the point. And then those funds can be used to make the world a better place, which is the whole goal.

Susan: I was going to ask that too. Generating wealth for wealth’s sake, I know, isn’t what you’re about. And so…

Rachel: No, but at the same time, if I want some fancy-ass shoes or I want a big-ass house, I’m going to do that. If I want to be covered from head to toe in Chanel, then that is my right and I don’t have to go volunteer somewhere to make it okay. Because that’s inner bullshit…

Susan: Shall we introduce my self-love earrings…

Rachel: Exactly, hello. Hello.

Susan: This is why we love each other.

Rachel: Exactly. That’s not the only reason, but one of many. Because they put these rules in place, “No you have to altruistic as a woman. You have to be caretaker for the world, take care of everyone. And there’s something wrong with wanting nice things.” But men never have to worry about that, “Have all the nice watches and the private jet and the nice suits…” And that’s fine. That’s showing your prowess.

But if it’s a woman, it’s discouraged. And I’m like, no, fuck that. I’m not going to do that. And you know, sometimes people come at me because we talk about – when I have a lot of success, I share it publicly because I think representation matters and I think women need to see other women being unapologetically successful. I mean, I think Black people need to see a Black woman being unapologetically successful. And I don’t care if some people don’t like it. Don’t like it then.

Susan: Stay broke.

Rachel: Exactly. I need more haters, so feel free to hate on me, like Katt Williams says. It’s summertime, I need more haters, okay.

Susan: Wait, I’m putting it on a T-shirt, it’s summertime, I need more haters. What? Seasonal haters. This is, like, the best. So, speaking of which, you write a piece called Black Wealth Matters. I want you to speak on that because I think that’s super important.

Rachel: Yeah, people don’t realize that there’s a huge difference between the average wealth of White families in America versus the average wealth of Black families in America. Like, people say to us all the time, “Just get over slavery.” And it’s like, no, no, no, that legacy continues to affect us today. That’s why we’re hollering about it and we’ll continue to.

So, for the average White family, their net worth is $181,000 and for the average Black family, it’s $18,000. That’s a huge, huge difference. And for most Black people, even when they go to college and make six figures, they don’t have parents who are paying their college debt or paying for them to go to school. So, they have that debt. They’re the only person in their family, oftentimes, who are doing really well. So, if there’s an emergency or other family members need something, they’ve got to take care of them, right?

And so, there’s all kinds of research that shows even – because they say, you know, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” or get educated. Oh, we’re doing that, and that’s not solving the problem. We need to make a bigger difference.

And there’s just a history of redlining, where Black people couldn’t own homes. And that’s how you build wealth in this country. You get an education and hopefully you don’t get saddled with six figures of debt while you do it. And then you buy a home. And for a lot of Black people, that is a real big challenge because of the legacy of slavery and all of these other laws that were passed that were biased and racist. So, that’s why I talk about it and why, when I make a lot of money, I’m constantly talking about it and sharing it and I’m really public about how much I make because I want people to see that it’s possible, you know.

Susan: Totally, I talk about if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. And it’s so important for Black women especially to see you making the money that you make, so they can think it’s possible for them too.

Rachel: Yeah, and I want everyone, you know, to know that they should be participating and helping Black people build wealth. And you can do that by, if you’re a small business owner, hire Black people, have Black employees, use Black vendors. If you’re giving gifts to your clients, find a Black-owned company to source those gifts from. How can you transfer some of the wealth and money in your business to the Black community? Put dollars in their pocket is what I’m talking about. How can you do that?

And as business owners, you know, we have influences. We have a platform. Use that platform to highlight Black people. There’s all kinds of ways that we can contribute to them being more noticed and them being able to make more money, referring business to them, all kinds of things like that.

So, I really want everyone to participate and realize, like, this is not a problem that the Black community created, you know what I mean? So, everyone should be participating and helping to solve it because honestly, it’s such an enormous problem that if everyone doesn’t participate, it won’t be solved.

Susan: And I think it’s really opened my eyes to look at all the places I spend money. So, it’s not just about hiring a diversity and inclusion specialist who is Black. It’s like, who do I buy clothes from? What are those companies like? Where do I buy – I’m creating a Bold Girl Magazine and I’m making a point to highlight, there are these two twin Black girls called Twin-monade. And it’s like, where are you buying your lemonade? Every purchase that you make, can you look at buying from Black people, people of color?

Rachel: And the reason we have to do that is because, when you go to look to hire somebody, they’re not as noticeable, because they don’t have the ad budget, necessarily, that some of their White counterparts or competitors will have. A lot of times, our businesses are not as visible. And that’s why it’s important for us to make room on our platforms.

