9 Ways To Tell You’re an Entrepreneur

Can you remember that moment when you realized, “Yup, I am definitely an entrepreneur.” 

Can you pin point that moment when you realized that you’ve got the bug, you’ve got it bad, and there’s no turning back?

If you’re an entrepreneur who feels a little lost or out of touch with your entrepreneurial spirit, it’s important to find healthy ways to de-stress—a workout, a walk, crying it out, or laughing it out.

Because it’s great to have big, ambitious goals—and, it’s equally important to be able to pause and laugh at yourself from time to time.

In this episode, we’re stepping away from our usual format and exploring 9 Ways to Tell You’re an Entrepreneur… with a humorous twist.

Not an Entrepreneur?

Here’s 9 Ways to Tell You’re an Entrepreneur as you explore your possibilities!

  1. You want to change the world. You’re passionate about helping others. You see something wrong and can’t stop obsessing over how to fix it.
  2. You thrive on managing yourself. Being your own boss means being able to stay on task. You’re extremely motivated by managing your own schedule and setting your own goals.
  3. You are a creative person. Creativity isn’t all arts and crafts. Your mind is constantly running and creating new ideas.
  4. You look for opportunity (everywhere). Wherever you go, you see opportunity. Entrepreneurs love to creating solutions to even the smallest problems.
  5. You see the big picture. You know where you want to go, and you’re absolutely capable of breaking down how to get there.
  6. You read a lot. Curiosity is one of the greatest strengths an entrepreneur can posses. You’re constantly learning how you can improve and prioritize education.
  7. You’re good at setting boundaries. Most entrepreneurs will tell you to hustle till you make it. The truth? You’ve got know who you are and what you’re absolutely not willing to sacrifice– time, money, etc.
  8. You want to make money– and lost of it. The sky is the limit when you’re an entrepreneur. If you want to make it happen, you absolutely can.
  9. You’re a risk taker. Even the smallest risks can mean huge reward. You aren’t afraid to step up and do what it takes to get it done.

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