Peek Inside My Head

One misconception about life coaches is that we’re always perky, sunny, and positive, prancing through the day like a unicorn.

That’s definitely not me. I mean, I’m a fancy unicorn and all….but…….

My mindset is not automatically positive, expansive, brave, or optimistic. That’s not my default setting. I have to work on my mindset daily (sometimes hourly) to keep things on track. 

When I say “work on my mindset,” what does that actually mean? 

It means I track my thoughts vigilantly. Just like tracking the stock market or the weather. I check in with myself numerous times a day and ask:

What’s running through my head right now? What am I saying to myself? Is this a productive, high quality thought—or not?

If I notice myself thinking an unproductive, low quality thought, I stop myself in my tracks. I replace it with a productive, high quality thought.

Unproductive: This is pointless. It don’t matter. 

Productive: Even if you do nothing else today, you helped one person feel [happier/stronger/better/etc]. And that matters.

Unproductive: I’m bored. I don’t wanna do XYZ.

Productive: Just do it. You are going to feel SO PROUD at the end of today.

Unproductive: Ugh, it’s so late! I don’t have enough time to do XYZ.

Productive: You have __ hours left today. You got this. Finish strong.

Unproductive: [When something goes wrong] Why is this happening to me????

Productive: What’s the high quality solution to this?

Unproductive: [When something feels difficult] This sucks. I hate everything. 

Productive: You are blessed beyond belief. You get paid to inspire people and change lives. Who gets to do that for a living?! Not very many people! Adjust your attitude. Find your gratitude. 

Working on your mindset is not something you do “once” and then you’re done forever. It’s ongoing.

Just like I do my dental hygiene every single day (floss, brush, rinse) I also do my emotional hygiene every single day. If I miss a day, I feel the consequences immediately. 

The next time you meet someone who seems incredibly focused, creative, productive—someone who gets an incredible amount of things accomplished every day—know that this doesn’t just “happen.”  This person probably works on their mindset constantly. She probably “flosses her thoughts” 100 times a day. I know I do. Because I have to.

If something feels “off” in your life, first, work on your thoughts. Get your emotional hygiene back on track. All good things flow from there.

xoxo, Susan


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