Susan: Totally. So, imagine a woman watching right now and she’s thinking, “That’s great for Rachel Rodgers. She’s an attorney. She’s beautiful. She’s got that it-factor that I don’t have.” What would you say to her?

Rachel: Nonsense. You know, we all have an it-factor. Yours is different than mine. And for every other woman out there, you have an it-factor too. So, figure out what that is and decide that you’re worthy. I think that’s a really important piece of it. Decide that you are and start asking for more money, asking to be paid. Because we just allow all kinds of nonsense.

I think what we need are really boundaries around our work and around what we’ll do for free. We do all kinds of domestic labor for free. We do all of these pick-my-brains for free…

Susan: No more picking the fucking brains…

Rachel: No more picking your brain for free. You can say, “You know, I would love to do that. It’s $1000. Here’s the invoice. After you pay, we can schedule. That’s how this works,” you know. And so, decide that you’re worthy. Really take stock of your skills and your strengths and what you’re great at. And figure out how you can make money from that.

And it can be as simple as, like, promoting things on your Instagram or, you know, charging for your services, double your prices, go ask for a raise, negotiate for more money. A lot of women don’t even negotiate.

There’s actually a study that found that small business owners who are women will lower their prices before a customer even asks. So, like, it’s time to tell their price to a new potential client and they’ll say, “It’s usually $10,000, but I’ll make it $7500.” And it’s like, you’re negotiating against yourself. Let’s not do that.

Susan: It’s usually $10,000, but for you it’s $12,500.

Rachel: Exactly.

Susan: Because you made me talk to you on a Saturday, it’s $12,000.

Rachel: Exactly. And I think a big part of how we change that behavior is community. And that’s what you and I do, create communities of women and talk to them about here’s how much we’re making, here’s how much you should be charging for something like that. I don’t do this for less than X, Y, Z price. And if you get around that group of people, all of a sudden, everybody gets lifted up. I think it’s hard to do when you’re on your own, but if you surround yourself with other badass women, it gets easier.

Susan: Like you. I love being surrounded by you. It makes my life better.

Rachel: Yes, you do the same.

Susan: And in that spirit, I have a special prize for you.

Rachel: I’m so excited.

Susan: I know you know what it is. I would like to crown you queen of North Carolina. Queenly behavior awarded. Queen millionaire.

Rachel: I love my crown. It’s only appropriate.

Susan: Will you promise to wear it naked around the house, when the children aren’t home?

Rachel: I do promise. Thank you. That was so fun.


Hey, one more thing before we wrap up. Another quick story for you. I have a colleague who’s obsessed with bulletin boards. Every month, she sets a financial goal for her business and makes a chart to track her progress. She puts her money chart on a bulletin board on the wall. That way, she sees it every day. Every time she gets a sale, she colors in the chart a little more.

For a long time, any time somebody was going to come over to her house, her house cleaner, a plumber, her boyfriend, whoever it was, she would rush over and pull the board off the wall. She didn’t want other people to see her financial goals. She would remove the board before anyone entered the house, literally take it down and hide it.

She would think things like, “If they see how much money I’m trying to make or have made, they won’t like me. They’ll think I’m rude or showing off. They’ll think I’m a rich asshole. They’ll feel bad about their own income compared to mine and I don’t want them to feel badly.” So, she would hide the board.

Obviously, y’all, this story is from a pre-COVID time when people would come over to other people’s houses. Well, something shifted for her in the last year. She stopped hiding the board. Recently, she set her most ambitious financial goal of all time. She left the board up. She owned her ambition. She didn’t hide it. She didn’t apologize for it. And she not only met that goal. She exceeded it.

This is what happens when you start celebrating your ambition instead of hiding it or shaming yourself for it. So, I’m asking you, is there an area of your coaching business or your life where you’ve been hiding your ambition hiding or feeling ashamed, worrying that others will feel bad if they see you succeed, that they will feel less than or feel hurt if you shine?

Have you been hiding your bulletin board, so to speak? If so, it’s time to keep that dan board up on the wall, y’all, proudly. When you shine, this doesn’t diminish anybody else. When you shine, you light up the world. Like Lizzo says, “When I’m shining, everybody going to shine.” Keep the board up.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope this episode has inspired you to be as ambitious as you want to be. There are going to be small-minded people who don’t celebrate your ambition, who try to convince you to shrink and be smaller. And I want you to say fuck that and let your ambition be as big as you want it to be. Ambition with no limit.

Surround yourself with friends, colleagues and fellow coaches who celebrate your ambition and urge you to go for it. The right community changes everything. Have a powerful week. See you next time.

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