Put yourself in the path of joy

Oh hayyy, 

You’ve got two options:

Put yourself in the path of JOY.

Or put yourself in the path of DRAMA. 

I know that seems like an “easy” choice – but how many times do we allow our lives to devolve into soap opera levels of drahhh-ma?

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Recently, I noticed some things online that completely bummed me out. Sometimes social media can be a complete pleasure, and other times it can be a cesspool. This was the latter. 

It would have been incredibly easy for anyone to get lost in the swirl of that toxic drama. 

But that day… I chose joy. 

Instead of calling up my friends and launching into an hour-long complaint-fest, I reached out to my besties and chatted about real estate, investments, and sponsorships.

Instead of sitting and stewing in anger, I cranked up some uplifting music and got my booty on the Peloton. 

Instead of chiming in and adding to the mess of it all, I reached out to three people in my life with a sweet note of encouragement. 

When you put yourself in the path of drama – watch how broke you get.

But when you put yourself in the path of joy, you’ll experience emotional wealth. And that richness pays off for your mind, body, and bank account. 

p.s. I’d love to know what brings you joy! Pop into the Go Time Facebook Group and let us know at least one thing that leaves you feeling inspired, energized, and happy!

xoxo, Susan


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